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Jon Gosselin: Matching Helmet and Top!

Jon Gosselin: Matching Helmet and Top!

Jon Gosselin is positively stlyin’, matching his fiery helmet with his tattoo-as-art Ed Hardy t-shirt as he rides his motorcycle around his family’s home on Wednesday morning (July 15) in Reading, Penn.

Th 32-year-old reality TV dad is back home to shoot new episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Jon spent the last few days on a romantic getaway with his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman. (After France, Jon stopped in NYC first before returning home.)

The latest churning in the rumor mill is that Jon and Hailey are engaged.

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  • Granit

    I thought they weren’t going to make any new episodes?
    Well, I guess the Gosselin’s need to make money somehow.

  • maryann

    this guy is a joke! he is so disrespectful to his family!

  • Avery09

    What a dork.

  • k

    The only person who doesn’t realize what a joke Jon is, is Jon himself.

  • Jessica

    They were on hiatus to give the family “time to heal”

    whatever, this family is beyond repair.

  • Ann


  • Geesh!

    I’m looking at you, ding dong…

  • chelsea

    omg, kate has been with her family 24/7 and even whan jon’s there she’s no where to be found. She’s not in NYC looking at apartments, She’s not in France with her new boyfriend, and She’s not always in designer clothes like he is!
    of course she’ll wear a designer shirt or a designer bag once in a while but who wouldnt?!
    Her main focus is the kids.
    Jon’s is NOT.

  • Frances

    I think she’s pregnant!

  • Lauren

    Nice outfit Jon, and you think you can be an Ed Hardy fashion designer? Hillarious!!! This made my day.

  • jc

    OMG – I hope Jon and Hailey get married, they are so cute together! Kate can have her McMansion and take care of all those kids she so desperately wanted before she and Jon were financially able to afford them.

    Rock on Jon and Hailey – your hearts are in the right place!

  • facts

    This dude is a schmuck.

  • flowerpot

    OMG – he looks ridiculous -no matter what he wears of what kind of bike he rides – HE STILL HAS THAT FACE

  • Flo

    So Kate is finaly doing what Jon did when she was off on her book tours, collecting CASH LOVE OFFERINGS and staying in hotels with her bodygaurd. He has always made a been a far better mother to his kids than she has, the kids even cry for him when they are sick or hurt. As for your remarks about him wearing designer clothing, Kate has been wearing it for the past few years if you bother to check back an watch the old shows. here is why he is with the 22 year old.

  • Aut

    What a NERD!!!

  • Kellie

    My Lord, what a train wreck.
    This poor guy is living out every dream he has had in the past 10 years when married to Kate. He wants to eat, wear, ride, anything and everything he was COMMANDED not to. So repressed and he is rebeling hard core. [When I say 'ride' I don't only mean the motorcyle]

  • maribeth

    what a tool.

  • Dave


  • Dave

    F ag!

  • Alyssa

    The Ed Hardy shiit needs to go.


    Can he possibly be that STUPID to get engaged to Hailey the tramp? Normally I would say “NO WAY” but this guy has proved that he is anything BUT smart.


  • irish girl

    It almost seems as though he wants to sabotage any chance of his show continuing and resolving his marriage. He has the look of a man who’s finished, done, no more drama.
    I change my opinion. I officially feel sorry for this guy.

  • Sam

    Oh Jon,

  • Kaitlynn

    @jc: I am in total agreement with you. Jon deserves the best. After all, he put up with Kate for ten years.

  • GypsyNoches

    Ugh!!! its one ugly t-shirt after another with this guy..

  • faysie

    Jon, grow up, your family needs you, forget the dime a dozen hookers.

  • lol

    I think Brad Pitt is his idol.

  • Cathey

    SCHMUCK!!!!!!!!!!! GET A REAL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • Gosselin Kids

    Hey Mom and Dad, we own everything in these photos you lazy child pimp freeloaders !

  • mertz

    jc @ 07/15/2009 at 12:43 pm OMG – I hope Jon and Hailey get married, they are so cute together! Kate can have her McMansion and take care of all those kids she so desperately wanted before she and Jon were financially able to afford them.

