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Jon Gosselin is Engaged, Confirms Jeweler

Jon Gosselin is Engaged, Confirms Jeweler

On Wednesday, it was reported that Jon Gosselin was engaged to Hailey Glassman, his girlfriend of two months.

And now, the jeweler to the father of eight has confirmed the reality star will wed the 22-year-old.

“Yes, we sold Jon Gosselin the engagement ring that he gave to his fiancĂ©e,” Edouard Nahum tells In Touch. “It was a great pleasure for us to sell this ring. Our band is very well known by people and stars in Europe.”

Jon, who announced his separation from wife Kate last month, presented his new young love with a ring dripping in black diamonds while vacationing in St. Tropez on July 12.

Congrats to the happy couple! Um, yeah.

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Heidi’s used tampon

    Both perfectly suited to each other.

  • Dawn9476

    A jeweler telling a tabloid that he sold Jon a ring is not a confirmation.

  • Uncle Leo

    Wait till glassman gets a load of Mady and the rest of his kids. hahahahahaaa

  • tc

    What a douche.

  • Kira

    What a jerk, or should I say jerks!

  • jeffrey musial

    what happened to the “secret” engagement? NOW, Jonboy is really screwed up, And has given Kate all she needs to put the screws to him. Kate might as well let Steve romance her to the alter, also. BUT, please kids,AFTER the divorce>

  • may ree

    shes pregnant

  • Glo

    Why does he keep wearing such ugly t-shirts?

  • okay

    i wonder if the kidsknow

  • Whatevers….

    I totally hope they are engaged.
    Why should 2 other non-suspecting, innocent, and well-adjusted people end up tied to either one of these two “winners?”
    They are doing a service to society at large.
    Until they start procreating….

  • jess

    what a douche bag!

  • fresh

    tired of this family. they can go away and hang out with Octomom in the land of “The world has lost interest in you”, now disappear

  • Kate Is Better

    Why do people continue to watch this douche bag Mr. Moto is beyond me. He is fat and unattractive and a cheat! I bet he bought the ring with his kids money from that dumb show.

  • andreanne

    he’s nuts
    he has 8 kids and he moves to nyc and want to marry his 22 years old gf when he filed a divorce a month ago???

    Douche bag
    It’s obvious that he needs attention …

  • Frances

    She’s pregnant!

  • shannon

    I am so far beyond being annoyed with these fools. Please, for the sake of humanity, disappear into obscurity and get off my gossip sites. They are selfish, irrelevant, useless people. Jared, I love this site and it’s lack of hostility and bias; however; how about featuring only real celebrities who have actually accomplished something genuine and who have contributed to this world? I would greatly appreciate it.

  • greenlit

    none of us know anything. for all we know they may have kate’s blessing.

  • woowoo

    I think kate broke him LOL!

  • GO JON

    That has got to be every middle-aged man’s dream come true; Marry a hot wild 22 year old. Beats the heck out of dieing like a fish on the end of a pole married to a nagging mullet woman for the rest of your life.

  • Jenn

    He is disgusting…i was on the edge about what to think and who to point the finger at, but this is unreal…I feel for the kids…even if he is having this relationship with her it should be on the DL, its too soon after the seperation, THINK ABOUT YOUR KIDS FOR ONCE!!!! Man, Kate is good to be rid of him..what a piece of work

  • Hailey

    Just call me Aunt Hailey kids

  • angel

    Can you imagine what a great step-mother a 22 year-old is going to be to eight kids? Jon is obviously going through a mid-life crisis. Between the age of his wife-to-be and the stress of her having to put up with Mady alone, I give this marriage no more than a year. Jon, you are a complete a$$ for not thinking of your kids at this time. They have the divorce to deal with, and now you dump this on them. You’re not even divorced yet, and you are already a dead-beat dad!

  • ma74

    these people are almost as bad as Heidi and what’s his face

  • Jenn

    @Whatevers….: lets hope the fertility problems where on his end!

  • Rejects

    this guy’s a weirdo…i feel sorry for his kids.

  • zzzz

    DO these people EVER wear anything other than Hardy???? They think they look so cool, but it just makes them look like they’re trying to be cool when they are so not. Jon is going thru a very early mid-life crisis, and is acting out in every classic way, including the rockstar tshirts. Yes, these two douchebags would be perfect friends for the other wannabe, the octomom.

  • zzzz

    Has anyone else noticed that Jon’s playmate looks just like the girl in the well in Silence of the Lambs?

