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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Straw Dogs!

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Straw Dogs!

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth join James Marsden in the upcoming thriller Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s movie that starred Dustin Hoffman.

Synopsis via The Hollywood Reporter: A Hollywood screenwriter (Marsden) encounters bloody threats and conflict from locals in a small Southern town after he and his wife (Bosworth) move there. Alexander will play her high school boyfriend, Charlie.

A new episode of True Blood airs @ 9PM ET/PT this Sunday, July 19 on HBO. Alexander plays the enigmatic vampire Eric Northman.

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  • Abe


  • true blood

    Glad to hear Skarsgard is getting more roles. He’s as talented as he is handsome.

  • AllForUSophia

    Sounds brilliant, although I don’t think there’s much point remaking this… Hey, any excuse to see Alexander Skarsgard on the big screen :)

  • aliza

    Alex… is soooooo HOT (he should come visit us in London)

  • christine

    The guy in the blue on the right, with that cute facial pose he’s making has always been attractive. Which is why I never understood why he went for certain roles that were cheesy . He was kinda boring in X-Men. He needs to learn to be more intense and not just “sitting pretty” in his roles. Some people have a face where they can’t really move it and it either looks boring or more appealing.
    I’ve always been attracted to guys that had face-cuts like Chris Pine and this guy in the blue shirt.

  • abcdef

    James Marsden and his blue eyes……..

  • L

    James Marsden looks so cute in that picture!

  • megan

    Alexander Skarsgard is the sexiest man alive!!!

  • S

    Yay! I LOVE Alexander Skarsgard! He’s so hot! But not to take away from his talent, I love his works too.

    I’m excited we get to hear more about him, hope he gets more roles :D

  • sunny

    yes i’ll watch anything with alexander in it cuz he is so hot

  • AllForUSophia

    @Megan: You are so right!

  • S


    The guy you keep calling “guy in blue” as a game! If only you’d take the time to read the article. Plus, he as done many more roles that don’t have him “seating pretty”.

    FYI, his name is James Marsden!

  • Rachel

    i love alexander skarsgard and i love true blood

  • fairycake

    Kate and James together again!!

  • Annabelle

    Alexander Skarsgard has always been getting lots of roles, it’s just that now Americans and the entire world know him because of True Blood, but he has a very extensive acting resume in Sweden. He’s very well-know and well-regarded over there. Also voted Sweden Sexiest Man Alive 6 or 7 times!!!
    He’s great. Amazing actor. A natural.
    Also HOT HOT HOT!
    I’m a huge Alex fan.
    I’m too very excited that he’s moving into the Hollywood big scene. Looking forward to see him at Comic Con 2009!!!!
    He’ll be there on the 25th of July.

  • brush yo teefs!

    do we have to watch bosworth getting raped by two men, seriously leave the original alone
    i think alexander is pretty cool and all cos i like true blood but he should rethink this role

  • vanessa

    alexander is so freakin hot! He’s a very talented actor and such a delicious looking man

  • Lillianne

    marry me alexander!!

  • karenina

    james is over HOT:) specially in that pic

  • Elena

    both james and alexander are so hot, but alexander really turns me on!

  • dee

    james looks adorable in theat pic

  • Holly

    alexander is such a beautiful man

  • http://Jessica Jessica

    alex looks good and hot like always

  • chewie

    Kate is beautiful but she can’t act.

  • honey

    That Skarsgard dude is hot as hell and he is a good actor.
    Marsden is good too.

  • joan

    I’m really happy to see ASkars doing more, but I just wish this wasn’t it. A rapist? A remake of a rapist at that? There’s got to be something better out there for this gorgeous and amazing actor.

  • Christina

    alexander skarsgard is incredibly talented and very sexy

  • Liza

    Jared heeded the call for more Skarsgard:-) I’m not sure about this film and don’t like Bosworth that much. He would have made a great Thor. Hopefully this film will do well and/or be a stepping stone.

  • emma

    alex is lookin damn fine

  • michelle


  • http://justjared huh?

    You mean Kate Bosworth finally found a job ? lolololol

  • Stella

    alex skarsgard is an amazing actor and he is very handsome as well! I look foward to seeing much more of him

  • vmars111

    Holy crap, I didn’t think there would be so many True Blood or Alexander fans here.

    Darn, I wanted to be the only one gushing….

  • Lindsey

    mouth waters to that pic of alexander! so damn HOT!

  • Camila

    alexander is sooo hot!
    Love his haircut on true blood this season

  • James is a cutie

    James is cute – and this will pair him up with Kate B. again.

  • sarah

    skarsgard is charming and a great actor

  • HelloThere

    I will watch anything Alexander Skarsgard is in. The man is as HOT as he is TALENTED. More Alexander please!!!

  • tessa

    i love seeing alexander’s hot self! what a good looking man! i hope this role does great things for him because he is a talented man indeed

  • tessa

    i love seeing alexander’s hot self! i hope this role does great things for him because he is a talented man indeed

  • Dana

    I am soo in love with Alexander Skarsgard, he is an incredible actor. He makes Eric intoxicating on true blood

  • Emma

    Some Swedish Alex-love, haha

  • Tar

    Whoa nelly!!!! Alexander Skarsgard is the hottest of all hot! Man, I could stare at him ALL day if I didn’t have other things to do. Jared, I hope he becomes a fixture on your site! I would love you for good. Think about it… The Jolie-Pitt clan and A Skarsgard all on one site- yikes! That would be awesome :)

  • CHristine
  • katkat

    I gasped when I saw Alexander’s picture! He is soooo freakin HOT! I loved him in Generation Kill and I’m loving him in True Blood!

  • eden

    any day, any time Alexander. you’re too good of an actor to be sharing a screen with Bosworth and Marsden!!! love yoU!

  • Perri

    Nah, I hope he never becomes a fixture on this site or any other. I like my favorites under the radar and not overexposed. Once in a while is fine, but on a regular basis, no thanks.

  • no!

    You can’t re-make a classic!
    This has FAIL! written all over it.
    Especially if they have cast this bunch of lightweights.
    For those of you who aren’t familiar with the original, rent it. And after you watch it, see if you can honestly see any of these three in those roles.
    Hollywood, I hate you!

  • Coffee

    Yup, SkarsGOD is a hottie and a good actor to boot.

  • double toil and trouble

    Seems a little too dark for my taste but the guys are hawt!!!