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Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!

Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!

Gerard Butler is debunking rumors and telling the world that his Bounty costar Jennifer Aniston is just a friend and nothing more. Gerry, 39, tells People:

On the rumors that he’s romancing Aniston: “That is just annoying. People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day. “I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous.”

On Aniston’s character: “She is one classy lady. Everyday I go to work with her I’m always surprised about how cool, easy and down to earth and real she is.”

On working with Aniston: “I’m in New York right now filming and I’m in heaven. I can’t always say that about movies, but to be filming this romantic comedy with Jennifer and a story that made my side split when I read it – I’m lucky. I’m happy as a pig in s—, as they say.”

This morning, Jen was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on NBC’s 30 Rock. Congrats, Jen!

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185 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!”

  1. 1
    nice Says:

    Too bad – they do make a very nice looking couple and the age is right too.

  2. 2
    I forgot Says:

    Love Jennfier! She is such talented comedic actress- and drop dead gorgeous- great person too.

  3. 3
    jen fan Says:

    LOVE JEN!!!!!! she is the best . she will find love some day:)

  4. 4
    blalbla Says:

    Congrats Jen

    You forgot a part of the people article

    As far as Aniston’s current love life goes – a source close to the actress, 40, says she’s still happily talking to Bradley Cooper. But when it comes to working with Butler, “They get along really well, but Jen only likes him as a friend,” says a source. “She can’t see herself dating him.”

  5. 5
    LOS Says:

    The loonies in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

  6. 6
    bet Says:

    That what everyone saying she is classy. one only born with class, it hard to imitate class. ofcoures jen love life is capitivating the world, every man she met is going to be associiated as if she is dating him. Every one is wishing her to find her Romeo.

  7. 7
    Toto Says:

    “Every one is wishing her to find her Romeo.”
    Yes, she deserves happiness :)

  8. 8
    ness Says:

    i guess i expected it. too bad, in a way. it’s time gerry finds somebody. jen has at least been married before

  9. 9
    Avery09 Says:

    Bummer. They would make such a cute couple. Who knows, maybe it will still happen.

  10. 10
    milen Says:

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  11. 11
    Sally Says:

    Very well said, Gerry. Each word of yours.


    The people and tabs are so hungry for news about personal lives of the famous stars that they create their own “trues” just to sell magazines and to have someting to talk about in their empty shallow lives.


    And it’s really great to know he is so happy filming this movie. We are so looking forward to watch it on big screens too. :)


    About Jen’s new nomination to Emmy, I think it’s really fair – and also great news. It was a great participation and people talk about this since it was on air on the screens. She is really talented actress and deserve this another nomination, for sure. I already said in the last thread, but never is enough, so: congrats, Jen!!! And keep with the good work, dear. Rumors and silly things will keep going on too, we know. They never get tired. But at this point, who cares, right?
    You’are awesome! Cheers!!!

  12. 12
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol, i would be super pissed 2
    the media makes a big deal about any man seen with aniston
    just 1 pic of them together and they’re dating….
    some ppl just need 2 stop believing any story on her
    especially the crazy angie fans

  13. 13
    there'sone thing i can say ... Says:

    well done JJ … thanks for not being biased even though you’re an angie fan. good on u.

  14. 14
    Raquel Says:

    @milen Tnks!

  15. 15
    jaye Says:

    lol@ Bet, Good Lord, you’re sad.

  16. 16
    thank Says:

    god that JA isn’t dating dumb boy. he’s way to immature for her.

  17. 17
    christine Says:


  18. 18
    Teresa Says:

    To me, she’s not that great of an actress.

  19. 19
    lol Says:

    “it’s so annoying”

    ouch. that was harsh. bahaha.

  20. 20
    jaye Says:

    milen @ 07/16/2009 at 5:00 pm
    Maybe you should research the matter of whether plastics lead to cancer rather than printing rumors and urban legends. Sheryl Crowe never said that’s what caused HER cancer. In front of a Congressional Committee she said:
    “I want to know what causes this disease – for me, and for the 2.3 million others who share this diagnosis,” said Crow as she spoke on behalf of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. “We need more resources to figure out what the environment has to do with [it].”

  21. 21
    lol Says:

    lakers fan in boston @ 07/16/2009 at 5:10 pm

    keeps calling angie fans crazy but you yourself couldn’t stop evesdropping and posting there – you are crazy too.


  22. 22
    mslewis Says:

    Actually, Gerard never denied he and Jen were together. The “annoying” comment was about the rag mag stories, not about Jennifer. Also, don’t believe for a minute she is “still talking” to Bradley Cooper. If they were then where is he?

    Also, if I were Jennifer, trying to be a movie star, an Emmy nomination would be an embarrassment!!! That’s for television NOT movies!! So, the people in Hollywood who matter are still thinking of her as a TV actress, not a movie actress, even after all those movies she’s made!!!

  23. 23
    LOS Says:

    #22 They didnt just RANDOMLY nominate her. Keep reading.

  24. 24
    - Says:

    Why is it that everytime someone is linked to her, they all deny it like she’s got some sort of disease that they don’t want to be linked to her?

    Maybe she should just stick with tv. That’s how far career could get.

  25. 25
    Sally Says:

    @there’sone thing i can say …:
    I so agree with you (# 13).

  26. 26
    anne marie Says:


    It’s the talented actors that can cross over between film and TV. Look at Shirley MacLaine who just received an Emmy nomination also. Look at Felicity Huffman who received an Oscar nom and is also on TV. People in the business do not look down on TV actors because so many of them cross over to film. So your remark is really not very smart.

  27. 27
    ha Says:

    she’s starting to look like the middle age soccer moms I see at my games. heavier, orange-er, drunker … the onl difference is she’s not married to the couch and she doesn’t have the 15 year old kid most do at her age.

  28. 28
    karen Says:

    OMG people let this go …The man has said loud and clear they are NOT TOGETHER… all this stuff about how cute they would look as a couple sounds like teen agers. Come on the woman is 40 years old not 18. How many other 40 year old women have there love life open like this for display. Stop acting like Jennifer Aniston is a cute kid. Damn no wonder men are running like water down a hill. Who wants to deal with this kind of crap.. Well obviously Gerard and Bradley both are saying NO.. Jennifer may be happy being single.. good for her.. but please stop acting like she is a princess in fairy tale waiting for the prince to rescue her..

    This is why so many people find her a loser and pathetic. Everything about her work is second to her love life.. But say what you want.. this is the Karma her fans say is coming Angie/Brads way.

    Play the victim and you live a victim life.. This is the bed she and her fans have made for her.. NOW how does she get out of it.. YEAH UNCOOL HUH JEN..

  29. 29
    bwah Says:

    @anne marie: lol Aniston used Brad Pitt cheating on her to get those roles. Why else would she continue the pity party for so long? any normal talented actress would move on and never mention the ex because she would know that her talent and her talent ALONE would carry her. Not aniston’s case.

  30. 30
    anne marie Says:

    I’m really glad JJ posted these quotes from Gerard. It just shows that anytime Jen is with a guy, they’re automatically dating. And Jennifer and Bradley Cooper were not daing, they are just FRIENDS. It’s gotten to the point where FRIENDS can’t even be seen having dinner together without the tabs automatically saying they’re dating. Also this nomination Jennifer just received is her 6th Emmy nom! If she wins this one she will have a great pair of bookends!

  31. 31
    Topdog Says:

    they would make a cute couple. Gerard Butler seems like a whole better guy for Jennifer Aniston than John Meyer.

  32. 32
    maymarie Says:


    There is cancer in everything these days
    we can’t stop living
    I can see the water but the food

    we may as well roll over now
    Its in the soil the tap water the food the meat
    Birth control and god only knows what else

  33. 33
    anne marie Says:

    @bwah: Jen can mention her ex at any time because she was with him for 7 years. She has the right. But she only does it with humor. And if she got all those early roles because of Brad, how is she still getting roles in the last 3 years even though they haven’t been married for 4 years now. Next thing you’re going to say is that Brad got Jennifer her latest Emmy nomination for her guest spot on 30 Rock. LOL!!!

