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'Where The Wild Things Are' Trailer

'Where The Wild Things Are' Trailer

Check out the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, the film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak 1963 children’s book of the same name. The film is directed by Spike Jonze, the boyfriend of Michelle Williams.

The movie follows the imaginary adventures of a young boy named Max, played by Max Records. Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Forest Whitaker, Catherine O’Hara and Paul Dano round out the cast.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the WTWTA trailer — YAY or NAY?

“Where The Wild Things Are” Trailer
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  • Hannah

    Haha, right. Looks like it could be promising.

  • Nicole

    I remember this book when I was little. I bougut it a few years ago.
    I was surpise that they made a movie out of it. It was just one dream the boy had. I hope the movie is good.

  • UrbanCowboy

    It does bring back memories.

  • rii

    awesome : )

  • Lakersalldayerrday

    Isn’t the book like 10 pages..? Lol.

  • Eliza

    It’s a great trailer….too bad you’re like 3 months too late on reporting about it.

  • mertz

    lol. already seen it. i love this movie already and watch the trailor a lot. i loooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee spike jonezzzzzz. i can’t wait for the behind the sceenes footage.

  • Sarah May

    i LOVE IT!!! I loved this book as a kid. I can’t wait.

  • Lisa

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. omg so cute.
    i love when he crashes into the wall at like.. 1:38

  • debby

    i can’t wait to watch it.
    it was my favourite book when i was kid.

  • ok?

    this isn’t new? this is almost, if not, a year old!
    as for that
    it is the greatest trailer made in a long long long time

  • Laura

    didn’t this trailer come out awhile ago?

    spike jonze is the best, this is going to be so good

  • LolaSvelt

    As good as this trailer is, it’s old, and Spike Jonze doesn’t need to to have ‘The boyfriend of Michelle Williams’ at the end of his name.

  • Regina


    No need to exaggerate. It was only released in March.

  • Jade

    I saw this before HP6.

  • Saudia

    seriously cannot wait for this movie.. brings back memories. Spike did an AMAZING job!! The trailer managed the make me tear up

  • Meream

    I’m a big Spike fan and I will definitely watch out for this. When it reaches my country.

  • william

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  • Ian

    I’d watch it just because it’s directed by Spike Jonze.

  • kate

    @ lolasvelt – I thought the same thing.

    Im pretty sure spike jonze is well known by his own right, he doesn’t need michelle’s name there for people to recognize him.

  • mARY


  • jaye

    kate @ 07/18/2009 at 8:55 am

    @ lolasvelt – I thought the same thing.

    Im pretty sure spike jonze is well known by his own right, he doesn’t need michelle’s name there for people to recognize him.
    Ditto. This habit of linking people is not necessary, he had a life before she came along.

  • nepatsfan

    I taught kindergarten for a number of of years . This was NEVER a favorite book of my kids or of mine. Most of Sendaks work is odd and somewhat dark…In The Night Kitchen, Pierre… so I seldom read his books or even had them available in the classroom.. There are so many other great pieces of children’s literature, brilliant stories with wonderful prose and vocabulary so wasting time on Sendak’s strange stories didn’t make sense.
    That said, the trailer was interesting if for no other reason than the incarnation of the strange wild things..I am assuming they are computer generated. I am hard pressed how this little “non-story” biok cold be woven into a full length feature film. Clearly, the ” story” has been greatly enhanced.

  • babyboo

    @nepatsfan I completely agree and never liked it either.

  • Irish Girl

    I’m curious about this movie. As the OP said, the text is only a few pages long, so I’m wondering how they’ll “buff up” the film, so to speak.
    It has a US PG rating, which makes me wonder if the little ones will be able to watch. I want to bring my niece to this, but if it’s too scary, i’ll have to pass.

  • karenina

    i saw the trailer when i went to see hp6 so here is new

  • ericinla

    @Eliza: I thinks its even longer than 3 months. haha

  • kate the so-so

    i remember this book! i had no idea they were making a movie, i can’t wait to see it! and i didn’t even realize that Michelle Williams had a new boyfriend…i’m still sad over Heath Ledger. did you know how many girls he dated before her though?? there were quite a few!! i just stumbled upon this list the other day and found it interesting..–and–hookups/celebrityhookups

  • becca

    i can’t WAIT to see this!
    and i’m 22.

  • Gloria

    I’m also a teacher and think this is a great book–it’s on the same fantasy level as The Wizard of Oz with it’s no place like home theme and scary animals. The point is that everyone has a wild side and we sometime long for a chance to walk on the wild side, but family and home is where we can find love and a hot meal waiting for us. I think Sendak is a brillian illustrator and this is his best writing.

  • K.G.

    It’s amazing and I’ll be seeing this but Jared, this trailer was released like 3 months ago.

  • linder

    this was never one of my favorite books as a kid either. I could never understand the appeal. I will say that the trailer (saw it at the theater today) looked interesting but they obviously had to “pad” the plot. I wonder if it was padded as much as the “Grinch” was? Can’t say that I’ll go.

  • jessie

    Looks like a great movie!

  • lakers fan in boston

    this book creeped me out as a lil kid
    those monsters were f’ing scary looking 2 me and i thought that kid looked stupid in his pajamas

    like some1 said, isnt the book a few pages, how much material can they possibly have 2 make a good movie?
    i still think it will do good because a lof of ppl like the book as kids

  • Lindsey

    The movie is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G … but what’s the best thing about this trailer?

    The wonderful re-recorded version of Wake Up — by my favorite band in the whole wide world, Arcade Fire. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • vmars111

    The default picture is HILARIOUS! It looks like the little kid is screaming because he’s about to get eaten or raped.

  • katkat

    It looks like it will be a great movie.

  • alana

    This movie looks like it’s going to be amazing, but I have to agree, I never liked the book very much. It seemed oddly dark, and not in an enlightening way. I didn’t like the thought that the boy was possibly neglected, and had gotten yelled at. The idea of a child disappearing into a fantasy world to escape his parents yelling at him or his punishment isn’t one that I’m too fond of.

    It seemed like there were too many unsaid things in the book, which I found creepy as a kid.

    The arcade fire song really makes the trailer though!

  • Emily

    I’m excited about this! I used to love this book when I was a child! One of my favorites :D

  • Honey

    Loved the book when I was a kid! I will have to see this when it comes out

  • whatever

    I love love love love love that song….the Arcade Fire are great!

  • nathalie

    i can’t wait to see this! the trailer got me really excited.

  • dizzy

    dizzy one this is like so old… get up to speed

  • Suppress your appetite

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