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Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!

Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston: Just Friends!

Gerard Butler is debunking rumors and telling the world that his Bounty costar Jennifer Aniston is just a friend and nothing more. Gerry, 39, tells People:

On the rumors that he’s romancing Aniston: “That is just annoying. People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day. “I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous.”

On Aniston’s character: “She is one classy lady. Everyday I go to work with her I’m always surprised about how cool, easy and down to earth and real she is.”

On working with Aniston: “I’m in New York right now filming and I’m in heaven. I can’t always say that about movies, but to be filming this romantic comedy with Jennifer and a story that made my side split when I read it – I’m lucky. I’m happy as a pig in s—, as they say.”

This morning, Jen was nominated for an Emmy Award in the category of Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on NBC’s 30 Rock. Congrats, Jen!

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  • Sally


    I’m pretty sure Jen can “hold a man” (to use your words). She was with Brad for something like seven years! It’s a huge time, don’t you think? She and Vince were together for what? More than a year? She had long and special relationships. You try to simplify things like love and relationships. You are what… silly, nasty or naive? I don’t know, but I’m sure the life itself will show to you that it’s not that simple at all. Jen is single now, as far as we now, because she wants to be. If she would want to have someone, she would have. You can trust me. But what for? Just to have company? She have good friends, she has her family, she has her job, they seem to be good company enough. And why she would have someone just to prove to you guys that she can? She doesn’t need it at all. Lucky for her, she is more concerned to live truely than to impress anyone. I’m not saying that she doesn’t want to find love. Love is a great thing. But she doesn’t need a fake relationship nor need to be desperate to find a good man. If love will happen, it will be great. It just doesn’t happen yet at this time of her life. But it can happen at anytime, soon or later. How hard can be to understand it?

  • Sally

    @Autumn M:
    If your idol have a wonderful life, great for her, great for you. But the point is: if you’re not envy or jealous or obsessive by Jen, why are you still here, in this particular thread? Jared’s post was about Jen and her new movie. And, of course, about Gerald Butler, her co-star, and Jen’s new nomination to Emmy. So why are you so interested in her life that you are wasting so much time here saying all these negative things? I don’t get it. Really. I mean, I know some curiosity is a normal thing, but the time you spent here trying to put Jen down… you could be considered a little sick by these acts, do you know?

  • Sally

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    I liked when you said: “Did I use good judgement with the name, maybe not. But I have made my bed and will live with it.” It’s a good point. It’s reasonable that you would want to keep your nickname to keep also your identity here, I can understand it. I liked that you admite you maybe don’t have made a good choice about your nick. It’s a very huge thing to admit our own faults. We’re all humans and make mistakes, after all.

  • duhh


  • Liz

    I saw there are another Liz here, so let me present myself: I’m the one who loves Jennifer Aniston.
    Like an actress, a woman, a beauty… all this ways. OK?
    I had read the People’s article.
    Gerald was very gentle about her, as usually happens with her co-stars.
    Maybe because she is really down to earth, easy and lovely.
    Maybe. Why not?
    She looks like an amazing person.
    She still have some of the same friends since she wasn’t famous. Did you know that? And they are still very close friends.
    How often do you see this in Hollywood?
    How many people is so rich, sucessfull and worldwide famous and still is a simple person?
    How many people passing thru a twist and public divorce, with all the world watching her most fragile moments, and then turn the page and moving on with such class and dignity?
    Well, not many, I suppose. You need to be very strong and very brave.
    You need to have some kind of great knowledge about life.
    She is awesome – and all these years after the divorce, we can say she is doing great.
    She is still working hard, movie after movie.
    Some of these movies are a huge hit, some aren’t. That’s part of the industry of cinema. No news about it.
    But she can be a golden box office, this for sure.
    And I’m specially glad today about the Emmy nomination.
    Another one, of many she already had.
    She deserves it. Her guest appearance on 30 Rocks was a total hit.
    So funny, sexy and great.
    Congratulations, Jen! You are wonderful.

  • jenjen

    @Liz: Mostly it is not because she worth it , it is because nobody wants to mess with her big mouth hens.

  • um..

    @Sally: I hope you know how to read. I was answering to your fellow Jenloon Bet. She said GP is the one who dumped Brad,I explained it for her what the truth is.

  • um..

    She is not the first even the last person to have a public divorce. If brave is like her no woman should be brave. Most woman who had messy divorce with kids didn’t act as half of her.
    Jennifer let herself to be dragged to creat mess. if she wasn’t answering things like she did, things would have been either for her . There are many woman who lead by example when it comes to this matter not Jennifer. Jennifer did everything a woman shouldn’t do when she got at divorce.

