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Rachel Bilson Downs Little Dom's

Rachel Bilson Downs Little Dom's

Rachel Bilson and a gal pal
grab Italian for lunch at Little Dom’s Restaurant on Friday (July 17) in Los Feliz, Calif.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old actress and Vogue hosted the 1-year anniversary party for 3.1 Phillip Lim’s L.A. store.

“All of Phillip‘s clothes are just so beautiful! There isn’t a single piece of his that I wouldn’t wear. I just got this new jacket that goes with absolutely everything. The best thing about his designs are that they are always comfortable and still manage to look incredibly fashion-forward,” Rachel told FWD.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson downing Little Dom’s…

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76 Responses to “Rachel Bilson Downs Little Dom's”

  1. 1
    austine Says:

    First? This chicklet is a no-talent ass clown!

  2. 2
    ocsethummer Says:

    Rings is on again!!!!

  3. 3
    sharon Says:

    I just got this new jacket that goes with absolutely everything. The best thing about his designs are that they are always comfortable and still manage to look incredibly fashion-forward,” Rachel told FWD.
    LOL fashion forward I just hope it wasn’t that gold outfit and what’s with those damn ugly boots ….I hope she packed her a $hit load of odor eaters!!!

  4. 4
    Hunter Says:

    I really like Rachels hair lately. Looks like Hayden has been running his fingers through it because it doesn’t look like a birds nest.

  5. 5
    lala Says:

    cant believe hayden is settling for this worthless piece of crap

  6. 6
    sterling Says:

    It must be a rite of passage for those media-dog hacktresses to just end up in tabloids everytime & anytime & as baloney as it is. Anyhow JJ I love that you regularly put up the elusive Alexis Bledel lately – and its all official events & not much or no candids at all). Just look up at her threads (this one is just recent : its all about 99% “positive”.

  7. 7
    kosher Says:

    Duh what ring?!
    It looks like a “bandaid”!

  8. 8
    ocsethummer Says:
    bandaids dont sparkle.

  9. 9
    kosher Says:

    Birds of the same feather of “worthless piece of crap” do flock together.

  10. 10
    kosher Says:

    Whatever it still looks like a “”bandaid”" – jeeez such a terrible taste for a so called e-rock.

  11. 11
    Adam Lambert Says:

    she’s short and fugly, LOL. she even made this movie called “Last Kiss” where the guy cheated his stunning gf (played by jacinda barrett) just for this midget. looks like it’s happening in real life, only this time with hayden :)

  12. 12
    whortensia Says:

    she’s a dumb ho

  13. 13
    voice of reason Says:

    you guys bored that Natalie is not getting hits–keep going JJ does not care the more you post, the more money he makes.

    I like her outfit-but I don’t like the boots.

  14. 14
    SARAH Says:

    I used to like hayden back in 2002; but now he looks like ****. Rachel is the one that SHOULD dump his ass. Rachel is so beautiful. Ya’ll dont know what the hell you are talking about.

  15. 15
    unreechy Says:

    BilHO was always written in a good light in most of her tabloids write-ups, obviously these tabs were fed, bribed, paid by her publicist. So why do you think the publicist get an almost 3-5 % cut in every deal their pet-celebs get. They are paid big becoz of their connections to the media. The whole celebrity business are so corrupt and w/ BilHO keep dipping on it, it gets more comically & absurdly corrupt – LOL!

  16. 16
    UrbanCowboy Says:

    Maybe she’s going for the pretty mountain girl look or The Bevery Hill Billy style. Don’t know. I’d like to dress her up.

  17. 17
    ghetto boy Says:

    Unemployed people wearing overpriced clothes get lunch. Thanks JJ for this relevant update!!! My life is complete now!

  18. 18
    reedley Says:

    @ 15
    RBoo is religiously paying her publicist & those patronized gossip webmasters a whole lot of money to keep her in the news as her career is built on 98% publicity and 2% actual work load.

  19. 19
    mertz Says:

    worst shorts ever

  20. 20
    fugster Says:

    She’s either a has-been or a never-was, but much more closely to a never-was. But it doesn’t matter, end-results is/are still the same.

