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Katie Holmes Is Afraid Of The Dark

Katie Holmes Is Afraid Of The Dark

Katie Holmes walks around on the set of her new movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday (July 16).

The 30-year-old actress is reportedly taking private dance lessons at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance studio. She had been taking intensive lessons in LA before she headed to Melbourne, the Herald Sun reports.

Katie will be making a guest appearance on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance airing July 23. She is expected to make a tribute to Judy Garland by dancing to Tyce Diorio choreography.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes being afraid of the dark…

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katie holmes is afraid of the dark 01
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 02
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 03
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 04
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 05
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 06
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 07
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 08
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 09
katie holmes is afraid of the dark 10

Credit: Famepictures; Photos: INFDaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Mandy

    Uh she’ll be making a guest appearance where? I figure it’s So You Think You Can Dance but it never mentioned anything.

  • AEP

    Good lord, what a stupid mess. I used to like her, but since she married Tiny gay crazy…no interest. Boring at best. GET OUT OF THE CULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikey

    Ha-Ha! I am such an idiot, I can’t stand myself!

  • Raquel

    I am dying of heat over here, and seeing this chick dressed like this does not help, haha.Its appropriate for where she is though.

  • capernuse

    Katie is just bumming around while Tom is getting a facelift.

  • Crapola

    And she needs a bodyguard 24/7 because of why?? Oh, thats right, she isnt allowed to speak to anyone anymore. So Sad. And this is going to be a SH*T movie.


    I’m afraid of her! Disgusting pig.

  • Broken up?

    Have they broken up? They are never seen together.


    #4, your an idiot. Get air.

  • dabu

    It’s a shame that the only time she really looks good is when she is in set make up and more importantly dressed by a set stylist.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like her hair but everything else is screaming granny
    and the trench coat 2 isnt granny but it still doesnt go with everything else

  • lol

    what the hell happened to her? she is looking more and more fug on every photo.

  • Irish Girl

    @dabu: Agreed. She does look good tho’.

  • manette

    lovely katie…thanks jj

  • !

    What a talented and good looking cast!

  • beltway

    Katie looks so pretty and in some photos Suri really looks like her.
    I know she’s tall but that bodyguard is a giant.

  • fgh

    While Im no fan of any stars in Hollywood some of you lowlives really need to lay off the hate. It serves you bad in the end not this people.
    You only show your envy and how mentally unstable freaks you are.

  • haha

    so sweet

  • cupcakes

    Katie is a natural beauty and I think she and Tom are solid and so down to earth. She’s pretty and a great actress and Im expecting a lot from her.

    I cant wait for this film and her charity tribute on that Fox dance show.

  • …….

    Guy looks handsome!=]

  • abby normal

    My favorite lady. Many actresses(trolls included) can learn a thing or two from her about class,manners and grace.

  • katie is loser capitol l


  • Sal

    Scientology Kills…..googe it. Cult and Scam. And her and her gay tiny husband are a HUGE part of it. Go ahead….look it up. It is NOT a religion, it is a huge scam who pray on gals/ and guys, just liket Katie who don’t have a brain in their heads. She is the perfect robobride.

  • Dawn

    conservative clothes aside,she looks great and I hope she does a rom-com and an action movie. A musical would be fun to watch too.

  • sad really

    And what’s your religion Sal? you’re so judgemental and full of hate many would be lining up on your church door.


  • observer

    Absolutely adorable

  • ^_^

    The crytal ball and scifi nonsense by the few haters who changes their names are so laughable. Jared thanks but its time to give Katie
    and her family real R&R from the paparazzis.

  • zzzz

    People here are not full of hate. They are expressing their opinions, and that’s what this blog is for. Katie gets a lot of neg. comments because she is married to and fully supportive of an unpopular, arrogant guy who cheated on his first two wives and has controversial opinions, like that women with postpartum dep. shouldn’t be medicated, dyslexics and gays can be cured, etc. I don’t think people would dislike her at all if she weren’t married to him. They’d just think of her as a pretty, well mannered, mediocre actress.

  • anonymous

    Even in her simplicity she is beautiful.

  • no more taxes

    Joshua Jackson fans,some Brangelina fans and Kidman fans stop the trolling!!!!! Move on and see the light and reality!!!!

