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Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!

Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!

Gerard Butler is debunking rumors and telling the world that his Bounty costar Jennifer Aniston is just a friend and nothing more. Gerry, 39, tells People:

On the rumors that he’s romancing Aniston: “That is just annoying. People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day. “I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous.”

On Aniston’s character: “She is one classy lady. Everyday I go to work with her I’m always surprised about how cool, easy and down to earth and real she is.”

On working with Aniston: “I’m in New York right now filming and I’m in heaven. I can’t always say that about movies, but to be filming this romantic comedy with Jennifer and a story that made my side split when I read it – I’m lucky. I’m happy as a pig in s—, as they say.”

This morning, Jen was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on NBC’s 30 Rock. Congrats, Jen!

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185 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!”

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  1. 26
    anne marie Says:


    It’s the talented actors that can cross over between film and TV. Look at Shirley MacLaine who just received an Emmy nomination also. Look at Felicity Huffman who received an Oscar nom and is also on TV. People in the business do not look down on TV actors because so many of them cross over to film. So your remark is really not very smart.

  2. 27
    ha Says:

    she’s starting to look like the middle age soccer moms I see at my games. heavier, orange-er, drunker … the onl difference is she’s not married to the couch and she doesn’t have the 15 year old kid most do at her age.

  3. 28
    karen Says:

    OMG people let this go …The man has said loud and clear they are NOT TOGETHER… all this stuff about how cute they would look as a couple sounds like teen agers. Come on the woman is 40 years old not 18. How many other 40 year old women have there love life open like this for display. Stop acting like Jennifer Aniston is a cute kid. Damn no wonder men are running like water down a hill. Who wants to deal with this kind of crap.. Well obviously Gerard and Bradley both are saying NO.. Jennifer may be happy being single.. good for her.. but please stop acting like she is a princess in fairy tale waiting for the prince to rescue her..

    This is why so many people find her a loser and pathetic. Everything about her work is second to her love life.. But say what you want.. this is the Karma her fans say is coming Angie/Brads way.

    Play the victim and you live a victim life.. This is the bed she and her fans have made for her.. NOW how does she get out of it.. YEAH UNCOOL HUH JEN..

  4. 29
    bwah Says:

    @anne marie: lol Aniston used Brad Pitt cheating on her to get those roles. Why else would she continue the pity party for so long? any normal talented actress would move on and never mention the ex because she would know that her talent and her talent ALONE would carry her. Not aniston’s case.

  5. 30
    anne marie Says:

    I’m really glad JJ posted these quotes from Gerard. It just shows that anytime Jen is with a guy, they’re automatically dating. And Jennifer and Bradley Cooper were not daing, they are just FRIENDS. It’s gotten to the point where FRIENDS can’t even be seen having dinner together without the tabs automatically saying they’re dating. Also this nomination Jennifer just received is her 6th Emmy nom! If she wins this one she will have a great pair of bookends!

  6. 31
    Topdog Says:

    they would make a cute couple. Gerard Butler seems like a whole better guy for Jennifer Aniston than John Meyer.

  7. 32
    maymarie Says:


    There is cancer in everything these days
    we can’t stop living
    I can see the water but the food

    we may as well roll over now
    Its in the soil the tap water the food the meat
    Birth control and god only knows what else

  8. 33
    anne marie Says:

    @bwah: Jen can mention her ex at any time because she was with him for 7 years. She has the right. But she only does it with humor. And if she got all those early roles because of Brad, how is she still getting roles in the last 3 years even though they haven’t been married for 4 years now. Next thing you’re going to say is that Brad got Jennifer her latest Emmy nomination for her guest spot on 30 Rock. LOL!!!

  9. 34
    good for GB Says:

    I thought GB’s statement is very well thought out, polite and yet firmly denying rumors. He also gave her a lot of compliments which are very smart for GB. Good move on GB’s part.
    For once GB talks like a mature grown-up. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of his. It’s just sometimes he talks without giving enough thought about what he is talking about.
    With proper training anyone can talk like a good diplomat.

