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Julia Roberts is a Calling Cutie

Julia Roberts is a Calling Cutie

Julia Roberts chats on her cell phone as she takes a break from filming her new movie Valentines Day on Saturday (July 18) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Pretty Woman is part of a huge ensemble cast including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel.

Julia recently shared about balancing her home life with her work life. “When I come home to my family, I’m more enriched,” said Julia. “When you’re a mom, so much happens within the confines of your home, so when you venture outside for a while, it adds to the colors of your life.”

She added, “I still find it fun making movies. I jokingly say that it’s fun to spend time with people who are more than three and a half feet tall. Going to work recharges me on a whole different level.”

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  • kira

    Beautiful :o)

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    All the most annoying and fake actresses are in one movie together?

  • Megan Fox

    Nice… I haven’t see pictures of Julia Roberts for such a long time… most celebrity sites don’t seem to feature her much nowadays… thanks JJ!

  • isabel

    I love her thanks Jared

  • jjjj

    Can’t wait to see Eat Pray Love !!

  • lulu

    Love her rom-com movie, can’t wait to see her next movie.

  • Ilia

    She is beautiful, and feisty. LOVE HER!

  • juliafan

    Thank you so much Jared!!!

  • Ciro

    FANTASTIC!!! She’s the one! Beautiful and talented! PERFECT! Thanks J.J…. plus on Julia Roberts

  • look

    Looks good.

  • Sally

    Julia can be so gorgeous, as she really was in “Duplicity”. And can be also a normal woman, and not be concerned at all with Hollywood shallow standar. She looks like a very affective mother. I bet she is awesome with her kids. She is great! So charismatic, inteligent and down to earth. I love the fact she can be both: a big and beautiful movie star and also a good mom and just an ordinary woman living her life far away of the limelight.

  • Sally

    @jjjj: Me too! I’m sure she will be a perfect Liz Gilbert.

  • Teri

    I just watched Erin Brockovich about a month ago, wonderful actress.

  • bobbi

    OK actress, lousy morals.

    I will never understand how Julia Roberts pulled off snagging Danny Modder/Moder while he was still married

    …and managed to do it without ANY backlash.

    Jolie/Pitt/Aniston were childless.

    Moder and his wife were 5 years into their marriage and Julia walked away from that unscathed.


    There, I have finally typed that out. :)

  • bobbi

    OK actress, lousy morals.

    I will never understand how Julia Roberts pulled off snagging Danny Modder/Moder while he was still married

    …and managed to do it without ANY backlash.

    Jolie/Pitt/Aniston were childless.

    Moder and his wife were 5 years into their marriage and Julia walked away from that unscathed.


    There, I have finally typed that out. :)

  • Ade

    She’s boring

  • Tazina

    bobbi #14 is an older person, probably in her late 60′s. Younger people have never thought about Danny Moder and his first marriage. People change, marriages end. They move on. Now I see a happy marriage with children..

  • jul

    She’s great!She doesn’t want to be so stylish ,populer etc. but she is Julia Roberts , enough for everything !

  • too thin

    Is she anorexic?

  • too thin

    Is she aIs she

  • Sharon

    She is 40 for many years….:0
    I remember that they were special edition of magazines when she turn 40…that wasn’t a year ago…

    But anyway she looks great!

  • *James*

    who gave jessica biel a job? i suppose clingy to justin actually helped

  • Jan

    I loved Julia as an actress but LOST RESPECT for her as a WOMAN. She loves HER FAMILY but defended Letterman when he was so disrespectful for Palin’s CHILD. I have boycotted her movies ever since and will never go see another film she is in. RESPECT WOMEN!! ALL WOMEN AND FEMALE CHILDREN. regardless of your or their political choices. SHAME on JULIA FOR SIDING WITH LETTERMAN’S LACK OF RESPECT FOR FEMALES.

  • juliafan

    She and Dave are good friends ,but doesn’t say anything palin’s child or lettermans comment…her support him about conan/letterman match

  • max

    she’s 41, the specials about her 40th birthday were in october 2007…
    she looks great. i can’t wait for this movie AND for eat, pray, love (which starts filming in august).

