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Jennifer Aniston Picks Up Dog Poo

Jennifer Aniston Picks Up Dog Poo

Jennifer Aniston shoots scenes for her new movie Bounty, helping an elderly woman pick up her dog’s poo in New York City’s West Village on Thursday (July 18).

The 40-year-old actress will take the September 2009 cover of Elle magazine. Jen shows off her pearly whites while wearing a cropped white jacket (the collar is popped and covers her chin). Other September cover stars include Charlize Theron (Vogue), Jessica Simpson (Glamour), Amanda Seyfried (Allure) and Jennifer Lopez (InStyle).

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jennifer aniston dog poo 03
jennifer aniston dog poo 04
jennifer aniston dog poo 05
jennifer aniston dog poo 06
jennifer aniston dog poo 07

Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • liverwurst

    @mertz: Yes mertz, however JJ uses the phrase “about Anniston’s character” when Gerry is obviously referring to Jennifer herself not the role she’s portraying. And don’t tell me JJ was referring to Jen’s character as a person, cause you know he didn’t mean it that way.

  • liverwurst

    Really? Really? Angie’s chin and head for that matter, are off the charts in size! Bobble head much? And what about AJ’s huge mummy hands? Or the fact she has no butt. Ever notice how they use a body double (like in “Wanted” in the bath house scene) or never show her from behind? Cause it ain’t pretty that’s why.

  • chin can’t act

    look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look. damn you jen hag fans are just like her. superficial and shallow. you trolls and hag really don’t care about anything else but look. her skirts is so freaking tight she can’t even bend down to pick up the poo. if brad is still as shallow and self obsorb as this old hag he would have stay in the marriage. thank god he is not. he focuses on more important things now such as kids and family. i really, really hope this superficial and self obsorb ho stay alone for the rest of her live.

  • chin can’t act

    Jenny Shimizu @ 07/17/2009 at 8:20 am

    LMAO. you trolls are so freaking delusional. anyway, don’t want to give this old hag that many hits. have fun you ugly old hag fans.

  • BEt

    i don’t like J. Lo but can’t wait when she kick this half man/half woman’s @ss at the box office. i will go see J.Lo’s movie to support her even when I don’t like her

  • mailey

    she’s too tan. she looks too orange.

  • Jen_Fan_

    That’s so sweet. She’s not acting like all celebrity. Like Paris Hilton and those guys.
    Love her!*<3

  • karen

    OH man come on people.. let Brad go.. The man has no regrets.. has a beautiful woman and 6 cutie pie kids.. a career off the charts.. so give it up.. by always saying that Brad regrets his choice is just stupid. It is amazing that you people who say how much you admire Jennifer can’t accept the fact that the Brad/Jen time is over.. done,, finished. The man is not looking back. He has said so loud and clear.. If only you people will listen.

    Of course Angie was with her Man and babies. They are a family so they celebrated the 1 year birthday of their cute babies with Brad parents and their other kids. The fact that some of you are still on the Brad/Angie will be over after IB is just sad. you have said this every time they had and have a movie coming out.. I just don’t understand this at all.. Jennifer has been with at least 4 men since she and Brad divorced. Yet you all act as if she and Brad broke up last week.. Why no complaints that Vince regrets leaving her, or John, or Paul or anyone else.. You people keep holding on to Brad.. and are still stuck in 2004-05. YEAH 5 years ago… 5 years ago.. and you people can’t leave this man alone.

    and all this crap that Jen looks better then Angie.. Angie looks haggard, Angie is this or Angie is that.. What difference does it make.. Whatever Jennifer is SHE was not what he wanted.. Whatever Angie is or is not.. ANGIE is what he wanted and wants.. Thus they are together.

    You people have gone beyond the point of we wish they were back together.. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.. Put Angie down all you want.. Call her all the names you want.. HE STILL CHOSE HER… HE STILL WANTED HER… HE STILL LOVES HER…HE STILL WANTED HER TO BE THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN.. HE WANTED TO MAKE A LIFELONG CONNECTION TO HER…


    MOVE ON FOR GOD’S SAKE.. some of you sound so pathetic.