  21. 21
    jaeger Says:

    @ Rachel is the one that SHOULD dump his ass…
    RB wouldn’t dump her (M-I-A-) fiancé (for the meantime probably) as she would become far MORE irrelevant & useless than she could ever imagine.

  22. 22
    wow Says:

    WOW!..ahe’s cute,her outfit’s cute n her legs are HOTTTT!!

  23. 23
    Sally Says:

    I just love the way Rachel use her clothes and acessories. She has a personal style, cool and fresh, but, at the same time, this isn’t any forced, it looks just beautiful and natural on her. Plus, she herself is a beauty. Gorgeous girl. :)

  24. 24
    sharon Says:

    @wow: Awwww another tween making a (CUTE) comment .

  25. 25
    Laura Says:

    @wow: Bahahahaha

  26. 26
    william Says:

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    date Sexy women and rich men will bring you fun and happiness ! If you are
    over 2 2 years old, you will have more chance to be the focus of others
    because of your Maturity !!!

  27. 27
    tennille Says:

    A. Bledel is a BONAFIDE private & sensible actress (not to mentioned a far knock-out beauty). After all these years, she’s still the same, an “anti” starlet/paparrazi; she would never stoop down below w/ these any cr@p even if it would make her famous or like she wont get famous at all.

  28. 28
    padme Says:

    Really, Jared…is it necessary to post pics of this media ***** every single day??? She doesn’t deserve the attention. How much is she paying you?

  29. 29
    liz Says:

    I do not believe that Hayden continues with this cow’s Rachel. Hate that! :(

    Just Jared, What are the pictures of this idiot tomorrow? She going to a restaurant with her *best friend* (stupid) Jill or going to a shopping? When Rachel paid to you to take pictures of her? Because I bet that the paparazzi would not know the exact time she is in the restaurant or in a market or a shopping everyday. Only if she says to them before is not it?

  30. 30
    Viper Says:


    No the disco pants and black shirt were the worlds worst nightmare to date, she is ok looking in this but, the army combat boots need to go. Wonder if they were her MIA man’s he used to wear Combat boots with everything. I think she should concentrate on re-fashioning that man instead of trying to write for some magazine where all she does is give fashion advice to the rich and famous. If you read her column all she tells people is where to shop or the designers to buy like everyone as $30.k to drop on Armani, Coach, Posen or Wayfare Raybans please. Or has the rich daddy to pave the way for her so she can afford the designer names. Must be nice being brought up spoiled little rich girl.

  31. 31
    Jen Says:

    Rachel is far from gorgeous, you can go to the mall and walk by 10 girls who are way prettier than this girl.. and has no personal style… her clothes are so unflattering that it is ridiculous! horrible actress too

  32. 32
    antwacky Says:

    Hear Ye Hear Ye Out There!
    Jared had reported/posted for the 3rd time in row that this (future) Little Bride Of Frankenstein (lol) is still jobless.
    So paging to all those B-Movie & P0rn Movie Directors out there, pull out some pity or even just a glance of attention.

  33. 33
    Dog Life Jacket Says:

    She looks so sad

  34. 34
    why why xoxo Says:

    what this thing needs is a stylist who does not hate her guts.
    and a honesty mirror.

  35. 35
    anonymous Says:

    Why do people hate her so much? If i had all her money, I’d definitely spend a part of it with whatever things I’d want to. Besides, she doesn’t have to tell paparazzi where she is, they can locate her just like every other celeb. She’s famous and you’re not. Famous people have their pictures taken. Get over it.

  36. 36
    @35 Says:

    Some people hate her because Hayden loves her.

  37. 37
    comrade Says:

    LOL! No matter how times that she would take some rest, breaks & vacations, her paparazzi cronies would only be the “only” ones who will keep on waiting for her instead of those movie casting agents & producers (as they all go for those “seriously” famous celebs) who would continue to keep mum about her & her constant media antics… poor Little Moe!

  38. 38
    @36 Says:

    HC is a much-hated too… fyi… &/or just start first from the top on how & why he is in the acting biz in the 1st place.

