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Michael Jackson: Kids Portraits Revealed

Michael Jackson: Kids Portraits Revealed
  • Michael Jackson’s life as a dad.
  • Miranda Kerr poses in nearly nothing.
  • Robert Pattinson’s hair falls flat.
  • Rosario Dawson breaks out her bikini.
  • Rachel Maddow rips Pat Buchanan a new one for racist diatribe.
  • Rihanna’s new mohawk is turning heads.
  • Kate Beckinsale runs some errands.
  • Ashlee Simpson takes baby Bronx for a walk.
  • David Beckham strips for his fans.
  • Collin Farrel is filming his latest movie London Boulevard.
  • Tony Romo gambles his feelings away.
  • The Washington State Patrol says The Passion of the Christ actor James Caviezel suffered cuts and bruises when a man hurled a bicycle into the path of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on Thursday. Following the incident, the 40-year-old actor was taken to Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth. Mental issues may be involved in why the man tossed the bike in Caviezel‘s direction.
  • Jennifer Aniston reportedly spent $1,000 on lingerie at Only Hearts on Mott St. in SoHo.
  • Common and Serena Williams are still going strong. The rapper and tennis champ were spotted smooching in Central Park the other day.
  • 19-year-old Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe in the film series, pleaded guilty yesterday to illegally growing 10 cannabis plants at his mother’s London home.
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  • kelly



  • thats_right

    Cute kids, Michael I love you sooooooooo much
    R I P

  • Tealeaf

    OK is obessed with those kids, it’s sick

  • dabu

    How sad. Michael kept his kids away from the media and protected their privacy. And now even the Jackson family are selling them out.

  • Jenny

    Wow! Michael Jackson’s kids look exactly like him when he was their age.

    You can’t deny Michael is the father.

  • sillyme

    I’m getting kind of tired of these people like Maddow who claim that, if you say anything negative about a minority, then you are a racist. I am a black woman and if Sotomayor had said a Latina woman could make a BETTER decision than a black person, you know the entire black community, Al Sharpton, etc., would have demanded she withdraw. In this case, Pat Buchanan is right to be upset.

  • rhonda

    “the wise latina” is either lying and commiting perjury or she’schizophrenic!

    Congrat to newest “affirmative action lottery winner”

    Best person for the job, not by a long shot, best affirmative action, fat, old, fugly dyke-looking latina female, you betcha!

  • Zoe

    I’m sorry but Michael is freaky looking and why did he dye his son’s hair blond? WTF ???? He had mental issues.

  • faith

    Jenny – I AGREE!! beautiful kids. mj was such a doting father!!!

  • nurd

    Gwen Stefani dyes Kingstons haor
    Angelina Jolie dyes Maddox and Pax’s hair
    No one’s b*tching about that
    Paris had really pretty eyes
    R.I.P Michael Jackson

  • nurd


  • u are in lalaland


    Oh Yeah I can see the resemblance too,blonde hair and white skin just like when he was in the jackson 5<<<<<<rolling eyes

  • lakers fan in boston

    so effing tired of hearing about mj, leave the damn guy alone already
    those have 2 be about the sexiest pics of miranda i have seen in a while, i no it’s photoshopped but her ass looks great =D
    lol, i havent seen kate if freaking months
    boring pics tho, looks the same as ever

  • mertz

    lol. thanks jared. i hope you saw it too before you posted it. my favourite was “white people built america”. lmfao. lovely.

  • Scottie Dog

    Miss Michael Jackson terribly and pray that his children get a better chance at life then he did when he was a youngster. Rest in Peace Dear Michael.

  • Flo

    Oh my God, in the young pictures of Paris look the spitting image of Arnie Kline. I never saw it b4 but now I think he is the sperm donor.

  • Jenny

    You are a nut.

    The both look like Michael when he was young.

  • sillyputty

    # 6 Jenny..

    you are crazy. They don’t resemble him at all. zero. He is NOT the father….Get your head out of the clouds.

    They are white and MJ is not. Huge difference…stupid

  • rhonda


    Hey, mertz, who did?

  • michael o.


    Uh duh! The kids have the same skin disease as he did.

  • hai

    prince and paris are sooo cute!!

  • celia

    Jamie Waylett is an idiot. I can’t believe he did something that dumb. He’s completely screwed up his chances of being in the 7th Harry Potter movie!

  • Flo

    I wish I could bet money on it because i knew in my guts as soon as i saw pictures 7 & 8 that Paris is definitely Arnold Klein’s kid.

