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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Flowers Fresh

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Flowers Fresh

One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray and fiancee Kenzie Dalton pick up a bouquet of flowers at the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market on Sunday afternoon (July 19).

The couple was seen withdrawing a wad of cash from an ATM machine. Chad wore his support for the American rock band Incubus on his green t-shirt

10+ pictures inside of flowers fresh couple Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton

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chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 01.
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 02.
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 03
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 04
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 05.
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 06
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 07
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 08
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 09.
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 10
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 11
chad michael murray kenzie dalton flowers 12

Credit: Adrian Varnedoe; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, Chris Wolf/FilmMagic
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  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    this site has a bad habit of showcasing people i never heard of

  • Cali

    kenzie looks good most of the time… most… she looks like a hot mess here…maybe just more of a mess? w/e

    chad is looking BUFF and i like it. i like it a lot haha

  • blah

    these two are really starting to annoy me.

  • blah

    these two are really starting to annoy me.


    what are you talking about… chad has been annoying since day one and always will be! LOL

  • Jen

    these 2 are sooo boring

  • http://JustJared Elizabeth

    I think their married bc she def has a wedding band on along with the engagement ring!

  • deraj tsuj

    Incubus blows, a bunch of posers

  • Brandy

    How long have they been engaged? 4 years? I don’t like them together. They look like brother and sister imo.

  • wallee

    What a boring couple. They are so not interesting.

  • Leslie

    She needs to learn how to not show her bra every time she is out in public. Trashy.

  • Bree

    she realllllly looks like she could be his little sister. it’s starting to creep me out actually.
    i love chad, but what was he thinking?!?!

  • Leslie

    @Bree: Exactly! I love him to death but I just don’t get it. Guess as long as he’s happy.

  • michelle

    Sorry, but I find them to be an annoying couple. The last word I wrote in the previous sentence makes me wanna gag.

  • Cupiecake

    Yeah, he really is looking a lot bigger.
    He actuallt works out almost every morning at the Gym I work at.
    He looks great. He is an O-kay guy. Talked to him for a couple mins. Other “known” people how workout where I work are kinda hmmm..angry looking…


  • Marco

    Just me, or is he way too hot for her?

  • Sam

    He is such a douche.

  • meh


  • Kris

    I would like for these two to disappear I’m getting tired of seeing them. Irrelevant people should stay hidden.

  • natalie


    Chad is so freaken HOT!!!

    Love him <3

  • adetoro

    So what! So What! ! you saw them withdrawing a wad of cash from an ATM machine. So what!!!!!!!!! He wore an American rock Incubus on his green t-shirt. So f***ing what?!!!!!

  • nat

    Chad is great and hot!!!

  • Katie

    Does anyone know what kind of movie he is going to do next,
    or if he has any projects in sight?

  • Ashley

    Kenzie Dalton resembles Kate Bosworth in these pictures.
    The only difference is the height.


    I LOVE CHAD! -Thanks for posting these pics of them! They look great as always!!!

  • dudee

    wow hes a fool
    these two are rather annoying…

  • Jo

    Chad is HOT HOT HOT!

  • Janet

    LOVE Kenzie!

  • cutie

    that girl has wrinkles.

  • kelly

    OMFG, chad what the hell r u thinking? I can’t stand that girl. She’s think that she’s some kind of funny. I agree Marco! Chad is way too hot for that little girl.. and he is so boring with her!!!

  • Janet

    You are just jealous! Kenzie is beautiful!!!!

  • Lindsay

    I have to agree.

  • cslove

    It seems CK can’t get enough of the farmers market, must say she’s got some Daisy Duke hillbilly thing going for her :lol:

  • Dellis

    Wow…..she sure looks S.L.U.T.T.Y
    The girl literally looks like a twelve year old.

  • Soph

    Kenzie looks like a cheapy bitch xD

  • sarah

    Is he still acting? Or just posing these days?

    He and his girlfriend are the two most annoying people on this planet. Get over them! Specially that douche!

    Z-list is calling CMM … they welcome you in their list.

  • oth fan

    Maybe Chad is trying to look buff like James Lafferty.

  • brooke

    she looks ugly in this picture

  • sophie

    loving chads new fit bod but are they married cuz if you look carefully on kenzie’s finger there are two rings on there

  • twpumpkin


  • Lindsay

    Chad did not cheat on Sophia with Kenzie. He fell in love with her.
    I cannot see anything wrong about it!!!

  • cutie

    I love Chad very much! He is very handsome and a great actor.
    CanĀ“t wait to see his next film!!!

  • oth fan

    She was 17 when they met. How the hell would you know about love at that age? She’s with him because of his status that’s all. Heck girls at that age will do anything to get in the spotlight. Chad is only with her just to prove to people that he has moved on from Sophia.

  • ali

    she dresses like i do and i’m 14, i don’t have anything against kenzie but chad was more exciting and more in the public eye before kenzie. if he would of just stayed with sophia he would probably be an a-lister by now, he would also probably have more projects. it’s dissapointing to just see him hanging out with kenzie instead of makeing movies. one tree hill was the only thing he had going for him but he quite that. if he dosen’t stop this he won’t have any fans left. if kenzie makes him happy what ever but he should try harder on his career.

  • weexer

    i dont think chad is the kind of actor who cares about being an “a-lister”, he just cares about his works and works hard at it.

  • sam

    lol they are still together?? im suprised..they look just like brother and sister.

  • kris

    I’m pretty sure he wants to be an
    And although I haven’t seen much of his work, whatever I have seen was less than satisfying.



  • anni

    omg .. she looks like a slut … sorry this girls has no style…

  • susie

    I think Chad made a mistake in cheating on Sophia Bush, Hes very simple minded to think this baby in diapers can ever match up to Sophia…Wrong! She a loser