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Mariah Carey - 'Obsessed' Music Video

Mariah Carey - 'Obsessed' Music Video

Mariah Carey‘s hair is looking luscious in the official music video for her first single “Obsessed,” off her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (out August 24).

It’s the video where she’s dressed up like a manEminem to be specific! Directed by Brett Ratner. Check it out below!

FYI: There are two videos for “Obsessed”.” The original, and the remix feat. Gucci Mane. Both have a storyline where Mariah plays several parts.

You can watch the music video here!

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  • Velvet Goldminee

    Goddamn I’m dying to see this whys it no longer available ???

  • marissa

    yea i cant see sh-t . where is the video??

  • Pining for Chris

    The video is predictable; the song is awful (imo).
    Man, I miss the ‘Fantasy’ days of Mariah…

  • The Beautiful Life TV Show

    Not a good song for me… She’s pretty though!

  • irish girl

    She’s too predictable. There’s nothing new or interesting about her music.

  • adrianna


  • slutastic

    If you can’t sing dress like a ho

  • Miltoncody

    Hahaha Oh my God, the end is so freaking funny :D The guy is hit by a bus while taking pics of Mimi ( like the blond girl in ” Mean Girls ” )

  • ethansays

    Video was disabled but will be shown on America’s Got Talent on Wednesday:

  • bella

    Wow, she tries too hard.

  • jj

    Mariah is da bomb! She never fails. You trolls can stick it up your c**ts!!!

  • brina

    yeah it’s pretty predictable but it’s not a complicated song

    she looks very PRETTY as herself but she’s is ugly when she tries to be a man

  • DarkEmpress

    That was so good! So funny! I cant believe he got hit by a bus and trying to look up her dress. lol.

  • youlikeme

    she’s always trying too hard, she’s not attractive at all and she does not have a good voice, she used too have a good one but no longer, and this video is so ho-wish and Miltoncody THAT’s exactly what i was thinking and the song starts with the regina words “i was like, why are you so obsessed with me”, this song/videoi is sooooooooooooo “mean girls” inspired & the song sux by the way

  • jj


  • youlikeme

    what the hell is that supposed to mean jj

  • youlikeme

    i’m just being honest she can screw herself if that’s what ur asking for

  • Andy

    She looks HOT!

  • essie

    yean i get a trying to be sexy a la jessica simpson watching the vid.. kinda makes me root for eminem actually

  • do ur research!!

    Yess JJ al those dumb dots are trolls and thats putting it nicely! If you don’t F$#k with some one that much, why the hell do u watch the video!!!??? Get a damn life and stop having so much “self-hate” bcus thats exactly what it is whe u have to be so negative about someone u claim not to like. Most of ya’ll idiots need go “freak” yourselves.!! Do your thing Mariah!!

    PS: Don’t waste ur precious time replying if u don’t like my comment losers!!!!!!

  • do ur research!!


    Girl Bye!!! You sound stupid as hell!!!

  • do ur research!!


    Go situr dumb ass down and STFU!! Lame!!

  • gc

    boy, some of bloggers are really sick folk. do you just sit in front of your pc and blog to see how mean, foul and evil you can be? this is probably a sign of how sociopaths evolve. some of you sound like you need help.

  • Miltoncody

    I’m sorry for you haters but whatever u do or say this single ROCKS AS HELL, I mean I hear it everywhere :D

  • luisaonline

    the song and the video are (unbelievele) terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • irish girl

    jj = do ur reasearch!!
    It has to be. No two people can write in identically illiterate ways.

  • do ur research!!


    I could’nt agree with you more. Some of these bloggers, not just on this but on all posts, are some real looney toons!! Damn, hate urself much?? I think so!

  • do ur research!!

    @irish girl:

    Sweet heart we are two different people. You need sit ur rude hating ass down some where with your ignorant self!!! As for talking illiterate, sweetie i’ve seen some of ur other comments and you are more than a few marbles short of intelligent so once again please go have a seat somewhere. You don’t want to do it with me. Internet or not baby girl so get a life at stop being ignorant to someone who does not give two shits what u think, Mariah included. Try comprehending that!!

  • no thanks

    The only one obsessed with Mariah Carey is Mariah Carey,thanks for the earlier poster who said her videos and music are ”predictable”,All her songs sound the same always rolling around in videos in skimpy outfits fot her age with the full of herself attitude,,,this is going to tank big time

  • do ur research!!

    @no thanks:

    Well dumb sh@t you were “obsesses” enough to comment!! LMAO What a loser!!! Either ur a gay dude who wishes to be a woman, not necessarily mariah, but a woman period or ur just a sad a$$ female who wishes to even have a body close to Mariah Carey’s on her fatest day!! STFU and STFD and please miss me with that I look better or I look good ish, No one can see u!! LOL Hating and Low Self -esteem much darling!! lol

  • mandann


  • Ankka13

    i think i like the song a little bit, but the video is a huge FLOP!!!
    i was expecting something more….
    so boring, and makes no sense!

  • dogville

    This is just SAD , seriously she is the only one obsessed about herself , the problem she is a beauty & has one of the most amazing voices in history , but her recent albums are lifeless & boring … I miss the old Mariah

  • joe

    sexy, sexy, sexy

  • paupau

    i must admit is the first video of her that doesnt make me yawn, she looks hilarious as a man, and I laughed so hard when he got run over, ha ha ha… song? not as boring as old ones either…

  • sofia

    Lol, the music video is shitty. She could have gone all out and done “Eminem” properly. It’s like she’s 40 and she’s doing a mean girls inspired song? Imature much? .. This just proves that Eminem is the only artist that knows how to take the piss out of other artists properly and still keep it light hearted and funny. She tries way to hard, it makes me cringe. I wonder if we have to see em in drag now?

  • dali

    flopy b:tch so 2000 and late, even fergie can do better

  • capitalizemynamewhore

    Why can’t we watch this stupid whore’s video anywhere? Stupid slut. She isn’t going to have anymore number ones, faggots.

  • http://justjared tina

    song and video sucks

  • GooglieeeeeBurrrrr

    Check out what she looks like without makeup….there is no pretty to that…

  • suppress your appetite

    I love her so mutch and she is beautiful!!:)