  34. 34
    good for GB Says:

    I thought GB’s statement is very well thought out, polite and yet firmly denying rumors. He also gave her a lot of compliments which are very smart for GB. Good move on GB’s part.
    For once GB talks like a mature grown-up. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of his. It’s just sometimes he talks without giving enough thought about what he is talking about.
    With proper training anyone can talk like a good diplomat.

  35. 35
    Sally Says:

    With all my sincerely respect, your father can be a great father and I’m sure he has the best intention when he said it, but his opinion seems a little old fashioned to me. I mean, marriage can be a great thing for sure, but can be very, very hard too. So the most important thing doesn’t seem to get married as soon as possible and have your kids, but first of all, to have someone in your life that makes you believe that this is a good choice. A person that you really love and want to share your happy and sad moments. A person you believe will be a good hysband and a good father, if you want children. If you would be a so hurry up person to get married, believe me, the chance you make a mistake and think you’ve found the rigth person is huge. When you are looking for it as an essencial thing to be happy, you can think you’ve found because you want it so hard. Do you understand my point? I don’t know how old are you. I’m 29 and I already did this mistake before, when I was younger. I mean, looking for love so hard that I thought I found it in the wrong ways. So I’m saying by my own experience and giving you my opinion. This is why I believe that Jen isn’t desperate at all by finding love. It will happen in the right moment, if you don’t close close your heart. I don’t think she closed hers. And I don’t want to be rude with you from anyway, so sorry if it have looked like it sometime in my comment. I just want to give you my opinion. And I really hope you don’t get me wrong, ok? I hope you can think about it. ;)

  36. 36
    Sally Says:

    Maybe they just denial because it’s not true, dear. The “disease” part is fruit of your fertile imagination and nasty words, not his. Actually, Gerry was very gentle about Jen as a person and about work with her too.


    About the tv thing… she have already proved she can be great on big screens too. She just rocks the theathers a few months ago with a big hit, and it’s not the first time she is complimented by her work as a movie star. Then I’m sorry but I think you’re mistaken. Of course you can still have your opinion, but it’s just a opinion, not the facts at all. So…

  37. 37
    Sally Says:

    To you maybe not, Teresa. But I think the audience, the critics, the Emmy, the Golden Globe and other awards seem to disagree with you. And so I’m. Sorry.

  38. 38
    Sally Says:


    You pic a word and put out the context just to be nasty (#19). Do you think we didn’t read the complete People’s article? Silly of you. Do you think it’s a good thing to distorce things like this even when we all know what is the true? Maybe you should to work in some trash tab. You seem to have talent for it.

  39. 39
    Sally Says:


    You can be boh, do you know? I real good and talented actress can be good on tb and ob big screens too.

  40. 40
    Sally Says:

    @anne marie:

    Very well said (#26). I always like your comments. It all seems very reasonable and sensible to me.

  41. 41
    Sally Says:

    @anne marie:

    Another really good point (#33).

  42. 42
    bwah Says:

    @anne marie: yes, she can mention him but it only fuels the flames and makes her look pathetic. The man left and went on to build a home with another woman really fast. Any woman who can get on with her talent alone would keep it real. Why would she want to look like she’s pining over a cheater who has a million kids now? really. i never believed the tabloid stories about her pining over him because I believe Brad Pitt’s Pr people want her to look pathetic to make him look more desirable. To me he’s a douche bag.

  43. 43
    Sally Says:

    Sorry you all about my comment # 39. I wanted to say:

    You can be both, do you know? A real good and talented actress can be good on tv and on big screens too.

    Now this is correct. Sorry by my spelling mistakes. I had a problem here. :)

  44. 44
    bwah Says:

    To answer the rest of you comment… she’s till playing the pity card. I would love to see her show the tabloids by finding a man who is not in showbiz or really hooking up with Bradley Cooper. I think they would make a good couple and it would be good for both careers. Anything to make her look less pathetic and like she’s STILL using her divorce for attention is good by me. I think Pitt needs her pity party more than she does because it made him look like some stud that could cheat on a woman , move on, have a million kids, and still have the ex in the palm of his hands. It was really good for his career , too. TBH. before their divorce he was doing cheesy movie like oceans 13 and troy… his career has obviously only gotten better off the backs of his ex and baby momma.

  45. 45
    fresh Says:

    i wish her all the best. she’ll find happyness eventually—when its right.

  46. 46
    me Says:

    Happily talking to a guy? Wow, that sounds serious. So, two attractive and very single men vehemently deny they are dating Aniston. That is probably embarassing for her.

  47. 47


  48. 48
    me Says:


    You are right, but not everyone wants kids. The women I know who never had kids were very self-centered, which is fine if one is childless. If she doesn’t want kids, thank goodness she realizes this and hasn’t had them.

  49. 49
    mary Says:

    mslewis, an award for your work should never be an embarrassment. Jen was great on 30 Rock! Sheis beautiful inside and out! Go JEN!

  50. 50
    Jordan Says:

    Jennifer is like fine wine!

  51. 51
    sassy Says:

    @bwah: Jen isn’t have a pity party, that is brangelina trying to keep her down! She is happy and hasn’t commented on any relationships! The media has, if she did you would have something to say about that! Jen is living her life! You are the one stuck in the past. lol.

  52. 52
    twpumpkin Says:


  53. 53
    bet Says:

    we love you jen keep doing what doing , you will be in history top TV star and Top moive star. no one done it even the crap pervert writen off from his tV show becuase he can not act. but you different. we love you you are the top TV star who drow million to watch, you are top Moive star who draw to her moives millionn. and also, you are sweet and generous , class, dignity, loved by millions and group of feinds who admire you. and a lot costar and co worker who admire you. Very private in your life, very mistry woman no one knows who you .

    you only born with class, t

  54. 54
    HA HA HA Says:


    She’s not pining over Brad. She herself has already said that ship has sailed and it’s time for people to move because she has. She generally only brings Brad’s name up when she is asked about him in interviews. She has already gone on record saying that she and Brad are still friends and keep in touch with one another but that is all.
    Get real bwah and stop bringing up old news.

  55. 55
    HA HA HA Says:


    How is she still playing the pity card? Huh? Can you show proof? A link? She had moved on with her life and enjoying it and is a working actress. You are the one that has not moved on with this crap.

  56. 56
    anne marie Says:


    Why is that embarrasing for her? Can this woman not have male friends? I’ve already posted that Jen and Bradley Cooper are just friends. Now the tabs are saying that her and Gerard are romantically linked which is BS. THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS PEOPLE!

  57. 57
    bet Says:

    ha ha ha

    the group including thier idol the one who is using th pity card. can’nt stop crying for thier idols in jen thread,you see those loonies crying day and night for thier pervert guy and thier horse lover woman.

  58. 58
    bet Says:

    anne marie

    the tabs can let her go , becuase jen sells, as long as thier magazine sell they are going to creat story. A lot of people love her, people want to find her soulmet .

  59. 59
    Sally Says:

    @anne marie:
    “Can this woman not have male friends?”


    I would also say: can’t any woman have male friends and be affective with them?


    But you know, Anne Marie, the “haters” just want to find anything to say about Jen, in an cruel way. It doesn’t matter if what they said don’t make any sense at all. They are not worried in being reasonable. They just want to distorce the real things because they are moved from hate, angry, jealous and other negative feelings. Completly silly guys! So sad for them, but true.

  60. 60
    jaxon Says:

    Could Bradley and Gerard make it ANY clearer that they are not with this woman!! LOL.

  61. 61
    Sally Says:

    Gerald is annoying by the gossip and by the pressure of the tabs and papz to find him a girlfriend (as Jen also is). What is totaly understandable. It must be a pain in the ass! But it’s great to read he is enjoying so much filming “The Bounty”. I loved when he said he is happy as a pig with the movie, with his co-star, with the fact he’s filming in NY. Gerald rocks, Jen rocks, this movie will be so great, I’m sure they’ll be great on the screens together. Besides they are both gorgeous, they’re also two good and charismatic actors. The chances that the result of all these things on big screens be a sucessfull movie is huge!

