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Jon Gosselin: Engaged Again?

Jon Gosselin: Engaged Again?

Jon Gosselin takes the cover of the latest issue of In Touch with news from an insider that he proposed to his new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman earlier in the week during their getaway in St. Tropez, France.

The insider told the magazine that the 32-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad gave Hailey a $180,000 engagement ring designed by Edouard Nahum, featuring four black diamonds surrounding a skull.

Reportedly, the couple is already planning the wedding and entertaining the idea of getting married in Las Vegas.

Also pictured is Jon returning to New York City solo while Mady plays with the family dogs at their home with cameras rolling in Reading, Penn. The show started filming again after taking a production hiatus couple weeks ago.

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  • shana

    if this is true…she must be pregnant…wanting his money.(the kids money)…she’ll make an excellent coke head mother, and step mother.

  • lb


  • susie

    From what rock did he crawl out; the guy is lacking in sensitivity, brains and class. His gf is bad, bad news.

  • Honey

    Ugh. He just divorced his wife and left 8 kids! This is pathetic.

  • cassie

    nothing says love like a skull ring…..really…if a guy proposed to me with a ring with black diamonds and a skull on it i would probably laugh and say peace out

  • Jess

    Jon is a jerk. I’m starting to think Kate wasn’t so nuts for jelling at him all the time…

  • Geesh!

    HA! This CAN’T be true.
    He CAN’T be mid-life jonesing THAT badly?
    He wouldn’t be able to walk upright if he was THAT much of an idiot.
    He CAN’T be that oblivious without Kate telling him what to do.
    Can He?

  • Moo

    pig, pig, pig, pig, pig.

  • HoochieMamma

    Jon, you say you are now being “strong”; that’s the wrong “S” word. You are a stupid, selfish, sadistic, sick, sorry, son-of-a-bitch, schmuck! Those are the “S” words I would use. You are being used by the media and your new girlfriend. Go home where you belong. You have 8 small children to raise, no matter how you feel about their mom. Be a father for the next 12 years.

    Kate may have been stronger than you, but it was necessary. Raising 8 children is the most difficult job in the world. So she went on book tours; someone had to do the promotions and obviously, even you said you were not as good at speaking publicly as Kate. But you sure are great at flaunting other women in public.

    When all 8 graduate high school and go to college, then you can start dating your little teenie boppers. Of course you will look as stupid then as you do now!

  • Jennifer

    What a complete douchebag loser he turned out to be!!

    Totally take back all the times I said I felt bad for him for Kate yelling at him.

    Ya know what? We dont know what goes on behind closed doors.. Guess Kate had her reasons for treating him a like a 3 year old. His actions now, say it all.

    Too sad, does he care about his kids at all? Guess not!!

  • Tam

    Really sick! They are not even divorced yet! WOW! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I feel sorry for Kate and the kids! He is a loser!

  • boo

    i’m not buying this garbage. he’s newly single and having fun with a bad girl. leave him alone.

  • Katie

    I think he having a middle age crisis right now

  • anon

    Midlife crisis happens in your 40s or 50s not at 32. He’s not old enough or mature enough to be having one. He’s just being who he is dont excuse or justify with a so-called phase. Their kids will ultimately pick up the tab for BOTH his Kate’s choices and behavior. I wish the kids the best and why cant Mady see her dad without the camera’s rolling…please dont they have any privacy anymore. Is there no backyard or would that not work because the cameras cant see them there…

  • hawker

    And, exactly “who’s money” paid for that ring? Seems to me it isn’t really his. But, maybe it is. How horribly irresponsible. Not even legally divorced yet – but, he isn’t the first person to do something like that. Good lord, both of them are a mess. I do wish they would stop production of that show – but we’re all too curious to keep seeing the circus continue. I think the clowns have now arrived.

  • neildnuts

    I think the tabloids are getting desperate to sell magazines in this economy because let’s face it, the Gosselins run up the counter, right Jared?

