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Emma Watson: Brown University, Here I Come!

Emma Watson: Brown University, Here I Come!

Emma Watson will be attending Brown University this fall, confirms Paste Magazine.

The 19-year-old British actress reveals, “I am [off] to Brown, which is an Ivy League establishment in the U.S.A. I’ve got a place there to read literature. I hope to do quite well with my A Levels and they’ve provisionally accepted me, so I’m off to study.” (Emma must have been interviewed awhile ago as she scored seven A’s and three A* at GCSE level.)

Originally, Emma wanted to keep her choice of college a secret but she must have changed her mind after costar Daniel Radcliffe spilled the beans.

Emma also admitted that her fellow students are going to recognize her. She shared, “That’s inevitable, I suppose, some of them must have seen the films over the years. But I do hope that it will be only a short time before I am known as ‘Emma Watson, the student from the U.K.’ rather than ‘Emma Watson who starred in those Harry Potter films.’”

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  • ASHI j J

    LOVE HER :):):)

  • helen

    a levels you do 2 years after gcses’ so she may have only just done them and therefor waiting for her resukts, universitys do not base entrancee on gcse. for a levels you do 3 subjects.

  • john

    She sounds stuck up and totally full of herself … “an Ivy League establishment”??? Duh, Emma! We know that!

    Ooops, I forgot she’s British. This all makes sense now.

  • anon

    Actually, the interview could have been very recent because she still doesn’t know what she got in her A Levels – those results are announced in August. The GCSE grades are from exams taken 2 years ago.

  • anon


    If you look at comments from recent articles on Emma Watson, you’ll see that for people here, the universities in the Ivy League need clarifying – so many people, including Americans, got it wrong. They were saying Berkeley and Stanford were Ivy Leagues…

  • scout

    is she slowly becoming a bit..insufferable?

  • Garfield

    I call bullsh*t on this one. She already had her A-Level results before she was spotted looking round all Harvard and Columbia.

  • mertz

    yeah!!!! i love brown u! she’s gonna like it there

  • aquababe

    GCSE and A Levels are completely different. A Levels are what you do after your GCSE, you only take a Maximum of four Courses for your A- Levels.

  • lynne

    she great i love her !!! =]

  • loli

    Emma is hottest specimen of young Hollywood!!!!! I can see future Julia Roberts or Kate Winslet in her!!! I expect lot from her!!!!!

  • poochie

    i love her!! and wow its great for her to study after all that but shes never gonna be recognized as ‘emma watson that student from
    UK’ and always as the harry potter star cuz u cant get away from that and her fame is paramount and will follow her everywhere
    but good luck to her shes so talented :)

  • anna

    im surprised shes going to brown, thats the stupid people ivy league

  • fresh

    The fact that she’s so polished at such a young age is amazing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    good from u emma, i was still hoping u would come 2 harvard tho
    i kinda think she’s gonna be like natalie portman in the education thing
    gonna be doing movies and going 2 school at the same thing, which i would think is pretty distracting as natalie has said

  • lalalove

    Congrats to her. It’s always great to here of entertainers with a moderate IQ. However, in her case, very impressive!

  • ehhh

    My parents think that the only reason she got accepted is because she’s rich and famous. I doubt she would’ve been able to attend an Ivy League if it weren’t for her fame.

    I hate to break it to you guys, but there are a TON of students who are smarter than her who just CANNOT get into Ivy Leagues because they’re not rich enough.

    My best friend’s older brother got accepted to Princeton, but unfortunately his family’s not that “rich” and he didn’t get a scholarship. He went to Penn State instead.

  • molly

    this is a load of rubbish! emma did not do that badly in her GCSE’s she got 8 A*s and 2 A’s!
    She also already has her A-level results scoring 4 A’s (which is the highest you can achieve currently)
    Also all british magazines say she is going to columbia so i believe this post is fairly inaccurate!

  • Nick

    Gorgeous and smart —- what a catch.