  • mertz

    rhonda @ 07/17/2009 at 6:51 pm @mertz:

    Hey, mertz, who did?
    did you actually click on the link and see what happened on rachel maddow’s show…and reading your comments about sotomayor reminded me of exactly everything i’ve heard from republicans concerning this nominee. i’m not even an american citizen and i know that the republicans adhere to the code that the president always gets his way with his sc pick. that’s point one. the next point, actually made by constitutional lawyers, the American Barristers Association, and many other judges, laywers, people in the legal community is that even if you don’t agree with her decisions she is one of the most experienced judges in your country picked as a nominee and going to the bench, and that is flatly based on how many cases she has heared and made rulings on. the next point, is that although she may be a democratic pic, she does not lean right nor left. she is middle of the rode and gives credence to precedents and then applies the law to the issue (s) before her. did you even watch any of these hearings? do you even know who she is? i mean why the hell is it that the naysayers ugh, only have two talking points when it comes to her yet say oh she is overly qualified for the job. give me a freakin break. for more than 40 years these hearings have been political posturing and farces, but when it comes to the year 2009, people gain a conscious and all of a sudden want to change the way things are done. lol. hypocrisy is a beautiful thing. and on to the next point. i don’t know what you know about affirmative action, but to say it only benefits people of colour is disfreakingingenous, so please learn a little bit about your own policies/programs before making general glib commentary. she is not just a product of affirmative action, but she is smart (lol at lindsay graham questioning her and agreeing with her that she is a part of the intellectual class. what bunch of idiots republicans are…and some dems are no better, but atleast they made no waves during this hearing. left it to the gop to dig themselves into a big hole dictating the confirmation hearing. surprised not as many republicans decided to hang themselves even more. the public perception and the strong imagery still worked against them though since it did look like lots of white old men attacking a latina lady. lol. too good) and she is also a product of hard work and luck. i mean not all of us minorities can get a break like some of those “legacy” republicans who for a fact we know don’t like school and pay people to do their work for them…lol, dubya jr anyone? anyways so here’s the video, i will post the huffopost one because they have it broken down in sections, and i don’t want to hit up the youtube, or you can watch the msnbc clip. if you knew anything about her or followed american politics you would know that she’s been on the federal bench, in the lower courts as well, you would know that although she might be a liberal pick from the thousands of cases she’s presided over she has decreed ruling that republicans who look at facts would know that she rules mostly in favour for YOUR SIDE, she’s not one to make precedent lightly, or even make waves, but she applies law, and and and she’s been a nominee 4 FCUCKING TIMES and was a pick of the original bush, bush the first. so you know what, don’t give me that bullsh*t about what she said about the wise latina comment. although she was in the end overruled when her case went to the supreme court she had 4 judges on the bench who AGREED with her and the way she had read the law in new haven, because she applied the law of that area and had used a case that had come before hand in that same area to make a determination, and she was right in the end. she was overturned, obviously, because the sc has to apply the law of the land to the case (which sotomayor also should have, but she wasn’t really wrong. she stuck to the facts that were presented to her), and she wasn’t the one who was wrong, the law in connecticut or wherever new haven is, is what was flawed.

  • mertz

    that wise latino comment although she did not use the right wording to express her intent, she is not wrong because it is agreed in the law circle that different judges bring different experiences to law, and alternative perspectives on the same constitutional law, but how it is applied to each case. this is true of all people of all colour. please. i can’t believe so much was made of nothing. lol at the dude who said if he had said that or something like that (i think it was senator graham again) he would lose his job. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. when was the last time a white person lost a job for saying somethng offensive. please. if he’s trying to make a point there are better ways to make it instead of using your freakin platform to posture. so there’s my rant. american political system, although it is one of the most exciting things in the world is absolute FAIL, and this is coming from a young person who has been following american politics since before i could walk or talk. my cousin from new york comes to visit me and tells me our version of an american president is the queen then went on to make some other bullsh*t idiotic comparisons regarding the country i live in and the american political system. my cousin is right now studying to get his degree in politics and had to do his finals on the american legilature and everything that pertains it from back in the day to now…and i swear he’s not even american. what do you americans learn in school. do you learn anything else about the world at all, because if you don’t know the ENTIRE world is learning about america, what it does, how it does things, and trying to emulate it…well maybe not china, lol, but even china keeps close a$$ tabs on everything relating to america. i mean do americans know where sri lanka is? can they name the top 10 militias with the most activity in the world? do they know why the bombing in indonesia, in india, in iraq, in isreal, in lebanon, is kuwait, in saudi arabia, in yemen, in pakistan, in sudan, in some south american and african countries, even the london bombings, 9/11 are ALL related/relative/relevant/IMPORTANT. i mean seriously. i can ask any kid in gaza, in baghdad, in fallujah, in karachi, in bogota, in tikrit, in tehran, in jakarta, and so many places information about america and you would be surprise how much they know…they may be dirt poor and living in strife but you will be surprised how much they know, even if they are biased because of what their government tells them, the way their parents raise them, to their religion(s). seriously. it’s disgusting how much some people decide to let their eyes be closed. anyways i’m going to end my ranting because i am sure it will go over people’s heads like always. here’s the huffo post link. the video is maddow and pat the uncle i am so old i need to open my ever so rigid mind but i know i’m racist, not overtly but in my heart, buchanan talking. am sure you will agree with all his points rhonda. the point of this should be that he legitamately under the first amendmant has rights and he has points, but irish pat forgets that back in the day when we were all immigrants that even the irish were discriminated against, but it’s always good to have bias and selective hearing/vision/knowledge, and to disregard history as it was. lol. he’s a great big laugh. i don’t watch msnbc, or fox freaken news, but if this is the stuff they are serving then definately count me out. lol.

