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Jennifer Aniston is The Running (Wo)Man

Jennifer Aniston is The Running (Wo)Man

Jennifer Aniston runs out of a taxi while shooting new scenes for her new film, The Bounty, in Brooklyn, NY on Friday afternoon (July 17).

The 40-year-old actress will take the coveted September 2009 cover of Elle magazine. Who penned the cover feature? Her best friend Kristin Hahn, who Jen met over 20 years ago. FYI: Kristin was a bridesmaid at Jen and Brad Pitt‘s July 29, 2000 wedding. She also is a producing partner with Jen in their Echo Films production company.

10+ pictures inside of The Running Woman Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston running 01
jennifer aniston running 02
jennifer aniston running 03
jennifer aniston running 04
jennifer aniston running 05
jennifer aniston running 06
jennifer aniston running 07
jennifer aniston running 08
jennifer aniston running 09
jennifer aniston running 10

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    Yay, jen. Your upper lip looks good, it’s bigger than your bottom one. Amazing how you can talk without moving it. Not even Meryl Streep can do it.

  • Irish Girl

    Hot, hot, hot. This woman’s body is smokin’.

  • diddy mao

    Jennifer Aniston has done it again…stolen our hearts. What a sweetheart.

  • nina

    #1 you are an ugly looser aren’t you?

  • Ouch

    Look at that pic#4. Old looking there Jennifer.

  • lala

    WOW!! What do they have her wearing??? She is NOT some twenty year old girl!! Just b/c she can does not mean she should.

  • Scottie Dog

    The wee lass has quite a nice shape to her. I know very few people that look that good at 40.


    What did I say? I find her amazing because she can talk without moving her upper lip. Not too many actresses can do that. Why are you having a problem?

  • http://justjared perfect

    Jenn looks great love her
    Waiting for Angelina loons to park their asses here and act like this woman did something personal to them in 1,2,3,4……..

  • K.G.

    aw, Jared why a new post? Brangelina fans in 5,4,3,2,1…
    “She’s fat, Maniston, fugly, desperate, famewh*re, vain, horrible person”
    and all that other crap those a**holes repeat on every JA post.

  • K.G.

    I know, the Brangelina fans are so annoying and hate Jen as if she killed their children or something.

  • waad

    she looks very hot
    i love this woman

  • truthshallgiveuproblems

    i would marry her in a heartbeat, shes a hell of a woman!

  • meh

    love the outfit

  • male

    i love her
    but i thinks its time for her to do someting different

    step out of rachel green

  • Butterfly

    Jen looks great. Her body is flawless.
    Her face is sweet and her poise is classy.

  • beltway

    She’s hot and those legs are to die for.She does not age.

  • Debbie

    Wow she is beautiful!! A very classy lady!!

  • lol

    the running is just an act and she can’t even do it properly
    terrible actress

  • nina

    To #1 jealous much?Of Jen, Angie and everybody else on the effin planet that is hotter than you…and her lips do move,just as everyone else’s when they speak…I would suggest checking yourself in the mirror, but better you just permanently stfu..enjoy

  • natalie

    She looks beautiful in these pictures!

  • Jo

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • Jane

    aniston is just a silly narcissist woman

  • Jeanine

    botoxed ugly hag

  • Gisele

    Mediocre sit com has been.

  • HA!


    Jane – No offense, but everyone in Hollywood is a bit of a narcissist. So you’re not breaking any new ground with that insightful statement. Even JJ’s beloved, despite what her disciples think. Jen looks gorgeous – per usual.

  • Ewwww

    @ pic #4. Fugly and old.

  • Alex

    Something low classy about a woman wearing a skirt more suited to someone younger and fresher. She looks cheap and desperate. Jen needs to get it into her head that there will always be someone younger and thinner. Be dignified and age appropriate.

  • dawne

    Is she playing a hooker in this movie??

  • HA!

    Ironically, picture #4 shows clearly that she isn’t botoxed, hence the lines in her forehead dumbasses.

  • Sally

    OT: Hahn is also her partner on their producer company. Plan B, the producer that Jen and Brad have together while they’re marriage (by the way, the rigths of “A Might Heart” was bought in this time – just a curiosity), started in Hahn garage too. Then it became a great bussines with another important partners and they went to a big office in Hollywood. So they divorced and they also had choosen to separate the bussines: I think it would be a little hard to be partner of you ex-husbad/wife, even if you have respect and if you admire him/her. It was a delicate moment. So Brad had kept Plan B, if I’m not wrong (maybe he changed the name, I really don’t know about it), and Jen and Hahn created another producer company. In Jen last Vogue interview you can find more information about Jen new producer and also in you can find the titles Jen is/will be producing.


