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The Gosselins Take New York City

The Gosselins Take New York City

Jon and ex-wife-to-be Kate Gosselin put on a united front and work together to take their kids to a pediatrics center on Friday (July 17) in Reading, Penn.

On Saturday morning (July 18), Kate and the kids checked into a Midtown New York City hotel. New episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, perhaps? (People reports it’s for a photo shoot.)

Jon is probably staying at his new bachelor pad on the Upper West Side. With rumored fiancee Hailey Glassman?

10+ pictures inside of The Gosselins ready to take New York City…

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  • suzie

    Stay strong Kate!

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    This family has turned into a disgusting money hungry, child pimping, train wreck and it’s truly more sad every day. I’m willing to bet most if not all of those kids will not speak to their parents when they are older

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    @suzie: Stay stong, kate? it is Kate’s attitude and personality that led her husband to turn 180. I dont feel bad for her one bit

  • ethioma

    It’s nice to see they are being respectful in front of their kids.

    Cute shoes Kate!

  • Merry

    Poor Kate! She looks so sad. God bless her-she’s still wearing her wedding rings

  • whocares?

    What I like to know is..WHO CARES? I canceled two mag. sub. because like hell I will pay to see these 2 nobodies, and that’s what they are, on the cover, week after week. Not even attractive, so it’s getting more stupid as they walk around with frowns! they are living proof, anyone can be famous, today.

  • jon your no Brad

    Jon, on the bike, get real, you love this attention but Brad you aren’t. and Kate, she’s a regular mom, mall type with kids, and yet, they are in our faces constantly. No wonder the world’s a mess.

  • Chelsey

    Jon is moving on so fast its gross. And I wonder how long the cheating and everything was going on before it was in the magizines so maybe thats why kate was acting the way she was we really dont know but im glad Kate is holding on

  • TLC listen

    Kate I understand that you met this loser of a lifetime when you were young. But the whole world could see this loser and the jailbait and see how they really are. I would never let this drug addicted, multiple arrested, partying girl anywhere near my children. The dumbsh*t right now wouldn’t know anything with what’s right or wrong cause he is in a drug induced state, believe me I met many people who acts exactly the same. And tlc, I would not ever support this show if this selfish bastard is every on the show again. I would watch it if he was out for good. Besides, didn’t he say that he didn’t want to be on the show? Well, give him his wish. If he ever comes on the show again, believe me so many people will not only watch the show but will never support your channel ever again, mark my words. Many of my friends feel this way.

  • escrow mama

    Hey Kankles……HIRE A STYLIST

  • IrreverentMommy

    Is Jon even capable of not being a douche right now? Living with Girlfriend? Come on! I love how when Jon & Kate got married, Girlfriend was TWELVE! EWWW.

    These people need to go away – stop with the champagne lifestyle & get to therapy for the sake of the kids.

  • hossa

    @ethioma: @suzie:Yeah maybe if your a good girl Kate will let you borrow them someday.

  • hossa

    Why does the oldest daughter look unhappy all the time, even in the older pictures. The kids are big now, not looking as cute anymore. Oh well can’t follow these two dildos around for ever so they better make as much as they can now, the kids aren’t so attractive anymore.

  • Sheila

    Kate if there was ever a job on being a good parent, this is it. You have got to keep you kids safe away from these two people(too nice of a word). If the kids were in their care, all they are going to see is drinking, drug using, and definately non-caring of human beings(too nice of a word) that will so bring your children down and believe me they will see and LEARN all the bad habits. I trully see this down the line. Please keep the children safe and AWAY from these two unstable, unpredictable, and drug addicted so called people as to not ruin these precious children’s future and their well being. Mark my words, if you don’t do this, it will be end of them

  • cal

    Kate’s still in denial – wearing that wedding band. heh heh! Loser!

    When are those kids going to get involved with team sports?
    Maybe when they don’t have to wear bibs anymore when they eat?

    Jodie should take custody of these orphans.

  • Paddisonluvr

    You know, my first question would normally be why does the media bother covering stories about these annoying, fame-hungry people but the obvious answer is because people apparently CARE. But why do people care? These idiots have done nothing to deserve attention and yet there are stories about them 24/7! WHO CARES?? I just feel badly for the children.