  • to ^_^ @

    I realize your brain cannot process the idea that many of us feel that the cult and it is a cult of Scientology is grounds enough to have no respect for Tom or Katie. According to (YouTube) videos and in interviews of some top folks who left–Tommy girl jumped through the hoops because of his fame. If that is true, than how can you respect someone who is at the top of the tier of this cult and has no clue what is going on below him. This cult believes in physical punishment for teens who don’t follow their arcane rules. They bleed people dry of their money – charging them for each step of their journey upwards into this cult.
    The cult was founded by a person who was a sci-fi writer and even said if you want to get rich–found a cult. He was a wife beater and homophobe who’s gay son committed suicide.
    How can you respect anyone like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmly who knowing supports a cult that has hurt so many people. The people in it that want out are afraid. Once they are out they are afraid. Why? Because of retaliation.
    Do you honestly think Nicole Kidman would have gotten out so easily without her fame? If she was Nicole not Famous and Not married to Cruise–she would be shunned by everyone that is a cult follower. As it is many who are former church members who have stated that she is afraid of the church. Afraid of what they will do if she speaks out about her kids Connor and Bella and tries to see them more often. The cult thinks nothing of destroying lives.
    And you admire Tom and Katie for wanting to belong to this cult? Tommy Girl’s best friend is the head of the cult. He, David Miscovy has been accused in the past and currently of harassment: physical, mental, emotional, and sexual. Not once, but numerous times.
    Do your homework.

  • spooky

    Katie and her lil costar are super cute.

  • eew

    she is so not looking good without make up. sorry but it’s the truth.

  • gold digging homely

    Yeah, she is classy. She married Tom for his money. Talking about gold digger. Isn’t that classy?

  • dude

    #34 You are right,this fugly golddigging ho is no better than a bank robber

    The only difference is Homely is pimping her kid out

  • elaine

    wonder how suri wil feel when she learns she was born for the sole purpose of making sure her golddigging mama didn’t have to work. From what I’ve read, Katie’s vagin* got her every part, not Katie

  • seriously

    since when did this zombie became a great actress? she can’t even get a role without cruise paying the company and eventhough she’s already married to an a-lister, the only role tom can manage to give her are c class movies. she was ridiculous on eli stone and now she’s desperately doing it again. she is not beautiful,she is just cute. tom’s money improved her physical appearance and celebrity status. don’t even try to deny that. she was able to have her teeth done, she is able to wear expensive clothes and she gets vip treatment. do you actually think she’d get all that if she didn’t became mrs. cruise?

    their cult is disgusting. treating toddlers as an adult and not disciplining them and letting kids drink barley and wheat – that is freaky. reading some fans defending their scientology cult is way beyond creepy. i guess they’ve been alienated by their idols too.

  • emma

    Im one excited fan to see this movie. I love DelTorro and the cast. Looking forward to watch if Katie and Guy have chemistry together.

  • brandon


  • #

    wow fab actors and fab movie

  • ellen

    Tommy is back in LA. Sciento doesn’t allow you to go away from you house one of them must present.

  • please

    @abby normal: How to be a robot and be controlled? No thankyou.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    ” ELLEN, “. Tom may be back in ” L.A. at his house, ” but it isn’t because Scientology says you can’t leave your home, unless someone from their group is with you. Tom travels all over the place with many bodyguards, and if one of them happens to a scientologist, then, who knows, maybe so. But, he never just stays home.
    The third picture of Katie is cute with her smiling. I think her movie will be good, also ” EMMA, ” and can’t wait to see it.
    To, ” EWW ” Not very many of us look good without make-up on or our hair done, especially me. I really DO look like a troll. Again, why should she put all that on and fix her hair, only to have the make-up dept. re-do it later. It is a waste of time, and hard on your skin.
    It is amazing how much little Baliee looks like a younger Katie. She is an adorable child.

  • emma

    this is how a pretty girl looks like , most of the others are not naturally pretty thats why they wear makeup 24/7 and don’t go out the door unless their hair is perfect. can’t wait for this movie, love guy pearce, and I don’t care 2 hoots about her faith, to each his own, she is not a gold digger, its become tedious reading this over and over.

  • her face looks HUGE!

    is it makeup for her movie role? is she wearing a fat suit?

  • emma#2

    there is another emma so i wll be emma #2

  • cocoa pops

    Katie looks so pretty in these photos and her young co star is just adorable, so is Guy Pearce of course!!!

  • dame edna

    Hullo Possoms
    Possums, let me tell you my good news. Today I bought a pair of shoes not any shoes possums, but CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, yes you read correct, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN… red, just like my little fashionista Suri wears. Next I got in touch with Dolce&Cabana to make me a copy of the same dress as my ittle idol wore, a dress with lots of layers of red frills , oh my possums I can’t wait ,can’t you just picture me possums, I’ll be a vision beyond compare , and it is all thanks to my precious..Suri.

  • Sal

    Way to go #31. And no, I don’t slam other peoples religions. CULTS on the other hand, destroy lives. Scientology is a CULT. Get it folks, and as #31 says, do your homework.

  • dabeeboo

    comments #14 to 21 and 24 25 26 27 and 29 30 32 38 39 40 and 47 are written by the same disturbed person. Must be that simonete alane. shes possibly one brainsick stalker. But Katie has security guards at least.