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Michael Jackson's Kids: Neverland Fun!

Michael Jackson's Kids: Neverland Fun!

Peep yet another batch of exclusive pics of Michael Jackson and his three kids – Paris, Prince and Blanket – from OK! magazine.

The shots of Prince and Paris were taken in 2000 while playing outside at Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, Calif. The one of MJ and Blanket was taken at Prince‘s Spider-Man themed 6th birthday party in 2003.

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  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    Why would you bleach your toddler’s hair?

  • bet

    this realy sad, the man protect thier privacy as much as he can, the after he die all this private picture become out of control. i realy sad about his family.

  • bet

    this realy sad, the man protect thier privacy as much as he can, the after he die all this private picture become out of control. i realy sad about his family.

  • jj

    Michael was a great father. How do you trolls know he bleached their hair. Some folks are born with light hair and gets older with age. You bytches dont know s*h*i*t.

  • nurd

    I’ll say again
    “Gwen Stefani dyes Kingstons hair
    Angelina Jolie dyes Maddox and Pax’s hair
    No one’s b*tching about that
    Paris has really pretty eyes
    R.I.P Michael Jackson”

  • Amy

    These kids needs to be left alone. Period.

  • amy

    Cute kids, but i hate that all the pictures of these kids are being put out to the public like this. Michael spent his whole life trying to protect his kids, so they will not be hounded by the paparazzi and have a somewhat ‘normal life’,one he didn’t get to live. And literally, the day he dies, pictures of his kids are all over the place. Its really sad. I wish people would at least in death give the man the respect that he didnt get in his life, and respect his wishes to protect the privacy of his children.

  • lilly

    if Debbie wants the kids, give them to her, and since Michael was not their bio dad, his family should contest his will like Debbie is doing, he should not have to leave them money if he is not their bio or legal dad,and she would not see a dime, i bet she give those kids back to the Jackson after she gets no money, her motive, Michael paid her for those kids, if she takes them back, she should have to give the money back too.

  • mal

    so adorable. i think michael was a good dad. it must be hard for them because it seemed like they were all attached to the hip. such a sad story.

  • rhonda


    I totally agree with you. I am happy to see his children, they are beautiful and appear to be very happy and grounded and very smart. I believe Michael was beginning to bring them out a little more as they got older, but the problem is, you know all these pictures and home videos are being “sold” by the Jacksons, I wish he had left a better choice for his children. Kathryn seems a lovely woman, but she never even seemed to be able to defend her own children. I guess the decision was Michael’s to make. Didn’t appear to have many choices.

  • jenny

    i wish people would stop posting pictures of his kids =( its really not fair to him.

  • Raquel

    This is getting to make me angry, who is leaking these clearly private pictures?Is it Joe, selling them off to the tabloids?Or any other member, what a DISGRACE!!

  • Cin

    WHERE’S BLANKET?? The boy in the second pic is NOT Blanket for gawds sake! Blanket has Michael’s eyes and dark hair!

  • a realist

    # 13
    Raquel @ 07/17/2009 at 8:42 pm

    This is getting to make me angry, who is leaking these clearly private pictures?Is it Joe, selling them off to the tabloids?Or any other member, what a DISGRACE!!
    You know, it is getting stale blaming Joe for every damn thing under the sun. That man is 80 years old. He would not be selling photos of those children.

  • Diane

    Cin @ 07/17/2009 at 8:50 pm

    WHERE’S BLANKET?? The boy in the second pic is NOT Blanket for gawds sake! Blanket has Michael’s eyes and dark hair!
    Blanket does not have Michael’s DNA.


    He didn’t dye his boy’s hair. Children can be born with lighter hair which slowly gains pigment with age. My brother was born with bleach blonde hair; it was dark brown by the time he was seven.


    None of this should even be happening. I’ve been buying a lot of MJ’s old music and much to my surprise he was REALLY good; i mean really really good.

    I was stupifyed to find this track ‘morphine’ from 1997. He sings about loving meperidine (demerol) and in the interlude you can hear a heartrate monitor and mechanical ventilator.

