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Sienna Miller: Diva Down Under

Sienna Miller: Diva Down Under

G.I. Joe star Sienna Miller and a female friend go out for lunch and cocktails at Catalina’s Restaurant at Rose Bay in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (July 18).

The pair met up with two male friends, one of which warmly greeted Sienna with a kiss!

The 27-year-old actress will be in the Broadway production of After Miss Julie with Jonny Lee Miller. The grand opening is set for Oct. 22.

15+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller, the diva down under…

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • Lola

    Cheating bitch!

  • Mickey von Dutch

    Yeah yeah, bring it on already: style icon, effortlessly beautiful, yedda, yedda. Whenever I read superlatives about this woman only one thing springs to mind: the classic tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • Jo

    Definitely too skinny!!! BÄÄÄHHH!!!

  • pff


  • Deena

    She kisses the doorman at the hotel warmly. She’s a ho.

    Amazing how the paps keep finding her, not the 10 other people wiith the movie way more popular than her.

  • CJ

    What the ferk is with those shoes?

  • Karma

    She’s such a mess and I’m sick of her. She should disappear and reinvent herself, preferably into someone who takes responsibility for her own actions and quits blaming everyone else and keeps her piehole shut. She’d die without the attention, though.

  • Cammie

    @7, no, Sienna should NOT disappear and reinvent herself – she should just disappear altogether.

  • c

    This is damage control. SM is trying to clean up the mess she made by vacationing in Italy/engaging in pda with the married man on Father’s Day.

    The new approach to her ongoing affair with the married man is to pass a) SM off as a “free-spirit” who is touchy-feely with /kisses all of her males friends, hence why they went through the trouble of leaking photos of her hugging/jumping on the driving instructor and now kissing another man. b) it off as just a “good friendship” (ie-they are not having sex). Being seen kissing another man is supposed to make people think that she and the married man are not having an affair and were just two friends who just so happened to be vacationing together(despite the fact that she released stories about how she wants to move in, marry him, and have his kids and the tons of past photos that prove that she and BG are far from friends). So everytime she is spotted with the married man in public, she is conditioning the public to think that they are simply meeting to just to talk. What a “great ” spin to put on her very public affair with a married man. She really does think that she can fool everyone all of the time.

    Looking at the camera doesn’t convince people think that she didn’t tip off paps. She knows how to evade the paps when she doesn’t want to be seen or heard, so these photos exist because SM wanted to be seen. If she would wait until the married man filed for a divorce, she wouldn’t have to resort to such measures to clean up her image and career.

  • Me

    She aint lookin great.

  • karenina

    she is so beautiful, its a pity she is considered as a whore

  • Chili Pepper

    Karenina, it’s a pity she “is.”
    She looks plain ridiculous. She should quit wearing those gawd-awful skinny pants that only accentuate how scrawny and anorexic she is. Turnoff.

  • amy

    plain plain jane… totally FUG what a loser
    team jude
    boycott the play

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMG! She is really skinny!!! Perfect though! Not one flaw on her! I’m so jealous! LOL!

  • imatoysruskid

    I also do not like Sienna, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jonny Lee Miller so I am DYING to see this play! The interesting thing is, he’s Jude Law’s best friend and Jude will also be on Broadway around the same time!!!!

  • sheryl

    #15, yep, and maybe Jude and Johnny will be able to hang out a bit. I’ve already got my tickets in hand for Jude’s show in October.

  • Eric D. Midget


  • jessie

    she’s really ez

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, even i admit this is pushing it sienna
    ur just asking 2 be called a homewrecker =\
    im not sure if she’s still with balthazer, or hoeever u spell his name
    but if the rumors were true about them breaking up this wasnt 2 long ago…
    either that or she is justing kiss anybody
    it doesnt even look like it takes any effort 2 get some from her from the looks of it
    and i love skinny girls, but damn, those legs r looking a bit 2 skinny

  • mrs dave

    she is so pretty but needs to do something with that hair.