  62. 62
    Sally Says:

    @HA HA HA: I totaly agree (#55).

  63. 63
    Sally Says:

    @HA HA HA: I totaly agree (#55).

  64. 64
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    BET – I can’t take anything you state about a person’s class seriously because you have shown absolutely no class in addressing anyone who does not share your opinion.
    Once again. soulmate…soulmate…soulmate.
    Please try to learn something.

  65. 65
    bet Says:

    malesston likely

    i see zero class in you.

    Jen is pure class. we love her.

    once again Soulmet , Soulmet, Soulmet.

  66. 66
    Lucy Says:

    WOW! The Emmy’s nomination Jen just received is her what… 6th nom? It’s a great answer for the ones that still want to convince somebody that she is a no talented actress. Now, tell me, guys, 6th nom and you really want to stay playing silly here? Oh, and she was not only nominated, she had already won her Emmy before, among others great and important awards. So I think the opinion of these guys that try so hard to put her as a bad actress is not really coincident with the one from the serious and respected critics and prizes. Geez, what about now? Its past the time to OPEN YOUR MINDS and stop to judge this awesome woman just because she was married with Brad Pitt and you are Angelina Jolie’s fans! It’s very immature of you and it doesn’t make any sense, can’t you see? You just play fool with this kind of silly posture. Congratulations to Jennifer Aniston! And for Gerald, I would like to say: we are looking forward to see The Bounty. You’re also so great! Nice to know you and Jen are good friends and co-workers and you’re so happy in filming this movie with her.

  67. 67
    Lucy Says:

    Have you seen that? You should!

  68. 68
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @bet: thanks again for proving my point. You cannot hold an adult discussion. You refuse to see that you may be flawed in your thinking AND you continue to flaunt your low class descriptions for those you hate. You are a waste of time and space on a blog. I prefer Adri and Sally. They do a little research. They are passionate in their beliefs. They will concede when a good point is made. They don’t name call and they are willing to discuss the topic not spew filth.
    Just sayin…

  69. 69
    bet Says:


    a lot of people know that she is talented, know one can not work like her long term with no talent. ans she won a lot of collection of award for her work.

    there are a group of people weather they are paid or not they think if they keep repeating the same thing again and again may be people will think that way. But the problem no matter how many times they said it, you can not take way her talent. and the people who admire her work. She is strong woman and people knows it.

  70. 70
    bet Says:

    manlesston likey

    how could you do a grown up discusstion with you. come one please, just see what your name is Malesston llikely. aleast when you tring to act like a smart, for one change you name which is not flity. dump.

  71. 71
    just saying Says:

    Sometimes I think how difficult and annoying it must be for Jennifer being a single woman at age of 40. Everybody either criticizes or feels bad for her just because she is not married and doesn’t have kids. It’s like happiness can only happen in a woman’s life with a man and children around her. And if it doesn’t happen, a sense of inadequacy is created. My question is what if she is happy just that way? I know that she said in an interview once that she wanted to get married and have children, but some dreams are simply not meant to come true. Of course I am not telling she is not capable of finding someone who really cares for her and wants to start a family. My point is if it doesn’t happen in your life, it doesn’t mean in the slightest that you are doomed to unhappiness. Maybe she doesn’t even think about it anymore. And for those who wish she could find true love, maybe she already has. Not only one, but 2 or 3, whatever. Just because a love in your life doesn’t last forever it doesn’t mean it wasn’t real love. Well, I don’t know if I am able to convey the right idea, since it’s so difficult to express yourself in a foreign language. But the thing is I do believe that life is made of moments and Jennifer has had hers. Moments that helped her to become who she is and if it is a good or bad thing we are not the ones to judge. I really like her, I don’t see her as a poor woman who hasn’t found a husband nor hasn’t had kids yet. In fact, I am pretty sure there are a bunch of women all around the globe who envy her for being free and on her own.

  72. 72
    laura2 Says:

    mslewis @ 07/16/2009 at 5:42 pm
    “Also, if I were Jennifer, trying to be a movie star, an Emmy nomination would be an embarrassment!!!”
    If she tought like that she wouldn’t have done it in the first place.
    And not only she did took the part, but she said she had a blast and would gladly do it again…
    …and to be recognised for that….she must be very happy!

  73. 73
    anne marie Says:

    @just saying:

    Exactly. Do people realize that Sheryl Crow is 47 years old, never married and finally adopted a child. Why are people criticizing Sheryl?
    Jen has already said she is in the right place at the right time of her life. Just let her be and let her live her life the way she wants to and not your opinion of how it should be lived.

  74. 74
    anne marie Says:

    @anne marie:

    Sorry, “Why AREN’T people criticizing Sheryl?

  75. 75
    Sally Says:




    It’s really boring to have to said it again, but you “haters” are always bringing up the same (mistaken) points, so I’ll say another time: you are so bad informed. Do you know “Marley & Me” was a completly hit? Just to mention one example. But I can mention another one: “The Break Up”. I could go on, but, as you can see, two examples are enough to put down your affirmative that every movie she is in, it bombs. I can’t believe there are still some people that doesn’t want to wake up to reality. Just in your dreams your comment can make any kind of sense.

  76. 76
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    bet @ 07/16/2009 at 9:32 pm
    manlesston likey
    how could you do a grown up discusstion with you. come one please, just see what your name is Malesston llikely. aleast when you tring to act like a smart, for one change you name which is not flity. dump.
    what are trying to say, can someone translate? I don’t change my name because I am not like others who change on a whim. I own my comments. And my name reflects Jen. She is without a man. You say she doesn’t need a man. So what is wrong with the name?
    I have never called Jen ugly or sl*t or attack her personally. I believe is an overrated actress. So what? I just state my opinion and also admit when I am wrong. I appreciate when others give facts to support their opinions and will take the time to read them.
    And as far as smart…compared to you, I’m a frickin genius!

  77. 77
    anne marie Says:


    You are so right, Sally. Marley and Me and The Break Up both opened at number 1 and both grossed over 100 Million domestic and over 200 Million worldwide. In fact, He’s Just Not That Into You also opened at number 1 which makes 3 films in row that Jen was in that opened at number 1.

  78. 78
    Sally Says:

    @anne marie:
    “Jen has already said she is in the right place at the right time of her life. Just let her be and let her live her life the way she wants to and not your opinion of how it should be lived.”


    I couldn’t agree more with this part of your comment. Why is so hard to some people realize it?

  79. 79
    bet Says:

    malesston likely

    so if i call you idol pervert, what is wrong with that, he date under age girls, that is the truth. so we all equal. You or him should not be shamed about it, becuase he did it.

  80. 80
    bet Says:

    Manlesston likely

    i forget about your horse lover too. i mean she pose having S ex with the horse, if she is not shame about it, why you are ?

  81. 81
    jade Says:

    I’am looking forward to this movie. Gerard talks nice of Jen,good for
    him. They are just friends and that is fine. This movie will be great.

    Jen Fan in blue, I wish you would check in.Remember the good time we had,waiting for Jen to appear in 30 Rock? Now she has been nominated for an Emmy Award for that show. Congratulations, Jen!

  82. 82
    Sally Says:

    @just saying:

    Very well said. There are specially three moments in your comment that I loved:


    “It’s like happiness can only happen in a woman’s life with a man and children around her. And if it doesn’t happen, a sense of inadequacy is created. My question is what if she is happy just that way?”


    “Just because a love in your life doesn’t last forever it doesn’t mean it wasn’t real love.”


    “I really like her, I don’t see her as a poor woman who hasn’t found a husband nor hasn’t had kids yet. In fact, I am pretty sure there are a bunch of women all around the globe who envy her for being free and on her own.”

  83. 83
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    #76 & #77
    Sorry gals. Jen’s last three movies were HNTIY, Marley & Me, and then Management. Management was not a commercial success and did not open at #1.

