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Jude Law Has Hamlet Goers Screaming

Jude Law Has Hamlet Goers Screaming

Having just performed in the play Hamlet, Jude Law is swamped with fans wanting his picture and autograph outside London’s Wyndham Theatre on Tuesday (July 14)

One theatergoer commented, “I was screaming because it was wicked. And I don’t even fancy Jude Law. I’ve been to two plays before but I fell asleep in them. This one was different because you could really relate to Jude Law being so angry and crazy. It’s changed my mind about theater.”

25+ pictures inside of Jude Law and his screaming fans…

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jude law screaming fans 01
jude law screaming fans 02
jude law screaming fans 03
jude law screaming fans 04
jude law screaming fans 05
jude law screaming fans 06
jude law screaming fans 07
jude law screaming fans 08
jude law screaming fans 09
jude law screaming fans 10
jude law screaming fans 11
jude law screaming fans 12
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Photos: Will Alexander/WENN
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  • Nicky

    He looks lovely.

  • sheryl

    Very cool, Jared. The article that the quote comes from also includes the fact that hundreds of school kids around London were provided with free tickets to last night’s performance, they sat enthralled through the whole performance, and the cheers they gave him at the end were comparable to a pop concert.
    Jude is very passionate about the theater and has contributed a lot to restoring the Old Vic in London.
    *gives Jude a big hug*
    Oh, and his hotness in those jeans and t-shirt is simply out of control.

  • sheryl

    Also, I’m looking forward to seeing his Hamlet in New York in October (and anything else he wants to show me….LOL)

  • Pole

    *Swoons from the hotness in these photos*

    Thanks Jared. Please keep the Jude-pics coming.

  • annieRich

    Just lovely. One and a half week and I m there.

  • sheryl

    Annie, I’m jealous! :) I have to wait 3 months.

  • elle

    Two weeks and i´m there :)
    thanks jared :)

  • purpleworm

    love the story about the school kids @ the show. I’ll bet Jude got a kick out of that! The stagedoor stuff must be a bit of drag after this long. I saw a youtube video of it and it’s pretty intense. he’s such a good sport. Hope he’s getting lots of rest inbetween shows.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Is very handsome, but somewhat thin ..

  • Irish Girl

    It’s amazing that a performance like Jude’s can inspire a love of theatre. That’s wonderful. So many young people miss out on the opportunity to see live theatre and have that connection with a live performance, which is truly magical.
    @sheryl: It’s wonderful that they were given that opportunity. Sheryl were many of them “inner city” kids who might not have the chance to see this performance? I hope so. What better way can you inspire a life long love of theatre?!?

  • Sara

    I don’t care if he’s thin or fat, if he’s ugly or pretty, tall or small…he is Jude and I love him!

  • Sandy

    Jude is inspiring in so many ways – the creative urge withwhiuch he manifests himselft in the charitable work he does to promote theatre and children’s charities and those like the Music for tomorrw a charity for New Orleans and Pea One Day a charity to save not only chilodren but the whole world by showing that peace does work even if it’s only a day at a time. The program for schools ha been done in British school and was done this year in Amerian schools and other school systems will ]benefit as well as ultimately evryone in this world..This
    program that he is doing with Jeremy Gilley may bring GIlley a Novel Peace prize one day and Jude is not far behind. And now he is passing his love for the theatre down to chilodren in a legacy that will
    bring knowldge and pleassure and understanding. This is his real
    life not the lies that get printed to make a buck and have to be denied
    making peple look foolish. There is so much good that he does tnat is worth pubicizing why bother with the unproven stoiies that turn out
    fo be false Keep the good stuff coming, there is so much good in this
    guy he is not only hot , hot hot but fine fine fine.Thanks for the beauriful picturrs.

  • sheryl

    Irish Girl, this was the content of the article from This is London news:
    Jude Law proves Hamlet is a scream
    Sri Carmichael, Consumer Affairs Reporter Sri Carmichael, Consumer Affairs Reporter

    It is probably the first time the curtain has fallen on a three-hour performance of a Shakespearean tragedy with the audience screaming as if they were at a pop gig.

