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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Keep Close Off-Set

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Keep Close Off-Set

Jennifer Aniston keeps close and places her hand on co-star Gerard Butler off the set of their new film The Bounty in New York on Friday (July 10).

The 40-year-old actress seemed to clutch onto Gerard in the same way she hung onto former husband, Brad Pitt, in 2005! Looks like Jen and Gerard are getting awfully close filming this movie together. We’ll see where this goes!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler keeping close off-set…

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jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 01
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 02
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 03
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 04
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 05
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 06
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 07
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 08
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 09
jennifer aniston gerard butler keep close off set 10

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  • kerrie

    Gerrard just admitted he has nothing for Jen.

  • Anna

    Brad looks worse now, but she is still beauty

  • Roxanne

    Please who cares…Jared you’re fishing, must be a slow celeb news day.

  • lizzie

    Well, he doesn’t seem real bright, has trouble getting women of any quality, so maybe he’s ready to settle for her.

  • jen

    Jen looked so different back in 03, geesh the eyes, nose, chin and cheecks look so different. Do you notice anything else? Jen you really let yourself go back then no wonder he left.

  • alexkziel

    She is clingy like that, nothing new here..

  • OMG

    How long is it going to take for Brad to be free of this woman. This post has nothing what so ever to do with Brad. Now watch as her fans rush here to compare and compare and compare.. trash trash trash the man.. He is not in her life. She is not in his.. If she is over him. as he is obviously over her then let the man go. He has a family that does not include this woman.. Damn I have never heard of another break up lasting this long..

    If you are a fan of hers stop trashing Brad/Angie.. let Jen stand on her own.. Stop comparing every man she is with to Brad… Hell he was not even her last relationship.. go talk about Bradley, John, and Vince for a change. they all came after Brad..

    Damn I like the man,., but I doubt even he knew he had left such a lasting impression.. You people can’t let the man go..

  • janiedoll

    Thanks TMZ

  • fran

    She’s had a boob lift for sure.

  • Isabella

    I wonder if Jen is aware that Gerard recently proposed to Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra but she turned him down because she is already involved with another man. Also, I wonder if she’s aware that he’s bisexual.

    Regarding Brad, honey, Brad looks way better than Gerard Butler. I do find Gerard good looking but not as good looking as Brad.

  • wobbler30

    It is going NOWHERE because he doesn’t want a child.

  • fran

    Isabella I sooo agree that Brad is HOT and Gerard is not.

  • bet

    owe la la. something is going on. i would love to see them together. Something about it him sexy.

  • tia

    sorry Jen he only dates hit women not butta faces

  • tia

    sorry Jen he only dates hot women not butta faces

  • LOL

    He looks uncomfortable with his arm around a woman.

  • jaxon

    Why do people not let this woman be? Must she be mated to every man she looks at? They are making a movie! It’s make believe folks, they are not falling in love. He’s gay anyway.

  • monie

    Geeez, Now, I love Brad Pitt, but he looks like he’s aged 10 years in the last 4 years. I feel so bad for him. Realistically though, he does have 6 kids and that must be tough. I mean my friend has 2 and she is struggling. Can you imagine !!

  • Ellie Ann

    Who said they’re dating? Give it a rest. Leave her alone. This poor woman can’t take a pee without speculations. She is over Brad. She is single and entitled to date who she wants. Wish the media would leave her alone, but they know they have nothing better to write about.

  • The Beautiful Life TV Show

    De Ja Vu!

  • karenina

    aaw brad and jen:(
    brad looked hotter when he was with jen

  • TiffanyyO

    man you poeple have to much time on your hands.

    Jen looks stunning as always!!

  • laura

    do you people really think that jen cares about what you think of her, she has millions of dollars she could give two shittttties about what you say

  • mertz

    which should be perfect for her because she didn’t want a child either. i don’t believe the comments about adopting. i’ll believe it when i see it.

    also omg, any brad pitt fan worth their pitt status knows what you commented on, and lol just like they b*tched at goop, they b*tched at anniston and they are only slightly less bitchy at angelina. all the time brad is brought into the equation when it relates to her, even though they bothh said they are fine with the other and he’s obviously moved on, and so has she (i think…i mean she’s had how many boyfriends now? but maybe it’s failing because she’s either hung up, or maybe that’s really the way she actually is and her demeanor does not allow for someone to be in a long time relationship with her. i don’t know, and at this point i am reaching), so why the hell is it that the fans can’t move on. the ja fans say that the j-p fans are always in their threads hating on their beloved, always perfect body, perfect hair, best everything love of their life who is the best actor in their eyes (when the woman obviously cannot act and dishonours the art form, even K.G, admitted that in the 500 post never to be seen again ja thread (because we know that there aren’t that many ja fans who actually come to this website and post comments.) hey you can make the same case about idolizing jolie, but i mean anyone with any kind of commen sense knows that angelina jolie, though not the best actor in hollywood is a certified good actor even with a few bad/generic movies, but aniston, i don’t know how people keep dropping $$ to see her movies when they are all the same thing and she acts the same way in all of them. what’s her face charlize theron did the movie monster, DO YOU EVER THINK THAT WHAT’S HER FACE, JEN (lol i almost typed hem by mistake. lol at the keyboard) WOULD EVER TAKE ON A ROLE LIKE THAT. i mean look at that f*ck face bale, i mean can you imagine aniston ever doing something like that for a role. does she even know what acting is?) (sorry for diverging from the point. longest sidebar ever), but jennifer aniston fans have been coming into ever single jolie-pitt thread for the past five years and spamming the sh*t out of them. even when i’m not online to see this, i know that’s what goes on because it’s not like they would deviate from their single minded purpose. before when jen and brad were married it was never like that. it was always the brad pitt fans going into their threads and hating on jen. before j-p, when there was only angelina, there were hardly jennifer aniston fans posting in those threads, even though brad pitt fans would say something jokingly/hopefully, that brad and angelina would be good together. that was before mr and ms smith, that was before their getting together, but now everything relating these individuals must always relate to the other in the mind of the deluded. and i’m just saying it stinks, especially as a fan of this website. i mean it never used to be this bad…well actually right around the time of the rumours and the divorce it was this bad, but i can’t believe it’s still going on after 5 stupid years. it’s unbelievable. i used to give people who came on this website a little bit more credibilty than some of the other people on these fan sites and some other blogs, but seriously, i am just disappointed. YOU DON’T NEED TO JACK PEOPLE’S NAMES ON THIS WEBSITE. YOU DON’T NEED TO ASSUME MULTIPLE ALIAS’. YOU DON’T NEED TO SPAM. IT’S OKAY TO HAVE AN OPINION OR BE A FAN OR BE A HATER. but atleast lets engage in some sort of freaking dialogue instead of being a troll of some freaking mindless bot. LONGEST RANT EVER. i am so tired of this same shit. and you know what i’m posting it in this thread because i know aniston fans and j-p, jolie, pitt fans will see this.

