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Sienna Miller Visits Bondi Beach

Sienna Miller Visits Bondi Beach

Sienna Miller goes for a very windy walk with a friend at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (July 16).

The 27-year-old British actress admitted that often times she feels insecure about herself. “I can assure you, most mornings I don’t feel fabulous and glamorous,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “But I think that’s part of being a woman, don’t you?”

Sienna also explained why she took the role in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. “I think I got to a point where I really just wanted to make a film that was really entertaining.” “You know, I put myself through quite a lot doing the roles that I’d done and it gets pretty emotionally exhausting after a while. I just wanted to have fun.”

FYI: Si is wearing Rupert Sanderson‘s classic Joyce cream patent brogues.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller visiting Bondi beach…

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  • jerry


  • jj

    What is exhausting Ms Miller is having an affair with a married man and flaunting it in the face of his wife and children. What’s exhausting Ms Miller is having your “friends” spread stories about moving in with your idiot lover. What’s exhausting Ms Miller is telling so many lies…and on and on. Both BG and SM have told lie after lie about breaking up when they have been together, be careful fools, that’s Karma ready to bite ya. You both really do deserve each other. Hope RG gets full custody and is able to move forward from this pain.

  • Stinkerbelle

    After seeing pics of the fashion disaster that is Rachel Bilson, how nice it is to see someone on who fashion works. She may be a skank but she knows how to wear clothes.

  • truthfairy

    @jj: You have no idea what caused the break up. I doubt it was solely Sienna. Sounds to me that BG had a bad case of boredoms and itchy feet. Sienna was there for the thrill and the scratch. Most men wander after a while and who can blame them. No face is so pretty that it doesnt pall after 10 years or so.

  • sunseeker


    I personally do not blame her altogether for the breakup, but I do blame her for the hehaviour after the affair came to light. No respect for anybody not even HIS children, she strutten around the globe going around telling everybody how she wanted to marry the guy have children buy a home etc and he had not even left his wife then, he himself said he was pushed into separating from his wife by the publicity which was generated by Miller, plus her constant whining about the public outcry. Who would want children with a guy who has just left four children and hardly sees them not even on Fathers Day. ” No face is so pretty that it doesn’t pall after 10 years or so ” Miller better watch out then

  • Karma

    How can playing yourself in film after film be emotionally exhausting? She says the dumbest things.

  • jami

    stinkerbelle, do you honestly think she is a fashionista of some sort??!?? Look at those horrible acid washed stretch jeans with those horrible white capezio shoes! UGh, barf!
    And she IS a lying skank.

  • truthfairy

    Hey, I’m not argueing. She’s no saint. But you dont know what goes on in a marriage and I dont think BG’s and RG’s marriage was all rose petals and hand holding. People get tired of each other, love doesnt last forever, unless we’re really lucky. I know lots of couples who are fed up with each other and will prob go the seperate ways eventually. Sienna could have conducted herself better in all this but the blame isn’t all hers is all I’m saying.

  • truthfairy

    @jami: Yes I do. On her, she could make a sack look sexy. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. She’s got it.

  • Lalique

    Wow, amazingly enough, I agree with ALL the comments so far!! Woo hoo!

    “I wanted to make a film that was entertaining” = I need $$$$$$ !!!!!!

  • john mealey

    Funny how the pap.s find her on a deserted beach – she needs endless attention….she must have speed dial to the pap.s ..

  • Ruth

    Sunseeker (# 5) – well said.

    Sienna Miller is all about one person – herself. I have followed her career from the very beginning and think that she has great potential as an actor. However her blatant and inappropriate behaviour last year, after the affair came to light, showed very clearly just what sort of person she is.

    Of course Getty may have been bored but one thing is 100% for sure – he wasn’t seeking to divorce his wife. Their public behaviour, both on the endless infamous photoshoots in Italy, and then in Los Angeles, caused appalling humiliation to his wife and children. What sort of person does that? Many people have affairs but most try to protect their families and their own reputations. Getty is the lowest of the low but Miller could and should have demanded discretion, if only to protect her own interest in this matter. She fully deserved the public scorn and considerable harm it has done to her career since then. Causing pain is easy when you are so self-centered and she should have remembered just how SHE felt when Jude Law betrayed her.

  • sillyputty

    yeah…she feels insecure because of the life she has led.

    being s l u t t y. and she knows it

  • xxx

    I totally agree with #sunseeker and #Ruth
    Getty is to blame.He tried to go back to his wife who is not ready to forgive him,maybe he didnot try that hard as he had Sienna on side.
    Definitely he is the man who is not protecting his family.Not seen him after 22nd June.Mustbe drinking alcohol all the day.BY the way his wife took all their kids to roadtrip from 18thjune to 28th june.He is unemployed and kids were not in LA,then why he returned to LA on 22nd June leaving Sienna all alone in Europe?Any Guess?