  • Like a hawk

    NO WORRIES. I am sure Jen has an eye out on her best interests. She doesn’t seem the type to be careless, with her heart. I know she will meet a wonderful man one day who will value her for the person she is. She doesn’t deserve to put up with any nonsense by anyone who doesn’t fully respect and appreciate her. Good for her.

  • kola

    woowowowowo i am happy

  • mimilala

    @Sally: at #141:

    Totally :)

  • huvane fails again

    One classy lady = NOT INTERESTED. Ha ha Gerry wants nothing to do with her. Why would he want Chinnfer when he can get a young hot piece of a**. HAHA I love watching Chinnfer fail.

  • dupe

    Of course they are not dating. Every actor wants to be linked to Jennifer Aniston to raise their profile then deny anything. She is being used. Mind you the woman cannot stant next to any male specie without CLINGING to them like her life depended on it. She just cannot stand next to a man without clinging. She did the same with John Mayer at the Oscars and Owen Wilson throughout the promotion of Marley. This woman has issues. The expression on Gerard’s face says it all. Jennifer Aniston is not his type.

  • Maria

    My God! They would be a beautiful couple!!!

  • Lucy

    @huvane fails again:

    You said: “HAHA I love watching Chinnfer fail.”

    I said: First, this stupid nickname – Chinnefer. A so beautiful and charming woman and you really believe you’ll convince us with this silly thing? Foolish. And where is the fail thing you mentioned? I can’t see. I swear. She had two sucessfull movies on the big screens, just a few months ago. She also had just make another really interesting movie, The Baster. And Love Happens is coming up to theathers on next september. Now, you probably know, she is filming The Bounty. And yesterday, she was nominated for an Emmy. So, babe, she looks pretty busy and sucessfull to me. Not the fail thing you said. And finally, about the worst part of your comment, when you said you love to watch her (suppose) fail… it’s so sick! You need a shrink or another doctor urgently. Go quickly to find some help, maybe it’s still time for it. Maybe. How ill, nasty, cruel and fool you are.

  • Lucy

    @Like a hawk: Great comment!

  • dp

    awww congrats Jen.
    Gerry is the latest in a long line of a ppl who confirm what others who (actually know her!) have said about Jen – it’s nice to know this women lacks pretension despite being one of the highest earning HW actresses. i know it would go to my head.

    and an emmy nomination! – expected. it was pretty fricking hilarious the 30 rock appearance.

    so now she’s got tv, film, directing, and popularity awards/nominations under her belt – a true all rounder.

    i’m actually really excited to see this movie. i’m equally impressed with Gerry – he goes from 300 to Rock n Rolla to this. cool.

  • dp


    god there is NOTHING wrong with TV – this isn’t the 50s!

    some of the most exciting stuff happens on tv content, and I personally think it’s a LOT harder to pull of a successful tv show than some 2hr movie.
    Also, some of the richest celebrities in HW have their origins in TV.

    saying people should just stick to TV is elitist and just plain dumb. are you trying to tell me the twilight crew are better actors just because their in the movies?

    good lord.

  • dp


    yeah you’re right – she is not the first nor the last. but i have never seen this level of public discussion on a divorce for any other Public divorce in history.

    and for some reason Jen’s the one who’s dragging this on? give me a break. the media is doing this all on their own – Jen has always stated the exact opposite of the ‘woe is me’ drivel that the tabloids and the media spew every goddmn week.
    I mean did you look at what or how JJ writes on some of his posts or even at e! online? – it’s deliberate baiting a polarizing discussion on their forums. this is an angle that sells and continues to sell after 5 yrs – JA and her publicists are doing nothing to spur this on.

  • dp

    @Autumn M:

    versus other women in HW who have had long standing realationships that survived? there aren’t that many.

  • dp


    conspiracy theorist much. maybe the same words are used because they are TRUE?

  • K.G.

    I respect the haters opinions but JA is far from box office bomb. Nicole Kidman is that, Jen isn’t. I mean every actors has bombs. Brad’s Babel bombed at the Box office, so did Angie’s A mighty Heart, and so did JA’s Management. But JA had 2 big hits this year, Marely & me and He’s just not into You. But the haters can’t give her credit, and once she has one movie, which wasn’t even released worldwide, bombs they say all of her movies bomb at the BO, sad.

