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Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Silly

Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Silly

Violet Affleck puts on her fancy sunglasses while spending time with her mom, Jennifer Garner on Saturday (July 18) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 3-year-old cutie-patootie wanted to put coins in the meter and Jen lifted her up to drop them in!

And peep Violet‘s little purse!

As reported earlier, Jen will be returning to ABC — just as a producer unfortunately!

FYI: Jen is wearing sunglasses from Tod’s Eyewear collection, which will hit stores in November.

15+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck getting sunglasses silly…

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violet affleck sunglasses silly 01
violet affleck sunglasses silly 02
violet affleck sunglasses silly 03
violet affleck sunglasses silly 04
violet affleck sunglasses silly 05
violet affleck sunglasses silly 06
violet affleck sunglasses silly 07
violet affleck sunglasses silly 08
violet affleck sunglasses silly 09
violet affleck sunglasses silly 10
violet affleck sunglasses silly 11
violet affleck sunglasses silly 12
violet affleck sunglasses silly 13
violet affleck sunglasses silly 14
violet affleck sunglasses silly 15

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  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    I said it once, i’ll say it again… truly the ugliest actress in the world

  • tutu

    Cute kid. Jen dress not clumzy too..

  • jamie

    What a cute kid! ben is lucky.

  • liverwurst

    So precious!

  • Dirty Boy Ragz

    jon n hailey plus baby your the ugliest actress ever

  • Dirty Boy Ragz

    she was hot in 13 going on 30, what movie were u in
    ?? oh thats right, none

  • love kids

    aww… pretty both mom & daughter

  • mrs dave

    so cute what a great mom jen is…

  • lakers fan in boston

    boring once again
    at least she is trying 2 look good
    but still blah

  • Sally

    My God, how cutie! Vio is really something, isn’t she? Lovely girl! And lovely mom too. Jen is so down to earth, and every day I that I see new pics here I admire her more, because she is a so affective and dedicated mother and don’t is deeply concerned with Hollywood world and shallow things, when she is taking a break and she is just being a good mom, enjoying her family and living her private life as normal as she can.

  • #1Fan of Affleck’s

    So cute! Little Miss Hollywood on her way.

  • Sally

    @Jon and hailey + baby bailey: I disagree completly. And you can say how many times you want, it still be just a opinion, your opinion. In mine, she is really beautiful, and she has a natural and easy beauty. I think she has a gorgeous face, soft and strong at the same time. Well, she is a very pretty woman to me and that is it.

  • Shannon

    Father is barely ever seen with this kid

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    @Sally: “Natural Beauty” is a nice way of saying “wear a paper bag over your head”

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    @Dirty Boy Ragz: It’s “you’re” not “your” If YOU’RE going to try to insult me at least spell it correctly lol moron

  • hossa

    Both mother and daughter are beautiful, someone asked where the daddy is, working on a movie. He does have a real job, very intelligent man too. They are not REALITY couples on tv living off of their kids. By the way they have another daughter under the age of 1. Ben could be watching her as well. Love that family! Very classy, met them while i was in Boston visiting family. They don’t sell their autographs either.

  • Alicia

    Beautiful, friendly child, beautiful Mom. All those porkers who call Jennifer ugly – I dare you to go to RadarOnline and post photos of yourselves!

    We could have a “World’s Ugliest Poster Contest!” Winner gets one week at Fat Camp.

    Could you possibly be more revolting?

  • -

    those who hate this mother & daughter – well obviously, they’re bitter because their idol are barren. cannot produce kids so therefore they hate kids

  • saraphina neglected

    She should get a reality show called, “Snaggle tooth and Me”, and Ben is the desperate househusband lol.

  • stefano

    cute :D

  • fug

    All I can say is “Sheman” and little shemanl they is some kinda fuglie. They left the other little unfortunate looking one at home now that one is twice as fuglie as violation.

  • alexis

    OH, #13, get out much? Ever read anything?