  • mertz

    wow i can’t post anything now. lol.

  • mertz

    yeah so she’s been a nominee under bush first, clinton, bush, and obama…i mean 2 dems and 2 republicans. they must have liked her enough to have nominated her all those times. she’s not some hell raiser or whatever people have been saying and she most likely won’t disturbe the current balance that is on the bench. obama’s second sc nominee is what should concern people. that will be the fight of the future. seriously. i don’t get republicans, but they should just keep talking and digging themselves deeper holes, ala micheal steele, that lady who got selected as the president of the young republicans, ms bulldog with the buffon and the glasses, and many many many others. i mean usually it’s the dems fcucking up, but oh well dig the hole much much bigger. they should have let the hearing go on way longer so that the gop could have alienated the fastest growing minority group in the country. lol. *rolls eyes* i don’t understand how the gop thinks it will go about attaining the minority votes. but i guess the church delivered bush both times, the evangelicals can deiliver the republican party, because obivously they are the only right ones/the only capable people of having good judgment. religion allows for that superiority. what a bunch of bullsh*t hypocrisy. i raise you my christianity and a big F U go to hell middle finger salute. if you can’t tell i am beyond pissed.

  • mertz

    i still can’t post nothing

  • mertz

    it’s all a little too late. the farmers know this and most definately the unions pause when they see their jobs going over seas. the country that preached against protectionism and was all free trade is facing a fundamental collapse that should change it’s ways…but in actuality won’t do diddly squat. in 2008 there were 3.4 million jobs left. in the first half of 2009 there have been 3.5-3.6 million jobs gone. lol. the year isn’t even over and that value will double. add 2007 to that, add 2006 to that, add THE ENTIRE WORLD’S LOSS TO THAT, and add the shrinking global gdp. it’s all too sad. and why is that, because of stupid people taking advantage of dumb laws, stupid governments, stupid wallstreet-american & brits, and most of the worlds financial service sector. stupid Fcuks.

  • mertz

    it’s all a little to late now. the farmers know this and even the unions pause when they see their jobs going over seas. the country that preached against protectionism and was all free trade is facing a fundamental collapse that should change it’s ways…but in actuality won’t do diddly squat. in 2008 there were 3.4 million jobs left. in the first half of 2009 there have been 3.5-3.6 million jobs gone. lol. the year isn’t even over and that value will double. add 2007 to that, add 2006 to that, add THE ENTIRE WORLD’S LOSS TO THAT, and add the shrinking global gdp. it’s all too sad. and why is that, because of stupid people taking advantage of dumb laws, stupid governments, stupid wallstreet-american & brits, and most of the worlds financial service sector. stupid mother f’rs.

  • http://yahoo candy

    these kids looks nothing like michael these kids are 100% white and people should stop saying they look like michael cause they dont peorid….they look like debbie and the dr.and blanket looks like Bruno Brando check it out they look like twins.i hate it for these kids but they gone be messed up in the head everybody want to know where they can from and these white kids didnot come from this black man i dont care how much he changed hisself to look white he still is a black man

  • Michael’s genes?

    Prince Michael definitely looks mostly (if not all) Caucasian but Paris has sort of a light-olive complexion even though her eyes are blue. She could well be a ‘mix’ as could Blanket with his darker complexion and features. Of the three, Blanket resembles Michael the most IMO.

  • mertz

    please. lol. the kids can’t look like what you currently know mj to be because he obviously severly altered himself…so if you think they look like mj you are mistaken and you should infact say mj looks like the kids…because everyone and their mother knows he’s not what he was.

    and yeah the last kid looks like a brando mix

    paris looks like she’s darker than her brother but it could just be a tan…because i don’t think she would look different whereas her brother doesn’t. they don’t look mixed at all. they look caucasian, in any sense of that word, latino, italian, greek, british, dutch, german, w/e. they are as caucasian as far as the eyes can see.

  • tyr

    yeah judge whether he’s the father from BABY pics that were taken 6 or 7 years ago!!!!!! white people kill me . you all are so stupid. you know nothing about black or mixed people. lots of mixed babies look white when their little. and then they get get darker as they get older. hell, lots of black babies look white when their little my cousin had pale skin and reddish brown hair at 6 years old and then changed and ended up medium brown skinned and had black hair by age 16. did you see those kids at the memorial. they are 5 shades darker now. in fact they are the same color as latoya jackson. who by the way has ALWAYS been lighter than both of her BLACK parents.

  • Suppress your appetite

    @faith: I agree