  • laura2

    fran @ 07/14/2009 at 2:31 pm
    “She’s had a boob lift for sure.”
    Yeah…i had one this morning too…a black lacy one…then i took it off.

  • mariam

    ma5iaib wejha 5li9a ki shouli9a tawa w 9bal wjha m3afass msh normal on plus tbi3itha t3aif 3al e5er

  • Kate

    Wow! Brad was so hot back then! I’d forgotten how he looked and I had to read the article to figure out it was him :O

  • mertz

    oh and i like butler, and cooper, before her and will do after her so please jen leave them alone. it’s okay you hooked up with him at tiff, but no more for the sake of his fans. aniston fans can keep all the other ones she’s actually had relationships with, lol, vaughn and mayer.

  • ruby

    Damm her breasts look fake!

  • roma

    Mmmmmmmm……..Hello Gerald Bulter!!!

  • mariam

    brad look hot in this photo but hotter now

  • Mini

    Wow, Jennifer Aniston keeps getting better and better!

  • Mike


  • bonnie

    I don’t know anything about anything except that these two look really, really good together.

  • n.o.l.a

    Gerard doesn’t want her. NOBODY wants her!

  • n.o.l.a

    Gerard doesn’t want her. NOBODY wants her!

  • @25

    Take a pill and then remove the enormous bug you have up your ass.

  • laura2

    Here we go…
    JA hugs everybody like that. And i’m pretty sure she’s a friendly, hugable person…so the picture means nothing.

    Unless, of course, you take pleasure in calling her a slu.t or a no-man loser when Gerard actually says, while promoting his new movie, that they aren’t a couple.
    In this case, i’m sure you’ll read from this picture that they’re having an affair…oh, and that she’s totally obsessed with him but he’s “not that into her”…
    I know the pattern…go on, loons…have fun!

  • Chris

    Love these two. Look great together. Congrats Jennifer Aniston on your recent award. You are a wonderful actress.

  • damn

    Brad is so much hotter than Gerard. Maniston is so much fatter than before and as ugly as she was.

  • chin can’t act

    Anna @ 07/14/2009 at 2:23 pm

    yeah, I agree with you. brad is only 20 year old. he should look young and stay young forever. idiot. at least his not obsess with his look like old jen hag. no wonder he dumped her self obsorb and superficial @ss.

  • Jen

    I don’t think they are together but if they were it shouldn’t be anybody’s business but theirs… I love them both in movies dont see why you have to bring Brad into this, nothing to do with her life now.. But honestly they just seem friendly here

  • bet

    i am wishing this will be her Romeo. it just wihsing.

  • bet

    i am sure Jen is capitavting the world with her love life. We all are waiting for her Romeo. He is sexy and mistry about him, i am hoping he will be the one.

  • what’s on now

    Gerard is NOT gay. So stop the nonsense and rumor.
    They are shooting a movie together and it is granted that there WILL be scenes where they get close.
    So what’s the big deal they hold each other at waist?
    The pic with Brad is totally unnecessary and irreleant here. JJ should not have copied TMZ’ reporting here.
    It’s stupid to compare Brad and Gerard: one is her ex-husband and the other her co-star.
    I like both of them. Whatever will be, will be.

  • bet

    Just sleeping on that big cheast make you dream a lot.

  • hehehe

    I really hope Gerry and jenhag are couple, they look bloated.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Poor Jen-hepher, She is such a whoreee. I like her new boobs though. If she keeps it up with the surgeries, she will soon become a Joan Rivers look alke. You people claims that she has many friends, well, why don’t they have a truthful, honest talk with her about some things. Oh, I forgot, to be her frend you must lie and kiss her flat assss or you know what you are going to get,,,,SCREAMED AT, YELLED AT, KICKED, AND THREATENED. Poor Brad. Bless his heart, he put up with the monster for years. sigh

  • chin can’t act

    Mini @ 07/14/2009 at 3:02 pm

    she should look better. I’ll be very disappointed if she wasn’t. she has no man and no kids. people keep saying she has a great body. well duh, she has the money and all the free time in the world. At least should could do is to keep her body fit. That’s the only thing she cares about is her body. lord knows she can’t fix her ugly face unless she has plastic surgery. even that will not remove that ugly long, long chin.