    I mean if that’s not a cry for help i don’t know what is. It boggles my mind to imagine that he didn’t have more people rallying around him to get help. When did everyone start neglecting this guy.

    Go back and take a look. He was the coolest guy on the planet; every new pop stars’ material is stolen from him. Why did everyone turn thier back on him?

  • voe

    lilly # 9,

  • katie

    Paris is simply gorgeous!! I feel terrible that these pictures are being released especially since the fact that they were personal and property of MJ. I hope these kids stop being exploited ASAP!

  • meee

    Stop posting pictures of his kids
    not fair to him !

  • sillyputty

    the young boy’s hair ( Prince) is of course bleached.

    Michael’s idea of course.

    You can see the dark roots. It’s very obvious of course

  • toni

    Stop posting pictures of his kids!!!

    i love mj~~~~~

  • blah

    that baby´s hair is not bleached. Some babies are born with l ight hair and it gets darker as they grow older. This happens alot with mixed babies. Everyone has their opinions about who the real father of these kids are. At this point it really doesnt matter. They considered MJ as their dad adn now he is gone and its going to be hard for these kids.

    Debbie Rowe should not bre in their life. If she wanted to be, i think she would have made contact in the past.

  • Jackie

    I think it’s awful the kids are being exploited.
    These moments should be theirs, not ours.
    Michael went to extraordinary lengths keep their faces hidden from the public and with few exceptions, did well.
    I think it awful the day after his death, photos came out.
    Let them be kids and have a childhood.

  • teri

    From reports it really seems to me that MJ was always cracked out on drugs of some kind. He was simply a drug addict who couldn’t possibly care for his children and they lived in filth because of it. Pictures don’t lie.

  • OH MY

    In one picture it looks like his nose is coming off.

  • Adam

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  • silly # 24

    # 24- you are so incorrect in your assumptions about the kids being of mixed race. Paris and Prince are white. Get over it.

    And Prince’s hair was bleached….you can see the roots. silly

    That’s nonsense and stupid what you said.

    get real!

  • Sing

    not LAPD its santa barbabra police and the procesution’s office that raided his house. they tried to destroy his life, now they are exploiting his children. i pray for justice

  • Adam

    silly get a freaking life. nobody asked you. LOSER

  • michael o.

    The kids do look exactly like Michael Jackson when he was their age. I agree!

    it is Michael’s DNA.

  • brina


    no prince had brown hair when he was born, i think it was bleached …for what reason idk

    BUT anyways these pictures are adorable. those are beautiful kids but i feel bad that they’re everywhere now. people are selling private pictures.just leave them alone

  • Cin

    @ Adam
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!
    Huh are they allow to? Those are not their properties. SUE those officers who leaked these photos. PATHETIC

  • tracy

    you guys complain about the pics but the truth is . they are pretty and everybody wants to know how they grow up because nobody wants them to be around joe .
    We don’t know how messed up this kids are . If they understood why they had to wear this blankets over their head . I am not talking about the masks where he could tell them to play a role . They lived in a golden cage .everybody who says he doesn’t want to see the pictures is a liar .
    Its like with the jolie-pitts you saw them they are cute and you at least like to know how they doing . if mj kids wouldn’t be cute nobody would care . And his kids are they to white to be from him Heidi klum is white and her kids are dark . .Even if mj had a skin dysfunktion it doesnt mean his kids need to have it . heidis babay was white for few weeks not for years
    it is weired for me that after he died it seems as if everything was ok with him and he was a guru , hero. genius . hello I grew up with his songs i the radio but all he did the past 20 years was self-destroyment . What you guys should really care about is why nobody stopped him . Its one person against the whole world . Britney got foreced to get help and it worked so why nobody stopped MJ . he may had a talend but at the end he was only a monster . if it was all about making money , why nobody stopped him destroying his face

  • Free at last

    They are not Michael’s bio kids and that boys hair was bleached. It’s as obvious as Michael’s collapsing nose. I am sorry but all you mo rons who are canonizing this man need help. Even with crazy Joe, these kids are better off without Michael. I read some stuff about how he was raising them and it was pretty sad. He put all his neurosis and paranoia on them.