  • Carol

    i don’t know what so special in this guys. u.u

  • CaliWriter

    Hey one loser gets another loser. Does he seriously think she makes him look better?

    This guy is a complete douche…sure Kate is a flaming bitch most times but come on this teeny bopper loser can’t be better. I hpe Kate has the sense to keep her away from the kids AND the kids money….seriously

  • linda

    I guess he will want to have more kids with his new wife. It is hard to believe he turned out to be so irresponsible.

  • Claire

    That engagement ring sounds beautiful!! lmao. I’ve always wanted a diamond encrusted skull engagement ring! hahaha How tacky.

  • triple

    Yeah.. she’s not in it for the money at all!! It’s his boyish good looks and sensitive charm. .. Give me a break! There’s absolutely no way they’re engaged.

  • I dont think it matters

    Why does the media even give this guy any attention – he’s a nobody who does absolutely nothing newsworthy – its not like he is on vacation with his 8 children enjoying the summer, or in Africa helping feed the hungry.
    Its just so ridiculous that the media continues to make celebrities out of nobodies – its time to stop!

  • Pandora

    These people are certifiably nuts! The ring he gave her sounds as tacky as all the players in this saga.

  • toni

    Oh Please~Kate treated him like one of the kids instead of her husband, she’s getting everything she deserves. He is finally free to think for himself and be romantic instead of having to be under that witches thumb. Besides, he couldn’t have bought her anything with her $5.00 a day “allowance”.

  • LOL

    BWAHAHA– told ya so! All you haters blaming everything on her!
    Kate, just sit back, relax and take care of yourself and the kids honey. Do whatever you have to do to keep yourselves safe. This lazy@ss, always aimless, surferdude will keep outing himself don’t worry. What a pr!ck. Now that he’s rich- because of his kids and his streetsmart wife, he’d never been capable on his own-he’s gonna dump all of them and go out and play. Betcha this is a pattern with him, dump his responsibility on someone else and then ditch and run!

  • maddie

    Have you guys noticed that picture of Mady looking at those dogs? She looks absolutely evil!!

  • jeffrey musial

    Hey ,people wake up. Look at the pictures taken in France. In one she appears to wear an engagement ring. The next day, she doesn’t have it on. when they we’re in Nice, before Jon flew home, Hailey wasn’t wearing the same ring, AND she is trying to use him. before we jump on what a tabloid says., lets wait for an interview with Hailey and look for a ring that looks like what was described. And of course, Kate won’t let her anyware near her kids. She might have reservations about Jon doing the show. And to top it off, no word as to why Hailey stayed in France, other than staying away from the U.S. press.


    what a horrible horrible man
    i was/am/will always be the number one fan for this show… but seriously this is awful. he isnt doing ANYTHING for his kids. a few WEEKS after the divorce to kate?! his decisions are terrible and i hope he regrets them one day when his kids already resent him…

  • http://justjared think+

    It`s one thing for Jon to move on with his life, after all , but I can`t imagine TLC thinking that the viewing public would want to waste their time supporting this low class junk/show. Pull the plug or people won`t watch that channel at all – we haven`t watched it in months !!

    I just read that Kate is trying to get a contract for the twins to start a program like the Olsen twins !!!! What is she thinking ???? People don`t watch because they think there is acting talent.. they watch (sadly) because its a train wreck and there is gratification in seeing their troubles unfold on national tv (sorry !!). Why wouldn`t she want to protect her children, their self- image, dignity, respect, etc…… do they need the money that bad ???

  • luv*ATL

    OMG! Could Jon be anymore of a loser!!!! for him having 8 kids, he sure is irresponsible! I mean my ten year old brother has more common sense then he does. How could he do that?!?!?!? Wow it blows my mind. He’s the one who signed up to put his life up for show and now as soon as he gets the money he bails and wishes the paparazzi would leave him alone. It pisses me off. Whatever though, Kate just stay away from him, you deserve way better hun. And keep your kids away from Jon’s crack whore fiance.

