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Rachel Bilson is See-Through Sexy

Rachel Bilson is See-Through Sexy

Rachel Bilson dons a see-through flora Chris and Jaime dress over a turquoise bra while out and about in Los Angeles with friends on Saturday (July 18).

The 27-year-old actress finished off her look with Repetto sandals, Chloe glasses and a YSL bag.

FYI: Rachel‘s engagement ring made its way onto her ring finger. It seems she takes it off when she’s at an official event.

15+ pictures inside of see-through sexy Rachel Bilson

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Photos: GSI Media, Limelightpics
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  • Sofia

    happy for her, i hope that she will be happy with her future husband

  • liz

    I don’t know why she is walking with her friends much lately, the party in the pool can be a bachelorette party, I remember that days before Jill is married, she and Rachel were together everywhere and Josh, who was the groom, was never with them. Maybe Jill and her friends are helping Rachel to prepare the party and choose the wedding dress. I don’t know, is just a hypothesis …

  • amanda

    no likey

  • sara

    Walking around Los Feliz having coffee with Jill the other day isn’t an official event. What’d she do? Forget to put it back on the day after the party? And she’s worn it to a Jergen’s event before. But whatever you guys say, lol.

  • Leah

    What party in a pool? That’s a floral print DRESS with a turquoise BRA, not bikini top underneath it. I swear , some of the things you people come up with. And she and Hayden are rarely seen together anyhow, she hangs out with Jill and that girl all the time. So this is pretty much a normal thing, nothing any of us haven’t seen before.

  • sara

    @ 2

    I don’t see anything about a party in a pool. Where’d that come from?

  • Cindy

    She looks really good. I like that dress. But wow, she doesn’t miss a beat. I guess she’s making up for all that lost time she spent in Canada. She’s out in full force the past few days.

  • liz

    In the site of Celebrity Gossip

  • Janet

    @ 2

    I doubt it’s anything like that. She’s hanging out with her friends because she’s been away. Like someone said, she hangs with them all the time. And I’m sure Jill and company would come up with something better for Rachel’s Bachelorette party. I would also think Kaylen would be there, since they seem to really like each other.

    @ 5

    You didn’t have to jump all over her geeze.

  • anidala

    ugly whore surfaces again….

  • liz

    It was only a hypothesis, I don’t care about Rachel. The only thing I care is Hayden and his career, that Rachel was able to destroy.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh Sharon you were right!! See…another thread on midget woman! What a concept!
    OMG! I guess her and her buddy went to the local trailer park swimming pool by the looks of the blue bra showing through her cover up dress? I don’t know what to call what she wearing exactly? It looks like something Peggy Bundy would be wearing. Christ! She is trying to look like the trailer park’s wife but, comes out looking like the 12 year old boy dressed in his mamma’s or Grannie’s dress! New’s flash Rachy. Peggy Bundy wants her dress back so she can go out and play BINGO tonight.

  • Kate

    I hate this fashion trend of showing your bra out. It’s just a FAUX PAS for me.

  • tpl

    But how did Hayden know she would not be wearing it to the Limm party three weeks ago? He must have told her not to.

  • funkey

    Your right Gasol b,ingo anyone guessing it’s some coverup and gee where is wonder boy at doesn’t he swim I thought he was some pool beach freak. Guess not MIA all the time the man is never really around unless she is shopping so he can push the cart. Wonder if she goes to the Teen choice awards with him or the sissta we don’t see Bilson hang with his sister that much or anyone in his family only when she is sending press to Canada to score photo shoots of parking lot gift giving. And one would think this Jill is her sibling from the way she is clung to her hip. And the her today gone tomorrow ring damn people who are engaged never take wedding rings or engagement rings off unless it interfers with their job and I don’t see hosting a fashion show interfering with her job, and even the day after no ring until i guess she read the blogs and comments and remembered she forgot to put it back on.

  • tpl

    Hayden convinced you not to wear the ring so that I would think you had broken up and meet him.