    Last night actor Jude Law convinced 780 young Londoners – many of whom were new to the theatre – that watching Hamlet was a gripping way to spend their evening.

    The students, all aged under 26 and from schools and drama colleges across the capital, were given free tickets. It was the climax of a year-long West End season at the Wyndham’s Theatre for the Donmar Warehouse production, which has used affordable pricing to encourage a wider, younger audience to fall in love with theatre.

    If last night’s explosion of more than five minutes of rapturous applause after hours of remarkably un-fidgety concentration is anything to go by, it seems to be working.

    Hollywood star Law’s critically acclaimed and impassioned portrayal of the Danish prince driven to the brink of insanity in his attempt to avenge his father’s death had its young audience hooked. There were collective gasps when his seething anger boiled over and waves of infectious giggles at his irreverent behaviour.

    Law was forced to put a finger to his lips to quieten his audience at the end so he could thank them for their “amazing” response.

    Michael Grandage, the play’s director and the artistic director of the Donmar Warehouse, had pared down the text to ensure the action moved along at brisk pace.

    Faduma Hassan, 18, from John Kelly sixth form in Neasden, said: “I was screaming because it was wicked. And I don’t even fancy Jude Law. I’ve been to two plays before but I feel asleep in them. This one was different because you could really relate to Jude Law being so angry and crazy. It’s changed my mind about theatre.”

    Law, who was born in Blackheath, was mobbed by more than 100 fans at the stage door after the performance and spent 15 minutes signing autographs and posing for pictures.

    He said: “They were a fantastic audience. Tonight was a wonderful and important night. Creating the next generation of theatregoers is vital to keep the work we do alive.”

    Grandage said: “It was incredible. They all sat focused in total concentration like an adult audience and then they just erupted like a volcano at the end. I don’t think I’ve seen a reaction like it before.

    Jude Law
    “This whole Donmar West End season project was about encouraging new young audiences to build a life-long relationship with the theatre to ensure its future lifeblood. We want them to keep coming back.

    “People worry that today’s young people have short attention spans and want digital excitement but you can keep them coming to the theatre if you keep producing engaging plays. And that’s the director’s responsibility.”

  • sharyllee

    I m looking forward to seeing his Hamlet in New York in November…. very handsome and talent!! Everything is so beautful with Jude.. I hope he will kiss my cheek too.

  • jami

    Looking good in those jeans and t shirt! loving me some JUDE right now!! thanks Jared!!!!!! can’t wait for my turn to see Hamlet :D

  • jami

    r the smiley faces working?? :)

  • sheryl

    He’s not a single bit too thin for me. He’s got a fit and yummy body.

  • rien

    I’ll be seeing him
    on stage,
    at the end of the street
    where the road leads
    to the unknowns

    but I care no less
    yet once a dream
    will be emerging
    to realm of clarity

    ten days to come
    and a day seems so far.

    will I scream,
    will I perish into a dream
    will I be lost yet found
    oh poor soul of mine
    what an answer to such a kind?

  • rien

    Thanks, my sweet Jared. And that jeans is killing me!!! I just have to perish into a dream, I suppose. A very, very long and sweet dream…

  • scout

    Weird, I think I’m a Jude Law fan again.

  • ericap

    Total hotness! Love him!

  • http://vv acaba

    he looks so young and charmingggg rrrrrrrrrrr

  • blackworm

    He looks GREAT!

  • christine

    i “fancied” Jude Law right BEFORE he became a big-time star (atleast in the States) and I remember one of my law student friends made fun of me for it. She was like “EW! WHAT do you see in him??” Well, she can kiss it now! Of course, I got over him, as he got older. These sex symbols just lose it sometimes as they get older. Whereas, there are some others who probably start looking attractive after they start growing gray hair.

  • mimi prism

    Oh dang!, He is just beautyful! All man and I wish he were all mine! Love ya JL!!! Thanks JJ = )!


