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Rachel Bilson: Phillip Lim Lover

Rachel Bilson: Phillip Lim Lover

Host Rachel Bilson totes around the Longchamp “Legende” clutch and rubs shoulders with Heroes actress Kristen Bell at Vogue‘s 1-year anniversary party for 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s L.A. store held at Phillip‘s West Hollywood store on Wednesday (July 15).

At the event, Phillip‘s fave band The Duke Spirit performed. You can follow them on Twitter @dukespirit.

Also pictured below: Vogue‘s senior west coast editor Lisa Love, who you might recognize from The Hills.

FYI: No cause for alarm but Rachel was not wearing her engagement ring (she didn’t wear it to the MET Gala either). Rachel was last spotted wearing the ring one week ago.

15+ pictures inside of Phillip Lim lover Rachel Bilson

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Photos: John Shearer/Getty
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  • Kenzie

    she is not wearing her ring…

  • Kenzie

    she isn’t wearing her ring…

  • mary

    Which picture do you see (or not see it) in?


    rachel looks pretty.

  • lexie

    Rachel and Vogue hosted the event for Phillip Lim.

    PS: She didn’t wear the ring to the Met Gala either.

  • viper

    she looks like some Saturday night fever disco queen god please someone show this woman what era she lives like 1970′s and that disco is dead..

  • shana

    who seriously wears this crap??? It’s hidious…I don’t care how fashion foward you are!!!

  • jeezzum

    And the MEDIA-HO resurface again and what again?!

  • Gasol_fan16

    WTF does she got on?! It looks like something from Studio 54 disco dancing queen. Or, is she is trying to say her tribute to Michael Jackson? LOL! Not a good look and she has cut her hair?!! Her hair is the best thing going for her and she’s got those fugly red highlights in her hair again! That does not look good. No! She is not wearing the rock. More media games b/c she has been out of the spotlight so long. She wants to be so much like Natalie. The fact that Natalie is Zac Posen;s muse and loves to use her for his designs. Rachel sports Zac Posen a lot. She nabbed on to Hayden too. Natalie was Hayden’s first love interest in SW. You can tell Rachel wants to be Natalie and a total Natalie wannabe and looks like a cheap model of it! LOL!

  • trevise

    Dear Jared Bloggers/Readers,


    Rachel Bilson

  • Gasol_fan16

    I should say Rachel’s outfit looks a cross between 70′s retro disco dancing queen, studio 54, Michael Jackson to the Mario Brother’s. She does the Mario Brother’s proud! Yes it does! LOL! Be aware of more Rachy about with and without the ring. Notice she is hiding her wedding ring finger in her flammable disco shorts? She loves to amuse and play media games. Pathetic!

  • mary

    i realized Rachel always looks the same, she hasn’t changed at all for like.. a year.

  • mertz

    i love kristen bell (lol even though i’ve never watched heroes ever). she’s funny and hahah has problems cooking with an iron chef.

    lol gasol fan. before i read your comments i was looking at her, because she kinda manges to pull this off, and thinking i never thought i would see an up down gold lameh look ever again…pale gold. atleast it’s better than that gold marc jacobs dress kate moss wore to the met gala. ugh. why do people still insist in dressing like this. are you kidding me. lameh (no accent for the e :() why why why. the black top she’s wearing is what’s interesting.

  • Gasol_fan16

    The back top is okay. I can go for that totally. Not the shorts! No way!! actually Kristen Bell is dressed bad too. It must be the worst best in costume night, LOL! The goth look would have been better then the disco vibe. JIMPO though,

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @ 1 & 2
    Of course the so-called rock will be “missing in action” from time to time. The last time that Barkson (deliberately) put it off, it garnered again more hits from her JJ thread focusing on the debate on why she’s not wearing that rock thing.
    And this time, its bound to be a “recycled” stunt. As I’ve always been stated before, there’s “n-o-t-h-i-n-g” left to be talked about her &/or her boytoy but solely their so-called engagement stuff. So its still better than nothing for another media frenzy.

  • ocsethummer

    Rachel will not be happy that Michael Jackson’s death will be taking up media attention, there have been other weddings over the last few weeks from celebrity couples that would take the major attention away from her. Megan Fox has been over most websites so Rachel will be trying to create speculation once again to get major hits. The hand in the pocket pose not normally her style, she usually sticks to left hand on hip, purse in right.

  • vi 1004

    rachel is so pretty!
    and i love her outfit !!!!

  • juniper

    Yap the HO-Bag is back!!!
    So expect another nonsense & ridiculous round or weekend full of photo-opps again from her.
    She’s an A-Lister on that note.

  • UrbanCowboy

    M.C. Hammer wear is making a come back.

  • voice of reason

    I’m not liking the outfit at all but at least I was right that she would make an apperance for the first time in weeks.

  • MLC

    overrated. when is she going to disappear for good?

  • stranger

    i like what bilson’s wearing n her POSE

  • deraj tsuj

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , boyish girls are not hot…they look desperate for attention

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Why all the hate?

    I fully understand that one can not appreciate a particular celebrity and find them either talentless, ugly, rotten personality-wise or a combination of these. Even I find the fact that Rachel Bilson can’t get a job except through her established connections and seemingly has a career based on photo ops quite ridiculous, but it seems the hate against her on this website is quite rampant and vicious.

    Sure Rachel isn’t the most famous/relevant celebrity out there, but she’s also far from the least. And as far as I know, apart from being addicted to fame and papparazzi (and she’s far from the only celebrity that is) she hasn’t really done anything to bother anyone has it?