    But, that won’t happen. You were a fool to break into my home with him, it’s all on my hidden cam.

    So, either settle out of court or go to jail. It’s 2M or jail.

  • liz
  • Gasol_fan16

    Either way it is media games with her as always. The only reason I’m posting and giving this worthless thread attention is out of shock. How low can she go? She looks like she has reached the all time low and sucking up this engagement thing to the max. Most hate this irrelevant fool and her tool that is MIA.

    DISGUSTING! Now she only looks like a low life. Even the D-listers actress’s are doing better then this.

  • tpl

    @ 18 aka Hayden

    Listen, she only stopped wearing the ring to professional events at your urging. So go easy on her. You wanted her to not wear it so I would think you had broken up and would meet you.

  • funkey

    funny jergens is a public event she was working and yet she wore the ring. She only wears it when she needs to press herself and the engagement want to be out. for a woman in love she sure is in love with not being with the fiance. She spends more time with jill if she wasn’t married I would say she has a thing with jill. Scratch that married or not to me she seems she is engaged to her more the the dopehead she hangs with. The lose the ring, find the ring, hand games is getting old I think most people wish she would just move away the less we see of her the better. And since we don’t see Dopeden at all best to that I say he isn’t missed.

  • voice of reason

    Toxic comments but I would expect that, you lot spend so much time talking/typing about a person you hate, don’t you have something better to do, by all means make a comment but it really is no reason to get angry and act like trailer trash.

    tpl/DQ/Gina you make me laugh, Girl power you are not but you do get people to shake heads which is why nobody responds to you.

  • Sally

    I don’t know how, but she is always so beautiful. I love her style because it seems very easy for her. I mean, she obviously has a special sense of fashion, with cool acessories as her sunglasses, but it seems so natural to her, not an effort she has to do. Awesome!

  • top exercise videos

    Anyone else thinks she needs a tan? Rachel is really pretty..

  • anonymous

    @top exercise videos: A blood tranfusion perhaps! Girl looks anaemic! Ugly legs!

  • tonie

    Considering the comments about how this pool party was possibly part of her bacholerette party the wedding must be soon. Next weekend maybe. I wonder if we will see the happy couple together before then. Probably, because a lot of people still don’t see them as a romantic couple. Ring or no ring. All affection between them seems forced.

    @ funkey I agree with you, Rachel seems to use her ring as an accessory not a token of love. I have been married for a long time and never take my rings off. For some reason that bothers me more than anything. It just seems like she is not serious about getting married.

    The outfit is hideous. She must have dressed in the dark with no mirror. If she is endorsing the Jergens suntan stuff why doesn’t she use it. She looks ghostly pale especially her legs.

  • anonymous

    Great, fat, fugly, white thighs, yuck. Hope really not a pool party. Legs that gross should be decently covered.

  • just a thought

    If it’s true about Jergen’s natural glow, they must be tearing their hair out. She’s the world’s worst advert for selling a beauty product coz most women seriously dont want a product that makes them look like they’ve just done jail time. There’s nothing healthy looking or natural about Rachel’s skin color.

  • sharon

    @voice of reason: LOL speaking of trailer trash ….what she is wearing is white trash ,a prositute comes to mind when I see something like this and she is just asking for nasty comments at least she didn’t wear those damn boots again and VOR I didn’t catch that last comment about me and Gasol on a old Natalie thread ….I don’t use multiple names I use my real name ,nothing fake about me and so what if Gasol is a friend at least she speaks what everybody thinks .

  • sharon

    @Gasol_fan16: I don’t think Peggy Bundy would wear this outfit ,she had more class (lol) ,maybe she bought it at whores r us because that’s just trashy …surprised she wore underwear .

  • ?

    The dress rucks up oddly on her and shows off her cellulite in some shots. I agree, her legs are pretty darn ugly. Guess Hayden’s not a leg man. These legs are off putting. Nothing sexy about them. My brother thinks she looks like a gerbil but he’s hot for Megan.