    Ben was photographed with Violet 3 x last week. Once with Jen, Violet, and Sera having dinner.

    Might want to look around more.

  • sky

    same person,using different name posting same garbage over and over.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    NUMBER # 19. Maybe you should just hush up. What do your ugly teeth look like? We will just hope you do not have children of your own, because if you do, what in the world do you call them to their face?
    Violet is a beautiful child, and Jennifer is just a normal mother. I’m glad she dosen’t get all decked out and ridiculous looking like Victoria Beckham. She is who she is. Normal like the rest of us.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    NUMBER # 19. Maybe you should just hush up. What do your ugly teeth look like? We will just hope you do not have children of your own, because if you do, what in the world do you call them to their face?
    Violet is a beautiful child, and Jennifer is just a normal mother. I’m glad she dosen’t get all decked out and ridiculous looking like Victoria Beckham. She is who she is. Normal like the rest of us.

  • ellie’

    Such a beautiful family..

  • 8s

    Violet is an OOOGALY kid. Sorry, but she is.

  • Lee

    Well what you know, miracles do happen Jennifer Garner made an effort with her appearance for once, now keep it up and don’t go back to your usual shitty way of dressing. Step aside Jennifer Garner and make room for Miss Violet she’s the star of the family, so cute.


    Jen’s girls are way cuter than JHO and Skeletor’s twins. JHo who surprisingly is making a movie is whoring his twins in the set for a photocall. Hello? Who’s interested??? Is she still relevant at all?

  • M

    the ugliest child in Hollywood. Her she-man mother dress her worst then a dog……. LIKE THEY SAID money can’t buy YOU class!

  • Belinda

    All kids are cute. Ben and Jennifer Lopez never stood a chance because she was a hot latina, instead he settled and married the white girl next door his mama approves of who he never looks happy with. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have the most racist fans, if Jennifer Lopezes twins had blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin you would all be saying how cute they are. Say what you want about their parents but leave the kids alone.

  • Sally

    @Jon and hailey + baby bailey:

    No, I mean Jen absolutely doesn’t need any make-up or being all dressed-up to be gorgeous. She has this beautiful face even when she is not with lipstick, blush, shadow, rimel, none of this. You got me so wrong in your comment #14: when I said “natural beauty” what I want to say is that she doesn’t need any efforts to look pretty. She is naturaly lovely. I know you were just being ironic, but even though I want to say my opinion once again, to don’t let any doubts about what I think about her.

  • Pippi

    OMG! How cute is little Miss Violet styling in her sunglasses and purse. She is rocking that outfit. What an adorable child she is. Jen is such a great mom taking patience with her trying to have her grow up normal in weird lala land. Hope Vi is just as cool and lovely as her mom when she grows up.

    Thanks JJ for pics, but I don’t quite understand the *sunglass silly* caption. Were you just being mean or what? Not at all funny btw. Knock it off unless you want to be taken for one of these juvenile delinquents making asinine comments on this thread.

  • s.i

    Violet is a cutie pie! And Jen looks good as well. As Sally wrote, She is a REAL natural beauty! Not a she man at all. She men are not sexy and pretty. She is!

  • anon

    Toe is trying hard to look good but she’s still a she-man.

  • lori

    OMG!!! What happened to Jen Garner!?! She looks so frumpy like a desperate pathetic housewife – maybe she should go on the show to rev up her own looks. Ben looks unhappy with her as well, just mundane. They will definitely not be together forever.

  • sallysipippiisdumb

    Last year she was ranked #2 by Forbes magazine as the worst, most overrated paid actress in Hollywood. Will she get the top spot this year? Very overrated actress who is now becoming famous for being a mom and not her acting skills. There’s nothing wrong with being famous for being a mom – Kate Gosselin and her should have lunch. Both of their husbands looked insanely miserable around their wives too but were THERE for the kids! Woo-hoo marriage.

  • Erin

    Belinda, can you send me whatever it is that you’re smoking?

