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Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman: Nice People

Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman: Nice People

After taking a smoke break together, reality TV star Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman prepare for departure at Nice airport on Tuesday in Nice, France.

The couple was seen taking home two huge shopping bags full of Gucci items. Jon is reportedly returning home to resume filming for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The past few days, Jon, 32, and Hailey, 22, spent time with Ed Hardy fashion designer Christian Audigier.

10+ pictures inside of Nice people Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman

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  • douche water

    His jeans are so old and out of style
    fat douche hose face loser


    Nice People….

  • Tazina

    I don’t care what these people do as Jon is getting a divorce and Hailey is single. They don’t have to answer to anyone and Jon is alternating child care with Kate. He’s entitled to do what he wants on his free time. But he looks terrible now, double chin on a fat face, bloated and overweight with a huge gut hanging over his pants which we had the “pleasure” of looking at in another photo. The smoking is definitely not cool either…thought that was dying out. High blood pressure, etc.etc. on the way Jon.

  • Chau


  • Suki

    Bad man with Bad woman….perfect mutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel very disappointed with JON………………

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    disgusting human beings… i use to blame kate, but now im not quite sure

  • anthony

    Really hope he is not spending the money from his family on designer things for his 22 year old home-wrecker .. Then again nothing could make this guy seem much lower then he already is at this point. He must enjoy life ever since he ” stood up for himself ” I mean what person should have to be a parent and work rather then take vacations with 20 year olds and never have to find a job..

  • irish girl

    Please make them go away.

  • momefoofoo

    kind of makes me sick…i used to feel sorry for Jon..not anymore..this must just be a phase

  • sarah

    What a tool.

  • boo

    everyone is assuming jon didn’t have money but jon came from money. his father was a dentist before he passed. do you know how much dentists earn? he was also working in IT which is a lucrative field. kate was the country hill-billy with no $$ or breeding. everyone needs to stop jumping on this young man. he’s allowed to move on.
    what’s kate doing right now? go bother her

  • piss_angel

    big fat tool.

  • qwerty

    Isn’t it amazing how we were just saying what a horrible mother Kate is, and how Jon is the one that seems so down to earth and a good father. Well so much for that! Atleast whenever Kate goes away she is either doing it for book deals, or to meet fans, and she always takes her kids with her on vacations. Then there is Jon… he’s tramping around Europe with this 23 year old, with his diamond studs, Ed Hardy (tacky) t-shirts, and marlboro cancer sticks. He is DEFINITELY “there for his kids.”

  • Do you really want to hurt me

    You can pick your marriage, and you can poop in a shared toilet but you can’t chase your spouse around with a piece of poop.

    You can call me names, or will you take off your mask so we can both be free or must you hide behind the name. Who’s misbehaving now?

  • donna

    what an ass. he is such a jerk. hate him now.

  • Stinkerbelle

    She looks short of breath. Smoking’ll do that to ya! Hey, whatever, he had a p*** poor deal of a marriage to a harpy woman who, like, constantly nagged and whined at him. No wonder he upped sticks for the first gal to give him a friendly smile. Hope it works for him.

  • The Fool

    I used to stick up for this guy and even though I mostly blame Kate for wrecking their marriage, I now believe that ol’ Jon wasn’t the so called victim after all. At least wait a while before parading your new gf around!

    What a total sham and fraud this show has been, TLC is pathetic!

  • Jon needs to grow up

    Did you see the article PEOPLE Magazine’s website put out on Hailey? Not very flattering. She’s been in trouble with the law quite a few times in the last few years and is a big partier. And THIS is the person he’s going to bring into his children’s lives??? This is the person who he associates with???,,20291160,00.html

    I hope Kate gets full custody now and protects her kids from Jon and Hailey.

    And JJ you’re going nothing wrong in how you pertray these two. You speak the TRUTH

  • Miyadr

    I just don’t understand how after 10 years of marriage, regardless of what has gone down that you can turn around and do this to your family. I think it’s disgusting behavior for you children to have to see. You say I’m here for my kids…but really truly are you if your our running about with this young girl? I believe if you have children you OWE it to them to at least try and make some attempt rather then just leaving your family. In the end he will be the one that has to suffer for abandoning his wife and children!! When will guys like these learn they will only be left alone and empty in the end when the young thing gets tired of what she sees?

  • linda55

    he isn’t man enough for Kate

  • mertz

    lol jared. nice one on that title. i see you’ve been checking out the comments.

  • Jocelyn

    I’m sick of this pathetic loser all the time jj. Want to see the real parent of this family. I just feel so sorry for the kids and what their father has done to them. Imbecile

  • truthfairy

    @linda55: She’s unlikely to get one. No man wants to be hitched to a witch with baggage.

  • Betty boop

    What a pair of total losers. Jon deserves the herpes and crabs he is sure to find on his pecker any day now!

  • Shiloh baptist

    disgusting, hes such a prick… hes gone mental what will his kids say when they look back and see this… what an ass.

  • mertz

    it being a lucrative field? in what realm is this true. yes being a nurse makes you a hillbilly. don’t go to school people. oh and to the person who said that he was so damaged by kate’s degrading of him that he went with the first person who smiled at him, i wonder if he was diddling that underager so called family friend before she became legal.

  • truthfairy

    I’m rooting for him! He has my support. Love to see a bitch get her comeuppance. Makes it all worthwhile when I see a man wake up to the bitch he married and walk. I hope she hurts for a long, long time.

  • Laurie


    Godzilla is not man enough for Kate!

  • Patty

    He’s as dumb at picking at women as he is at taking care of his family. He likes them with looong faces. Why not date the next triple crown winner you idiot.

