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Whitney Houston - 'I Look To You' Album Cover

Whitney Houston - 'I Look To You' Album Cover

Whitney Houston just unveiled the album cover for her new album, I Look To You, out September 1.

The 45-year-old will kick-off Good Morning America‘s fall concert series in September.

Clive Davis (the label head who discovered her) says Whitney “still stands for the best of song writing, the best of singing — and we know the public wants it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Whitney’s new album cover — HOT or NOT?

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  • Nick

    I don’t know.. can’t really read her facial expression

  • Cate

    She looks gorgeous! Also, she looks more like her mother as she ages.

  • Sunshine

    She looks beautiful.

  • Raquel

    Any idea who photographed it?She looks stunning!

  • http://Justjared senrabm

    She looks fantastic! I hope she can make a comeback! She really is (was) an amazing singer. If this flops she’ll be the laughing stock of all her fans. Keepin my fingers crossed Whitney. Don’t let us (and yourself) down!

  • Mary

    Wow, Photoshop really does wonders!

  • Almota

    I love her, she looks amazing.

  • North

    I must be the only one who thinks this, but I think she looks OLD. I can see Dione Warwick in her now. Her mouth looks not as pretty as it used to look.

  • miapocca

    she looks like bobbie brown

  • a realist

    Whitney looks so pretty.

  • Whattagal


    Exactly! She does resemble Dionne here and looks older than we are used to seeing her look, butlet’s face it…we are all getting older! Let’s just hope she stays clean and sober long enough.

  • Jane Doe

    Go Whitney!!! she looks great cant wait for the album :)

  • Chatham

    Oh Ma Gah! What did she do to her face? Are you sure that’s her? She looks embalmed.

  • Paula

    I don’t know. I barely recognize her. Air brushed and photoshopped big time!

  • twpumpkin


  • Benito Delicias

    the cover is so-so. she could’ve looked at the camera instead of, I assume, the “you” on title, I guess that’s the only explanation for looking up.

    and well if photoshop was used here should we be surprised? everybody uses it it’s normal and even necessary.

  • Bry

    She looks tired in her eyes. You can tell she has lived a hard drug use life.

  • dover7838


  • mertz

    oh shit! i love whitney, and i like the cover (the colour gradation, layout, text….which gives it kind of a classic old school feel) but there is something off about her face…and i can see the airbrushing, so i don’t know why if they did that they wouldn’t atleast try to fix the face…cause that is not her au naturel. i think the problem i have with it is that it looks long instead of wide…and they should have done that opposite so it wouldn’t look so distorted. either the distortion is coming from how it is displayed on this website, or the actual final copy print. sheesh. you would think someone would have picked this up. anyways I LOVE HER AND SHE LOOKS FANTABULOUS! go whitney. i will buy anything you sell me…except for that good stuff ;P

  • mertz

    i see there’s some comments about her eyes…my problem with that is that they obviously corrected that area, and i don’t understand how they pay people to be fixers and still they manage to not give you the best product. jeez. lol an artist hating on an artist. hahaha. it’s like they stopped the photoshop half way. they should have just done what they thought was right and dang it if people realize it doesn’t look like her. lol.

  • Erin

    Botoxed within an inch of her life. She’s had work, which if fine, but it’s almost too perfect. Whatever, though. She still has an amazing voice.

  • Susie q

    That’s her??? I thought it was Patti LaBelle!

  • marisa

    she looks soo pretty but i see a sadness in her eyes : ‘ (

  • E

    Whitney looks beautiful, but I agree about the sadness in her eyes.

  • Jeff Reaves

    Divalicious!!!!!! Love it!!!

  • Ali

    unfortunately, it doesn’t look at all like her. what is that about? didn’t anyone really look at this thing before going ahead with hit?

  • If

    Shouldn’t Whitney be on the cover of her album? Who is this woman?

  • Jaxon

    That doesn’t look anything like Whitney. What happened to her? I would never have know that was her.

  • Whoever


    Really?….. Ok……….

  • lynne

    am so excited for her!!!

  • lynne

    am so excited for her!!!

  • rye

    I like the idea of it being classic..but it looks to much like a WAX figure of Whitney, than a living, breathing Whitney. If you REALLY look at it, its kinda creepy.

  • Lisa

    Is this Whitney Houston? I can barely even recognize her …. too much Photoshop perhaps?

  • Marieme

    Wow. For an ex-crackie pretty fantastic.

  • dodgerfan

    I think she may have used the photoshopper of Mariah, it’s OK~ the KEY is she managed to turn her life around. Very courageous–but with so many young talent to compete w/ nowadays, i’d say best of luck, Whitney, you need some prayers too.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    Stunning. Best picture of her I have seen!

  • Anne

    Wow, she looks stunning. Good for her! :)

  • josephine

    @Susie q:

    ha ha! I thought it was patti labelle too! even after taking a second (and third ) look, it still doesn’t look like whitney! but I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly is different…hmmmmm…..

  • you

    The cover is actually very beautiful!!

  • Z

    Stunning let’s hear how she sounds now. Gotta feeling it’s not as good as all the hype.

  • Rhonda

    Did she have a face transplant?

  • athena

    HOT!!! It will be great to see her bounce back…after all she has legendary status and should be looking as good a diva she wants to look like…photoshopped or not.

  • Kachita

    Considering all her past drug use, she is aging exceptionally well. YAY for black women! She looks beautiful and I hope the music sounds as good as she looks.

    Prayers for ya Whit!

  • william

    HI HERE!!!! Tell you a secret. All of us know Michael Jackson has passed away. BUT Someone saw Michael Jackson’s wife on *******Cougar**********She was dating with other rich men….Go there NOW and maybe you can meet her on that site!

  • noname

    she totally looks like Patti LaBelle in this pic – certainly doesn’t look like Whitney Houston.

  • Sanoe

    She could have been better advised. Photoshop is so obvious and i just dont get her pose. Her melancholic eyes and half smile, make it an unattractive cover.

  • atrium

    4 the Cover – NOT ‘the Best’
    but Good 4 Her…

  • MJ obiora obi

    I love Whitney – she is Totally Beautiful. She definitely knows now. I can feel her heart through her picture and she wonderfully has exhibited this in the new song “I look to you.” She knows where to go now and I love it!! I love you Whitney! Peace and Love.

  • Theodor Mckenzie

    First of all I must start off by saying I love Whitney Houston more than cooked food and have been her fan since day zero. I really and truly love her (which pisses my wife off).

    BUT, this is a terrible photo of her. Why, did they chose “this” as the cover of the album!?
    It does not look like her, it has a comical feel to it, and it is just lacking in so many area!

    I am very shocked that she agreed on this for the cover.

    I am hoping and praying that they change this.

    My first reaction when I saw it was; “This is not my Whitney”!
    So if its just for me, please chose a differnt cover picture!

  • shoeshoeshoe

    She looks bizarre, and very different than she used to – bad plastic surgery!