    Rock on Jon and Hailey – your hearts are in the right place!
    lol. ever wonder how long he’s wanted to diddle her since she is apparently a family friend. what a slap in the face. if you are ever in a relationship i hope someone does the same thing to you. it would have been better if he had slept with a family member of kate’s or even kate’s friend. lol. way to go jon gosselin. thanks for breaking the act you were feeding the fans.

    Kaitlynn @ 07/15/2009 at 1:19 pm @jc: I am in total agreement with you. Jon deserves the best. After all, he put up with Kate for ten years.
    i’m going to say this once and i hope you and the jc dude and the chick who keeps mosting in these gosselin threads with the all caps and bold text with the same message all the time, that only idiots look at an issue from one side. i mean your comment could be in the reverse and then were would your absolute set in stone biased opinion be. lol. so here i’ll do it for you. KATE DESERVES THE BEST (lol typing that part made me shudder since she’s such a b*tch). AFTER ALL, SHE PUT UP WITH JON AKA THE MAN CHILD FOR 10 YEARS…AND HE’S HAD TWO GIRLFRIENDS ALREADY, ALL CHILDREN OR PUTAS IN THIS CASE, BUT WHAT’S TO STOP HIM. i mean he has a phallice so he can obviously be a d*ck…but women we have wag’s and still get forced to become men because some men are such total LOSERS. jon gosselin=bonafide loser. kate gosselin can sh*t on him and he can sh*t on her. these NOBODIES, are such a disgusting pair. lol. i didn’t watch the last season, but since all this stuff dropped i’m interested in watching to see if hailey will be on the show. i’m sure the kids know her. i wonder if they know if she’s their dad’s GF. lol. this is good drama even hollywood can’t buy. nothing like trash on tv.

  • mertz

    ahahah just saw the celebuzz pic on this site of the in touch story of the supposed engagement. hahahaaaaaaaa. this is such a train wreck. i wonder if those kids lol go into the stores and see this stuff at all. can you imagine the questions. can you imagine them doubting their father. geez. tlc should change the way they shoot this show and shoot the WHOLE thing. that is the lamest helmet i have ever seen. WHO STILL WEARS DOUCHE CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER. gosh.

  • sweetie pie

    can’t believe anyone that looks as good as Jon would be so stupid, but, his ding a ling must’ve won all the votes when it came to “should I stay with my family or not” . Hope he gets a good case of herpes or
    something as worthy of him !

  • cutie pie

    guess his bottom isn’t the only thing that had a hard on, he’s soo creepy !!!! makes me barf !

  • BB

    god i hate him and is that the only brand he has im actually startin to feel sorry for kate and no longer do i feel sorry for jon he seems like an ass

  • lovey

    no wonder they call it a dick head,he sure pooves to me he has one and or is one !

  • justeen

    think someone/something like this is COOL? I sure as heck don’t, he’s nothing but a cheat, liar, abandoner, anyother word you can think of……….that’s printable !!!

  • Care


    Well said Mertz! How anyone can defend this douche bag for cheating on his wife let alone walking out on his 8 kids and shucking his responsibilities as a parent is beyond me.

    My guess is pics like this where Jon plays daddy will become less and less. Soon enough he’ll be moving across country and wanting to fly the kids out to see him, or he’ll be trying to force them into a relationship with his new bimbo… Jon Gosslin makes me sick!

  • twpumpkin


  • shannon

    Time for Kate to file for sole custody. Jon can enjoy his apartment and girlfriend in the city and have supervised visits with the kids (without Hailey there, of course).

  • noname

    I can’t believe that taping for this show is continuing – who really cares about these people any longer – I mean come on – really.
    How sad that this show will be on the air to watch a broken family try to act “normal” how pathetically sad. I feel sorry for those kids – they will grow up to hate their parents for exploiting their asses on TV to make money. These children are going to end up requiring therapy – I kid you not!

  • redbull

    Just cause Ed Hardy is expensive doesn’t mean it looks cool. Someone should really tell him he looks like a douche.

