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Ashley Tisdale To Be An Aunt

Ashley Tisdale To Be An Aunt

Ashley Tisdale‘s older sister Jennifer Tisdale is expecting her first child with fiance Shane, a source close to the couple tells

“They couldn’t be happier,” the source reveals. “They’re ecstatic and planning to get married later this month.”

Jennifer, 27, announced her engagement to Shane via Twitter earlier this month.

Yesterday, mama-to-be Jennifer tweeted that she’s moving into a bigger apartment to fit her growing family: “Getting ready to pack up my apartment :) So excited about getting a bigger place w/ my loves!”

Congrats, Auntie-to-be Ashley Tisdale!

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  • milenabest

    WOW!! congratulation =)

  • Lauren

    If it’s true.. Congratulations!
    I’m an auntie to my nephew Axel 7 weeks. He’s the cutest!

  • martina

    congratsss jenniferrrr :)
    and at the aunt ashley, love you :)

  • Laura

    Congratulations Ashley, I am going to be an aunt again soon, will have a nephew, Oscar, have already got a niece Madi :D

  • Fernanda

    congratulations jennifer! :D

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    and we are supposed to care becauuuuse why?

  • TR

    $10 says the “source” is Ashley herself. No one cares about this horse face wench. Her career is going nowhere and no one buys her crappy music. Lifetime Television here I come!

  • marisa

    is it possible to be engaged and not be pregnant at the same time?

  • pam

    @marisa: it’s possible but more likely than not the pregnancy lead to the engagement, in this case

  • Honey

    Creepy, Jennifer kinda looks like me…

  • karenina

    pair of losers.. CLASSY

  • taylor

    @TR: That’s stupid logic. Why would her sister being pregnant help her career at all?

  • What?

    Whats up with all these out of wedlock births. What ever happened to people getting married first, building a life together for a few years and then starting a family. Young people just don’t have any class anymore. Running around talking about thier baby’s Daddy…
    Stars of yesterday had more class in their little finger than these no-talent hacks.

  • lakers fan in boston

    look at her face?! it’s atrocious
    plz no more jizzdale, jared!
    her face is torture

  • Noticias de famosos

    Congratulations Jennifer! and his aunt Ashley!

  • Tands

    @taylor: No one is saying that! They are saying no one cared about Jennifer “Jizzdale” Tisdale, so the only person who would talk about her to the tabs would be her sister. No one else cares!

  • ugh
  • TR

    Taylor: really? Are you that dense?? WHY would it help her career? Because you DOLT, she gets press. She got press HERE didn’t she??? Do the math, try to understand, and if not, go read the new US Weekly, something you CAN understand.

  • Frederick

    Congrats Ashley and Jenn!! what a lucky niece/nephew!! lol xD

    @TR Ashley’s music is really good!!.. .and a lot of people buy her Albums!!….mmm her career is going to it’s highest peak!!! if u don’t like somebody try to comment on a nicer way!!

    @ lakers fan in boston : and i imagined your face is 100% perfect!! lol xD… stop talking about others…and start checking on ur business!!…

    @tands well the fact the Jennifer is also a celebrity that makes her be in the tabs too!!…

  • just saying

    very well said Frederick

    you wouldn’t hate someone you don’t know not unless you’re jealous of something they have that you are desperately dying to have

    congrats Jen and Ashley

  • KinsleyKate

    I believe that babies should be born into a stable married family, all these people getting married just because they are preganat are fools, I mean c’mon, if you weren’t going to get married before you got pregnant why rush and do it after you realise there is a sprog on the way. Its obviously a quickie wedding, I mean getting engaged and marrying within a month, yeah, right. Solange Knowles did the same thing, a few years later, she filed for divorce…. I bet the dude was pressured into marraige because she wanted to save face. So transparent.

  • sol

    OMG!!!…that´s sooo cool!
    i love ashley with all my life!!
    is the best!!…
    and i also love jenni!
    congrats if this is true!!

  • Katie


  • LOLA

    Why does Ashley’s sister have her own category? I mean, seriously? She’s a nobody, just like ASSley Bitchdale will be in about a year or two!

  • michelle

    @ LOLA, haha your last sentence is super funny, especially with the nickname you gave her!!! Well, sounds like a shotgun wedding to me. And Ashley looks drugged out in that picture.

  • maria

    Who cares!!!! Jennifer Tisdale isn’t even a celebrity and I hope Ashley wasn’t!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    @TR: @lakers fan in boston: @What?: @maria: @LOLA:
    i can’t agree more!trashley is annoying and disgusting!She looks old and ugly even with tons of makeup!

  • Maria

    @trashley tisdale!!ew!!: I know right! so Jared can you please not put this post in the pregnant “celebrities” section cause seriously she’s nothing!

  • ZJ

    @KinsleyKate: she still have 9 months or so before the baby comes, so they still have time to get into a house and be a stable family…

  • ZJ

    @Maria: She’s a really good actress, and since she’s known by a lot of people, so she IS famous, then she IS a celebrity..
    So please respect yourself and respect a lot of others who like her too! If you don’t like her, doesn’t mean no one else does.

  • Verónica

    F*cking terrible haters… go away, please.

    I think that Jennifer is nice and adorable. My best wishes for her and her LONG-TIME boyfriend/fiancé :)
    Having a baby and a husband at same time, could be pretty nicer.

    I dont like Ashley, but.. people. If you don’t like her (or Jennifer), WHY THE HELL are you here?

    Don’t waste time because nobody cares you say.

  • masquerading

    omg! congrats!!! :D
    I wish them the best :)

  • Solange

    HATERS are so pathetic. Ashley hasn’t done anything to you. Why do you keep bashing her when you don’t know her perfectly. After the day, she’s still famous and rich and look at u guys: LOSERS, terrible, no self-esteem.

    BTW, Ashley has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fans than Vanxxxa!

  • Mickaela

    Felicidades ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heey
  • Suppress your appetite

    I love her