  • Denise

    People magazine said Kate had 2 babysitters and security. Yet her followers think she “does it all”. She is a loser, flaunts that ring around when she ran Jon off with her ranting.

  • josephine

    They look miserable! :(

  • Miffy

    It always takes two to make or break it. Both seem to be very selfish people always saying its for the kids. Lets wait and see in the years to come if it’s still all about the kids.

  • Dina

    @Jon and hailey + baby bailey: Ya she really put a gun to his head. Get real what is he 5?

  • Tina P

    I think she went off on Jon because she was frustrated at him and all the stuff he did or didn’t do behind the camera’s. He is the ultimate “good time dad”. Kids will love him because they can do absolutely whatever they want. They will wind up in trouble with the law, no direction in life and very bitter if the parenting was left up to Jon. Kate gives them stability and love. This is the best thing for them.

  • Care

    @Jon and hailey + baby bailey:

    Actually its the fact that Jon cant keep his effing dick in his pants that lead to this

  • Sam

    HEY – where are the little princesses?? I’ve NEVER seen the boys allowed out without taking the princesses along too. Is this a first? OH KATE!!!

    ‘cal’ – funny funny post!!!!

  • Make the show KATE PLUS 8

    She looks sad. I bet she’s being dealing with infidelity with him for awhile but this is the final blow. And she’s probably keeping her ring on BECAUSE she does respect that SHE IS married and will take it off once the divorce is final. A lot of women do this. This is nothing new so I don’t know what the big deal is about her ring is.

  • jas

    blah blah blah so sick of these PEOPLE. they are nobody special for god’s sake quit posting about them!!!

  • rhonda

    Jon can’t get away from that witch fast enough. After years of domination by Kate the Horrible he went buck-wild when he got loose! Those kids when they are old enough are gonna run just as fast. They identify more with Jon and understand that “daddy got away” OR tthey will HATE them Both.

  • rhonda


  • Divorce Jon as a Father Too

    So he buzzes up to the centre, unloads the kids and goes back to the million dollar bachelor pad with Hailey right after. WHAT A GUY! WHAT A GUY. Yep, he’s really been putting in quality time after bagg’n his Meth Chick in France and buying her $30,000 in jewellry.

  • *******


  • payless

    Maybe Steve, the bodyguard could supervise Jon’s visitations. These children seriously need to be protected from Jon and his women. what a mess!

  • Amy

    To those who say Kate is awful and the cause of their breakup, you must have never watched much of the show. Jon was just as bad, if not worse.

  • GOOD

    this just proves NONE OF US KNOWS WHAT¨’S REALLY GOING ON!!

  • Flo

    Kate playing the victim is all and act, from the first season she has always had a fully staffed house, maids, chef, assistants, nannies,personal shopper, stylist , makeup artist, hairstylist, bodyguards aand what ever else she needed to take care of their brood.

  • Amy


    And how do you know this? Do you have proof?

  • payless

    Also, Neither one of these parents is going to win Parent of the year. I have heard alot of nasty comments on this show but the only negative comments on the children have come from Jon. He is always saying that Colin has a ‘huge head” and thereby saying that Colin is different from the others. On one trip, I think to the zoo,Jon made the comment that if Kate pushed Colin off on him one more time that he was going to leave him, this said in Colin’s presence. Who does that, a loving father, I don’t think so.

  • jana

    Amy…watch the show. She has nannies and chefs…it’s a fact. She’s even said the kids once referred to the nanny as “mom”…
    She’s doing herself a great dis-service by wearing her wedding band. The wedding band is her and Jon’s wedding vows…they’ve obviously been broken. It’s embarassing to me.
    She’s a nut job, and he’s a man whoree.

  • Sandy

    Kate if you were smart and wise, don’t bring Steve into this fiasco right now. People are rooting for you but don’t give in to your emotions or else people will have things to put you down. Be smart and wise.