  • jen

    @Autumn M:
    Yeah, I agree she is a horrible person. She is so pathetic …. Anjelina, however, never has a scripted moment for the press. Singelhandedly takes care of 6 children, saves the world and gives herself the perfect pedi/mani all in a day. Just lettin’ you know, if you haven’t figured it out. If charity is not Aniston’s thing, then it’s not her thing – why are you getting your underoos in a knot about it? How exactly is any Hollywood person a realistic role model anyway?

  • alyssa

    She’s always hair ready and posing for the paps. She’s so annoying! Everytime I go on celebrity sights, there she is all glammed up trying to look nonchalant. She needs to get over herself, she’s not all that attractive. Nobody, including the Jolie-Pitts, are more over exposed and media hungry then her. Enough Aniston, more Jolie… please! #12, totally agree with everything you said, spot on! All her fans put her on this pedestal, for what? She’s useless, does nothing for society. The kudos this woman gets is sickening. Having people feel sorry for you, apparently gets you worshipped and further in your career. I curse the day she married Brad, because now WE have to deal with the consequences. Thanks Jenhens, you’ve created a monster that won’t go away!

  • voe

    Well said!

  • http://justjared carolynlee

    @karen: Thanks Karen , it could,t have been said better.

  • alyssa

    Liverwurst has his facts all screwed up. I have looked it up, nothing true about his statements at all. He’s just making crap up to make Jenny “no lips” look better. Jolie got a boob job? Really? When? He/she can’t accept the fact that she actually was born practically flawless. I know its not fair, but its true. Don’t hate her because she’s so beautiful, she can’t help it. Sorry that Jen looks like an orange oompa loompa who ate some lemons. Jolie blows her out of the water in every category, especially looks. Not even close.

  • chris

    – very tight and pokeable, unlike Angelina who has a child slip and slide down there

  • Barb M.

    Jen is HOT ! HOT ! HOT !

  • Lovely

    Its so funny that the Manhandgelina fans always say too bad she cant keep her man. Didnt Billy Bob run for his life from Angie? Hasnt Angie already had not one but TWO failed marriages. And if I remember correctly Brad did marry Jennifer, and has only made Angelina a baby mama.

  • WOW

    Great legs,eyes,smile: total package. Very fit.

  • wow1

    Jennifer Aniston needs to be helping her Mom wipe Poop.
    Big azz faker.Yes typical Aniston.

  • Haha

    Oh my goodness you made my day with the Manhandgelina monnaker. I laughed out loud on that one. My aunt was married one time and her husband cheated and they split. While she dated others she never remarried. I asked her recently why? She said she married the love of her life and she promised to love him to death do them part and she had no desire to ever marry again. She said she was very content in just having male friends.

  • Jane

    Jennifer is a dog. She looks like one.

  • ???

    How could you look at these hot pics of Jen and turn her down over a woman with six brats, a wall of hair, big forehead &, giant inner tube lips ?


    when i look at her i think Paris hilton, she’s been with so many men, and more to come, she is a nasty w h o r e. eww

  • Jen Fan


  • Anonymous

    WHAT FOR A MEN!!!!!!!! …………………………………………..

  • Let it go

    I hate that Brad now has a bunch of loonie Angelina fans as his fans. Everywhere you go they have to bring up Aniston and her looks and this and that. OH MY GOD GET OVER IT. It’s been YEARS.

  • Desperado



    rom Today’s CoverAwards…Bahahahaha!!!

    New Trend: Deny Your Dating Jennifer Aniston

    First Bradley Cooper denied he was dating Jennifer Aniston – and of course they went on a date.
    Now, Gerard Butler, who is reportedly dating Aniston, is issuing his own denial:
    “That is just annoying. People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day,” says Butler.
    “I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous.”
    Coverawards asks…

  • Honey

    Why to be a pooper scooper!