  • Amanda

    What a freakin loser. It’s clearly obvious that his marriage to Kate and his kids meant/mean nothing to him. I don’t care if Kate is/was a hag….he’s a loser. You don’t just dumb your wife of 10 years and leave your 8 kids. He talks about no liking all the paparazzi and the “fame” caues that’s not what he signed up for but he’s making it worse dating this new chick…getting engaged if that is true and meeting designers trying to start a “childrens clothing line” (that’s a joke!) He just can’t handle being young and raising those kids….i feel really sorry for those kids, they never asked for this, they just must all be heartbroken.

  • Tazina

    Is he that brainless? Total lack of any common sense. She’ll take him for half the Jon & Kate share of the money he makes. Jon – please – use your brain! Learn to be your own person before you hook up with the first fame-ho that crosses your path ( like you’ve done here).

  • Bitters

    Let me be silent for a minute while you fill in the gaps Kate. Gaps filled with hate and contempt unbecoming of a wife. If I argue you verbally assault and the circle continues. My silence brings out your expectations and character Kate, you don’t know how to be silent in rage.

    Kate, after ten years of your lack of strength and awareness to see the reflection of your words to Jon maybe you never learned to share or respect others. Your antisocial. I wanted to believe Kate was innocent but when she filed for divorce not based on adultry but differences there is no doubt now, move on, may your kids not know the failure of marriage when their adults.





  • i hate cheaters

    Jon is so classy. He absolutely refused to work and keep a job. Which forced Kate to do the show and write books to support herself and her children forever. He then cheats on her – then creates a spin story that she is the cheater. Then takes the money she made and buys his girlfriend an expensive engagement ring. Wow. Oh and while he publicly embarrassed his whole family including his children being photographed out cheating he then leaves his wife no option other than to file for divorce. He did it on purpose so she would file and make her look like the bad guy. Jon is a absolute douche and I’ve been saying it all along. He’s the type to act nice on camera but be a complete a-hole off camera.

    And how only weeks after divorce papers have been filed you have a girlfriend? Yeah because you are a CHEATER!!!! And I heard this wasn’t the first time and that he has always cheated on Kate. The only reason he claims to hate the attention on the season 4 finale was because papparazzi were catching him out with young girls. Because guess what? Now he is magically happy and fine with the attention. Over on T/M/Z he was real chipper and happily obliged to chatting with the paps. Because now his divorce is on and he can now be out publicly with his ugly girlfriend.

    I would be a b!tch too if I had an immature. lazy, selfish, vindictive, lying, cheating husband all the while raising 8 small children. This is crazy. I hope he’s happy now. His children will never be the same. Just look at the facts.

    He cheated
    He went to her family that hates her for cutting them out of the show because they are greedy and wanted money and told them she cheats with the bodyguard knowing they will run their mouths to the press
    He buys a two seater car
    He starts smoking
    He pierces his ears and starts wearing douche clothing
    He starts hanging out with celebrities on yachts in foreign countries
    He house hunts in Manhattan hours away from his children

    That doesn’t sound like a good father and husband to me. Now imagine if that were Kate. She isn’t buying herself name brands and doing all that crap he is. And that doesn’t sound like someone who hates the media attention. I’m glad they are breaking up he is a very horrible person. Grow up you loser.

  • i hate cheaters


    So you believe EVERYTHING you read? Guess what? Monkeys just flew out of my ass? You believe it don’t you? Moron.

  • Ashley

    #35 – I Hate Cheaters…

    Great assessment. You are spot on.

    I think Jon is easy-going and that is what makes a lot of women viewers like him. They think he’s a nice little boy and oh, how sweet. They think he’s automatically a good person and harmless because his personality is in such contrast to Kate’s personality, which is more take charge.

    Well, shyness and timidity means nothing without integrity and good morals and values.

    Now that Jon is doing these actions, it’s a sign of his character — which is unfortunately very flawed. A decent man with integrity would not allow himself to flaunt this relationship in public. He doesn’t have to put his arms around this new girlfriend and let the photogs capture the images.

