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Matt Damon Launches Safe Water Organization

Matt Damon Launches Safe Water Organization

H2O Africa co-founder Matt Damon just launched a new organization focused on bringing access to safe water and sanitation to the developing world —

The 38-year-old actor formed the non-profit organization with Gary White, WaterPartners executive director and co-founder.

Matt explains the importance of launching, saying, “Every 15 seconds, a child in the developing world dies from water-related disease. After visiting project sites in Africa and Asia with Gary, I’ve seen the problem and the impact of safe water. As a clear leader in the sector at delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for those in need, WaterPartners was the natural choice with whom to work to truly affect lasting change.”

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  • MarkyMark

    I love you Matt.

  • cutie

    Awesome. Thank you for helping to make the world a better place, Matt and Gary!

  • lakers fan in boston

    he looks so weird with blond hair
    and good thing of him 2 be doing this

  • Pippi

    Matt is an awesome dude. I love this guy!

  • H.

    Awesome. Keep it up, Matt.

  • jenny

    how sweet,caring and totally sexy of you Matt, thank you, and you do rock.

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    do you think these stars ever do these charitable things WITHOUT CAMERAS??? I’d bet the farm they dont

  • Shakirakitten

    Awesome project, a worthwhile cause and Matt Damon is so dedicated to doing good work. Wonderful.

  • Lisa

    What an extraordinary coincidence that he’s doing charity work just when he has some movies coming out! He’ll toss them a couple of bottles of water that someone else paid for, pose for some photos and then hop back on his private jet and return to his mansion.

    If he really wants to help children, he should try to locate and spend some time with his step-daughter.

  • ellie’

    Matt & Gary Keep up the good work its for a great cause..

  • K.G.

    love me some matt Damon and it’s great what he’s doing.

  • shamrock

    Honorable Matt as always!!! Matt always find the time to be involved with charitable contributions globally, regardless of his film timing. Matt is passionate about others and so is his BF Ben. It is a wonderful sight to see people in power using a voice for the people and shedding light on such a tragic or dark subject matter. If only all people would get involved, this world would be purely MAGICAL.

    Keep lighting the path Matt!!! Thank you~

    ciao bella*

  • Zoz

    made Damon is a cool kid.

  • christine

    NOW THIS GUY RIGHT HERE… NOW THIS IS A RESPECTABLE GUY! Go Matt Damon… Go Damon…Go Mr. Harvard… right on. Lol… Go big papa… Let’s just hope his ex-boyfriend Affleck doesn’t degrade him like he did with Jen Lo. Affleck said he was disgusted by J to the L-O. I don’t get Affleck getting SO hung over his EX, J to the LO…. does he have nothing better to talk about? Go M. Damon…

  • Sally

    Great act. Congrats to Matt!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    So Ben starts to do charitable things in Africa, so Matt has to copy that too?
    Anyways, Matt, we know you are obsessed with Ben. Move on- he is straight.

  • socute

    Go ahead and say what you want but being part of a project like this one is already a BRAVO thing.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Matt is making 20 million dollar per movie for many years now, so he could have just quietly save millions in Africa.
    Instaed he goes for a photo op.
    Why come so late after so many years of such financial success?

  • socute

    Oh, that is where I completely agree with you. In Africa or anywhere else.

  • people drinking kool-aid

    Boy, people have it soooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

    Matt has been doing charity work for many many years.

    #14, you are so late to the game. Ben did not say that recently. The comments he made were over a year ago. Ben was disgused by the paps, all the hoopla over their relationship.

    Anyways, good for Matt!

  • Jane

    Matt’s been involved with a water charity (H20 Africa) since he established it in 2006. This new organisation just represents a merging of H20 Africa with Water Partners International.

    It’s not a new interest with an announcement timed close to a movie release. Matt’s been involved with the issues for years and undertaken numerous trips to Africa and now India in relation to water projects.

    This is just the next step to merge a smaller organisation with a larger one for better results.

  • megan fox

    Holy crap, blonde hair! Mr Jason Bourne doing some good.. I love it. He’s always been involved with charities unlike some other frivolous hollywood celebs. Using power for good!

  • oh well

    like the work he’s doing.
    But don’t you think the camera thing is a bit too much? Just when a movie is coming out, how convenient.
    And I am very glad so many celebs find helping Africa important and I guess it is sexier and has more reputation than caring for your own people in your own country. It is always easier to fly to some remote country or continent, help a little here and there, calm the conscience and fly home. Out of sight, out of mind, while there are soooo many people in the US who would dearly need some help. Downside to it: not as fashionable and en vogue as helping Africa and you are constantly confronted with it if you are helping people basically outside your front door if you compare distances.
    Don’t wanna sound cynical but I don’t buy it

  • Love Matt

    I love you, Matt Damon! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!! :D

  • sora

    cannot act and he’s not handsome at all

  • Silvia


  • get real

    Matt it’s time you come out of the closet. It’s so lame to pretend when you are supposed to be liberal.
    Be brave! Live your life in the open.

  • rrr

    Thank you, Matt!


    cameras or not he takes the time to do something, besides he is known for being a great down to earth guy. he lives here in Miami and he is very nice to everyone. i am sure he does not need to do this to get fame or publicity.

  • roja

    lovely !!!!

  • ker


  • Ethioma

    I cannot believe Matt Damon traveled to Ethiopia! Ethiopia and other African countries have not been able to move forward because of corrupt governments who are only interested in helping themselves. The many charity works from celebrities as well as citizens contribute tremendously to the lives of many children and families in the developing world. I just want to say fantastic work Mr. Damon!

  • telba

    GOOD!…movie stars need to do more of this…use their celebrity to really reach out n help the downtrodden

  • Carlinha

    Matt, this shows how kind and helpful you are!:D you are amazing!

  • nicholas Jordan

    water for all is an idea whose time has com. After celebrating the 40th anniversary of successfully sending a man to the moon (and returning him safely to earth ) In a decade I believe it is possible to answer this call. It is unacceptable to me to see a child die because there is nothing available except some yellow infested swamp water filled with feces and God only knows what else. It is also unacceptable to view posts made by people slagging off the efforts of people like yourself. The view from the cheap seats are always good but never add anything to solving the problems we face. Take look at ..we just purchased our first drilling rig and begin drilling water wells in October. We have created a cost effective collaboration of corporate and individual sponsorship. We have created the $3000.00 well. A commitment o drilling 1000 wells in the next decade is a drop in the bucket of what is needed but with help from people like yourself we can someday life in a world where the minimum standard is that ALL Gods children will have access to clean water.
    Good luck to you.
    Nick Jordan

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