  • dp


    yeah Sally, you should listen to Jill – if anyone should know the history she would – as a non-fan and a bonafide hater who spends more time here than on her idol’s threads has been through this ALL since the dawn of time. such dedication on her part. although Jill’s frequency is waning – could it be that being a hater is losing it’s appear after half-a-decade of doing it. has the hate-Jen romance fizzled??

    of course Jill failed to mentioned that prior to the B.O. comparisons, every Jolie/Pitt worshipper played the ‘Jolie is heads and shoulders above Aniston in EVERY way’ card ALL the time and that Jolie is an internation BOX OFFICE star, has the ear of executives. Aniston is a NOBODY – blah blah.

    that’s when us fans compared the box office numbers to show that Jen’s not some nobody, and Jolie ain’t some major Box Office star who’s mere name guarrantees some box office bonanza- AMH and Changeling proved it.
    Yeah Changeling got it’s money back but it’s a Clint Eastwood flick! – it should have had MUCH better numbers. Did you see how well Grand Torino did? (the movied didn’t have the oh so great ‘box office queen’ Miss Jolie).
    We fans were just dispelling all the freaking hyperbole these Jolie fans dabble in all the freaking time.


  • K.G.


  • lilyrose

    I’m still suspicious of the denials. I think it’s a ‘wait and see’ on this one.

  • Leah

    #175 I totally agree.

    Too many denials. I remember when the Cameron Diaz thing kicked off, Gerry was none too quick to defend that. I felt very sorry for Cameron as it came at the same time as her father’s death. The last thing she needed was the GB fans calling all the names under the sun and the press reports. Admittedly he was taken out of context when he did eventually said something, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t speak up sooner.

    Actually I don’t think he ‘actually’ said he wasn’t dating Jen or ruled it out once filming had finished, just that that the reports annoyed him. As for joking ‘we so in love…’, well, that’s how it can easily start!!!!

  • stinkylouise

    When Gerard goes on a nationally syndicated talk show, and announces to the world that he enjoys rubbing up against models,you can pretty much forget his being even remotely interested in Aniston.
    His regular attendance at fashion shows and subsequent after-parties is proof of his keen “interest ” in models. He dated 2 that we know of. There are probably more. I’m sure it’s the reason he has a place in NY. The city is crawling with models.
    He denied it on all the red carpet interviews and even before filming started.I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to date. I’m willing to wager my future first-born that it ain’t happening.

  • My Opinion

    I wonder what conversations he would have with models who are not usually known for being intellectually proned. I listened again some of the interviews he gave for POTO and Dear Frankie. He sounded much more insightful and thoughtful back then. Even his sentence patterns and vocabulary were better. I am no snob and this is just my observation.

  • Sally

    It’s just another rumor, guys. Last week she was dating Bradley Cooper, according the tabs, blogs and sites. Everytime, they want to get her a new boyfriend, just to sell magazines and get attention (and clicks) for the websites. Why we have to waste so much time thinking about a thing that they both already denied? They seem pretty good friends, gentle, affective and respectful with each other, and also co-stars in the “The Bounty”. Just it. At least, as far as we know. The rest is just gossip and imagination. Let’s move on about this subject? They would be a gorgeous couple, I agree, but I’m sure they will be an awesome pair on the screens, what is enough for their fans. If things change in the future, we’ll know it. So far, it’s just it. OK? :)




    GO GET A LIFE!!!

  • curious cat

    @#178 My Opinion

    Good comment there. I too feel there is a change in his speaking. The Scottish accent seems to be less pronounced and I recall hearing him start a sentence once in recent months with, “I’m like, totally….” Valley speak, for God’s sake. I also think I hear him using more American-style slang and colloquialisms. Maybe it’s the result of so much time spent in L.A. Not to mention hanging around with young models. ; )

  • joy

    To #17 – Get over yourself! Not every woman wants kids, nor does every man, but no one jump’s on a man for it. A woman should not bring a child into the world or have a relationship to feel fulfilled in life that would be a huge injustice to the other party. A woman should be fulfilled in her own body and soul before venturing out on those very permanent life changes, both physically and mentally. I’m 23 and although I love children, my nieces and nephews, and so on, I still have no desire to have children of my own and that is not wrong.

  • * Julie *

    @JUST WONDERING!: To # 182. Wow, calm down. This was very rude, dude. Why you are so angry with them? It’s a free country. Let everyone here express their opinion and posted how many times would want to. I bet Jared is not bothered. Why are you?

  • Suppress your appetite

    She looks nice!