  • now listen

    Sienna: “I can assure you, most mornings I don’t feel fabulous and glamorous.”

    That, Sienna, is because you aren’t fabulous and glamorous. And it is certainly not a part of being a woman.
    God, please send some brain or better drop a rock on her!

  • Ruth

    XXX, wasn’t there a sighting of Getty with Miller in Italy a couple of weeks ago? There was also an article in one of the London tabloids where Miller was quoted as saying that they were going to buy a home together.

    Of course, there is still the question of when the Getty couple will finally divorce. Presumably Rosetta is waiting until he gets his inheritance, to ensure the security of her children because divorce in California is not complicated and either party could have filed during the past year.

  • natalie

    She looks great in these pictures!

  • Anonymous

    What is pretty and nice in this woman?? She is too self-absorbed to consider a married woman’s humiliation and the effect her affair will impact on Getty’s children now and in the near future.

  • mark

    burn in helll

  • sillyxxx

    # 14 xxx

    wtf !? GETTY is to blame? ha ha ha ha. How very stupid.

    It takes TWO to tango you idiot.

  • A

    One can only wonder why there is no other human being around. Right, because it is a 5am photo-op special edition for this blog that patently keeps licking her okole.

  • Mary

    Pretty !

  • Lucy

    She is always so cool!

  • Chili Pepper

    She’s either a has-been or a never-was, I can’t decide. Eh, doesn’t matter, outcome is still the same.

  • Irish Girl

    @Karma: Obviously you didn’t see Factory Girl. It was marvelous.

  • Irish Girl

    @truthfairy: I’m with you on all points – both fashion and BG’s relationship with her.
    Why is that the woman always gets the s**t when a man strays? Women ALWAYS do that. Bizarre. If anyone should be getting dogged right now, it’s him. She was single and available, and we don’t know the nature of his relationship with his wife. For all we know they could have been separated.
    Stop blaming Sienna. She is/was behaving like any single girl would. If anyone has to hang a head in shame it’s BG not Sienna.

  • Irish Girl

    Also, acid wash are making a come-back. Sienna, always ahead of the curve, is rocking the look way before we regular folks. Pick up Vogue or In-Style and you’ll see acid wash in there.

  • sap

    Rhys Ifans just called to IRISH GIRL and said: you are an IDIOT!

  • sap

    Also, what can be even more marvelous than a film about someone who had a f***ed up father, brother, family, childhood. IDIOT.

  • c

    SM just loves playing the victim. So now the public is supposed to feel sorry for her because she doesn’t feel glamourous or fabulous? Yes SM, your concern for your appearance is far more important than the impact that her very public affair/taunting has on a mother and her 4 kids. SM is under the impression that whining about her “pain” completely absolves her from her antics with the still very married man who despite SM quests to prove that he loves her, still has not shown any signs of getting a divorce.

    Being a woman is having the decency to not sleep with another woman’s husband and shamelessly flaunt the affair; taking responsibility for one’s own actions and stop blaming others for her own self-inflicted wounds; abiding by the standards that she imposes on others (ie-don’t expect people to turn a blind eye/pat her on the back now that she is the other woman when she publicly berated JL nanny for being the “other woman” in her relationship; and not tipping off the paps and then crying wolf when things don’t go as planned.

    Since she released stories about househunting with the married man and is going through so much trouble to be seen on a beach, it won’t be too long before this photo-op is followed by photos of her once again publicly engaging in pda with the married man, the married man at some airport, SM at LAX, or more stories about how they were spotted looking “romantic” and couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

    How is that the paps ALWAYS know where to find SM? She wants us to believe that the paps tracked her all the way to Austrailia?

  • c

    Well, didn’t SM publicly give JL nanny hell? So, now that she is the “other woman” the standard that she imposed on JL nanny shouldn’t apply to her? What about the character attack that SM and her mothers have been waging against RG? Why should SM be respected, when she is throwing another woman under the bus just because she wants that woman’s husband?

    SM receives most of the slack because she won’t LAY LOW, SHUT UP, keeps tipping off the paps and then crying wolf, and playing the victim. SM makes things worse for herself when depicts the married man’s wife and kids as the villain; perpetuates the notion that RG and her 4 kids are not suffering/that she is suffering more than they are; and uses the media to taunt the married man’s wife and kids (ie-wearing the breast sucking dress on his kid’s birthday, saying that she wanted to go dark just because BG’s wife has dark hair, wearing that Mickey Mouse T shirt, and now wearing the cross which she wouldn’t wear during those “fake” break-up stories, saying that she and the married man are still friends and talk when she leaked those fake break-up reports).