  84. 84
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    BET #79 & #80
    Are we really going back to your p*rn surfing? Stick and Stones BET. I could care less what you think of me. Like I said, anyone with ANY intelligence will spot you for the low-class filth spewer you are.
    Keep it up…The grownups will get tired of you and you will be standing in the corner screaming all by yourself. Even the fans will grow weary of the crap you vomit because they have better things to do with their time.
    Clean it up girl, then come back and let’s talk.
    Oh yeah, I can hear you sputtering already…

  85. 85
    Sally Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    Hi there! Well, I was not trying to mention her last movies, in chronological order, I mean, but the ones that were a hit on the theathers. I’m aware that “Management” is a different case (since it’s not even a comercial movie). But when I enumerated “Marley & Me” and “The Break-Up” as examples (and Anne Marie well completed my comment with another example: “He’s Not Just Into You”) of her sucessfull movies, I was answering a comment very bad informed that said something like “every movie she is in, bombs”. I was just trying to show to the author of this comment that she/he was completly wrong. I know “Management” was not a hit. It also happens. You can’t win all the time, can you? That’s ok. :). :)

  86. 86
    anne marie Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    I didn’t say “last 3 films”. I said 3 films in a row that opened at number 1. Re-read my post. And Management is a small independent film that wasn’t expected to gross big numbers.

  87. 87
    liz Says:

    SHE (JA) cannot act! She’s just a tv actress and not very good at that! She got lucky, that’s all. Her movies are flops because she cannot act with the big girls. Stay with tv and give up the big screen. She plays Rachel Green in EVERY role.

    WHo care who she dates? If she wants a yahoo like Gerard (not Ger ARD), whatever, well, wait, WHY would HE want her? I never understood how she got BP to marry her.

  88. 88
    Tammy Says:

    I feel sorry for her. They say she is classy but non of them wants to be with her.

  89. 89
    bet Says:

    manlesston likely

    You come in jen thread to spit your filth and you act the moral and decency police. ha ha funny. loser

    as long as i make you scream and pull your hair in jen thread, i accomplsihed,

  90. 90
    Sally Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    Sorry for the double smile faces in the end of my last comment to you. Actually, I think a smile face is never too much, specially with all hostility we have in these threads here, so I think it’s all oK, right? Hope so! ;)

  91. 91
    anne marie Says:


    If she cannont act why does she have 6 Emmy nominations with one win and 2 Golden Globe nominations with one win and a SAG award and 5 SAG nominations, and the Hollywood Award for Actress of the Year and etc etc etc. And her movies do not flop. Read my earlier post dear.

  92. 92
    NO Says:

    @anne marie: It was expected to do way better tha 900 ,000 in 3 weeks.. lol the story is, you all were bosting how it is a slow budget movie and how she will make profit out of it since she was also a co producer but it bombed both finanically and ciritcally.

  93. 93
    K.G. Says:

    Congrats to Jen on her Emmy nomination and Gerald handled the rumors of him and Jen dating maturely.
    and everyone leave Manlesston, I likely alone, she/he is the only Brangelina fan that is nice on here.

  94. 94
    bet Says:

    manlesston likely

    you or your idols are the last person to teach other about moral and decency.

  95. 95
    Sally Says:

    Again this same fool point? I bet a lot of men, I mean, really a lot of men would love to be with a pretty, independent, inteligent and funny woman like Jen. If you think nobody wants to be with her, or you’re so naive or you are trying to be nasty here, but in any of these ways, it’s just a silly thing to you say.

  96. 96
    um... Says:

    @bet: Posing with horse is better than sleeping with dog.

  97. 97
    bet Says:


    yea right, She is not sicko like your idol,

  98. 98
    lurking Says:


    Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are working on a movie together, so the rumors that they are going around in a romantic were bound to happen. But Gerard is not happy about it. In fact, all the rumors are more annoying than 120 “I LUVZ u PlZ luvz me” text messages from Aniston in a 20-minute period. That’s really annoying.

    Gerry tells People, “That is just annoying. People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day. I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous. She (Aniston) is one classy lady. Everyday I go to work with her I’m always surprised about how cool, easy and down to earth and real she is.”

    I’m with Gerry. How dare the tabloids queef out that Gerry is bo ning three ladies in one day when they know very well he’s doing at least a dozen. Gerry has a reputation to uphold as big ole’ manwh*re who plugs p*ssies like it’s going out of style.

    Furthermore, Gerry is not some dude who is into “going out on stupid dates” and doing lovey dovey sh it. No. Gerry is a “bust and bounce” man. Gerry’s d*ck is not about to have brunch with you or go apple picking in the country. Don’t. Get. It. Twisted.

  99. 99
    bet Says:


    what is here love dovy relationship with the haters.

  100. 100
    Sally Says:

    I should agree about Manlesston, I likely. I mean, besides her nick that I obviously don’t like, she is inteligent and reasonable, so at least you can have an adult debate with her, even when we disagree, very different from the “haters”.

  101. 101
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Sally: No offense taken. I read 3 in a row, I didn’t realize the content was last three hits. My mistake. How ya doing by the way?
    Sorry about the BET thing. She is a piece of work. She doesn’t even realize how foolish she makes herself look. Oh well…on to better things.
    I was glad that something was said about all the rumors with Jen and Gerry. All the tabs were making both of them miserable and really stirring up the haters big time. I like that they were both respectful to each other. Gerry can sometimes speak without thinking and it can backfire. I was glad his comments were well thought out.

  102. 102
    um... Says:

    @Tammy: Tammy @ 07/16/2009 at 10:22 pm I feel sorry for her. They say she is classy but non of them wants to be with her.
    So true! I don’t know any man who stick around and say this about her. They all say this on the way out. Evem Bradly said that when denying a relationship she confirmed

  103. 103
    anne marie Says:

    @NO: Mangement has grossed almost 1 Million dollars worldwide as opposed to Nicole Kidman’s film “Fur” which only grossed $270,000 some dollars. Same situation, both were small budget independent films. So Management as grossed more than Fur……go shout that on the Nicole Kidman board.

  104. 104
    NO Says:

    @anne marie: Now you compare her with Nichole Kidman an oscar winner and someone who is a worldwide star? A criticaly successful movie with the bomb in every angle? You got some gut girlfriend.

  105. 105
    anne marie Says:

    @anne marie:

    Correction: Fur has grossed only $223,202.

  106. 106
    anne marie Says:

    @NO: All I’m saying is every actor at one point in their life has financial bombs. Unfortunately Management was not released wide but limited. Yes Nicole is an Oscar winner but she has had more financial bombs than Jennifer ever has had. And if you want, I can post Kidman’s flops to Jennifer’s and you’ll see who the winner is in that category.

  107. 107
    jo Says:

    Have you notice how every co-stars say exactly same thing about Jen? Always use the word “class” and “down to earth” as if those are the words Jen’s PR are forcing her co-stars to say. Never beautiful, never intelligent…always classy. For someone who dates John Mayer, tans, and wears clothes that are meant for 20 year old, “classy”? Please!! GB was required in his contract to say those words!!!

  108. 108
    anne marie Says:


    Well I believe Brad Pitt also used the same description of his ex-wife. So if more than one person can see the classiness in Jennifer, then perhaps it’s true.

  109. 109
    laura2 Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 07/16/2009 at 10:04 pm
    “Management was not a commercial success and did not open at #1.”
    1. “Management” is an indie movie. Not at all commercial, to begin with…
    2. If not opening at #1 is a sign that JA is a bad actress, or “box-office poison”…then poor idols of yours…how many of their latest movies oppened at #1?

  110. 110
    Sally Says:

    Anne Marie had already answered so well to your so bad informed comment, but I just wanna say one more thing about this line you wrote: “She plays Rachel Green in EVERY role.” Please, how about try to watch “Rockstar”, “The Good Girl”, “Friends With Money” and “Derailed” before pointing fingers? You could avoid to look fool by saying these silly things like you did, ok? It would be great.