  • Jen

    @ Yes!
    my thoughts exactly! I dont know who’s worst, Julia, Jessica Biel or Alba!

  • me

    one of those rare celebs that always pleasent to watch and to listen.
    you can do no wrong with Julia Roberts in your movie choice!

  • radmila

    I’m happy cose Julia maiking a new moove again.She is beautiful and wonderful actress.

  • jenna

    She is ALWAYS nasty and always has a puss face in public.
    Her body is so weird.
    I heard she uses body doubles for all of her movies.
    So obvious why.

  • CJ

    She is a horrible, evil, hurtful human being. No respect for anyone but herself. Blech

  • Nms

    Great woman, mother and and excellent actress!

    Can´t wait to see her on the big screen next year in Valentine’s Day and Eat, pray, love.

    Plus, looking great at 41!

  • bobbi

    My point was…Julia Roberts played the same game as Angelina Jolie. Roberts came out with no bad press while Jolie was labeled a homewrecker.

  • Marla

    The difference between Angie and Julia is that the X.Moder is a classy lady, even though she was pregnat. Contrast that with the XPitt, that bi–tch has continued milking her fake marriagre to Mr Pitt. Julia Shoud thank her lucky stars that X Mrs. Moder has class, unlike a certain clingy, whiny D-lister that we all know, the one that is now known as tha biggest loser. (DUMPEE #1)

  • jackie

    she looks great

  • Butterfly

    I hope this new film will be better than Julia’s last fillm. It was a dud!! One of the most boring, poorly acted movies I have seen. She has a charming personality, but her acting skills leave something to be desired.

  • Butterfly

    Is Julia starring in Eat, Pray, Love? She is tooo giddy. I would have loved to have seen Nicole Kidman play the part. It was a great book…….a book every woman should read.

  • blossam

    goat face.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She is so vulgar and lacks any class. It’s one nasty thing to go for a man who’s wife is pregnant.

  • Reed Richards

    She did get backlash, #14. But you have to realize it was ages ago and all the players weren’t as famous the Pitt, Jolie and Aniston.

  • Pippi

    I would love to see the day when we can separate celebs’ personal lives from their professional ones. What a great day for America that will be!

  • lakers fan in boston

    personally i dont think she’s that beautiful altho she still is a nice looking girl but i respect her so much as an actress that i couldnt even care
    not sure if ill watch that movie, but the only reason id watch is cuz of her

  • bobbi

    Roberts got backlash? In the form of what, exactly. Be specific. Ive seen one photo of Vera Steimberg. No negative articles. No bad press.

    I saw one photo of Julia sporting an “A Low Vera” shirt. Done deal.

  • pessimist

    jessica biel and jessica alba sounds like a sure flop to me

  • winnie

    Sorry but no, there is not one cute thing about Julia Roberts, not at all. She was beaten with an ugly and bitch stick.
    I’ve seen cuter rodents.

  • http://yahoo adetutu

    she is d bomb,a real breath taker nd a lousy wedding hater (my best frnd wedding nd runnaway bride), bt all in all she is d bomb

  • KIm

    Of course it is fun making movies because that’s where you get millions of dollars…

  • L.L.

    Julia sux as an actress! She the SAME in EVERY movie!
    totally over rated!!
    she needs to just go away and make room for REAL talent
    why this woman has an Oscar is beyond me.

  • BossLady

    @Jan: Grow up. your little boycott means nothing. go out and enjoy life!! Dont waste it on waiting around to be insulted.
    David said he was sorry.

  • Marla

    Julia is not pretty anymore. The only movie that I liked was Pretty Women. Her last movie with Clive was awful This is the only movie that I have ever walked out of. Stupid movie. Also that ugly laugter is so annoying.. specially when she shows her ugly horse mouth. I felt so bad for Clive. Now, Julia is gong the safe route, working with a group of A Listers, same as Chinniston.

  • Suppress your appetite

    She is pretty