  • LolaSvelt

    This ugly pervert needs a stylist, ASAP.

  • RMJ8

    Now I understand why he was always such a zombie…all that weed he smokes. I’m feeling sorry for Mady & Cara (the other kids are still too small) who will have to bear the brunt of their classmates teasing them about their father’s behavior. They might be shielded from using the internet but J&K cannot monitor all the other kids in their class. Sooner or later they will be tormented…what a pity. Those kids would be much better off with Aunt Jodie…the Gosselins are totally dysfunctional and unable to parent anymore.

  • Hailey is fugly

    It’s funny, in the pictures he doesn’t even look like he’s having a great time with her and she doesn’t even LOOK like a NICE person. She looks like SHE THINKS she’s really hot and special. DREAM ON CHICKY

  • amylornes

    Oh god… I have the same grey shirt as that woman… Now every time i wear it all im gonna think about is her

  • E

    justjared is Kate Gosselin’s new PR agent. Where were you when she was flaunting her affair right in front of her children in the same beach house? Kate needs to quit having her pity parties on her front lawn when the kids have the crooked houses and that nice pool along with all those grounds in the back of the mansion, doncha think?…….away from the PAPS? There is a picnic table set up at the back of the house….away from the paps….you know, the ones that Kate hates and calls…animals.

  • Directions please

    You think Jon is making mistakes? Your not paying for his mistakes bugger off kiddy. What do you know, you don’t know what Jon knows, what Kate knows, what the kids know and you do not have the crystal ball for the future. Go back to your immature make believe past world. And the next time your poopy butt dog mouth shows up in my backyard clean up your own mess.


    She looks so skanky and dirty…like she needs a good scrubbing. Is she SERIOUSLY only 22??? She looks 45, easily. And what a douche he is…smoking and hanging with a 22. Mid life crisis, much?

  • vicky

    that says it all!

  • Poor jon? I don’t think so

    He was always a disengaged father and husband. Kate had to tell him what to do because he was lazy and couldn’t or wouldn’t take initiative.

    Used to drive me crazy watching the show and seeing how Kate was always FORCED by his inactions to yell at him…for simple things like holding the kids’ hands in the airport or getting them dressed for school and not remembering their bookbags, etc.

    He’s like a man-boy who can’t do anything on his own. He has to be told every move to make because he’s a pathetic loser who can’t keep a job or keep a woman happy.

    Kate is going to be WAY better off. And this new girl is so homely…she just looks sleazy AND old. Yeah, “nice” combo.

  • twpumpkin

    What kind of example is this fat pig setting for his kids? Divorce is bad enough but the way in which you handle yourself during this time speaks volumes for a person. For the sake of his kids he should have waited until after the divorce before he started poking this skank.

  • Barbara

    Wow, she has her mouth open just like Kate always does.


    Jon’s gotta get back and pimp the kids , what a job.. Somebody make the Gosselins go away.

  • don’t judge

    @boo: I agree. What Jon does is Jon’s business and not ours.

  • terese

    i think he’s an effin idiot. AND I’m glad that his little homewrecker is hurt by all the negative media. did she think she could have a relationship with him so soon after a much-talked about split and get GOOD feedback? uhhh…no! jon “being himself” is more like a mid-life crisis that really effed him and his kids. i thought i was on his side for a bit, especially since kate is a bit neurotic, but HELL NO! I hope he gets ditched from TLC so that he doesn’t have ANY money to use on this homewrecker and thier vacations.

  • giveitarest

    Give the guy a break. What he does is his business. What Kate does is her business. First everyone hates Kate, but now lets hate John cause his new gal is 22. Cause Jon’s new girl is 22 and he smokes Marlboros, oh and wears old jeans and has a gut so we can conclude it makes him a bad father? Listen to yourselves. You sound like a bunch of pecking hens. Yes, it will be hard on the kids with their parents divorced. But I wonder if a marlboro man would be better to live with than a screaming meme? Which would you choose?TLC should drop their show and both of them should grow up.@douche water:

  • Lacy

    Kate will go far, this soon to be ex husband is a total imbecile, running around with young women dressing like a teenager. Kate has way more class.

  • bella

    Attention whores and to tope it off . . .really bad dressers.

  • Twin Mom

    They both look so ridiculous.

  • lakers fan in boston

    god i hate looking at average faced chicks, and that’s still because she has glasses on covering her
    jon u r really climbing the douche ladder
    all these ed hardy shirts, which r those the only f’ing shirts u have?, smoking, and the lil stud earrings
    get some real 1s man, u got the money
    if i had ur money i def get my ears pierced and get some big diamond earrings
    but going on the subject
    back 2 this ugly ho, u do no that smoking makes ppl age older
    im sure u dont care about urself but ur ho is gonna get all wrinkly, it’s fact just look at cameron diaz
    and ur already spending money on her, ughh, once again u disappoint
    letting a bitczh spend ur money that fast jon, it’s obvious she’s milking u
    u need 2 get a brain buddy, ur doing everything wrong
    instead of losing weight u smoke
    instead of getting a nice, beautiful, and non-bitczhy gf u get an average girl
    instead of being a nice guy u show ur douche side
    instead of saving ur money u spend it on a ho and seen child support is gonna be knocking at ur door
    im telling u jon, ur going downhill fast, nothing but an idiot
    and i could give an eff about how kate feels just in case any1 thinks im team kate, with how bitczhy she was im surprised u didnt cheat on her earlier

  • Vivien

    Wow, look at the “Father of the Year”! Do you think this idiot realizes that he would be an unemployed jerk if it weren’t for his kids. The man is living off of exploiting his children. Loser!

  • brina

    jon is a LOSER