  111. 111
    bet Says:


    what is this love dovy relationship with the haters, first of all she is the one who all over me, becuase i admire jen, but you went on to defend her, i smell somthing here. May be the pervert fan.

  112. 112
    bet Says:


    i mean sorry about Nichole but she very known about her moive bombs, most her miove are bomb, even she has been called the woman with a lot of bomb movies.

  113. 113
    mimilala Says:


    Sorry, but I just can’t agree with you; I don’t really see much intelligence in a person whose nick contains “manless.” Is it supposed to be an insult to a woman? I really hope Manlesston is not a woman – because if she is, she’s no better than all those chauvinistic pigs out there.

  114. 114
    bet Says:


    thank you, aleast here is the real fan of jen. there are here a lot of fake fans of jen. We jen fans we do not like chauvinistic pig. We are strong women.

  115. 115
    jade Says:

    Hi Sally,
    I don’t know if you are on the West Coast or not,but Jen is in “Derailed”
    on the Lifetime Channel at 9:00 PM. I really liked that movie. It sure was different. I’am going to watch it again.

  116. 116
    Sally Says:

    About your comment #104, Anne Marie isn’t comparing Jen to Nicole, but their independent movies and the ammount of money that each one made… please, don’t you try to messy things here. We are inteligent people. Anne Marie didn’t say any of it. Try to read her comment again with more careful before judge so quickly. Or if you already read it carefuly and you’re just trying to bother us, we are not stupid, you know? We can realize what she wanted to say with her comment, even when you try so hard to put words in her mouth. Silly of you!

  117. 117
    Jill Says:

    # 75 Sally @ 07/16/2009 at 9:53 pm

    You haven’t been posting on JJ very long, Sally, so let me take some time to fill you in.
    One of the oldest canards the Jolie-Pitt haters keep spewing out is that Angelina is “box office poison”, that her movies bomb, that nobody wants to see them, etc. etc.
    Then when you come back at them with the numbers for Jolie’s films vs. Aniston’s films and show them that Jolie’s films have made two to three times what Aniston’s movies have brought in, they drag up A Mighty Heart as if this one movie represented the sum total of Angie’s films.
    Now granted, AMH was not a hit in any sense of the term. It only made $9 million. But people who live in glass houses have no business throwing stones, and Management was a prime weapon for the J-P fans to slam the Aniston fans back with.
    If AMH was a bomb, Management was a thermonuclear meltdown. Never mind making silly excuses that AMH had premieres and Management didn’t. AMH premiered at Cannes in 2007 and was a hit at that film festival. Management premiered at Toronto in 2008 and it was immediately apparent that they had a stinker on their hands. For the next six months after its premiere, it foundered around like a beached whale, unable to find a distributor.
    The rest, as they say, is history. Management ended up making only one-tenth of what AMH grossed at the box office.
    After that, Aniston’s fans tried to say “Changeling” was a bomb. Most studios would love to have a movie that cost $50 million to make earn $112 million. And we won’t even get into “Wanted”, which was a huge hit by any standard.
    Now we come to the big battle between Marley & Me and CCOBB. There is no denying that in its first two weekends, M & M did very well indeed. But Aniston’s fans seemed to think this represented some kind of karma for Brad dumping Aniston. Saner heads tried to tell them that once the Oscar nominations started rolling in, and both movies opened overseas, CCOBB would leave M & M in the dust. Which, as it turned out, is exactly what happened. All of a sudden you didn’t hear any more talk about karma.
    What it boils down to is that Angie and Brad are at a point in their careers where they can do just about anything they want to and the major studios are breaking down their door to get them to play in their films, whereas Aniston has to bankroll her own films because no major studio will greenlight her, especially after the fiasco of Management. Of the 100 most bankable actors in Hollywood, Angie and Brad are tied for #2, whereas Aniston is down the list at #55 or something like that. If Traveling, or whatever they are calling that movie now, has the same fate as Management, she might as well pack it in. She never was much of a movie actress anyway. When all is said and done, she’s a TV sitcom star. Nothing more.

  118. 118
    jo Says:

    To anne marie,

    Then, how come if she is so “classy” she dates people like John Mayer and Vince Vaugh and gets dumped by them? Wouldn’t “classy” people date other “classy” people?

    Her lifestyle and type of men she seems to be dating lately tells me she is not “classy” but “trashy”.

  119. 119
    bet Says:


    you do not know a person who he is from outside, you do not judge a person by the cover, She taught they are good giuy and it did not work you move on as classy person. a in my book she make a big mistake landing with the pervert.

    Acutually your pervert got dump by Goop, i mean if one got dump by Goop i do not have nothing to say more.

  120. 120
    chris Says:

    Jennifer Aniston,

    People’s Choice Awards, USA
    Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
    2007 Won People’s Choice Award Favorite Female Movie Star

    2003 Nominated Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
    for: “Friends” (1994)

    2002 Won Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
    for: “Friends” (1994)
    Won Golden Globe. Another 22 wins & 41 nominations !

  121. 121
    NO Says:

    @anne marie:
    Fur = 200,000 =39 theathers on release 42 days
    Mangament =900,000 =212 theaters on realise 8.5 weeks

    Fur=2,220,000 Nichole is a world wide star
    Mangment= 50,000 Jen is a domostic only star .It only finish 100,000 at the most. at the end Jen can’t even make 1,000,000 domostically for more than 2 months release even though she is considerd a domistic star.
    One Critic said people go see movies that has Jennifer Anison in them, they don’t go see movies becuase of Jennifer Aniston.

  122. 122
    umm Says:

    @chris: all TV we know she is a TV girl

  123. 123
    To Bet Says:

    @bet: If you see their totoal box office numbers and also their acting they are umcomparable.

  124. 124
    bet Says:


    yes your are rigth one hell of big TV moive star and Big moive star, sorry your idols written out of the Tv show becuase he can not act.

  125. 125
    To Bet Says:

    @bet: On that time your girl was a nobody she can’t even get tv roles.

  126. 126
    Sally Says:

    Bet, I love Jen, really, I admire her a lot as an actress and as a person. She is an example to me, as I said before. And I’m so upset like you do when I read all the cruel, nasty, shallow and silly things they try to say about Jen. I mean, it’s completly for free. The “haters” don’t even know Jen and they are so closed minds! But I must to agree with K.G. that ManLESSton, I likely doesn’t seem to be part of the “haters”. OK, I know she may be a fan of Angelina and you can don’t like her idol, it’s your totaly right. But at least with her we can have a respectful debate, if you try so. Sometimes I see you’re so defensive here, and I really understand it, because the “haters” are a pain in the ass. So boring and nasty. But she said once she doesn’t hate Jen. She may not to be a fan, but she can talk without hate, and it’s a huge thing because at least, even when you disagree, you can do it with respect. Think about it, please. I’m not saying to you what you have to do. No. I’m not arrogant. Who am I to say something like this? I’m just asking, in a polite way, to you think that maybe we can talk with somebody that doesn’t agree with us without angry. And it can be a good thing in such a hostile world. Don’t you think? I really hope you understand my point because we both like Jen so much and I’m sure we both also wish to Jen only the best!

  127. 127
    bet Says:

    To Bet

    trust me i do not want to compare them. i love all the woman except women who does not have respect for other women. So cudo for both Jen and Nicole success .i bring the piont one was lieing.