    Oh go away Sienna. Maybe you and Jon Gosselin could hook up and go to some other country. I hear you like married men with lots of children.

  • Sally

    She is really beautiful and stylish. No wonder she is a total fasion icone. She deserves the title.


    (And btw I prefer her blonde like she is now. She is super-blonde, actually. It’s get better on her, lighter hair.)

  • jami

    I just don’t get how one can consider this woman a fashion icon!!?! what is up with those hideous acid washed skinny jeans that accentuates that she has absolutely no a s s at all. Although it doesn’t matter she acts like a big a s s all of the time to make up for her lacking posterior! And those shoes!!!!!!! did she steal them from my grandmother? horrible. just horrible and that shirt- i can’t even go there.
    This is all in addition to the fact that the famewhore is a homewrecking bitch. Boycott the play!

  • j

    I love messy hair.

  • Mel

    Here is something for all the people out there that say she is too skinny. Some people are just naturally that way. She is short and you can’t expect her to weigh a lot otherwise she’d look chunky. The people out there who say this are probably FAT and wish they could be skinny. Love your body and stop bitching about other people’s.

  • ABC

    one of which?
    one of whom*

  • bb

    Hey where is Brainless Balti, no sightings since the Father’s Day with the Ho and not his “kids”???????? SM is just plain trash.

  • xxx

    She is skinny as she smokes a lot.She doesnot go to gym but she does lot of naked porno activities with married men so that is a good exercise,isn’t it?,she is a lovely lady.

  • A
  • eloisa

    Please, somebody gives her a sandwich! And a appointment with a good hairdresser too…

  • p

    ….if they are Sienna’s friends, I don’t see why she can’t greet them with a warm kiss.

    We’re pretty laid back here in Aus, and even if it’s a PR stunt, there’s really nothing wrong with giving a friend a peck on the cheek, whether they be male or female. And who says he isn’t gay? You can’t tell that from a photograph. If she kisses a gay man on the cheek is she sleeping with him too? (I have no clue if he is gay or not, I’m just trying to make a point.)

    I think people are way too quick in judging her. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, but I wouldn’t be so self righteous about it just because she’s made some mistakes that have been made public. I don’t think any of us should point the finger. Just because we haven’t made the mistakes she has, doesn’t mean we’re blameless. By judging her, you make yourself look worse, and give her a reason to be sympathised, if you hate her so much, you’re not doing much to help your case.

  • c

    1)”By judging her, you make yourself look worse, and give her a reason to be sympathised,”

    SM IS NOT THE VICTIM. Just because media blogs glorify SM affair with a married man or pushes the notion that she is the victim, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is doing the same. Commenting on SM bad behavior doesn’t make people sympathize with her. Her photo-ops and stories about her adventures with the married man make people have more sympathy for the REAL VICTIMs.

    2) Sleeping with a married man and shamelessly flaunting it is not a mistake; it is immature and selfish. Spreading lies about the married man’s wife to justify her actions with that woman’s husband is not a mistake; it is vindictive. Self-righteous is criticizing others for not employing the “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” in regards to SM bad behavior? Those who comment on SM bad behavior are not to blame and the only person holding SM back is Sienna Miller. If she wasn’t so bent on upstaging the married man’s wife and kids, she wouldn’t even be in this position.

    3) If you are going to criticize others for being self-righteous or pointing a finger, then you have to include SM in the mix. She publicly berated JL nanny for sleeping with JL, and yet here she is having a very public affair with a married man and juding his wife and kids. Sm whines about how there is no sisterhood, yet here she is having an affair with another sister’s husband. Why does she even bother to make statements like this if she isn’t even going to abide by these standards?

    4) Hate is wearing the dress that you allowed the married man to suck your breast in on his kids’ birthday or putting on a Mickey mouse shirt to taunt the married man’s wife and kids. Hate is tipping off the paps to rub the affair in the married man’s wife and kids faces. Hate is always blaming others for her bad behavior. Hate is depicting herself as a victim after spending a week in the Congo with REAL VICTIMS. Hate is blasting someone for what they are doing to the environment when she is is spotted in a different place everyweek.