  • babe_luv_ya

    Prince Michael is my favorite.
    He is sooo cute

  • Natasha

    Def not his real kids. No way. They are white. What’s with the blacks? Are they blind?

  • bestdamnthing

    Live them alone!!! It does not matter M.J. is their real father or not. The only thing is he loved them so much !!!!

  • kasia


    My niece was born with dark, almost black hair then it turned to white blonde. Now she’s almost 4 and her hair is dark blonde/light brown. Kid’s hair is changing during their first years, that’s the way it is. Even if Michael bleached Prince’s hair, which is stupid, SO WHAT?
    It doen’t make him a bad parent. So drop it and leave those kids alone!!

  • aanonymous

    I feel really bad for this kids, i mean i was never a big fan of Michael as a person i mean i loved his music but i just didnt really like him outside of his life as an artist.
    but i feel bad that now this kids are being exploited by the media, i mean with all and all Michael did keep them out of the public eye im guessing for this exact reason, cause he knew the would be exploited.
    and now all this drama on wether he was their biological father or not which i got to say is a no brainer!
    is basic genetics which they give in high school with the whole dominant and recesive genes, i dont think these are his biological kids but that does not change the fact that for all intent and purposes he was their father, he took care of them and raised them and that should be enough.


    The Little Rascals?

  • supia

    you know, i’m getting kindaa pissed how everyones disrespecting Michael Jackson and his kid’s privacy like this…shame on you jared.

  • juliette

    To those writing about bleaching Prince Michael’s hair.
    Many people are born with light blode hair but they have it darker with growing. My husband and his two brothers had blonde hair when they were kids and now all of them have dark hair !

    BTW – i agree with nurd – even IF MJ bleached his son’s hair, he’s not the only one doing it :]

  • gGlam

    cute pics, though i don’t like the way they’re all coming out now.. The kids are wonderful, I can tell that they had a wonderful & happy childhood, which proves once again what a great dad has MJ been. Prince Michael is very cute, he will be a handsome man!!

  • william

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  • hailei_2007


    such a common sense thing you said, about britney being forced to get help… It seem that, as fu*cked up as her family was, they tried harder than the Jackson..
    Too bad…
    And, ya, the pictures only came out because there are millions of “us” – readers/fans/not famous people, etc, just hungry to get inside this superstar’s life…
    I am one of you I am am so embarrassed about it.
    If these things happened to me when I was Paris’s age, I would have probably totally lost it: my aunt exposing my personal goodbye to my father (the story with the necklace) and intimate details about my and my brother’s grief… / personal pictures from my family life / and my only parent being dead… I WOULD HAVE LOST IT…
    Please forgive us Prince, Paris and Blanket…!

  • loz

    @IHEARTMJ: Because he was black and then had a skin thing that turned him white and also all the rumors about him abusing and sexualy asulting children … I Don’t think that it true but im not sure what to believe :S

  • loz

    @Diane: Why did he call that kid blanket … i wouldnt give my kid a name ike that i would give it a proper name like joe or something

  • kasia


    The truth is that none of his family give a shit about MJ. No one stopped his self-destruction, no one influenced him undergoing another and another plastic surgery etc. And NOW all of them are saying how much they loved him and how huge this loss is. That’s BULSHIT, no one cared when he was destroying himself and no one gave him a hand. Michael was alone for most of his life, all he had were those precious kids. The Jacksons didn’t care at all, face it!!
    His life and death is one sad, tragic and hearrending story. I just pray for Prince, Paris and Blanket cause I’m not quite sure that those people can take good care of them.

  • Jode

    During is live, Michael J. tried so hard to protect these kids privacy by hiding their faces, since his death they seem to be everywhere. Who to blame? Who has their guard? Michael’s mom Katherine, which is the same to say Joseph Jackson, the men known for exploring his children talents and image.
    Michael Jackson kids become money making since they are in the hands of their grandfather, or do you think all these magazine photo covers are for free.
    All these new private photos of the kids come from where?