  • mertz

    lol. i wonder if tlc is going to be billed for those kids therapy though. i mean the older ones can talk, and kids aren’t stupid. they should speak up and start making demands, lol, especially maddy. hahah that would be AMAZING!

    anyways the whole thing is funny. the guy isn’t going through a midlife crisis. he’s going through a 20′s crisis. that’s what my cousin calls it and she’s not even over the hill almost 30 yet, but she still can’t imagine being in her thirties and leaving her 20′s behind. i know lots of 20 year olds who don’t yearn for their teenage years, and i see lots of thirty year old’s, women and men, acting like they want to go back to being in their 20′s cause apparently it’s the best time of anyone’s life. lol. so good for the macgosselin. as long as he’s diddling young women along the way i say GREAT FOR HIM!!!! atleast he’s hitting it. i mean who would sleep with the dude. please. at this point kate is obviously worth more than he is, and all the power is in her court (even if she doesn’t have a d*ck). i mean atleast she has actual hangups and doesn’t hide them because SHE KNOWS HERSELF, unlike macgosselin, and she obviously doesn’t care about what people think of her. he on the other hand played the part and totally fell for the camera. i mean i didn’t buy the whole we’re/i’m thinking about not doing the show anymore aka we’ll see where it goes, when buddy doesn’t have a job. he must have a great financial planner though. what’s he gonna do when all his millions run out? who wants to quit the only thing that brings you income when you don’t have a second job lined up. what a loser. he’s lucky he’s so passive aggressive and let’s a woman walk all over him because he can’t do sh*t. i mean his favourite thing was playing golf and riding that stupid tractor thing around. lol. GET A JOB AND GROW A SPINE. here’s to hoping christian audigier is dumb enough to get jon gosselin to work for him. it would be AMAZING. gotta love douching.

  • Lisa

    Does John Gosselin not look like a douche as a new day progresses? COMMMON YOU GOT 8 KIDS!!! DRESS UR AGE AND ACT LIKE A DAD

  • mertz

    redbull @ 07/15/2009 at 2:49 pm Just cause Ed Hardy is expensive doesn’t mean it looks cool. Someone should really tell him he looks like a douche.
    no no. i heared audigier say that it’s fashion, and he’s an artist, and he just makes what people want. i puked when i saw that stupid interveiw, but apparently THERE ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THIS WORLD WHO WOULD LIVE AND DIE FOR ED HARDY AND ANYTHING NAUDIGIER. i mean it. it’s a serious thing. i call it a complex disease. it’s a disease of douchedom. it’s above all and beyond everything that matters in this world. gosh. he was dead to me the first time i saw him wear an ed hardy shirt, spike his hair, wear earrings, and then when he got that bike. lol. if you watched the show, you would know the dude lives for ed hardy fugly shirts.

  • Barbara

    Oh my gosh. The ones I feel sorry for are the 8 kids. Why do they wear the same clothes over and over now? My question is where are Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin? Where are Beth and Bob? Where are the producers Jen and Scott who saw a heck of alot and couldn’t film this family anymore. Why can’t any of these people get the guts to speak out on behalf of these children “they supposedly love”?????? It boggles my mind. Get the guts and start talking so these two can stop this media circus and destroy these kids forever. That better not be the kid’s money Jon is spending on all his new toys and girlfriend and trips to France. Matching helmet w/shirt, what a big baby he has become. I can’t believe I felt sorry for the guy. He is acting like a total idiot fool and not the father he should be. Kate at least when she has custody isn’t galavanting around. This story (story because it certainly isn’t normal life) gets sicker and sicker, but TLC will still keep it going because there is contracts involved. Disgusting.

  • chloe!!!

    I swear to sweet Jesus this manchild is getting on my nerves more and more everyday! I feel sorry for those kids having Jon as a father and role model. I hope none of them grow up and take on his traits such as his obvious laziness and lack of respect.

  • redbull

    Oohh.. it’s fashion? Oh, my bad. I clearly missed that train.

  • sane wife

    jon is a tool

  • not a fan of Jon

    What a DORK is right.

  • wife29

    glassman seems like such a winner, her parents must be so proud. i wonder if kate is regretting her tummy tuck now…and i agree, jon is a tool