  128. 128
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    bet @ 07/16/2009 at 10:58 pm
    thank you, aleast here is the real fan of jen. there are here a lot of fake fans of jen. We jen fans we do not like chauvinistic pig. We are strong women.
    Yes I am a woman. And no I don’t think it is derogatory. You are all screaming on here the Jen does not need a man. I happen to agreed.
    Why would you think it is chauvinistic? Women are not defined by men. At the time I created the nickname, you fans were hotly contesting that very fact. So it is a nickname. I won’t change it because I own my comments. There are too many on all these threads that change their usernames to suit the snarky comments they make.
    Did I use good judgement with the name, maybe not. But I have made my bed and will live with it.
    As for you BET, turning on other fans because they will not stoop to your level shows how immature you really are. Whining, why the love for the hater? Who says I am a hater. I don’t wish Jen ill. The only things about her that I take issue with is 1) I don’t believe she is that good of an actor. Yes she is successful and can open at #1 but that doesn’t make her a great actor. 2) She doesn’t control her PR people very well. They have placed her into many embarrassing situations that she should never have been in. She needs to remember that they work for her. There are other minor issues but they just don’t matter.
    I enjoy discussion with those who have passion, whether I agree with them or not, who can articulate their facts and feelings in an adult manner. Which is impossible for you.
    If they don’t jump to your defense quickly maybe you need to take a look at how you appear on this thread. Irrational, hate-filled, unintelligent, and REDUNDANT. You spew the same things over again and again and again. You don’t even comment on the thread currently being discussed.
    So to you little hater, go scream in your corner. The adults are getting tired of you.
    Also, Anne Marie, you were right. Jen creamed Nicole in the Box Office race in 2008.

  129. 129
    bet Says:


    why you will have respectfull discusstion with person who thing women can not live as single woman, she/he consider Woman as an object who owen by a man. i mean why would you do that?

  130. 130
    bet Says:

    To bet

    so now she is getting moive roles left and right, laugh luck to you.

  131. 131
    The Goddess circle Says:

    Jeffrey Wells is right.

    Choices Slip Away

    One of the many things that make Cary Grant feel angry and humiliated in Bringing Up Baby is Katherine Hepburn’s decision to refer to him “Mr. Bone.” I thought of this because poor Jennifer Aniston must feel angry and humiliated by the tabloid media’s characterizing her as “Mrs. Bone” — i.e., a woman who rarely if ever sleeps alone.

    The best acting she ever did was in The Breakup, but after that, what? I don”t like submitting to tabloid chatter as topics of mosquito conversation in my head, but when I think of Aniston I really don’t think of her work. I think of her bouncing-ball personal life. The associative dramas in her life aren’t about performances but when if ever will she finally stop shopping around? She’s like a 21st Century incarnation of what the romantically excitable Mary Astor and Tallulah Bankhead were known for in their day. Their cavortings, I mean. Except Bankhead killed in Lifeboat and Astor had her Maltese Falcon performance to point to.

    The fact is that even among those who’ve never so much as glanced at a supermarket rag Aniston’s rep is that of (a) someone whose prime artistic opportunity days are probably behind her, (b) who’s never going to make another Good Girl (which wasn’t that great to begin with) and © who, at age 40, is basically competing with Sandra Bullock for Sandra Bullocky-styled romantic roles and that’s all. The only thing she might be ale to do and really get rolling with again is another TV series.

  132. 132
    bet Says:

    malesston likey

    thank you for your point ” women are not difine by men ” then you should not have a name it says manleston which actually refer to jen . as if it is diseases. i mean if you are not chuvinistic pig , who will be one.

  133. 133
    to bet Says:

    @bet: Same old Rachel roles yes.

  134. 134
    Autumn M Says:

    Funny how all her friends and co-stars always say how wonderful of a person she is, yet she can NEVER hold on to a man? Am I the only one who finds that strange?

    A woman who’s been in therapy for as many years as she has and who’s always getting dumped must have some serious issues. She must have a side that only her boyfriends/husband sees and no one else because other wise I don’t get it. How come such a “great, down to earth” person is always getting dumped? She must have some major issues no doubt.

  135. 135
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    bet @ 07/16/2009 at 11:21 pm
    why you will have respectfull discusstion with person who thing women can not live as single woman, she/he consider Woman as an object who owen by a man. i mean why would you do that?
    BET you are beyond help. You don’t even understand what is being discussed.
    Sally, KG, Anne Marie…Sorry. Being adult and having a discussion with me is costing you and that was never my intent. I am so sorry that by conversing with me you have to deal with BET’s whining now.
    BET: Now I see you are grasping on any intelligent thing said by someone else because you can’t come up with any of your own.
    Now you are stamping your foot like a 3 year old saying I hate her and all of you should and if you don’t I will hold my breath like a spoiled child.
    BET, I am attacking you. Not because you are a Jen fan, not my style, but because you are ignorant and hate so senselessly and easily. Shame on you.

  136. 136
    to bet Says:

    @bet: You bet. Your whinne idol gets hots when someone is fcuking her only ,otherwise ,she is a desperate ho for the world.

  137. 137
    Jill Says:

    # 134 Autumn M @ 07/16/2009 at 11:33 pm
    Funny how all her friends and co-stars always say how wonderful of a person she is, yet she can NEVER hold on to a man? Am I the only one who finds that strange?

    You most certainly are not. I have asked on this blog at least 100 times: If Aniston is so hot, so cute, so wonderful, etc. etc. etc., why does she keep getting dumped? Why can’t she hold a man?
    I have yet to receive a response from any of her fans. Just like Aniston herself, they don’t have a clue.

  138. 138
    to bet Says:

    bet @ 07/16/2009 at 11:26 pm malesston likey

    thank you for your point ” women are not difine by men ” then you should not have a name it says manleston which actually refer to jen . as if it is diseases. i mean if you are not chuvinistic pig , who will be one.
    It is you bet. Your whinne idol gets hots when someone is fcuking her only ,otherwise ,she is a desperate ho who sold victimness for so long.

  139. 139
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    bet @ 07/16/2009 at 11:26 pm
    malesston likey
    thank you for your point ” women are not difine by men ” then you should not have a name it says manleston which actually refer to jen . as if it is diseases. i mean if you are not chuvinistic pig , who will be one.
    ManLESSton is a lot less offensive to me than referring to her as a Man. I don’t have any affection for those who call her Maniston, fugly, etc. Commenting on her choice in life at this time is inconsequential to me. I would rather do that than degrade her as a woman.

  140. 140
    bet Says:

    jill i mean you guys said the pervert man is the blonde good looking guy in the world, then why he got dump by Goop? that is very funny by Goop who want to teach people about what is the meaning furt.

  141. 141
    Sally Says:


    As I said, I don’t like her nick as you. And almost of all my comments here said exactly what you also mean about this silly “man” thing. It’s sad and shallow thoughts to me. I totaly agree with you: a woman doesn’t need desperately a man to be happy. Thank God we are in this century and we can be free to take all the time we want or need to find our true love. Or if it doesn’t happen, there is others ways to be really happy, not only by marriage and children. I absolutely agree. See, I’m divorced too. It was painful, like almost every break-up is, but I’m live and doing fine. And I’m the one who asked for it because I wasn’t happy. So I really don’t think at all you need to have a relationship to be happy. In fact, I know how hard it can be. Marriage is not easy at all. I think some people are too naive and it’s a pity, because the world sells us a lot of illusions about love and this bring us a lot of problems then. So, this is my honest experience of life and my opinion. This is one of the reasons why I understand so well the posture of Jen. Why to have someone just to prove the world you can? She obviously can. Just look at her! But there’s no meaning in be with someone just to have company or to prove you are ok when you want to live truely, as Jen seems to want (and so do I). Love happens or not, you can’t force it, I think. And you can be happy by working, traveling, reading, hanging out with your friends, knowing new interesting people and do whatever makes you feeling good with yourself. Right? :)

  142. 142
    um.. Says:

    @Jill: she is either a controling B or a B that is the reason why her men can’t stick around.

  143. 143
    Jill Says:

    # 140 bet @ 07/16/2009 at 11:40 pm

    Like I said, bet, you don’t have a clue. Sit down and shut up. Go chew holes in your socks or something.

  144. 144
    bet Says:

    Manlisston likely

    you all are chuvinistic pig. all of you dimish women becuase of look and not having a man. That what chuvinistic pig flag.. Women are an object who are owen by man, who just sit and look good for the man. you all sound chuvinistic pig who are women beater live in kentucky.

  145. 145
    um.. Says:

    @bet: Brad dumped Goop and she even said ” I will never be the same ” after that. She also said. It took her a good 4 years to get over it. She is cheater and a liar but she got burned for it.Finally, she settled for the ugly ( a good singer though) rocker with the bad marriage ( he don’t live with them).