    Jen directed a shortmovie some time ago, “Room 10″, and it was very complimented by critic. So she really likes cinema, and she likes to work behind the cameras too. This woman is so talented into so many different ways: she really has a gift to sucess. She has focus, she is truely dedicated, honest and she is working hard, so everything she does, the chance of being well suceed is really big, like Hahn well said in Vogue Magazine.


    I’m looking forward to read the Elle’s interview and to see her Elle’s pictures. I’m sure Jen will be gorgeous. Look at her in these pics, taken by papz, with no photoshop, no studio’s light, no special production… and she is awesome! Imagine in Elle. I’m sure the pics will be stunning. ;)

  • Lurker

    beltway @ 07/17/2009 at 5:46 pm She’s hot and those legs are to die for.She does not age.
    She does not age? Have you looked at the 4th picture? Who are you really kidding?

  • emmy jay

    These photos are proof that every woman needs a very well constructed bra.

    How long before she hooks up with a new boyfriend so she has a showmance to talk about during her promotional tour for her shittey movies ???

    Can you spell B O M B ? Hahahahahaha

  • tina

    She needs to start dressing a bit more age- appropriate these are not the clothes of a 40 year old woman. She looks like an aging cougar – so not classy.

  • Irish Girl

    Lord, it’s so obvious the same person is trolling this post and multi-posting.
    Is it just me or has there been more traffic on this site since the students let out for summer vacation?

  • Mindy

    Not sure why people think if you are anti-Aniston you have to be pro Angelina. She looks silly wearing these skin tight, short clothes at here age. PERIOD!

  • Saudia

    ugh she’s perfect .. love Jennifer

  • kev

    Nice cans, nice legs, yumm

  • Sally


    Again? So silly. Btw, you should see a doctor, maybe it’s time to use glasses: to me her lips moves normaly, perfectly fine. Or you should wear glasses or maybe you should take some pills by be so obsessive and messy. Maybe they can help you to see the things without the foolish thing or the cruelty thing. Shame on you. Why don’t you get something more constructive to do? It would be great for you. Or not. If it makes you happy, I mean, keep repeating the same fool thing, this is OK. Be my guest. It’s better don’t contrary insane people.


    I usually don’t like to answer comments like this, but this time, for a change, I did it. I just must say you shouldn’t bother to answer me back, I mean, you can do what you would want to do, but you don’t need to bother yourself, really. Because my point is: I won’t even read it, and definitly I won’t answer any others of your comments again, ok? I’m just warning to you save your time, if you want to. But you’re free to do what it’s good for you, so go ahead in the way you want to. Bye and I wish you get better!

  • Rio

    Now thats a HOT BODY xd !! she looks GORGEOUS there! cant wait for the movie!! Thanks JJ!

  • She’s HOT

    Jen gives me wood.
    Keep the pics coming.

  • Sara

    Beautiful woman.

  • Filler Face

    I’m positive that upper lip is filled with collagen, that’s why it’s bigger than the lower one. Weird. Makes her look like Donald Duck. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up looking like Joan Rivers, jen. Maybe Gerard had the same thought that’s why he mentioned her name after yours on Conan.

  • Sally


    It’s just a bad pic (#4). Remenber: she’s acting in these papz’s pics, not being a model for a magazine. So it’s expected to her make all kind of expressions, not just playing sexy and gorgeous. It’s a movie. Even though, I must to say: did you see ALL the others pics? She is absolutely beautiful. I’m sorry to disappoint you.

  • ^_^

    Im starting to like Jen again but I dont like her films of late except Marley and Me.

  • Sally


    Yeas, I agree. They are so boring, these “haters”. And they can’t stop. Maybe they are really sick. All this obsession. Geez! They can’t avoid to watch every step of Jen. Get a life, guys. Serious. You desperate need one.

  • pp

    Those legs are hypnotizing me. Great smile. Fit and fresh looking. Really: Wow !

  • Sally

    @HA!: Exaclty. I mean, she can even use it, but if she does, she uses in a reasonable and sensible way. :)

  • Sally


    It’s her costume, dear. You should say it for the costume’s design of the movie, not to her. They seem to disagree with you. And I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you either: she looks fantastic and has a perfect body, so she can use any clothes no matter what is her age.


    Besides, she is only forty. You try to put it like she would be old, but Halle Berry, Demi More, Brooke Shields and other gorgeous women even older than Jen, they are absolutely beautiful. What’s your problem with the age? They are not 60 or 70. She is only forty. For God sake.

  • catty

    Oiy Vey… another T & A show from JA. What kind of a character is she playing in this movie, anyways?