    And then there’s all this vicious rivalry between Rachel fans and Natalie Portman fans…Why? I know Rachel made one comment at one point in which she mentioned Natalie Portman but come on! Or is it because of Hayden C. and who you think he should date? Why don’t you let the people involved decide who they want to date? Why can’t one person appreciate both Rachel and Natalie? Why must it be one against the other? In any case I’m pretty sure Rachel and Natalie are both blissfully unaware of this supposed rivalry between them and their fans.

    Anyway if someone can tell me lucidly why there is such hate against Rachel Bilson with other arguments than “she’s a Ho-bag” or “she’s fugly”, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  • ?

    that wasn’t from a week ago ! the ring was last seen on 11 june. what are you trying to protect !

  • emmaa

    You people have no frikken idea. Her outfit is great. Perhaps the purse doesn’t match so match but yea…

  • searlus

    @ 15 – there’s “n-o-t-h-i-n-g” left to be talked about her &/or her boytoy but solely their so-called engagement stuff..

    Well how about another (over-hype) burglary news again?! I think it’ll be more “catchy”. And this time around, it’ll be all about her freebies that she got from La Coste on her recent trip to Paris; being as an official freeloader… err… professed fiancé of that stoned-looking Manakin huh?! And “him” finally having the guts to go onto it just when he’s promoting something &/or after more than 2 long years – hmm… in this signs of time / desperate measures … they just keep on trying & trying – lol!

  • mertz

    ahahaha gasol fan. i love kristen bell, but i am a big fashion b*tch, and i didn’t have the heart to say her outfit is not working for her :( gosh. i am WAY glad that you said it and said it first. geez. i should have said that. i wanted to get it off my chest.

  • meh

    I love Phillip Lim! His clothes are amazing.

  • meh

    ooh and i love kristen’s dress

  • william

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  • whizbang

    E. Watson’s Version:

    ON CELEB FASHION BRANDS: Unlike many of her famous peers, Watson says she has no plans to do her own line. “I’m really not interested in doing it for my own ego. I’m not a designer,” she says matter-of-factly……….
    Well thats coming from who’s effortlessly worthy…

  • whizbang

    And R, BilPooo’s Version:

    “I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity,” The 26-year-old Jumper star said. @ I WANT THE LINE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.” – Really?!?!

    So take your pick folks LOL

  • sharon

    Good one Gasol …she been hiding out and surfaces with this outfit, Maybe with those (cough) shorts she parachuted herself from wherever she come hiding from or maybe she got her a job working in Vegas as has been entertainer because believe me I grew up in the 80′s and that outfit would make the worst dressed list.

  • whizbang

    And R, BilPooo’s Version:

    “I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity,” The 26-year-old Jumper star said. @ I WANT THE LINE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.”(justjaredt/rachel-bilson-edie-rose-macys) – Really?!?!

    So take your pick folks LOL

  • william

    HI HERE!!!! Tell you a secret. All of us know Michael Jackson has passed away. BUT Someone saw Michael Jackson’s wife on *******Cougar**********She was dating with other rich men….Go there NOW and maybe you can meet her on that site!

  • emmarose

    Seriously that outfit is AWFUL, wonder why she doesnt wear her engagement ring to public events

  • Anakin


    I see you’re at it again, Raven, too funny!

  • sharon

    Rember this outfit that she was also hosting ….seems Rachel needs a fashion intervention soon.

  • tina

    Midgety Bilson with her meaningless desperate appearances; no taste, no talent, no intellect.

  • megan fox

    Rachel is HOT… always preferred Summer to Marissa! And The Duke Spirit sounds like Sonic Youth!

  • gilmorie

    She’s always been into all those “dead yet multi-talented people” – the one that she’s utterly lacking… (aside from the functioning brains)
    Here’s her own version of Charlie Chaplin; more comical-looking than the real one lol…

  • http://justjared a fan

    Rachel is cute .

    I don’t get people calling her a fame whore look at her choice in partner for god sake she chose someone who lives far away from Hollywood and she follows him for weeks even months and her fiance doesn’t go to events he is being invited to say what you want but this couple isn’t so much in our faces as Resse and Jake or Justin and Jessica .

    Of course they will be photographed from time to time but it’s only normal look at the threads about them people care and want to know about this couple so as long as WE care there will be paps following them we can’t blame Hayden and Rachel for that or other celebrities for that matters .

  • stacy

    Kristen Bell is SOOOOO pretty. Rachel Bilson looks like a clone of that brunette chick from Gossip Girl, with uglier clothes. Nice highlights, though.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Anakin or Mr. Neos.
    Glad to see your appearence once again. Groan……. I suppose your love Rachel’s new look no? Well. My turn for going radical on Rachel since, some bashed Natalie so horribly a few weeks ago. Rachel’s turn and she does look like Michael Jackson’s back up dancer or midget doggie poo! Rachel MJ’s funereal is over now. You can now bury MJ’s clothes now too and dress normal for a change. LOL!

  • liz

    Why she used the ring at French Open? It was a public event, too.

  • liz

    Think positive, at least she is not dressed like a S.L.U.T equal she dressed in Met Gala – LOL

  • Granit

    Rachel has such great style, but I’m not liking the genie pants. That material isn’t flattering.

  • Jess

    She is more tan, I think it was in the Bahamas …

  • The Beautiful Life TV Show


    I think you mean: “What does she have on?”

    If you want to insult someone, consult your English Dictionary first!