  39. 39
    liz Says:


    Everyone hates her because she is using Hayden to get attention. If she was not with Hayden, nobody would care about what she did. Most people who visit the german website of Rachel, are fans of Hayden, not Rachel.

  40. 40
    hahaha Says:

    Most of you commenting on here that don’t like her, repeat yourselves, then wonder why she is posted on, are really dense! She has had 3 posts that fairly rapidly fill with comments, many asking why she is posted on. If you stopped posting on her, she would not get as many hits, then she might not be on JJ so much. You are creating the market for her to be on here yourselves! She was gone for 5 weeks, she is not on here all the time, when she is in town she is on here more. The more you post on her, the more you will see her. Thats fine if you like to see her photos!

  41. 41
    Avery09 Says:

    I thnk she looks adorable. She always does. She’s tiny, but she knows what works best for her figure & wears everything well. I’m girl-crushing on you, Rachel!

  42. 42
    36 Says:

    I am sure, as soon as Hayden is no longer with her, you will love him again.

  43. 43
    me Says:

    Look JJ i saw rachel without the ring three weeks ago in intouch magazine.and she didn’t have the ring on . And it don’t seem she got it on now. Why not say that she is not getting married no time soon .I sure that she would have wore it the time the paz took these picture. She’s here to cover herself as always.Threr is somthing wrong with her not wearing the ring.And she haven’t been wearing it for two days.JJ stop trying to make her look good all the time.Yes she had it oo a month earlier. Why not this month?

  44. 44
    anonymous Says:

    She has no fashion sense. The shorts are wrong and weirdly shaped and the boots just dont go with anything. The girl’s got a hole in her head and her brains done leaked out if she even believes for a minute that she is fashion worthy. She doesn’t have a clue. She just jumps on the nearest trend and thinks she’s original. She’s not. She’s just not got it. I dont mind pics being posted of her. I do mind that she portrays herself as a fashionista as it’s an out and out lie.

  45. 45
    ????? Says:

    This creature is not a fashion icon. Just look at her. The shorts dont sit right on her and she is wearing black boots. Thats not stylish its hick!!!!

    Plus she is back messing with the paps and hiding her ring. She is nothing but a waste of space. Get a job!

  46. 46
    tonie Says:

    #44 “I do mind that she portrays herself as a fashionista as it’s an out and out lie.” I agree and will add that I mind that she portrays herself as an actress when she can’t act.

    The outfit isn’t that bad but next to her friend it does seem a little overkill for lunch. The boots have to go though.

    Her vacation must not have gone that well because she looks sad. And the ring seems to be just another accessory and not important considering how she takes it off and on. Hope he didn’t pay too much for it because she only wears it sometimes and probably won’t after she has a wedding ring.

  47. 47
    sharon Says:

    @ 35 I think that is the craziest comment I have read in a long time,first off if someone had money like that they would put it to good use besides shopping and clothes ,most celebrities are charitable ,what charities does she have ,if she does anything is being a host for a designer and the Jergens skin glow all she did was stand there and do nothing ,if you going to do something charitable make it worth while and not just for publicty and #39 is right she is using him ,when the OC was cancelled she knew her meal ticket was going to a dead end and she just snatched a bigger fish….Adam was lucky to have cut it off with her because she was using him too.

  48. 48
    S Says:

    Adam who?

  49. 49
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Sharon,
    Rachel does no real charity! Except the sh*tty Jergan’s sun tan accelorator lotion and the silly PTA Teens For Jeans she did with Hayden and both acted so silly to even take them seriously of helping out teens that are homeless! Most celebrities are an advid sponser for a popular charity group. Natalie sponsers FINCA. Pau Gasol is an ambassador for UNICEF for example.

