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Legendary News Anchor Walter Cronkite Dies at 92

Legendary News Anchor Walter Cronkite Dies at 92

Walter Cronkite, legendary CBS news anchor passed away at his home in New York on Friday (July 17) after a long battle with cerebrovascular disease (brain dysfunction related to blood vessels).

The iconic newsman steadied the nation through the 1960′s and 70′s as the anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News from 1962 to 1981. Cronkite then passed off his position to Dan Rather, who assumed the position until 2005.

Walter was truly the father of television news. The trust that viewers placed in him was based on the recognition of his fairness, honesty and strict objectivity,” said Morley Safer, a CBS 60 Minutes correspondent.

You will be missed Walter. RIP.

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  • meems


  • dani

    Was a radio/tv major and have worked in radio/television/film for the last 40 years–one of the few journalists that was worthy of respect. He was a legend and a true journalist. RIP – you will be missed.

  • *******

    Truly sad… My thoughts and condolences to his family and friends

  • Raquel


  • michelle

    RIP. You were one of the lucky ones who lived a long life.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    How very sad. You always thought he would be around. He was a true legend in the news industry, and I send my sympathies to his family and co-worker’s. May you rest in peace Walter!

  • daisy

    Rest in peace, Walter. You are a legend!! You were an inspiration to me & you deserve all the respect & love. You will be missed.

  • mertz

    yupp. heard it an hour ago. sucks big time. RIP walter. i wanted to become a reporter/get into journalism because of you. you lived a good life and inspired many. :(

  • teri

    Awww I’m so sad!! What a great guy that will be missed. He was all about this week coming up with the solar moon stuff.

  • nicole


  • e

    great man…better yet I heard he told really fabulous salty jokes.

  • debra77

    What a Gentleman he was..

    Sad that we don’t have news men like him anymore.. When I was little my Dad loved to watch him on the news..

    Like they use to say.. If Cronkite says it.. then you know it is true..

    So sad that great journalism is being replaced with stupid tab stories. Facts are not checked, and that newspapers look more like tabloid magazines, and “news shows” have become nothing more then gossip sites..

    Where has the integrity gone.. OH I know.. Walter Cronkite took it with him..

  • mark

    aww my god, how sad …. god bless you walter ….:(

  • mertz

    and i always wanted to have his anchoring voice. use to practise sounding like him. this really sucks.

  • janelle

    How sad. I go to the Walter Cronkite School of journalism at ASU. RIP

  • Maria

    great man truly one of the best RIP :(

  • workout dvds

    RIP Walter…

  • Beth

    Great natiional loss. There is no longer news but just gossip since he left as anchor. It is all about what is suspected and alledged but few facts and true investigations of anything. He knew how to report and put things in perspective. He is unmatchable. He kept self out of sight and focused on the news, the story. One is hopeful that others will follow his lead, but hope on this issue does not run deeply. Walter was one of a kind.

  • marisa


  • love them

    there will never be another like him. So sad this generation will not know a man like him…..

  • rossy40

    While I’m saddened to hear of his passing (I pretty much stopped watching the news after he retired), He lived a long, extraordinary life & made the news watchable by his simple, honest approach in talking to us, those lucky enough to have seen him.
    My sincere condolences to his family & friends. He will be missed.

  • william

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  • liverwurst

    Rest in peace Mr Cronkite, thank you for the memories.

  • crawstonwaffle

    It’s odd, I am far too young to have known his newscasting (late 80s child) and yet I feel this loss far more than I did that of Michael Jackson, whose music and scandal were practically staples of my childhood zeitgeist.

    It may be that with my Grandparents’ recent passings I’m becoming cognizant of how my generation will watch almost all the leaves on the G.I. Generation Tree wither and pass in the wind, or it may be that I was so accustomed to my elders impersonating or revering him that I built up an impossible legend of a man in my head, but I can’t help but feel like we lost someone whose body of work truly spoke to journalistic virtue.

    These days I don’t even watch broadcast journalism; every time I have turned it on in the past decade it was 80% bullshit with a side of crazy and though print/online outlets have their own imperfections they filter out the grandstanding inherent in modern broadcast.

    Much like his contemporary Edward R. Murrow Mr. Cronkite seemed from a different planet. I can only imagine how puzzled my generation would be to have our news broadcasted with such stoic respect for our intellect, our potential.

    Walter Cronkite’s legacy will exceed his grasp, and extend far past the shade of memory. For a good man of a bygone America, I salute him and mourn his passing.

  • Sophia

    Truly a class act! RIP

  • Dog Life Jacket

    Thats sad :(

  • jaye

    I always liked him. He was one of the few Reporters/Newscasters that you could depend on to give you the truth without bias. RIP Walter.

  • Memories

    An authentic “national legend” to the Babyboomers and our now mostly deceased parents. For those of us who grew-up in the Midwest, many watched the six o’clock news as a family and this legend was my favorite. His wonderful face, eloquent voice, comforting persona, and integrity made us all feel safe during the some shocking and heartbreaking news delivery, i.e. the assassinations of our beloved President John F. Kennedy, Robert R. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr.; Moon landing, Watergate, various political conventions, et al.

    I miss the idea that his beautiful soul is no longer on the Earth as he made me feel safe as a growing child, teenager, and young adult. It was most unfortunate he was forced out of CBS at age 65 years and replaced with the contentious Dan Rather.

    R.I.P., Mr. Cronkite!!! You are forever in our Hearts….

  • Postwatcher

    God Bless Walter Cronkite. May he rest in peace.

    Today’s “newscasters” don’t hold a candle to Mr. Cronkite, especially
    those opinionated gossip mongering stand up comic-like newscasters on cable.

    People like Rachel Maddow are not even worthy enough to be classified in the same category as the venerable Mr. Cronkite.

    Today’s media is filled with a bunch of super ficial individuals who never paid their dues.

    Cronkite reported real news stories. Not the BS served up by today’s newscasters.

    Today’s society puts too much positive significance on a bunch of losers who have never worked for anything in their lives. Neil Armstrong was a 38 year old father of two when he took his first step on the moon. He was an aviator, astronaut, proffessor etc. So why the f * ck do we care how many Twitters an idiot like Ashton Kutcher gets. Why is that news?

    People in this country no longer shoot for the stars. We have become a nation of mediocrity. Raising up losers and not holding the bar of achievement high enough for today’s youngsters because of political correctedness.

    The passing of Mr. Cronkite represents the passing of an era.

    I fear for our future….

  • lakers fan in boston

    the only reason i no him is because i learnt about him at school
    i think it was during the vietnam war, when the president saying that if he lost cronkite he has no1
    hope he went out peacefully

  • jessie

    He was a great man

  • libsux

    liberal prick