  • sharon
  • ?

    She hasn’t a clue about fashion. She’s a complete idiot. I’m all for girls wearing whatever they feel comfortable in and I agree that what people wear is their own business and no one elses but if you’re going to flout yourself as a fashion role model then at least put some thought into it. Rachel doesn’t even try to look good, she just wears whatever and that’s ok, if she’s happy with that then that’s fine. But she should stop passing herself off as something she’s not. Her fashion sense is more typical of a twelve year old trying too hard than someone cutting edge, she’s still playing at dress up. She should leave off with the fashion advice as her opinion counts for nothing. She’s a lemming not a leader.

  • IS she sick?

    Does anyone know if she’s sick? I only ask as she’s puffy, pale and a little bloated. Just wondering maybe she’s not well, has a health issue, or is getting better from an illness. If she’s not well then there are some mean comments here.

  • sophie

    Hayden’s ideal girl is short (they are more desperate), dumb (he feels threatened by intelligent ones), boring (because he is too), ugly
    (beautiful ones dont like him) and lazy (he’s a slob, so they are too). That’s why he’s with her.

  • @sophie

    He is not with you because you are tall, intelligent, interesting, beautiful and industrious.

  • leimore

    She definitely sure loves the media attention that she’s been craving for… have you seen her dressed in rags or being caught up in an uncompromising situation? NAAAH… She’s always been well dressed and accessorized; ready to take off & have her picture/s taken as SCHEDULED!

  • stacy

    In my experience, girls walk around with their bras exposed because they want people to look at them. Just sayin’.

  • sophie

    @@sophie: I dont date slobs. My guy’s army. He serves to make a difference to the world. He’s a warrior, not some dumb a** actor.

  • sophie

    @@sophie: Could be I guess. That’s not the point though. It’s simply the truth. Rachel’s hardly a threat to Hayden’s intelligence, she’s short, average looking, lazy (you never seeing her working hard at anything), boring (I’m not the only one saying that, it’s a consensus opinion), and a slob (just look at some of the clothes she wears, holey jumpers, tatty boots, scruffy jeans etc) with ratty hair.

  • @sophie

    I am from europe, we have an ambivalent attitude towards WARRIORS. You are right, it is not the point, though.

  • sophie

    No it’s not. The point is that if Hayden wanted someone beautiful, interesting and intelligent he’d have found them by now. He’s with Rachel so I guess that’s not his criteria when it comes to girls.

  • liz
  • juniper

    @ Does anyone know if she’s sick?

    The OC Smurf looks more like that she’s been “sick in the head”… a malfunctioned or immobilized brain at that; as she’s always been acting & thinking way out of her actual age w/c is now nearing in 30’s. Jared should post her thread on “Just Jared JR”. as her regular lifestyle & mindset are no different from the likes of Miley, Vanessa, Selena & those other Disney & Nickelodeon characters. Thus I assume that all her teeny-weeny fans are all not older than 16 or maybe much younger as most of their post would start or be defaulted w/ the word “cute” – how enlightening & profound they are….

  • liz

    There are several others, but Jared just will not let me post.

  • anonymous

    They r young, you hit hit the nail slap, bang on the head there. All the OC fanbase of teeny-weeny Seth/Summer airheads. They’ll grow up eventually, & boom, no more teeny-weeny adulation.

  • ?

    @liz: Oh Jeez, that such a sick, sad picture. what dumb b**** poses like that, jeez, like barf-time. sicko. she make me wanna puke. posing like a whacked out suck puppy in her ride. F*** me, its bad, worse than. Bags under her eyes, whats she on, & zits, & all the time she sits there gazing like i dont know what at her ring. it’s like, see my ring, look, do ya see my ring, isnt it so big & shiny, its my ring. sick or what.

  • juniper
  • juniper

    Still cant resist so here’s three…

    Ok thats all folks!

  • liz
  • Jen

    could she dress any uglier?