  10. 35
    Sally Says:

    With all my sincerely respect, your father can be a great father and I’m sure he has the best intention when he said it, but his opinion seems a little old fashioned to me. I mean, marriage can be a great thing for sure, but can be very, very hard too. So the most important thing doesn’t seem to get married as soon as possible and have your kids, but first of all, to have someone in your life that makes you believe that this is a good choice. A person that you really love and want to share your happy and sad moments. A person you believe will be a good hysband and a good father, if you want children. If you would be a so hurry up person to get married, believe me, the chance you make a mistake and think you’ve found the rigth person is huge. When you are looking for it as an essencial thing to be happy, you can think you’ve found because you want it so hard. Do you understand my point? I don’t know how old are you. I’m 29 and I already did this mistake before, when I was younger. I mean, looking for love so hard that I thought I found it in the wrong ways. So I’m saying by my own experience and giving you my opinion. This is why I believe that Jen isn’t desperate at all by finding love. It will happen in the right moment, if you don’t close close your heart. I don’t think she closed hers. And I don’t want to be rude with you from anyway, so sorry if it have looked like it sometime in my comment. I just want to give you my opinion. And I really hope you don’t get me wrong, ok? I hope you can think about it. ;)

  11. 36
    Sally Says:

    Maybe they just denial because it’s not true, dear. The “disease” part is fruit of your fertile imagination and nasty words, not his. Actually, Gerry was very gentle about Jen as a person and about work with her too.


    About the tv thing… she have already proved she can be great on big screens too. She just rocks the theathers a few months ago with a big hit, and it’s not the first time she is complimented by her work as a movie star. Then I’m sorry but I think you’re mistaken. Of course you can still have your opinion, but it’s just a opinion, not the facts at all. So…

  12. 37
    Sally Says:

    To you maybe not, Teresa. But I think the audience, the critics, the Emmy, the Golden Globe and other awards seem to disagree with you. And so I’m. Sorry.

  13. 38
    Sally Says:


    You pic a word and put out the context just to be nasty (#19). Do you think we didn’t read the complete People’s article? Silly of you. Do you think it’s a good thing to distorce things like this even when we all know what is the true? Maybe you should to work in some trash tab. You seem to have talent for it.

  14. 39
    Sally Says:


    You can be boh, do you know? I real good and talented actress can be good on tb and ob big screens too.

  15. 40
    Sally Says:

    @anne marie:

    Very well said (#26). I always like your comments. It all seems very reasonable and sensible to me.

  16. 41
    Sally Says:

    @anne marie:

    Another really good point (#33).

  17. 42
    bwah Says:

    @anne marie: yes, she can mention him but it only fuels the flames and makes her look pathetic. The man left and went on to build a home with another woman really fast. Any woman who can get on with her talent alone would keep it real. Why would she want to look like she’s pining over a cheater who has a million kids now? really. i never believed the tabloid stories about her pining over him because I believe Brad Pitt’s Pr people want her to look pathetic to make him look more desirable. To me he’s a douche bag.

  18. 43
    Sally Says:

    Sorry you all about my comment # 39. I wanted to say:

    You can be both, do you know? A real good and talented actress can be good on tv and on big screens too.

    Now this is correct. Sorry by my spelling mistakes. I had a problem here. :)

  19. 44
    bwah Says:

    To answer the rest of you comment… she’s till playing the pity card. I would love to see her show the tabloids by finding a man who is not in showbiz or really hooking up with Bradley Cooper. I think they would make a good couple and it would be good for both careers. Anything to make her look less pathetic and like she’s STILL using her divorce for attention is good by me. I think Pitt needs her pity party more than she does because it made him look like some stud that could cheat on a woman , move on, have a million kids, and still have the ex in the palm of his hands. It was really good for his career , too. TBH. before their divorce he was doing cheesy movie like oceans 13 and troy… his career has obviously only gotten better off the backs of his ex and baby momma.

  20. 45
    fresh Says:

    i wish her all the best. she’ll find happyness eventually—when its right.

  21. 46
    me Says:

    Happily talking to a guy? Wow, that sounds serious. So, two attractive and very single men vehemently deny they are dating Aniston. That is probably embarassing for her.

  22. 47


  23. 48
    me Says:


    You are right, but not everyone wants kids. The women I know who never had kids were very self-centered, which is fine if one is childless. If she doesn’t want kids, thank goodness she realizes this and hasn’t had them.

  24. 49
    mary Says:

    mslewis, an award for your work should never be an embarrassment. Jen was great on 30 Rock! Sheis beautiful inside and out! Go JEN!

  25. 50
    Jordan Says:

    Jennifer is like fine wine!

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