  • sheryl

    Excuse me, #31, but are you saying that even though Sienna ran Jude into the ground and publicly threatened Daisy as the other woman, and still yaps on about Jude’s mistake 4 years after the fact in a recent failed attempt at capturing some of that sympathy she enjoyed back then, that she should just get a pass for her mistakes? No way. She will be judged by the same measure that she has measured out. She doesn’t deserve understanding because she doesn’t give it. I can usually ignore the personal problems of celebrities because I figure it’s their business (except I will speak up where abuse is involved), but she’s an exception. She aided and abetted having her and Jude’s problems aired to the four corners of the earth until it was blown completely out of proportion, because she enjoyed the sympathetic publicity it afforded her on her rise to fame and fortune, with her mother standing by urging her on. The exaggerated sense of entitlement that’s been instilled in this woman is appalling, and while I suspect her mother deserves a lot of the blame for that, Sienna is ultimately responsible.

  • sheryl

    Furthermore, for a 27-year-old woman, she has a pretty immature sense of professionalism for her chosen career and comes off like a girl from Neverland who refuses to grow up. It’s like she’s stuck in wanting to be that same boho (or boohoo, whichever) chic ingenue that she was 5 years ago, all “fresh faced and innocent” *cough* and too naive to be held accountable for her actions. Sorry, but this girl wasn’t naive even then.

  • annieRich

    @jami: Agree Jami. Nothing new or fashionable about her style. Maybe when she first got famous, but not anymore.

  • Jo

    Zero is not a size!!!

  • p

    I don’t mean any disrespect and I’m not saying she is without fault, I never said that. I never gave an opinion on the matter about her and Balthazar, actually. I didn’t even mention Jude. So I’m not trying to criticise or be self-righteous myself, I’m just trying to state my own opinion as you both are doing so defensively.

    I understand where both of you are coming from. She’s in a privileged position, yes. She should set a better example, yes. But that doesn’t give any of us the right to point the finger. Criticise her acting or her fashion sense all you want, after all, that’s what she’s there for. But I think that whenever any celebrity is concerned, like you said, Sheryl, their personal life is their personal life. It’s between her and Balthazar. Not between Sienna, Balthazar and the people who read this blog. He’s as much at fault as she is, plainly and simply.

    So by all means, have an opinion, I don’t deny most people have a negative opinion of her, but I wouldn’t be so quick to be so hostile about it, and that’s really the reason I commented here in the first place. We don’t know Sienna. We don’t know Jude or Rosetta or Balthazar, so we really aren’t even entitled to an opinion about what goes on between them because we aren’t part of it. And just because she kisses someone on the cheek, it doesn’t automatically equal a PR stunt to cover up holidaying in Italy. As for all that about a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt and wearing the dress she wore in Italy to a child’s birthday party…er, that seems a little far-fetched, actually. Even if she is some hateful creature, I seriously doubt she co-ordinates her wardrobe to get back at Rosetta.

    We still have our opinions, which is fair enough, so I’m merely trying to underline that by being so hostile about her – in comments on a gossip website for that matter – we only make ourselves look worse. And when all you have are photographs and interviews to base all this on? Well, magazine editors will always spin things for their own purposes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of what we think is true has been spun to sell a tabloid.

  • A

    opinions yeah, it’s just like a$$es, everyone has it.
    try to spin this, knucklehead

  • sheryl

    Excuse me, #37, but don’t call me self-righteous and and then call me defensive when I explain myself. Like I’ve already said, I don’t care who she has a relationship/affair/sleepover with, just quit trying to come off as a victim of everybody and quit feeding off Jude’s mistake to divert attention/garner sympathy from her own mistakes. So if she shoots her mouth off, I’ll shoot off my opinion about it. Fair trade. If she doesn’t want feedback, don’t say it. It’s no different than commenting on an ugly outfit or “how pretty she looks.”

