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Kate Gosselin Mails It In

Kate Gosselin Mails It In

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 throws on a floppy hat and stops by the UPS Store on Monday (July 14) in her hometown Reading, Penn.

It does appear that Kate is still wearing her wedding ring despite filing for divorce!

Ex-husband Jon Gosselin, however, is across the pond in Nice, France with his 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin mailing it in…

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  • cutie

    i hope kate doesn’t see the tabloids while she is shopping. I think it hurt her bad to find out that he left her for a 22 year-old junky stoner. I am sure she will be worried about Jon introducing the juvenile delinquent to the kids. They don’t need that type of person in their lives.

  • suzieq

    Stay strong Kate. You will get through this.

  • Jennifer

    Kate is a bad mother and a horrible wife. Kate deserves all she is getting.

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    She’s a nutjob to the max… no wonder why jon is bangin 23yr old’s

  • E

    Get with the program, Jared. Kate wears her wedding ring because the lawyer told her it looks good for the judge and public, duh. It is manipulation. Both these people need to get their kids out of the spotlight and quit playing for the paps and websites like this. End Jon and Kate Plus 8.
    Don’t forget Kate Gosselin carried on with her bodyguard right in front of her children in NC so much the children were cuddling up to him. The paps have pictures of it and pics of Leah posing like mommy in her many bikinis. Both J and K are fools and need to think only of their children first and get a job that doesn’t involve their kids supporting them.

  • Charity

    My heart goes out to Kate. , I don’t think she just turned into the person she was over night. Jon knew who he married. They had been together since HIGHSCHOOL!! I am sure that there were plenty of times where he was mistreated PRIOR to the 8 children they CHOSE to have through medical intervention. He chose to stay married to her. Then they chose to have these children – and then to just split…to just turn to a 22 year old….Jon should be ashamed of himself.

    I feel most badly for their 8 beautiful kids.

  • Jonhailey+baby bailey must die

    @Jennifer: hateful b itch. You dont deserve happiness either….curse you

  • E

    They have not been together since high school, research that again and don’t make up stuff. Geesh. I don’t even think they went to the same high school and she is older, they met at a picnic…Kate was older…she had a prior boyfriend that she was ENGAGED to and CHEATED on with a guy with a corvette, then stalked the poor guy later when the one night stand fell through. Kate’s psycho.

  • Jennifer
  • Jamie

    How sad. Jon is out with a younger women and Kate’s still wearing her wedding ring.

  • Jon is a cheat and a liar

    She appears to be the stable one of the parents. SHE’S not the one out partying, smoking and cheating. Fine example Jon is. He’s irresponsible when he IS with the kids. An accident will happen, not to mention the fine smoking, lazy, irresponsible adults they will turn into IF left in Jon’s hands.

    Those kids NEED a STABLE environment and Kate is it. And leave off about the bodyguard. There has never been any proof of that. This was put out by Jon’s camp to try and make him look better. Cheat that he is!!!!

  • Perla

    She looks like a man, especially when she wears a dress.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    Kate is a wonderful person, who does what needs to be done. She may be a cranky $itch, but it’s because of all she had to do. jon is a wuss, heading into mid-life at an early age. kind of sad, because it makes him look foolish. the choices he has made, tsk, tsk, tsk……..what a homely looking 23 year old. no wonder she couldn’t make it on MTV or Bad Girls.

  • ha

    this woman’s family has even backed away from. she made her bed… don’t feel sorry for her. she’s laughing all the way to the bank

  • Amanda

    um the HAT needs to gooooooooooo!

  • Laurie

    Kate—maybe you would feel better if you smiled instead of looking sour all the time.

  • Sarah

    Kate I was on Jon’s side for a while, but now I see the true nature and character of this loser husband of yours. Can’t believe what he’s doing to his kids. You were right, he is downright immature and doesn’t deserve the respect of being a husband but more importanly a father, OF EIGHT KIDS! What a total dummy.

  • Payson

    Her face looks a little puffy – weight gain? Pull the hat lower.

  • Natalie


    listen idiot, if you had 8 kids you would be stressed to the max as well, that is why she acts the way she does cause she is the only mature person in the household. Kate doesn’t need anything except to realize that she has 8 cute kids and that Jon obviously is not worth crying over…. no one who suddenly has a g.f after 2 weeks of their seperation is worth spending your energy or time over.

  • Lizzy

    Jared you mispelled some words in this. Jon was in France with HIS girlfiend not her girlfriend.

  • Lizzy

    Jared you mispelled some words in this. Jon was in France with HIS girlfriend not her girlfriend.

  • lola

    i love u kate!!!!

  • Barbo

    How does it feel Kate to watch your soon to be ex running around with a younger woman? Not so good I guess…maybe you should have treated him better. Not that his replacement is any better…she has him smoking. But you reap what you sow.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    NUMBER # 13 ” ANONYMOUS , AFRAID TO GIVE A NAME “. So your comment really has no bearing. How in the world do you know that Kate ” is a wonderful person .” And the remark about, ” Looking at the choices Jon has made? “, Oh, come on now! What about those magnificent choices Kate made over the last couple of years. The verbal and emotional abuse of her husband which she admitted, her arrognancy and rudeness with neighbors and salespeople, which THEY told about,: her ridiculous demands of having freebies wherever they go,: and ignoring the children or screaming at them which is always in the news.
    The only thing you ARE correct about is Jon’s girlfriend. She is a homely looking drugged out gold-digger mess, who is using Jon to get to other people who can make her a somebody, because she is a no-body. Well, if everyone is smart, they won’t be pulled into her sticky and nasty web, like Jon did. He hasn’t figured out how to climb out yet. Poor thing!

