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Jennifer Garner Returns To ABC

Jennifer Garner Returns To ABC

Is Sydney Bristow back? Not exactly!

Former Alias superstar Jennifer Garner will develop projects for ABC via her Vandalia Films production company.

But EW reports that the 37-year-old actress doesn’t have any plans to star in any of her future projects.


An insider does admit, “If Jennifer wants to make a guest appearance no one is going to stop her.”

More Jen! More Jen! More Jen!

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Photos: ABC
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  • deraj tsuj

    Calm Down Weirdo

  • Cristina

    I want Alias to come back sooo bad

  • sweet

    Awwwwww Jared, you’re sweet. We Alias fans have been so neglected……

  • sora

    I think her stuff is suited better for tv than movies. She’s always been more of a tv level actress and only is in movies b/c of her husband and her own production company. Her movies haven’t been that great and too cheesy.

  • Sally

    She is absolutely beautiful in this pic. See how she can be gorgeous when she wants to? Now she is living her mommy’s time. She doesn’t need to look stunning every day. I don’t understand why people can be so cruel with her just because she usually is not all dressed up in her routine. She had a baby just a few months ago and has a 3 years old kid. So she is more concerned about other things then look amazing (even though I think she is naturaly pretty). It’s so shallow judge someone for how she looks when is taking her daughter to school. I’m saying about the older threads about Jen and the cruel things they say. She is a dedicate mother and don’t care a bit for this Hollywood pressure of being always thin and beautifully dressed. I mean, each one is a different person and it would be great if we could respect it. Don’t you think?

  • mom

    She looks REALLY different in this pic, much more manly – her face. My girlfriends have said she got her jaw done to make it less angular and to cover her gums plus a nose job to make her tip perkier. Her features definitely looks more feminine now with a cuter nose and smaller jaw line not this angular manly one. Whatever works Hollywood mom!

  • Amy

    She looks NORMAL every time I see pictures of her on this website. Just because she’s not in heels everyday doesn’t make her not beautiful. She’s naturally pretty, so why should she feel the need to dress up? I think her and Ben are very down-to-earth people. I love her, and I hope this ABC thing goes well! :)

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    If you want horses there are better ones than Jen Garner.
    Seriously, she is a she-man, but with such a lousy body.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Garner has had like a gaziliion platic serguries on her face and she is still not even close to pretty. Other then cheating and piggybacking other men’s career’s she would fade away.

  • bella

    I loved the show Alias, but quit watching it after the third season as I felt it went kinda downhill. I love Jen though. She is a great actress and seems so down to earth. Come to think of it I stopped watching the show after Bradley Cooper was written off.

  • pop86

    I loved Alias. Yes, the third season went downhill but season 1 and 2 were best thing on TV.

  • people drinking kool-aid

    Really, some people need to lay-off the colored Kool-aid. How do you know if/or how many plastic surgeries Jennifer has had.

    Just Jared I was hoping that you would post the pics of Jennifer, Ben, Violet, and Sera out to dinner over the weekend. Adorable. Ben is carrying Violet and Jen is carrying Sera. To cute for words.

  • dawn

    You can tell she had plastic surgery just like EVERY actress in hollywood. You just compare her old pictures with her current ones and there’s a difference in her nose, jaw and lips/gums. She looks better now than she did before the “enhancements” but I still think her acting is okay. She was lucky to be on the hit Alias but now that JJ Abrams is a big movie guy, don’t know how Jen’s stuff will do on tv – there’s so much good writing out there.

  • bella

    What’s up with her trademark Zoolander look all the time? Looks dumb. I liked Alias until the 3rd season and on when they started letting her produce and direct – so lame. It was her idea to have sydney bristow fighting crime when she was pregnant. I turned it off and never watched it again b/c it was so ridiculous – the scenes were so Elektra stupid like and I can’t believe she convinced the directors to go with that storyline. Michael Vartan was the humble shining star in that series as well.

  • Amanda (From Brazil)

    I totally agree with you pop86 (#10).
    I love Alias too!
    Jen is amazing! I love her!
    More Jen! More Jen! More Jen!

  • people drinking kool-aid

    Doesn’t have to be plastic surgery. Jen’s looks do change depending on her weight. Check out pictures of her at MTV movie awards promoting The Kingdom. She had more a little more weight and looked very good. By the time she did Juno, she was very thin, and her jaw line looked different. View pictures of her pregnant with Sera and her face looks different, then after Sera, and then now. It’s her weight not plastic surgery.

  • Karry

    Would love to see the pictures which site?

  • christine


  • christine


  • christine


  • christine


  • christine

    oh for a second there i thought that was angelina jolie

  • christine

    UMMMM….. well, that was weird! sorry….i only hit the submit button once

  • me

    I did n’t Jared like her this much.She looks cute alias-ish here . I agree with some of them she is more of a Tv girl.

  • me

    I didn’t know Jared like her this much. She looks cute alias-ishhere. I agree with some of you here she is more of a tv girl.

  • vmars111

    Um, I highly doubt Jennifer Garner got plastic surgery, you slightly mentally unstable freaks.