    He’s very selfish and self-centered. I now believe it was only a matter of time because he’s probably a Peter Pan man. Kate doesn’t need another child. She needs more of an equal partner.

  • http://justjared KK

    I cannot believe every one is JUST NOW catching on to what a baby this guy is! LOSER! YAY KATE! Not everyone hates you!

  • MomoftwinsX2

    The idiot he is engaged to is the daughter of Kate’s Plastic Surgeon. How F***ing low can you get? Kate stayed in this little girls family home after her tummy tuck. I guess Jon is taking a page from Woody Allen’s guide to second wives…screw over the first one as hard as you can.

  • hUH?


    Since when is it “mature” to have a midlife crisis? I understand the being old enough part but mature? Please. John will be old enough one day but never mature. If he were mature, he’d never have a crisis with an ugly drug chick.

  • hUH?

    @i hate cheaters:

    Jon is supposed to be in IT. So am I. He can do remote work at home like he supposedly did on the show. However, he probably sucked at it and obviously doesn’t work. I agree that he is a loser. I think he’s the one that’s actually wanting the show. Kate is just stating a necessity of keeping the show going to provide for her kids because Jon never will. Jon “pretends” to not want it but he flaunts his mutts that he dates. I’m glad that people finally see him for the loser he is. Also, why doesn’t her daddy fix her face and his nasty body?

    By the way, he is rumored to be the one that said Kate cheated with the bodyguard to take the heat off of him. That’s usually the tool of a tool who cheats. If people watched old episodes, they only see that they were in love but not that he was a jerk to her. I’d treat him like crap after putting up with that abuse. Thankfully, Kate has 8 gorgeous kids. They’ll know their daddy is a douche.

  • hUH?


    These 2 dads deserve to be crucified. Jon is a jerk who has been caught repeatedly, does not want to work and only wants to have his “me” time. He’s obviously not wanting to be with his kids. He should never have a say if he continues to act like a jerk. They don’t need to be raise by another child. Regardless of Kate’s faults, she’s at home with them and only leaves to work and pick up items needed (which she usually takes a child or two). So, stop whining about guys having no rights. It’s the jerks that screw up that mess things up for all. Men become weekend dads by choice not because the law says so.

  • Cate

    That “engagement ring” sounds just lovely.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont believe any magazine stories
    altho im not a fan of his douchery or kate’s bitczhesness

  • itssoFUNNY

    this guy couldn’t get away from his wife n kids fast enough…. the diamond stud earrings (that’s the only stud thing about him) his “i’m only 32 years old” comment (no you are not, you are 12) the Edouard Nahum and Ed Hardy stuff, the south of France and out on a yacht, champagne and lobster – it all just reeks of a loser with “new money” trying to cram it all into his 15 minutes of fame. The guy was just a dork who happened to get a bunch of kids who couldn’t do anything his organized wife asked him to do when she pulled 90% of the workload. Now, he is just a cliche. If it wasn’t so tragic (for the kids) it would just be hysterically funny. No, even with the kids it is still soooo funny.

  • bella

    he is so gross.

  • relationship jumpers spell….

    To jump from one relationship to another like this spells absolute HATRED! Hatred for the ex, hatred for self, and hatred towards God.
    Wow! This whole scene spells disaster; hatred and disaster. Not only will the next relationship NOT work out, it will be ten times worse! Whatever Jon and Kate feel that they were done in by each other, they’ll only find that they should have tried and worked on their relationship with intensive therapy and practice. They complimented one another beautifully when they both were half trying! Heritage lost on those kids!

  • Karley

    WHAT A DICK!!! :(

  • jon hater

    jon is such a douch and stupid piece of crap who needs to support his children not that stupid family crasher who is hungry for fame he is stupid

  • Kathleen

    I swear TLC if you have this jerk on your show anymore, our family is cutting complete ties with your show. It’s already right on the border line, but if if we see this scumbag it the new season, we are done.