  • mandy_brasil

    Descacava e chupava todinho…rs

  • Pole

    Mmmm.. I just think he’s the whole package; talented, smart, a nice person, beautiful, sexy and a great father with a big heart. What’s not to like??! And of course he’s getting older – we all are. I like that he’s accepting it and rests in himself and isn’t getting desperate like so many other actors and celebs. He’s maturing beautifully – both lookwise and in personality IMO.

  • Eric D. Midget

    Digging dem Dior Homme skinny jeans……he’s rockin’ real well with dem tight buns……

  • sheryl

    “he’s rockin’ real well with dem tight buns”
    Jude’s butt in jeans is epic…*guh*

  • king of persia

    Oh he is looking good.

  • dolorescraeg

    i just got on the computer and bumped into this vision. i’ll tell you something….to start a fire you don’t need a match you just look at jude law from top to bottom in a sweaty tee shirt and those jeans….you look at him, from the front, from the back and presto combustion. he’s got the best buns in town, the most gorgeous face and oh by the way is one helluva an actor. those kidsthat were treated to hamlet will carry that memory forever….i’m seeing it in 13 days, god be willing…i’m getting hot and bothered already.

  • jami

    I can’t stop looking at these photos of Hot Jude Law!

  • dontmakemelaugh

    MANDY – Oh, so you suck, don’t you? Please, save for yourself, but spare me the details!

  • Chilly

    He’s really gorgeous!

  • Daphne

    Getting young people interested in theatre was one of Jude’s main goals for doing Hamlet. He achieved that in spades. I am so happy for him.

    This is a good time for Jude-fans! I’m enjoying it immensely while it lasts, for I am sure the media will find some excuse to vilify him soon enough.

  • vinnyblue

    He looks a bit thin but also so young and charming.
    Good to see young people go to the theatre.
    Nice job, Jude and all prod.

    Sir David Jude Law totally deserves it.

  • stranger

    WOOOAAAH…that’s some compliment for jude!

  • dulce mirita

    No one like him is able to wear that scruffy style with such a class exuding sexyness all over. Being said that, I am so glad he be a model to be followed by next young actors generations, he is truly an inspiration for those who want dedicate their lifes to the magical world of acting. His Hamlet is INMENSE, I can testify that..there is an before and an after on his career, this is turning point and he has gain or maybe regain much respect. Hat off to Jude Law

  • Aya

    So f’ckin HOT! I want.

  • nikki

    Jude Law inspire young people to love theatre; while remaining sexy doing so.

    Love you Jude.

  • dolorescraeg

    looking at these photos started a fire in my computer…he’s too hot for a dell laptop. but it isn’t only the sexuality and beauty of the man. this is a guy who on monday took his kids and their friends to see transformers. plays soccer with them. stops, gets on the grass to see why the little one is hurting. takes them to birthday parties and shows them the most exotic places in the world with their mum for xmas vacations. is involved in a million charities. you know looking like he does he could be very conceited but anybody who knows him says he has no ego. what an abundance of great qualities…jude we love you.

  • dolorescraeg

    to show you the excitement of jude’s appearance as hamlet…check out this video….there’s mass hysteria.

  • mimi prism

    OMG, Dolores that was mayhem!!! He, he! but i loved it! Such patience he has, he got grabed and manhandled to the ponit of having to flee from all that love ( well…actually caos = D) at the end of the vid, wow! Well, that man certainly awakes strong passions! Thanks so much for sharing this with us Dolores darling ; )!.


  • azlyn

    tnx jared..dolores thx 4 the link.he looks cool n relaxed in the midst of all that mimi..doesnt seem bothered at all..he keeps on obliging…what a man.wish i was there but jude wont notice me cos ill be dwarfed by all the tall short.!haha.go jude!what a great year for jude>NO 20..scout,, “a fan again..”.> welcome back! yeay!

  • suppress your appetite

    thanks JJ :)!