  • p

    Well A, Balthazar could have easily slapped her away, now couldn’t he? But he didn’t. And being hostile towards me, and calling me names? I don’t see the motivation for that, however petty an insult ‘knucklehead’ is.

    What I’m trying to get at doesn’t seem to be understood here, which is fine. I know that the moment someone comes in with an opinion that goes against the grain, they are automatically received with defensive and hostile comments, so have at it. I’m not going to argue anymore. You’re all just so much better than her. Bravo.

  • A

    I don’t give a f about opinions, knucklehead.
    you so conveniently forgot to mention SM in your spinning, knucklehead.
    so what EXACTLY was SM doing on that picture? c’mon spin it.

  • London

    sienna is beautiful but she needs to so something with that hair,when she wears make up, combs her hair and dresses nicely she really looks fabulous

  • twpumpkin


  • belinda

    This woman is a total xxxxx, full of shit and cheap. Trying to pull off this girlie bullshit but she looks too haggard for it and has no class. Her recent interview made me laugh out loud, trying to sell herself off as little miss hard done by, complaining of the lack of sisterhood amongst women. How dare she…..No respect at all for a wxxxx like her!!!!

  • Honey

    Lots of freckles. She must not have worn her sunblock!

  • amanda

    those jeans are hideous. very unflattering!

  • c

    People have a negative opinion of SM because that is all that she puts out. There is nothing cute about the manner in which she and her mother prance around with the married man as if no one has been hurt by this very public affair. You don’t have to know JL or RG to understand how SM has made their life hell, it’s called empathy. SM is not the victim and she gives the public the right to point the finger at her everytime she says something like there is no sisterhood, whine about how JL cheated on her, or complain about how the public has a vendetta against her. She and her fans are in no position to whine about how anyone is treating her because she is reaping havoc in the lives of 5 innocent people and still has not shown any remorse for her actions. There is no use criticizing others for commenting on SM bad behavior because in the end it is SM duty to be more selective in what she puts out in the media. It’s a bad idea to leak photos of herself and her mother vacationing with the married man who is walking around with alcohol in his hand. It would be a good idea if SM could lay low for more than two weeks, keep her mouth shut, don’t talk about JL, don’t whine about how people are treating her unfairly every week, and acknowledge that she is wrong.

    What you fail to realize is that SM personal life is everyone’s business because she makes it everyone’s business. She knows exactly how to avoid the paps when she doesn’t want to be seen or heard, so we see her because she wants to be seen and heard. If she didn’t want anyone to know her business, then she wouldn’t have stuck her tongue in the married man’s ear where all could see. If she didn’t want to be seen, then she wouldn’t have gone to Italy for a third time in row. She sets herself up for failure when she says one thing and then does another.

    While SM controls what details she shares with the media and public, what she can not control is the response to her behavior. This is what gets her everytime. She puts out pictures of herself vacationing with the married man like they are a family and then she gets bent out of shape because the public holds her to the same standard that she imposed on JL nanny.

    The Mickey Mouse t shirt and the breast sucking dress are not far fetched because courteosy of SM herself there are pictures. The married man celebrated his kid’s birthday at Disneyland and on the very same day SM appeared in public wearing the same dress she allowed the married man to suck her breast in. There are also photos of BG’s daughter wearing the mickey mouse hat and low and behold who pops up after spending Father’s Day with the married man wearing a Mickey mouse t shirt? Get it. The public would not know any of this if SM would take the time to think before she tips off the paps.
    SM once tried to rub the affair in RG’s face by wearing the married man’s watch and shorts to show off the bruises she got from having sex with him, so it is not impossible to believe that she would coordinate her outfits to get back at RG.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but the problem occurs when you try to shame other posters because they won’t employ the “see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil” mentality in regards to SM or try to push the notion that those who comment on her bad behavior are evil. If you were expressing your opinion, you wouldn’t have started out trying to insult other posters.

  • Chris G-j

    Sienna is wearing fabulous watches on her GIJoe tour check them out here available on she has such style.

  • Suppress your appetite

    her hair looks great!