  • listenuuuppp

    Oh please! Jon made up those rumors about Kate and the body guard to make himself not look bad. They don’t have alot of help. That’s why Jon had to call for a baby sister one of the many times he had to take one of the kids to the Emergency room when he wasn’t watching them properly and another one got hurt in his care. Can’t even imagine what his pothead girlfriend will be teaching those kids. Kate being bossy does not compare to Jon bringing in a pothead girlfriend to badly influence his children.

  • listenuuuppp

    ooops, i meant jon had to call a baby sitter NOT a baby sister. LOL

  • Dirty Boy Ragz

    Kate don’t worry we sell more rags of you than your soon to be swine x!

  • Pennelope

    If I ever see this loser JON on the show again, I will not support this show anymore. What a selfish, immature thing to do for his own family. Used to be on his side but the more I look at the past episodes, I really see waht this guy is all about. No priority except for him and him only. And get the kids out of the way from these time bomb of people before it’s too late.

  • Belinda

    Definition of a loser when your a man of 30 something or more: immature, self-absorbed, drinking, drug taking, lazy, unmotivated, uncaring, poor example of a father, husband, and most importanlty a person with no morals, goals, values, and directions. Jon Gosselin you make the perfect fit.

  • Think people

    Why do people support Jon Gosselin? Are you crazy?

    Kate was a bitch to him because he deserved that shit and more. [And I work in TV so I know that TLC didn’t have the budget to provide all those nannies and personal chefs. You disillusional fools who don’t know anything about a TV production will believe anything spewed out to you. Get a brain a people. The producers are only concerned with their bottom line and and if Kate started demanding all that stuff they would have walked to the next family willing to do the show for cheap.

    Reality TV is a cash business because TV producers don’t have to pay writers (not to say reality isn’t scripted, it is, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than having to pay writers who belong to a union, that’s why the writer’s went on strike, remember!)

    Think people.

  • suzie

    @Jon and hailey + baby bailey Um. I don’t think so. She is the way she is because of how he acts. He deserved it. This behavior of his is not new behavior. We just did not see it. He feeds off of playing the victim for the cameras. There’s a lot more that none of us saw. Men don’t just all of a sudden “turn” because of another person. He was already like this. He has control over his own actions. No one makes him do anything. He loves his kids so much yet he moves to a completely different city with no job. What took him to NY? Nothing. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. I’ve been saying this all along. GO KATE. Jon is NOTHING more than a loser deadbeat.

  • jaxon


    Can someone who lives in that part of the country tell me how long it will take Jon to drive from New York to their home in Penn?

    I cannot believe he is moving out of state when he is suposed to be raising eight kids. What if they need something quickly? I looked at a map and it looks like quite a distance even though the states adjoin. I don’t know how he thinks this is for the good of his kids.

  • mayra

    it’s all about he money, they are seen together for the tv show not for the kids. if there eas not tv show they would never be reunited.

  • jaye

    They are still under contract for over 30 more shows, so there will be more NEW Gosslin drama in the future.

  • truthfully

    I don’t know which show you were watching, but the one I watched showed Kate acting like a harpie 24/7. Apparently both are greedy, nasty people. I feel for the kids.

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    @suzie: then how do you explain her own family not even speaking to her??? Oh I know, her dad’s a priest and when his church offered to donate cribs to Kate when the kids were born she refused them because they werent matching. Wonderful “Church loving” person she is.She’s a disgusting pig.

  • Bunny Ranch fly

    Live from the Gosselin Bunny Ranch outside NYC its saturday night live. Let the parodies of the parents begin. I saw mommy kissing santa claus last nite. Its the same old garage family drama

    Where everyone has a price on their heads and a reputation.
    The family heads are grifters of happy-go-lucky branding

    Tabs fan female fans with intrique of jealousy, mystery, obsession, and the deceit of romance. Female p*rn*graphy. Pictures of Hailey in heat. Male p*rn*graphy. Sorry Kate, uptown Jon doesn’t think your wasting his time with Steve anymore.

    34 episodes licks to go. J&K at 100k a show is $3.4 million each. The kids at probably 25k is $850k each. All bugeted before the season began. Mr. New Zealand gigilo half a million a year. Ms. Opportunity a ring and a promise at room and board and hell no to responsiblity.