  • me

    Awesome EMMA!!! You go girl!! I just saw HBP for the second time and she’s sooo good in it! I love her!! :D

  • celia


    This is true. the interview that it’s from is definitely from her. Plus like Just Jared said Daniel already spilled the beans and so did David Heyman so Emma probably just decided to release it now.

  • LuckyL

    ehhh @ 07/15/2009 at 7:14 pm

    My parents think that the only reason she got accepted is because she’s rich and famous. I doubt she would’ve been able to attend an Ivy League if it weren’t for her fame.

    I hate to break it to you guys, but there are a TON of students who are smarter than her who just CANNOT get into Ivy Leagues because they’re not rich enough.

    My best friend’s older brother got accepted to Princeton, but unfortunately his family’s not that “rich” and he didn’t get a scholarship. He went to Penn State instead.
    She scored the highest you could score coming out of her high school, or whatever it’s called in Britain. Anything before universities here in America is infamously shi**y by a majority. I’m sorry you’re mad for your bro, but come on. I’m sure you two also believe 100% of black people, whether they graduate as valedictorian from prestigious schools, get in by affirmative action.

  • LuckyL

    ^Oh and I forgot, but women too, but people commonly don’t consider that white women benefit more from it than blacks anyway.

  • Edward

    She said that if she was going to release her college decision choice she would do so first on her official website….. and there’s no release on her website…. plus you’d think this article would be all over the web and Emma’s representative would have confirmed it. Sounds bsed.

  • LuckyL

    She should get advice from Portman on kids being d*cks and having to prove yourself. She’s intelligent and obviously will.

  • marisa

    she’s really lucky and a great role model. so lovable! love you emma! and cant wait to see harry potter that i’m going to this friday! : )

  • whortensia

    @anon: Yeah I don’t think many commentators here know anything at all about top level universities in the US. Brown is Ivy League, had several Kennedys attend (I think John, Jr. went), as well as Amy Carter who flunked out. It is an excellent university but not regarded as quite at the level of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and a few others.
    I don’t find it snobbish at all that she would want to go to one of the better US universities, but I doubt she will have any easy time of it. But who knows for sure in advance?
    One thing for sure: she is brighter than TrannyDan.

  • amara

    good for her…thats great that she going on with life as normal as she can

  • whortensia

    @ehhh: I think your parents haven’t a clue. She is clearly bright enough to qualify. I have no doubt that being a child movie star would help her be accepted by Brown, after all they want outstanding and unusual students. It isn’t the money; it’s what she is and has done that would influence Brown. Lots of resentment, however, since places in the Ivy League are scarce and valuable for your future career. She probably could have gone to Cambridge in the UK very easily and that is a better more prestigious university than Brown. I gather she wanted to come to the US for a change of “scenery.”

  • kaila


    shes so pretty! i loved the movie! saw it @ midnight!

  • ti fan

    Brown makes sense– middle of no place, should discourage the pap. She would have been overrun at Columbia, in NYC. Rhode IslandI is boring as hell– a colder, wetter New Jersey, guidos and guidettes, pizza, clams– Family Guy is set there. An English girl won’t notice the rain and cold. Brown has gained rep as a place rich kids can be Ivy without being too challenged. Lots of boating, yachting. She’ll fit in better than in a meritocracy like Harvard or Columbia. Good choice.

  • oscar

    Sorry but if you saw this girl walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t give her a second look thinking she was pretty. It’s just that she now has the $$$ and the backing and a full-time make-up artist, to make us all change our minds into thinking she is getting there in the looks department. As for her sense of style, well this is pretty good, but the girl herself has hardly the supermodel figure and most things just hang off her like tents. Can’t see this aspect changing much poor thing.

  • janeybell

    Congrats Emma. She’s so brilliant and such a great actress. I really wish her the best. This girl can seriously do anything she sets her mind to and she will definitely go farther than she already has.
    She really is something special and such an AMAZING role model. Yay Emma!

