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Honor Warren is a Juicy Couture Cutie

Honor Warren is a Juicy Couture Cutie

Jessica Alba carries her adorable daughter Honor, 13 months, as they catch a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (July 14).

The 28-year-old Fantastic actress carried a Juicy Couture baby bag on her shoulder with little Honor on her hip.

Jessica recently admitted she doesn’t have a Twitter account but her husband does! She shared, “Honor keeps me a little too busy to tweet right now, but Cash signed up and is quite addicted…lol. Follow him at @cash_warren.”

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  • Realme2008

    Jessica Alba is so beautiful! I’m sure her daughter is going to be gorgeous too. She’s got those Jessica Alba genes!!! I love that she’s always photographed with her daughter too. She’s gonna be a good momma I bet.

  • hufos

    That baby is ugly.

  • cocoa

    Jessica Alba is one bitter lady!! Wow. Gorgeous girl though. Cute baby! :D

  • Pining for Chris

    I was actually thinking Honour was getting cuter; I was wrong. But she is losing her baby fat.
    I think Alba should go back to a darker hair colour; this one makes her look trashy.

  • Megan

    Who are you to call a baby ugly? Seriously you are *ucked up. It’s a baby! How is Jessica Alba bitter?

  • Sophia

    Jessica Alba should go back to her darker hair but her baby is really cute!

  • lakers fan in boston

    what keeps u busy is not having a job jessica
    i dont even find any appeal in u anymore

  • Kate

    Too bad the baby is looking more like her dad.

  • jette

    cute big head!

  • soopx

    I think the baby is sweet.

  • pooter

    # 5- too bad….people have the right to say what they want.

    Yes, there are some ugly babies…….that’s just the way it is.

    Honor is no exception. Wonder if she IS a girl?? Too bad…she looks exactly like her father. Not too good looking for sure.

  • atlanta2Dallas

    That baby is adorable

  • just me

    I love Jessica. And I think Honor and Jessica are both adorable! Honor looks a little like both parents. Such a cutie-pie.

  • -

    that child is starting to look like a monkey

  • janie


  • janie

    # 14….you are right.

    are we sure she is not actually a male?

  • janie

    # 14….you are right.

    are we sure she is not actually a male?

  • posey

    lol…it appears that justjared’s site does not accept the word……(had to type it backward)


  • pokeman

    I don’t care if she is a baby or not she is not cute. not all babies are cute. just because they are little babies or little girls don’t mean I have to be nice and lie. i don’t care if people don’t like my comment. that doesn’t make me a mean person. maybe she is not cute now but she might grow up to be very pretty.

  • pookie

    # 19- yea I know what you mean.

    some babies are cute….some are not.

    Honor, happens to not be cute. She resembles a little allirog (spelled backward cuz this site does not accept the word for some reason)

    Not sure if she will grow up cute. Time will tell, Problem is she looks like her dad, Cash.

  • jaye

    This baby makes me smile. I love her expressions.

  • doodlehead

    sadly, this baby is NOT cute.

  • omg

    in all honesty and i am not saying this to be mean, but the baby is not cute. She looks a lot like her dad.

  • Megan

    I love how the same person keeps leaving the same comments, and switching usernames. Calling a baby ugly does in fact make you mean. WTF, do you look like? You fat miserable *uck! I hope when you procreate you have children who get labeled as ugly.

  • megantheidiot

    nope….it’s not the same person you idiot,

    and nope…calling a baby ugly……does not make a person mean.

    and what does it have to do with what that person look like??

    I hope YOU don’t procreate….as you sound like an idiot who can’t take real facts normally

  • rachelsun

    you are nothing but a bunch of fake ass evil bitches. The only ugliness are you racist biter evil bitches on this board and that is my opinion and I havea right to it.

  • rachelsun

    Karma will bite you all in the A$$ when you have your defective children, your evilness will seep into their souls.
    Honor is a beautiful girl and her father is a handsome man and that is my opinion and I have a right to it.

  • Megan

    Please re-read the sentence you typed, because it does not make any sense. You are a complete and total *ucking idiot. Get a education past the fifth grade *sshole. :)

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful family…

  • omg

    @omg: I am a totally different person than the other posts. We all have opinions. i do not think the baby is ugly at all, nor do i think its cute.

  • lotsofidiotshere

    rachelsun ….

    you sound like a teen or very young adult that has yet to complete her education. Or perhaps, you’re just very dumb.

    The comments you made above are laughable!

    Just because you have your own opinion..does not mean it’s correct.

    You are looking from idiot eyes and marbles for a brain

  • doll123

    I never saw what ppl saw in jessica alba, she has always looked like an average looking girl… she is pretty in a normal girl that u see on the street, ppl exagerate sometimes

  • dolly

    # 32

    I agree.

    Take the makeup, etc…off of her and she would look like a plain jane.

    For example..look at her plain poor baby. However, the baby does look more like her poor papa.

    unattractive parents= unattractive children….usually.

  • Jake

    Mother and daughter are just gorgeous! Cash is one lucky guy

  • Jane

    Honor is such a cutie.

  • joker

    LOL # 34 and 35 are the same poster!

    you have such bad taste as Katie Holmes! or perhaps need new glasses

    Cash is fugly and so is his poor little girl.

    Gorgeous? LOL

    go get your eyes check stat!

  • wutthefug

    I never thought this baby was cute before. Now she just looks ugly in these pics. On top of that, she frawns just like her mom which doesn’t help. I guess that’s the only part she got from Alba.

  • omg

    unibrow baby

  • Peach

    Everyday her picture (along with the baby) is on this site and/or other sites. Does she send her itinerary to the paps daily?

  • grits

    unibrow baby, allirog nose…. (spelled backwards as JJ’s site does not allow the word for some silly reason) and huge misshaped head…something is wrong…maybe that is why she has such strange expressions on her face

  • anon

    That baby has all daddy’s genes…ugh

  • Iggles

    That baby IS ugly.

    Not all kids are cute! (Case in point, Gwyneth Paltrow’s little girl!)

  • diz-l

    Honor looks just like Jessica now

  • dizzyone

    Honor does not look like Jessica one bit!

    view the photos of Honor’s dad- Cash.

    gee- some people can’t even see

  • Boo

    She is quite cute, but she has a little monobrow!

  • get real

    That baby looks like the father. Just like Violet who looks like Jen Garner, sometimes the child looks like the least attractive parent.

  • Scarlett

    Honor will probably be a stunner when she grows up.

  • Avery09

    Jessica, why did you go blonde? You looked so much better with darker hair. And little Honor is a cutie pie!

  • scat

    she will be a stunner when she grows up? LOL

    look at her ugly dad!


  • Honey

    These are not the best pictures of Jessica Alba…