    Spider, You brought Natalie up once again and your point is? How come your not on this board more? Isn’t this your prom queen? Where is your support and love? You have given Natalie a lot of loving lately. Shoot! Your buddy idol Rachel is going to be so jealous! Natalie has actual honest work and is working is why you never see her in jj all that much. |Plus…Media wh*ring is not her thing. Your prom queen Rachy needs work and rely’s on her media wh*ring. Look in a few day’s time and it has not been even a week and 3 times she is in jj doing nothing but shopping and hanging out with her fugly friend Jill who btw looks a mess too. I agree the shorts are nice but, the combat boots have to go. All it does for Rachel is make her look like a 13 year boy going to summer camp and not the badass biker chick thing she was hoping for. The girl has no fashion sense and why waste or time and energy posting on her? I guess b/c she is so annoying as hell! Plus…When she takes those combat boots off I bet her feet STINK without wearing sock!!! Eewwww!!!

  50. 50
    sharon Says:

    @Gasol_fan16: That is exactly what I was saying ,you can tell when a celebrity has status for what they do with there time and money and take it serious ,as matter fact Ewan Mcgregor also makes charities for UNICEF and your right about Natalie she is a working actress and usually if you look most of her threads are about the movies she is doing as well and all the other WORKING actors …..LOL I made the same comment earlier about her boots and her feet stinking .

  51. 51
    jackie Says:

    I just LOVE her style

  52. 52
    alice Says:

    hey jared, know where i can find boots like Rachel’s?

    email me:

  53. 53
    @ 43 me Says:

    @ 43 me You must be blind if you can’t see her wearing the ring now in the first picture on side there. Check out #8 post octhesummer, there is a link to the picture you can click on. She is standing and it is visible on her left hand. Yes, she did not wear it for two days, now she has it on again. She did not wear it to the met gala, either.

  54. 54
    anonymous Says:

    I dont know any girl who treats their engagement ring as a fashion accessory and takes it off/on, off/on. Girls I know wear their rings all the time coz they’re proud to be engaged, including moi. No one I know takes theirs off, ever, ‘xcept maybe to wash their hair or sommit. It’s a token of someone’s love and esteem for you, not a piece of junk decoration. I find the whole thing way off kilter. She’s either not engaged, not in love or just pathetic.

  55. 55
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Sharon,
    I forgot it was you that made the comment about the boots and her feet stinking when taking them off. I wrote that too b/c I was thinking the exact same thing! I guess great minds think a like my dear! Hope your weekend is going well.

  56. 56
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Want to see something else really pathetic. Hayden and Rachel’s PSA. LOL!

  57. 57
    liz Says:

    This photo was taken today, Just Jared will later put it, Rachel showing the ring to the paparazzi, so stupid.

  58. 58
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Liz,
    OMG! What a pathetic midget! Yeah….This will be the next crappy thread on jj you just watch! The 12 year old looking minor midget flashing her rock. Awwww!!! Gross!! I guess Hayden loves 12 year old looking boys with arm pit hair at that. LOL!

  59. 59
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    plz rachel take those ugly boots off, they’re ruining ur outfit
    i do like the outfit tho, but a shame she has those boots on
    that weight lose is doing her good, her legs have improved a bit
    as much i love rachel, i have a feeling she wont get married
    i do hope im wrong tho

  60. 60
    jessie Says:

    she is so hot!

  61. 61
    kim Says:

    Yep, the ring is back on. It was probably at the shop getting cleaned. Best of luck on their marriage, I know I won’t be watching any more of his movies or listening to any more of his lies. LOL

  62. 62
    tpl Says:

    I guess Hayden kept the ring with him in so she could not wear it to the party because he told me two weeks ago she would be here at a party and not wearing the ring and I would think they had split. Too funny!

    Nice try, Hayden! But I already thought you would pull a stunt like that. I guess now you have to marry her. ;P

  63. 63
    Viper Says:

    It must be nice to have a convence arrangment wear the ring when you want attention and take it off when you need attention. No matter what these two A-Holes will do in the future I know sure as hell HC hasn’t gotten the good sense that the man upstairs gave him b/c looks on a person are not everything and from the way this woman speaks or displays herself she is down right Ugly. It’s a dog eat dog world in show business and right now she is wearing a milk bone thong where her ass is bound to be chewed to shreds.