  146. 146
    Sally Says:

    I’m not a fake fan of Jen. I see you didn’t understand my last post to you. That’s ok. Let it go. But, please, can you read my last coment to Mimila? Maybe you can understand me better. Jen is my reference of life. She is brave and awesome. I so completly admire her that I couldn’t tell you how much. And I think she is a great and talented actress that deserves to be always recognized (like she already is) and a very beautiful, smart, funny and sensitive woman, whom I like a lot. She is absolutly incredible to me!

  147. 147
    Autumn M Says:


    Yes, something is definitely a miss here with Aniston. Her fans are such hypocrites though, whenever she does have a man, they all say how Jen is so great, Jen is so beautiful and happy, how she’s so hot and can have anyone,etc. When she doesn’t, they say oh it’s because she’s an independent woman, she doesn’t need a man, etc. Then of course they usually blame the guy and say that Jennifer is better off without him when not long before they were praising him. They are full of it.

    Something is wrong with her. Her fans can keep denying it, but a truly stable, wonderful, amazing, incredible person that they all like to make Jen out to be would not be getting dumped like this all the time and having so many problems in their relationships. How come she hasn’t been in a serious relationship since Brad though? hmmm….

    Unstable, selfish, controlling and emotional issues. That’s what i’m thinking.

  148. 148
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @bet: You are certifiable. You really don’t understand do you?
    chau⋅vin⋅ism  [shoh-vuh-niz-uhm] –noun
    1. zealous and aggressive patriotism or blind enthusiasm for military glory.
    2. biased devotion to any group, attitude, or cause.
    If anyone is a chauvinist dear BET, it’s you!

  149. 149
    Sally Says:

    WOW! Am I taken this rigth? I don’t know if I got it, but now you’re attacking Gwyneth Paltrow too? My God, how far is this thing goes? Gwyneth isn’t even part of this thread. I know that Angelina also isn’t a part, but you know, it happens so often that I’m getting used to find the “haters” here, some of fans of Angelina that are constantly trying to attack Jen just because she was married with Brad and blablabla… well, you know all the history. It’s so sick, all of this. Jen is nominated to the Emmy Awards and then you’re so envy and you’re so angry that you seem like babies crying! What does Gwyneth have to do with it? The woman is married for years, as far as I know, and have two kids, let her alone. Neither Jen nor Gwyneth are resumed by the relationships they had with Brad Pitt. For God sake, how more obsessive this can be? Geez!

  150. 150
    Autumn M Says:


    Who on earth would anyone be jealous of Jennifer? A 40 year old woman with no kids, no man, always getting dumped and keeps playing similar roles in movies. Especially not Angie fans like myself would never be jealous. Angie has a wonderful life, countless awards, including an Oscar dear, something Jen will never get. No one’s jealous of JA.

  151. 151
    Sally Says:


    I’m pretty sure Jen can “hold a man” (to use your words). She was with Brad for something like seven years! It’s a huge time, don’t you think? She and Vince were together for what? More than a year? She had long and special relationships. You try to simplify things like love and relationships. You are what… silly, nasty or naive? I don’t know, but I’m sure the life itself will show to you that it’s not that simple at all. Jen is single now, as far as we now, because she wants to be. If she would want to have someone, she would have. You can trust me. But what for? Just to have company? She have good friends, she has her family, she has her job, they seem to be good company enough. And why she would have someone just to prove to you guys that she can? She doesn’t need it at all. Lucky for her, she is more concerned to live truely than to impress anyone. I’m not saying that she doesn’t want to find love. Love is a great thing. But she doesn’t need a fake relationship nor need to be desperate to find a good man. If love will happen, it will be great. It just doesn’t happen yet at this time of her life. But it can happen at anytime, soon or later. How hard can be to understand it?

  152. 152
    Sally Says:

    @Autumn M:
    If your idol have a wonderful life, great for her, great for you. But the point is: if you’re not envy or jealous or obsessive by Jen, why are you still here, in this particular thread? Jared’s post was about Jen and her new movie. And, of course, about Gerald Butler, her co-star, and Jen’s new nomination to Emmy. So why are you so interested in her life that you are wasting so much time here saying all these negative things? I don’t get it. Really. I mean, I know some curiosity is a normal thing, but the time you spent here trying to put Jen down… you could be considered a little sick by these acts, do you know?

  153. 153
    Sally Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    I liked when you said: “Did I use good judgement with the name, maybe not. But I have made my bed and will live with it.” It’s a good point. It’s reasonable that you would want to keep your nickname to keep also your identity here, I can understand it. I liked that you admite you maybe don’t have made a good choice about your nick. It’s a very huge thing to admit our own faults. We’re all humans and make mistakes, after all.

  154. 154
    duhh Says:


  155. 155
    Liz Says:

    I saw there are another Liz here, so let me present myself: I’m the one who loves Jennifer Aniston.
    Like an actress, a woman, a beauty… all this ways. OK?
    I had read the People’s article.
    Gerald was very gentle about her, as usually happens with her co-stars.
    Maybe because she is really down to earth, easy and lovely.
    Maybe. Why not?
    She looks like an amazing person.
    She still have some of the same friends since she wasn’t famous. Did you know that? And they are still very close friends.
    How often do you see this in Hollywood?
    How many people is so rich, sucessfull and worldwide famous and still is a simple person?
    How many people passing thru a twist and public divorce, with all the world watching her most fragile moments, and then turn the page and moving on with such class and dignity?
    Well, not many, I suppose. You need to be very strong and very brave.
    You need to have some kind of great knowledge about life.
    She is awesome – and all these years after the divorce, we can say she is doing great.
    She is still working hard, movie after movie.
    Some of these movies are a huge hit, some aren’t. That’s part of the industry of cinema. No news about it.
    But she can be a golden box office, this for sure.
    And I’m specially glad today about the Emmy nomination.
    Another one, of many she already had.
    She deserves it. Her guest appearance on 30 Rocks was a total hit.
    So funny, sexy and great.
    Congratulations, Jen! You are wonderful.

  156. 156
    jenjen Says:

    @Liz: Mostly it is not because she worth it , it is because nobody wants to mess with her big mouth hens.

  157. 157
    um.. Says:

    @Sally: I hope you know how to read. I was answering to your fellow Jenloon Bet. She said GP is the one who dumped Brad,I explained it for her what the truth is.

  158. 158
    um.. Says:

    She is not the first even the last person to have a public divorce. If brave is like her no woman should be brave. Most woman who had messy divorce with kids didn’t act as half of her.
    Jennifer let herself to be dragged to creat mess. if she wasn’t answering things like she did, things would have been either for her . There are many woman who lead by example when it comes to this matter not Jennifer. Jennifer did everything a woman shouldn’t do when she got at divorce.

  159. 159
    Like a hawk Says:

    NO WORRIES. I am sure Jen has an eye out on her best interests. She doesn’t seem the type to be careless, with her heart. I know she will meet a wonderful man one day who will value her for the person she is. She doesn’t deserve to put up with any nonsense by anyone who doesn’t fully respect and appreciate her. Good for her.

  160. 160
    kola Says:

    woowowowowo i am happy

  161. 161
    mimilala Says:

    @Sally: at #141:

    Totally :)

  162. 162
    huvane fails again Says:

    One classy lady = NOT INTERESTED. Ha ha Gerry wants nothing to do with her. Why would he want Chinnfer when he can get a young hot piece of a**. HAHA I love watching Chinnfer fail.

  163. 163
    dupe Says:

    Of course they are not dating. Every actor wants to be linked to Jennifer Aniston to raise their profile then deny anything. She is being used. Mind you the woman cannot stant next to any male specie without CLINGING to them like her life depended on it. She just cannot stand next to a man without clinging. She did the same with John Mayer at the Oscars and Owen Wilson throughout the promotion of Marley. This woman has issues. The expression on Gerard’s face says it all. Jennifer Aniston is not his type.

  164. 164
    Maria Says:

    My God! They would be a beautiful couple!!!