  • marisa

    STOP this hating! do you realize how far this could push a person to think things about their life that aren’t true? i would like to see your lives. so shutup and get a life. stay strong kate.

  • WaterKate

    @cutie: yeah, she won’t know if she doesn’t see the tabloids.

  • WaterKate

    @Jennifer: I agree 100%! It’s called KARMA and it’s hitting her in the face like she used to hit Jon.

  • WaterKate

    @Charity: They were not together since H.S.

    She deserves this. Hope she’s thirsty and asks Mady for a sip of water.

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM missy neuman

    @Jennifer: thats a mean thing to say! i don’t think she is a bad mother and a bad wife. Jon is a whimp and couldn’t stand up to his wife so he chickened out b/c he can’t handle his woman. He is weak and is having a mid lifr crisis. Shame on him!

  • WaterKate
  • whymomwhy?

    Why- did- you -chase- dad-dee-away…. why?

  • WaterKate

    @Sarah: What is he “doing to his kids?” Damn, you sheeple are amazing. Kate beats her kids, denies water, barely interacts with them and she’s mother-of-the-year? She’s gone for weeks at a time, what did THAT do to her kids?

    Keep drinking. Start sending to the Kate Gosselin Defense Fund. She’ll need it.

  • mailey

    well, if they’re not actually divorced yet, then he’s not “ex” husband just yet.

  • GaryC

    @Natalie: Ha ha, you are funny and foolish. She has many “helpers” and the only thing she “does” herself is go to the spa. She has you fooled!

  • SeriouslyGoodIdea

    @marisa: I hope she does what you are suggesting. It would be better for the 8 kids and humanity.

  • Carly

    It doesn’t matter if either one is still wearing a wedding ring. They could wear their rings for 20 more years. Divorce judges don’t care.

  • Tina

    Why is Kate dresed like Paddington Bear ?

  • annika

    Why oh why is she always mailing things at UPS and getting things delivered to her house? Just wondering. And if you get that many deliveries to your house, than you can sign up for pick-up too.

    I think it’s just another excuse to leave the house (get away from the kids) and have a photo op. wearing her wedding ring that the lawyer told her to keep wearing!

  • irish girl

    They’re both losers. The sooner they’re off the radar the better.

  • sasha

    Why is she so ashamed of her hair now? I know the do was bad and she got some really bad press about it but I thought she didn’t care what the press thought?

  • Jon’s wedding ring

    Hailey is wearing Jon’s wedding ring . She had it turned into a piercing ring and she keeps it in her … umm pants,.

  • annika

    @Tina: so true!

  • Jon is a cheat and a liar

    WaterKate @ 07/14/2009 at 9:26 pm
    Oooohh PLEASE ! Get real. Show me the pictures not some “inside source.” The inside source would be Jon’s camp who planted this story to make Kate look bad. Look at all the pictures of Jon that are out there. Where are Kate’s?

  • Lizzy

    Also the 14th is Tuesday which is today. Get ur facts straight Jared.

  • Lizzy

    Kate is an excellent mother and I use to think Jon had his best interest for his kids but I can see that’s not true at all from this bad behavior he is displaying. My heart aches for Kate and the kids when they have to deal with his unacceptable behavior.

  • jaxon

    I am amazed at how many people are now taking up for Kate since Jon’s behavior is so disgusting. I didn’t think anything could rehabilitate public opinion about Kate but Jon has pulled it off.

    I feel sorry for this whole family. Everyone is hurting and Jon is sitting over in France smoking cigarettes with a girl who could not care less about him. She isn’t worth hurting his family over. All this girl wants is her picture on the cover of trash mags. At least her arrest ought to give Kate a reason to keep her away from the kids.

  • Suzy Q

    Kate looks sad. There is nothing that can excuse Jon’s recent behavior. He should still have some respect for his family which clearly he does not.

    What kind of example is he showing his kids and what kind of person is he going to bring into his kids lives. Bottom line is it is not going to better his families lives, that’s for sure with what he’s doing right now.

  • jaye

    Poor, Poor Kate.

  • annika

    Wow she didn’t need a bodyguard today.

  • neildnuts

    Kate’s not taking off her wedding ring because it is a manipulation tactic and it is a big diamond Katie doesn’t want to part with just yet. She’s putting on weight, maybe those pregnancy rumors were about her or she is drinking too much wine.
    The sheeple believe everything they’ve been told, think Kate doesn’t have any help, LOL. They treat their husbands and kids like caca too and will wonder why their lives are falling apart soon too.
    Jon turned out to be his own worse enemy. DeDe looks like a saint after all compared to this Haily chick. I bet Kate got a free boob job from her Daddy though for all the references. Jon could use some liposuction but atlas Kate is the plastic model looking for freebies or barters.
    The children are now enslaved at that KONpound and don’t get to do anything unless they dare talk to anyone about what happens at the Gosselin house or how much wine mommy drinks or how she spanks too much for blowing a whistle..outside. Mady can tell you all about Steve, she seen in SD and NC.