    There is such a thing as PREGNANCY. (twice)

    And how I miss thee Alias!

  • bella

    she definitely had some plastic surgery because she looks different than in her high school pictures. definitely the botox and her gums used to show before she had the botox or some plastic surgeons will alter the jawline to move it up. she doesn’t seem fat to me or anything b/c her face is small and she still has a much smaller jawline than before. they all get it in hollywood – it’s like getting braces and the doctors do such a great job that it doesn’t even look like anything changed…just slight alterations. i think she definitely did something to her face to make it more “feminine” since people were calling her manly and stuff.

  • yang

    she is so beautiful!

  • Kilt

    uh…yeah she did. her lips/jawline but her nose tip is smaller these days and point outward instead of down. I agree too, she’s much better as a tv actress than in the movies in romantic leading roles.

  • Liv

    Her body was INSANE during Alias. Like the definition of fit.

  • Lincoln

    Pics of the Afflecks are at jen-fans.

  • Janie

    Christine, “me”, and “yes” – you are all in need of serious professional help. Alias was a fun, interesting, crazy show. Marshall, Spy Daddy and Sloane were unique characters. And Vaughn – he just looked fantastic!

  • Pippi

    Sorry to disappoint you ill informed folks but Jennifer has not had plastic surgery. You guys mostly only know her from tabloids and she said she would never give them as good picture. When she does promotions, press conferences & photo shoots, she makes lovely pics because that is her job and she is working then. Of course she is a naturally beautiful woman and a great actress and can put on any face she desires. She can be both unattractive and/or drop dead gorgeous. Whatever the situation calls for, after all thats what acting is, right? She is adorable and is able to do any look. Bottom line is she would laugh her @$$ off if she could read some of these comments.

  • bubba

    Thanks 31! the pictures are fantastic!

  • vmars111

    @ Kilt:

    First off, that pic of Garner is hilarious because it’s a stupid comparison. There’s various other pictures of Garner in her teens that won’t cause stupid plastic surgery articles. Second, she did not get lip injection in her upper lip. No one’s upper lips are that freakishly thin that they show a lot of gum.

    She’s just doing a silly pic and folding her upper lip. Because obviously, people naturally have unproportional upper and lower lips. Right………….

  • Sherlock

    She should hit the steroids once again and dedicate to be the #1 TV female action hero.

  • Tom

    She is pretty but one bad actress

  • get real

    So what are you saying?
    That pregnancy makes your nose smaller and chiselled and your lips bigger and your jaw line smaller?

  • get real

    Garner has one of the worst bodies in Hollywood. She looks like a she man or a peasant with wide shoulders.
    and she got her nose job and lips job long before she got pregnant, by the way.

  • truthfully

    Jennifer is definitely a better TV actress than a big screen actress where her limited talent doesn’t work as well. I think she needs loads of help to look attractive. She is not classically pretty in any sense of the word.

  • anna

    I LOVEED ALIAS!! AND Elektra! I love 13 going on 30 too but I thin she’s better for action parts..she simply MUST com back to tv! as for the plastic surgey, I don’t think so but who knows..I don’t think she’s manly at all but hey, you people think GISELE is manly! I simply have no words for that..

  • me

    Get real – enuf with your obsession over what or what not Jen has done. Whatever, does it matter? You are seeing things that are not there in your obsession to see something done! Get OVER IT! Go see the pics at Thanks Lincoln they are just precious! Love V with her head down on Ben’s shoulder. Of course Just Jared would not post anything that makes Ben look good as a daddy. He will only post Jen alone with the girls to make it look like Ben is never with them. He has his agenda. Why? Maybe he has a crush on Vartan too, like Bella 14. Those people just cant admit she is happy now with someone else and they will put down their relationship always.

  • liz

    Jennifer Garner a superstar? LOL

  • Jenfan

    I agree #15
    More Jen! More Ben! More Jen/Ben and adorable bables!

    The pics of them over the weekend with the 2 kids at Jen-fans are beyond adorable. So Sweet.

    Love this family! Anybody that doesn’t should not waste their time and move on!

  • Ben is hot

    I went over to jenfans. Those pictures are beyond yummy. They look great together.

    A blog should have used those pictures. But then again where is a scandal story showing Ben and Jen walking together holding their children? Because they sure as heck look like a loving happy couple to me.

    Nothing better than seeing your man carrying one of your children. And V. melting on her daddy’s shoulder. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skhg

    I like Jen just the way she is, and couldn’t respect her more for the wife and mother she is to Ben and those 2 little girls. What a great life they seem to have, (with the exception of the papz). I’ve noticed her taking parts lately, in films that don’t require so much time from her, maybe one a yr., just enough to keep her foot in the door, and that’s great, although I do miss seeing more of her.

  • stefano

    I Want Alias back!

  • stefano

    Sydney is the best character EVER!

  • stefano

    Id die with an Alias movie

  • bonnie

    Jen has been taking smaller roles, doing projects that keep her close to the family.

    It’s great that they will all be in Boston while Ben is working, or there while Jen was filming the Ricky G. movie.