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Mark Wahlberg is a Shirtless Fighter

Mark Wahlberg is a Shirtless Fighter

Mark Wahlberg flexes his boxing muscles and channels his inner Mickey Ward for the upcoming film, The Fighter, on Tuesday (July 14) in Massachusetts.

The 38-year-old actor wore Everlast boxing shorts with the initials “MW” sewn into them. Mark has the same intials as his character!

Costars Christian Bale, Melissa Leo and Sugar Ray Leonard were also spotted on set (pictured below).

10+ pictures inside of shirtless fighter Mark Wahlberg

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34 Responses to “Mark Wahlberg is a Shirtless Fighter”

  1. 1
    Uptown Says:

    I’m glad to know this is the reason why Christian has been looking very frail lately. I was really getting concerned by his appearance the last few pap photos.

  2. 2
    Brandy Says:

    Mark is a terrible actor, and his pale skin is gross.

  3. 3
    lucas Says:


    you rest assured that any time Christian is looking nasty it is 99% of the time for a role. the guy takes Method to some weird extremes. which is actually part of how he was so worked up that he went off on that idiot DP that wanted on set in the middle of a take. not that the guy didn’t deserve the yelling cause that’s not cricket. just Christian went a bit over the top especially with the language

  4. 4
    kenza Says:

    I love Mark!!! So hott after all these years! And I think he’s a great actor.

  5. 5
    socute Says:

    Mark is cool =D

  6. 6
    Nancy Says:

    Mark is looking really good… and I love Entourage!

  7. 7
    MKS Says:

    he is in my city of lowell, ma. A coworker saw him at a local hess gas station 2 minutes from my house

  8. 8
    Eric D. Midget Says:

    Damn….da boy still got ‘em abs after all these years…..HOT!!!

  9. 9
    TiffanyyO Says:

    still looking as good as ever!!
    cant wait for this movie

  10. 10
    megan fox Says:

    That’s a really nice body…. love the abs!!

  11. 11
    marisa Says:

    Marky Mark’s still got it

  12. 12
    regina Says:

    I expect jerks Bale,Walhberg and director David Russell to knock each other out.

  13. 13
    Elaine Says:

    oh…… heart palpitations. yummy mark.

  14. 14
    ck_always Says:

    Never lost it ..oh Mark — greatest meat on earth.

  15. 15
    OK Says:

    Pales in comparison to Ryan Reynolds and Chace Crawford.

    The Wrestler was a success now they wonna copy a boxing story this time around. Cinderella Man flopped for Russell Crowe and Bale’s Terminator Salvation and Public Enemies are struggling to surpass their expensive production cost.

  16. 16
    lol Says:

    @OK: Mark W is way better looking than Reynolds. Reynolds has a nice body I’ll give him that but his face is busted. LoL not even gonna compare him to pretty girl chace Crawford. Marky Mark is hot but I hope he is better than he was in the happening.

  17. 17
    deraj tsuj Says:

    triple nipple

  18. 18
    Ellen Says:

    Oh, Marky. Mmm.

  19. 19
    plum Says:

    OMG! Christian Bale smiles!

  20. 20
    get real Says:

    Mark always looked like an arrogant jerk. and why does the world needs another violent movie about boxing?

  21. 21
    Regurgitatedcreativism Says:

    There is a dearth of originality, that’s why! Creativity and intelligence do not big bucks make, which is why so many films suck, these days.

  22. 22
    angie's old nose Says:

    WoW I remember when Brad looked this good! Mark and his girlfriend have 4 kids now?

  23. 23
    Amy Says:

    This isn’t just a violent movie about boxing. It’s a movie about a real local hero who was probably past the prime of the sport and not even really built for the sport, but his endurance and willpower made him a champion.

    And ‘get real’, be careful who you talk crap about. “Looks like” an arrogant jerk, but he’s a real guy, also a local hero, and as a real guy he knows real people who know he’s a nice guy. He came from a tough background and he’s used his money and fame to try and help troubled kids. He’s a good guy, so watch your mouth before you decide that someone ‘looks like’ an arrogant jerk.

  24. 24
    NativeNYker Says:

    He still has the CK body.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  25. 25
    rocky Says:


    ITA! Bale did go over the top, but he’s serious about his work and everyone knows it.

    Mark has one hell of a body — always has! YUMMMMY!!

  26. 26
    Jessica de Goes Says:

    Why his tattoos look so weird? So light… Is he trying to remove it?

  27. 27
    replacement coils Says:

    Nice muscles mark… Just want to ask one question… are those action scenes performed originally by him…..
    I saw that tony jaa’s movie Tom yum goong… awesome action man…. and the best part is that all the stunts are performed by his own… no ropes no special effects… coool na ….

    replacement coils
    Singapore commercial renovation

  28. 28
    Karma Says:

    Ugh, something about Mark just rubs me the wrong way. He looks pasty.

  29. 29
    Malaysia will writing Says:

    Mark W is way better looking than Reynolds. Reynolds has a nice body. LoL not even gonna compare him to pretty girl chace Crawford. Marky Mark is hot.

  30. 30
    Malaysia will writing Says:

    Mark w is awesome. I like him. But the shirtless fighter as he is a very

  31. 31
    Velvet Goldminee Says:

    Yeh #26 strange tattoos. If theyre real and being makeuped over for the film that looks badly done and if they fake and being make uped on for the film its badly done . This film may suck…… ;0

  32. 32
    SAL Says:

    Those are his real tattoos that are being covered up for the film. This pic was taken most likley at the end of the filming day so the make up probably wore off with sweat or was in the process of taking it off.

  33. 33
    access consultant Says:

    he is handsome

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  34. 34
    suppress your appetite Says:

    nice pic :DDD!!!!DDDDddd :)))

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