  • jorja

    she’s awesome!!!!!!!!
    k.stew should learn a little bit from her

  • alex


    So?! No one cares what your parents think. Emma is brilliant and that’s why she got in. even if her fame did have something to do with it, atleast she’s furthering her education unlike some of these other dumb celebrities in hollywood.

  • josephine


    how did she get so smart?!? did she go to a normal school or was she given a private tutor on the movie set?

  • serenab


    i love your site but YOU ARE SO STUUUPID when it comes to Emma interviews. you always post interviews that have been translated from a foreign language into English, and they are NEVER CREDIBLE SOURCES and the info IS WRONG!

  • Lucy

    Congrats to her! She is such a cute and elegante girl and it’s good to know she is so inteligent too.

  • whortensia

    @josephine: People are born smart; it’s mainly in the genes. But I think she moved to being tutored on the set. It was not easy for any of them to go to a normal school due to the envy and nastiness. TrannyDan has talked about all that. He got hassled to the point that he left school.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    she’s hot, i’d fcuk her. even though she’s built like a boy.

  • mythical creature

    I love that she is a good role model for young girls. So classy and now going to be well educated. She’s the whole package.

  • natalie

    Luv Her! so Pretty

  • kamilah

    its a shame that people still get judged and ridiculed now matter what they do. somehow ignorant people make it their job to turn a positive thing into something so negative. emma doesnt need to go to college but because she enjoys school and learning she’s choosing to go. she’s a 19 yr old girl with millions of dollars who wants to go to college. whats the problem with that? it shouldnt matter HOW smart she is or HOW she got in. let the girl be.

  • lotto

    The funny post from “ti fan” needs correcting.
    (1) Providence is in the middle of New England, not “no place” (unless “ti fan” is a New Yorker).
    (2) Rhode Island “guidos and guidettes” is, however, entirely accurate. (There are no Italians in New York.)
    (3) Brown and Columbia are equally meritocratic, with acceptance rates this year of 11 and 10 percent (rounding up), except that Brown takes applicants away from Columbia in the head-to-head competition. People accepted at both schools choose Brown 56 percent of the time (N.Y. Times, 17 Sept 2006, “Collegiate Matchups: Predicting Student Choices”). This according to the NBER large-scale study done by Harvard and UPenn economists.
    For the curious, the NBER selectivity ranking is: 1 Harvard, 2 Yale, 3 Stanford, 4 MIT, 5 Cal Tech, 6 Princeton, 7 Brown, 8 Columbia, 9 Amherst, 10 Dartmouth.
    (4) So Emma chose well and is a better fit at cool Brown than at nerdy Columbia.

  • Willa

    Brown is historically an Ivy League…. BUT they let so many people in now, its pretty much the worst Ivy League school now.

  • Noticias de famosos

    I wish her well in the studies to Emma, surely they will go very well, but surely recognize that over time will be how one more.

  • Steve


    Lmao Lotto. You’re so misinformed…. Brown University has produced 3 nobel laureates… Columbia has produced 88 nobel laureates. Columbia is ranked 8th by U.S. News and Brown is 16th (lowest out of all the Ivy Leagues). Most Ivy League students don’t even know Brown is an Ivy League (trust me… I go to Cornell and my sister goes to Princeton). If you look at International school rankings… Columbia is top 10 and Brown isn’t even top 20. Columbia also has various top 10 graduate schools (medical, law, journalism) whereas Brown has no top 10 graduate schools (so far as I can remember). Brown’s prestige is MUCH less than Columbia’s.

  • whateva

    you get the impression she thinks she’s more famous than she is. british insecurity i supose. there have been bigger stars with a greater body of work who are more humble than this plain girl…besides, to get into an american university your SAT scores are more important than whatever grades you got in your home country.

  • whortensia

    @Steve: I think you are right as far as intellectual prestige goes. Brown might be socially more acceptable than Columbia. I’d say Brown is sorta U of Pennsylvanish: a low ranking Ivy League school.