    And I love her outfit btw..

  • laura

    @Autumn M:
    she gives to st. jude- dumb ass

  • Violette

    She looks so gorgeous.

  • mimilala

    What a great body; she really does look great lately. Although I do think that at times she goes overboard on her face and her lips look a bit off.

    Anyway, I want a crisp white shirt like the one she’s wearing here (her toned arms look great with it)!

  • bet

    the leg again, they are looking perfect. she is gorgoues woman. the best body. and she is cuty. she always wear confy and relex closth, love the way she wear.

  • bet

    jen get denied again

    did you think jen will go and start realationship within days just becuase he has Di@k? They denied the story becuase it did not happen, and they are feinds, unless some actress, who F @ck every costar they work with.

  • ladams

    I think she has a beautiful chin. What are you talking about??

  • jennifer

    Look what she has become. A poo picker. hahahahaha
    what a loser.

  • bet

    Jen get deinied again

    of course like he said it, jen has been linked with every man in hollywood , actually three in one day. May be time for the men to denie it, since it is hard for jen to follow all the crap written about her.

  • Ms. Marla

    Golden girl- always was,always will be..keep up the good work J.A.

  • mickey

    Jennifer Aniston is dog poo. She is so desperate. Stop trying to send a message Jen, nobody cares.

  • Irish Girl

    Look at her – gorgeous pins, tanned and toned, great figure, lovely hair. She has the whole package.

  • Your body doesn’t help you

    Oh i see she took a good picture. Unnatractive people take good pictures all the time. We all know she has mouth parentheses, cracks across her forehead, a Sylvester Stallone jaw, a very small, little mouth, and of course her main characteristic the Big Chin hah,hah,hah,. We all know what Maniston really looks like.

  • Your body doesn’t help you

    Oh i see she took a good picture. Unnatractive people take good pictures all the time. We all know she has mouth parentheses, cracks across her forehead, a Sylvester Stallone jaw, a very small, little mouth, and of course her main characteristic the Big Chin hah,hah,hah,. We all know what Maniston really looks like.

  • Ryan

    The tight top with her nips showing through, tight short skirt, low cut shirt, the fake tan- it is all a bit too much. She would look a bit more classy if she toned it down a bit from time to time.

  • tina

    Brad dumping her is the best thing that every happened- she was able to use the public sympathy and turn it into a well-paying carer of romantic comedies where she can forever look/act the same. She doesn’t need to grow or be challenged as an actress or person – she can forever be the poor dumped Rachel Green. Lucky her, laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Lucy

    She is so gorgeous in both outfits. No matter if she is sexy with class (the one with the skirt) or if she is confortable and informal (the other one), Jen is always very pretty and elegant. Loved the new pics. Thanks, Jared! I’m looking forward to this movie and it’ll be so nice to have Jen in Elle, on september issue, a classy magazine like she is. Good news!

  • Lucy

    @Autumn M: She is far away to be shallow, but you’re boring. About the vanity, almost every woman is, at least a little bit. What’s the problem with it? Besides, Jen isn’t only this beautiful woman. She is very talented actress and a working hard girl too. She’s also a good person, that you don’t even know! Jealous, jealous, jealous… it’s a bad feeling, you know?

  • Lucy

    @Rachel Green: No, not Rachel Green at all. Completly different one, like the roles she played in Derailed and The Good Girl, for instance. But I bet you didn’t even wacth these movies, so you don’t know how versatile Jen can be. It’s a shame.

  • Manny tranny

    Britney Spears has taken a few good pics recently too.

  • lol

    just as i thought she was being sincere, then she posed for the camera, poof! it was all an act.


  • Lucy

    @CELEBRITY PAP: Good point, dear. I loved your comment (#20).

  • Lucy

    @Let it go: You see? The haters are still persuing Jen in an obsessive way. It’s sick. I don’t know why they can’t move on. Geez! They need urgently to see a doctor, maybe. It’s not normal, after all these years. It scares me, in fact. Crazy people.