  64. 64
    geesh Says:

    wait, she’s 27!?!? i didn’t know that. she looks younger than that…

  65. 65
    liz Says:

    I don’t know why she is walking with her friends much lately, the party in the pool can be a bachelorette party, I remember that days before Jill is married, she and Rachel were together everywhere and Josh, who was the groom, was never with them. Maybe Jill and her friends are helping Rachel to prepare the party and choose the wedding dress. I don’t know, is just a hypothesis …

  66. 66
    me Says:

    No.53 i”m so sick and tied of you taking up for that girl that’s all you do and and other since her and hayden got togther. The woman don’t do nothing but cause trouble. Look what she did to hayden she don’t mean no guy no good. And why you want hayden to marry her?She don’t do nothing for noone but herself.Hayden is better off without her. This is what she want to happen anyway because she don’t have nothing better to do. She needs to stay out of limelight forever. Because she’s not doing nothing for herself and others.And JJ making her something that she is not. No job and nothing to look forwarded to.So you people need to stop feeling sorry for her cause she don’t need it. She still making people turn against each other on this site. Just because I like hayden I could careless about her. Noone said anythijng about that guy she was with last month. JJ and other people just cover things up for her, JJ why don’t you get rachel a job since yoo all care about her so much,Rachel lied to you so did hayden. He’s in trouble because of her.Rachel has showed that all she is attention and that is it, So wish that you would stop getting her pictures because as long as you do she think that she can get away with it she can.This is for jj and other who like her so much why don’t you get her a job instead of hyping her up all the time. And about the ring No engaged person take off her ring for no reason.Its just becuae a man come go to bed with a woman when he get you not in engaged to him. And don’t tell it been two years and he finally pop the question to her like that.Rachel will sleep with any man tht will give her something and you all know this. That’s why she can’t get a job where she live becuase she has slep with half of HW,Nothing can a come back kid, She lost that last month and what she did to hayden and his career.All she can do go around take pictures she can’t do nothing for herself . It’s good that hayden is not around her cause she doing the same as before nothing new.Why not get pictures get pictures of her on a movie set cause all these picures are not going to save her, Why aren’t you all mad about lying about getting married because that’s what all these pictures she’s taking is about.Stop covering for what she do.

  67. 67
    anonymous Says:

    @sharon: so you hate her just because she does no charity? wow, nice point. there are so many celebs that aren’t charitable out there and they don’t have their posts full of hateful comments. it’s not her fault if paparazzi stalk her everytime she goes shopping. she’s famous! the hateful comments really have no obvious explanation. jealous of her with hayden? who knows..

  68. 68
    anonymous Says:

    She’s a shallow puppet with no viable acting career, no true fashion sense and average looks. She has never worked for what she has, she has never done anything of merit, she has never made even a vaguely relevant or insightful comment about anything. Maybe what people dont like about her is that it’s galling to see someone so dumb getting so much attention that she doesnt deserve. I call it the Paris Hilton effect.

  69. 69
    sharon Says:

    @anonymous: Here is my point and you better listen ,she is a wannabe …wow she did OC and two flops at movies ,copied her clothing line , did the Jergens Natural Glow which she probaly doesn’t give a rats A$$ about skin cancer and from the looks of her she probaly don’t wear it ,wears her engagment ring at her convience (BS) and the other celebrities you mentioned that don’t do charity work are probaly as shallow and out of work just like her.

  70. 70
    anonymous Says:

    True, and if this and other sites are an accurate judge of popularity, then she has bad image problems cause 75% of all comments about her are negative.

  71. 71
    Odd Says:

    @Gasol_fan16: Yeah, it’s pathetic and hokey. Managed to turn a halfway decent concept for charity into high school kid humour. She makes Hayden look like a dork. If that’s their idea of PSA then god help any charity that hires them. Such a pair of losers.

  72. 72
    audemars Says:


    Whoa that almost 100% positive post. That means to say that Alexis is undeniably “awesome” while browsing at this thread, sure to say too that Rachel is a 100% “loathsome” lol!

  73. 73
    mike Says:

    i the boots on her!!!

  74. 74
    Bored already Says:

    she defines a new catagory of boredom, yawn. hard 2 think of sum1 else who is, yawn, so boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  75. 75
    anonymous Says:

    @mike: why

  76. 76
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    She looks AWESOME!

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