  165. 165
    Lucy Says:

    @huvane fails again:

    You said: “HAHA I love watching Chinnfer fail.”

    I said: First, this stupid nickname – Chinnefer. A so beautiful and charming woman and you really believe you’ll convince us with this silly thing? Foolish. And where is the fail thing you mentioned? I can’t see. I swear. She had two sucessfull movies on the big screens, just a few months ago. She also had just make another really interesting movie, The Baster. And Love Happens is coming up to theathers on next september. Now, you probably know, she is filming The Bounty. And yesterday, she was nominated for an Emmy. So, babe, she looks pretty busy and sucessfull to me. Not the fail thing you said. And finally, about the worst part of your comment, when you said you love to watch her (suppose) fail… it’s so sick! You need a shrink or another doctor urgently. Go quickly to find some help, maybe it’s still time for it. Maybe. How ill, nasty, cruel and fool you are.

  166. 166
    Lucy Says:

    @Like a hawk: Great comment!

  167. 167
    dp Says:

    awww congrats Jen.
    Gerry is the latest in a long line of a ppl who confirm what others who (actually know her!) have said about Jen – it’s nice to know this women lacks pretension despite being one of the highest earning HW actresses. i know it would go to my head.

    and an emmy nomination! – expected. it was pretty fricking hilarious the 30 rock appearance.

    so now she’s got tv, film, directing, and popularity awards/nominations under her belt – a true all rounder.

    i’m actually really excited to see this movie. i’m equally impressed with Gerry – he goes from 300 to Rock n Rolla to this. cool.

  168. 168
    dp Says:


    god there is NOTHING wrong with TV – this isn’t the 50s!

    some of the most exciting stuff happens on tv content, and I personally think it’s a LOT harder to pull of a successful tv show than some 2hr movie.
    Also, some of the richest celebrities in HW have their origins in TV.

    saying people should just stick to TV is elitist and just plain dumb. are you trying to tell me the twilight crew are better actors just because their in the movies?

    good lord.

  169. 169
    dp Says:


    yeah you’re right – she is not the first nor the last. but i have never seen this level of public discussion on a divorce for any other Public divorce in history.

    and for some reason Jen’s the one who’s dragging this on? give me a break. the media is doing this all on their own – Jen has always stated the exact opposite of the ‘woe is me’ drivel that the tabloids and the media spew every goddmn week.
    I mean did you look at what or how JJ writes on some of his posts or even at e! online? – it’s deliberate baiting a polarizing discussion on their forums. this is an angle that sells and continues to sell after 5 yrs – JA and her publicists are doing nothing to spur this on.

  170. 170
    dp Says:

    @Autumn M:

    versus other women in HW who have had long standing realationships that survived? there aren’t that many.

  171. 171
    dp Says:


    conspiracy theorist much. maybe the same words are used because they are TRUE?

  172. 172
    K.G. Says:

    I respect the haters opinions but JA is far from box office bomb. Nicole Kidman is that, Jen isn’t. I mean every actors has bombs. Brad’s Babel bombed at the Box office, so did Angie’s A mighty Heart, and so did JA’s Management. But JA had 2 big hits this year, Marely & me and He’s just not into You. But the haters can’t give her credit, and once she has one movie, which wasn’t even released worldwide, bombs they say all of her movies bomb at the BO, sad.

  173. 173
    dp Says:


    yeah Sally, you should listen to Jill – if anyone should know the history she would – as a non-fan and a bonafide hater who spends more time here than on her idol’s threads has been through this ALL since the dawn of time. such dedication on her part. although Jill’s frequency is waning – could it be that being a hater is losing it’s appear after half-a-decade of doing it. has the hate-Jen romance fizzled??

    of course Jill failed to mentioned that prior to the B.O. comparisons, every Jolie/Pitt worshipper played the ‘Jolie is heads and shoulders above Aniston in EVERY way’ card ALL the time and that Jolie is an internation BOX OFFICE star, has the ear of executives. Aniston is a NOBODY – blah blah.

    that’s when us fans compared the box office numbers to show that Jen’s not some nobody, and Jolie ain’t some major Box Office star who’s mere name guarrantees some box office bonanza- AMH and Changeling proved it.
    Yeah Changeling got it’s money back but it’s a Clint Eastwood flick! – it should have had MUCH better numbers. Did you see how well Grand Torino did? (the movied didn’t have the oh so great ‘box office queen’ Miss Jolie).
    We fans were just dispelling all the freaking hyperbole these Jolie fans dabble in all the freaking time.


  174. 174
    K.G. Says:


  175. 175
    lilyrose Says:

    I’m still suspicious of the denials. I think it’s a ‘wait and see’ on this one.

  176. 176
    Leah Says:

    #175 I totally agree.

    Too many denials. I remember when the Cameron Diaz thing kicked off, Gerry was none too quick to defend that. I felt very sorry for Cameron as it came at the same time as her father’s death. The last thing she needed was the GB fans calling all the names under the sun and the press reports. Admittedly he was taken out of context when he did eventually said something, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t speak up sooner.

    Actually I don’t think he ‘actually’ said he wasn’t dating Jen or ruled it out once filming had finished, just that that the reports annoyed him. As for joking ‘we so in love…’, well, that’s how it can easily start!!!!

  177. 177
    stinkylouise Says:

    When Gerard goes on a nationally syndicated talk show, and announces to the world that he enjoys rubbing up against models,you can pretty much forget his being even remotely interested in Aniston.
    His regular attendance at fashion shows and subsequent after-parties is proof of his keen “interest ” in models. He dated 2 that we know of. There are probably more. I’m sure it’s the reason he has a place in NY. The city is crawling with models.
    He denied it on all the red carpet interviews and even before filming started.I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to date. I’m willing to wager my future first-born that it ain’t happening.

  178. 178
    My Opinion Says:

    I wonder what conversations he would have with models who are not usually known for being intellectually proned. I listened again some of the interviews he gave for POTO and Dear Frankie. He sounded much more insightful and thoughtful back then. Even his sentence patterns and vocabulary were better. I am no snob and this is just my observation.

  179. 179
    Sally Says:

    It’s just another rumor, guys. Last week she was dating Bradley Cooper, according the tabs, blogs and sites. Everytime, they want to get her a new boyfriend, just to sell magazines and get attention (and clicks) for the websites. Why we have to waste so much time thinking about a thing that they both already denied? They seem pretty good friends, gentle, affective and respectful with each other, and also co-stars in the “The Bounty”. Just it. At least, as far as we know. The rest is just gossip and imagination. Let’s move on about this subject? They would be a gorgeous couple, I agree, but I’m sure they will be an awesome pair on the screens, what is enough for their fans. If things change in the future, we’ll know it. So far, it’s just it. OK? :)

  180. 180



    GO GET A LIFE!!!

  181. 181
    curious cat Says:

    @#178 My Opinion

    Good comment there. I too feel there is a change in his speaking. The Scottish accent seems to be less pronounced and I recall hearing him start a sentence once in recent months with, “I’m like, totally….” Valley speak, for God’s sake. I also think I hear him using more American-style slang and colloquialisms. Maybe it’s the result of so much time spent in L.A. Not to mention hanging around with young models. ; )

  182. 182
    joy Says:

    To #17 – Get over yourself! Not every woman wants kids, nor does every man, but no one jump’s on a man for it. A woman should not bring a child into the world or have a relationship to feel fulfilled in life that would be a huge injustice to the other party. A woman should be fulfilled in her own body and soul before venturing out on those very permanent life changes, both physically and mentally. I’m 23 and although I love children, my nieces and nephews, and so on, I still have no desire to have children of my own and that is not wrong.

  183. 183
    * Julie * Says:

    @JUST WONDERING!: To # 182. Wow, calm down. This was very rude, dude. Why you are so angry with them? It’s a free country. Let everyone here express their opinion and posted how many times would want to. I bet Jared is not bothered. Why are you?

  184. 184
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    She looks nice!

  185. 185
    LEILA Says:


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