    BG is resposnible for SM actions? Being single doesn’t give SM the right to insert herself into another woman’s marriage and it most certainly does not mean that she is completely blameless or exempt from the consequences of participating in an affair with a man she knew had a wife and 4 kids before she laid down with him. It doesn’t matter if the married man was having problems in his marriage or not, he was MARRIED and SM only option was to walk away or wait until he filed for a divorce before putting on a very public show-n-tell of her affair. Just because a MARRIED MAN “might” be having problems doesn’t mean that it’s okay for a single woman to sleep with him. BTW, the “he was separated, they were having problems, he wasn’t happy” lies were created by SM and her mothers. This is one of the reasons she receives most of the slack , she tries to justify her actions by any means necessary and in this case it comes at the expense of a mother and her 4 kids.

  • Sally Ann

    God, she gets about a bit. She was filming Top Gear in the UK on Wednesday. Did she teleport?

  • zor

    Top Gear, what is it? lol
    Ain’t life is tough without a job?

  • lakers fan in boston

    cant believe u crazies r still commenting on her being a homewrecker….that argument is getting pretty old
    i agree it wasnt her best moment but shiz, a lot of ppl have gotten over it, u dont even no her and ur still saying bs

    not liking the outfit her but she still manages 2 look cute
    i think it’s the style of the jeans and those ugly shoes
    never noticed how skinny she was, not wonder she has great legs =]

  • kk

    she probably told the australian reporters how unlucky she is when it comes to love too and that she prefers to do some gardening now that she is “single”, LIAR

  • Toby

    She promotes a movie by saying ” you won’t see the best acting”….!\

    Gott dam this girl is dumb!!

  • TC

    Acid washed jeans to go with her acid washed brain.

  • Deliliah


    That’s because she’s still a homewrecker, even though she denies it!

    Fame hungry media ho!

  • Irish Girl

    @sap: Wow. Spoken like an American from the mid-west. Darling, try not to be so conservative. Sometimes, mommies and daddies split up. That happens.
    As for Factory Girl, it was a role. As an actor, Sienna is protected by the role. She isn’t representing herself, but presenting the material, which she did a beautiful job at.
    Rhys Ifans… please, dear. People break up. Get over it. Well… perhaps you wouldn’t kow about break-ups being an unattractive, internet troll.
    Keep changing your name, sweets. We know you multi-post under various names. At least I use the same “identity” whenever I leave a comment.

  • matt

    sienna is a hottie i love the girl

  • Lila

    I dated a married man once but i didnt know he was married, he told me like 2 months later, the whole situation was horrible as i really liked the guy, obviously i broke up with him but his wife found out and i felt and was treated like a slut.
    I dont understand how sienna has the guts to keep dating a married man when the whole world seems to be against it. Its not only hurtful for RG and the kids but is also destroying her career, she must be nuts.

  • sap

    Rhys Ifans just called to that dumb Irish Girl and said again you are an IDIOT!!
    As for “Darling, try not to be so conservative. Sometimes, mommies and daddies split up. That happens.”
    Is that what you are saying to yourself looking at the reflection in mirror? Seeking for an answer to you own f***ed up perpetuity.

  • sap

    “As for Factory Girl, it was a role. As an actor, Sienna is protected by the role. She isn’t representing herself, but presenting the material, which she did a beautiful job at.”
    And the material is a f***ed up girl, who was virtually raped by her own schizo father, and then was forced to shoot in a p0rn movie by her own brother?
    Rhys Ifans is right, you are truly an idiot.

  • Deliliah

    Irish Girl

    Yeah, but most daddies don’t run off to vacation with their blond floozy while mummy stays home wit the kids!! It’s not that she’s a slut, she’s a homewrecking dslut and a trash actor to boot! With the fashion sense of a bag lady.


  • c

    The homewrecker argument isn’t getting old seeing as how BG is still a very married man and there are pictures of SM sticking her tongue in the married man’s ear on Father’s Day.

    Crazy is whining about the public having a vendetta against you., despite the fact that she had spent the past weekend with a married man. Crazy is blasting someone(ie-Nobu) about messing up the environment when she is “spotted” in a different place every week.

    Sienna isn’t representing a role because she is just playing a variation of herself. What do most of all of her characters have in common? Sex, drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol; just like the “private life” that SM likes to share with the media and public. SM is typecast.

  • Gondorf

    Now she’s in Australia. On perpetual vacation. What a carbon footprint. Isn’t she a spokeperson for Global Warming? What, is she for it?

  • A

    hottie? nah, that’s more like it!
    welcome to CCCP

  • Santa

    anyone would sware bondi is the only beach in Aus, Noosa is a million times better lol… no offence sydney

  • DUrrrr


  • Zara

    What the hell is this homewrecking piece of trash doing in Australia??