  • Bee

    i use to actually like jon. now he’s just plain out stupid. ugh. it gets me annoyed. & i seriously don’t know what he see’s in this 22 yr-old. Kate, in my opinion, is so much prettier…and responsible and everything else that this 22 yr-old cant be & never will.

  • bella

    haha what a complete idiot! i knew he was gunna do this! and he says his kids is his priority! LIES! AND he’s asian, asian people always put there kids first, & stay married with there spouse even if they don’t click anymore. i feel bad for kate, she honestly deserves better than that complete jerk. &the kids! omg, if he gets married to her, the kids would have a step-mother thats a hooker.

  • Jk

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen Jon smile like that before.

  • alexx :]

    wow!!! i’m shocked! this guy is def showing his true colors!

  • Dawn9476

    It sounds like the jeweler is just saying it for publicity. Notice how he had to ad in the fact that many stars shop at his store.

  • sandy

    Jon is born again. HALLELUYA !

  • Shea

    Wow. Jon is pathletic. Dumb Butt

  • mal


    he just got divorced because he wanted to be free, so why would u freakin go get married to a 22 yr old pot head a month later.

    i doubt this is true, ppl prob just want attention (the jeweler)


    i hope he and his ed hardy collection GO AWAY SOMEWHERE SO NONE OF US EVER HAEV TO SEE THEM AGAIN AHHHHHH


    Kate is the luckiest person in the world to rid herself of him. Totally classless of him to be doing what he’s doing. Yes, Jon, someday your kids are going to Google you. Are you proud?

  • Jon Is A DUMASS

    So he’s been separated for 3 weeks and dating her for then or HE WAS CHEATING ON KATE AS SPECULATED!!!

  • mal

    oh yeah, what sane, normal 22 yr old would ever marry someone recently divorced with 8 kids?! I WOULDNT!!

    trashy, fame loving, whores

  • jdunder

    I say we vote Jon off the island!

  • Emeile

    Kate drove him crazy and he’s completely lost his mind thanks to her.

  • eew


  • jon is a D O U C H E BAG

    Well it’s finally confirmed. Jon really is a fat a ss douche whose w horing his kids for money and knocking up a fug face.

  • kari

    #40….LMAO!!! You are right. All I have to say about this is that I wouldn’t let that crazy asss ho around my kids for one second. She might leave a crack pipe laying in the front yard.
    Kate is going to lay down the rules, and then Jon will be like all the fathers who go thru midlife with children…they take off, have kids with the new wifey/girlfriend and never see the ones they used to have when they were “normal”.
    He’s such a fukking douchee

  • alie

    I completely believe this! If you read the new people magazine, he’s fairly coy when asked if he’s engaged. He all but says Hailey is his soul mate, and lets the reader guess if he’s going to get married. He giggles when the reporter asks him.
    He’s lost his dog gone freakin’ mind. That’s for sure

  • charlie

    wow. i’ve been away from JJ too long lol

  • jana

    i wonder what Hailey parents think about this bull shite. They are sopposedly all very close with this family, and surely the parents can’t agree to this relationship. If this girl was my daughter, I’d do my best to steer her clear of Jon….(or Jon of the 22 year old!)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i honestly dont believe this, once again it’s from a magazine
    but if it’s true then jon has 2 b one of the stupidest ef’s ive ever heard of
    he just got divorced, no, he’s about 2 get divorced, and then he goes off and gets engaged when he’s not divorced…’s beyond douchery
    not only that but when it’s time for splitting up the kid’s time, kate is def gonna win with all this shiz jon is doing, he doesnt even 2 seem 2 care about his children
    i dont mind guys who dont give an eff about their bitczh wife but when u start showing u dont give an f about ur kids, f u
    time like this that im glad that i have a good dad, since a lot of other kids dont

  • bella

    Wow, he is truly a jerk. Those poor kids. Yes, exactly what they need a gold digging, pothead stepmom.
    For some reason these two just scream trailer park.

  • Carly

    What?? Is she pregnant? That certainly would explain why Kate filed for divorce. Or even if she found out Jon was serious about this relationship. I do think they were negotiating with divorce attorneys for some time though. Maybe they are already divorced or the divorce settlement is final. Would also explain the 2 year period on the filings and the need for a quicker divorce.

  • unbelievable

    As much as you dried up bitter man hating hags want to deny it . Every guy would choose Hailey over Kate.