  • Pippi

    Love Jen she is awesome and it seems like she has a lot of closet fans who are so obsessed with her they just have to be a part of all her JJ threads. Actually they are the first to comment and change names numerous times just to be included. I can definitely see the attraction. She is very hard to ignore. It’s ok, you hater(s) can openly admire her. she is a strong woman who is not hung up on being a cookie cutter hollywood celeb but remains as natural as the day her career began.

    Love the way she hangs out with her family. She and Violet are very close and seem to have a great time together. Love that. I don’t much about other hollywood moms because I don’t follow them but Jen was a favorite of mine long before Violet was just a gleam in her eye. I have come to adore Violet and Seraphine as I see Jen in both of them. Love to the beautiful Affleck girls ….be ever wonderful.

  • Hernry

    Just nother day in the life of Toe and buckteeth.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Garner the horsey face have tried all the plastic sergury has to offer, and she is still homely. Not to mention her terrible body.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    At least Garner can use Ben’s child for some publicity. I wonder why Ben approves.

  • Zirconia

    There’s nothing wrong with Violet. She ain’t Sadie Sandler!

  • julie

    Heaven help the show jennifer garner produces, her past production efforts on alias ruined the show, caused ratings to plunge and ABC to cancel the show. Violet is cute though, jennifer should stick to being a mom it’s what she does best and leave the acting and producing to others.

  • kaka

    She is cute enough if she is not still on diapers.. It will give her self esteem to train her on time.But her mother is busy who*ing her out selling the “normal” family she don’t got not time to do that.We might still see her in diapers in her 5th year.

  • cross

    Same person posting under different names. This is like jr. high or something.

    Ben and Jennifer look perfectly happy together.

    Why can’t Jennifer step out of the house without some idiot saying she is “pimping” her child? Ya’ll have a strange sense of “famous” expect them to sit in the house 24/7 or be on the red carpet 24/7. You need to live in reality not on the big screen.

  • e.lis

    Jennifer isn´t good actress. She´s like Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher… They never will be play in successful drama or thriller. They are actress, which can play only dumb comedy… It´s true.. And everybody knows it…
    They are known thanks their partners. Jennifer Garner thanks Ben Affleck. But Ben has got the biggest fame times over… Jennifer Aniston thanks Brad Pitt. If Brad never married her… Nobody cares about her today… She is only poor woman, which everybody regrets.. There´s nothing worst than the sorrow. And Isla Fisher thanks Sacha Baron Cohen. Nobody knows her. Nobody takes note her in movies. But then news started write ,She is Sacha´s fiancée´. I think Isla and Garner are known because they go with their daughters in the street and paparazzi take a snap of their…
    They are maybe kind, but bitchs win…
    Look at Jennifer Lopez… I like JLO, she is little bitch.. She is singer, designer and actress… She play in comedy, drama… It isn´t so good, but it isn´t bad… She was good in Enough. Or Angelina Jolie. I love Angie too. She is little bitch… But very good actress, humanitarian, person.

  • me

    How adorable is Violet? Love the glasses and purse. SUch a little miss!

  • anja

    Poor Seraphina, she’s never with her mother. O, Jen, why, why, don’t you love your younger daughter?
    - When Shiloh was the same age as Sera is now everybody used to say that Angie doesn’t love her because she was rarely seen in public.

    I feel so so sorry for Sera

  • Paycheck

    Jennifer Garner received nothing but stellar reviews for her work on Broadway. There is not editing, redos.

    I am not saying she is the greatest actress of all time, but she gets ragged on because she married Ben Affleck. They get ragged on because they spend time together as a family, not out partying/carrying on. Ben has settled down and for some reason people just can’t accept that he is happy. They want him in the tabloids. There would be many happy people if say he went off the wagon and had to go back to rehab.

    So it begs the questions why are their complaints when people are low key, but as soon as something bad is happening to or with that person everyone is happy. It happend with Britney. We love other people’s downfalls. So wrong!