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Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi

Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi

In 1997, Morgan Freeman made an historic offer to the high school in his hometown of Charleston, Mississippi: He would foot the bill for the school’s senior prom—on condition that both black and white students be allowed to attend. Even though the students shared classes and every other aspect of school life, Charleston High had a tradition of holding two proms—one white, one black. Morgan‘s offer was ignored.

In 2008, he made it again. This time, the school accepted and history was made, but not without significant opposition. Prom Night in Mississippi tells the highly entertaining and ultimately hopeful story of the fallout from Morgan‘s offer, as senior students of Charleston High rally in preparation for the school’s first-ever integrated prom.

Prom Night in Mississippi premieres @ 9PM ET/PT on Monday, July 20th on HBO.

Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi
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  • ace

    You stupid Americans! Get over it! It’s just color I can’t believe you are still making such an issue. Fools.

  • josephine

    1997?!? So recently ?!? You’re kidding?!? That’s just downright shameful!

  • sheryl

    I live in the American south (Tennessee) and am in disbelief that segregation like this still exists. I’m sorry, if I lived in Charleston, Mississippi, I would be utterly embarrassed of this.
    (and to #1: Just chill, please, this not representative of all Americans…not by a longshot)

  • katie


    your the one thats stupid

  • patatas fritas (french fries)


    hahaha fail. i am American and i agree that it is completely stupid that we segregated that much, even into the late 90′s. i am guessing you are racist? you are such a great person for that =]

  • Isabeli

    I watched this, it is so interesting, but
    I can’t believe that this is still going on anywhere in the world

  • marisa

    @ace you’re ridiculous! you think you because segregation exists in one american school you think you can claim us americans as racists. bull. that one school does not rep. america. i cannot believe there is segregation anymore ANYWHERE. how dare you put us non- racists in the same category?

  • deraj tsuj

    what about the yellow and brown people? They must be confused why they exist?

  • t

    Morgan Freeman? Oh that guy that had sex with his step-granddaughter — and now wants to marry her.

  • john

    @deraj tsuj
    I agree! There are always issues with black and white people. What about the Asian people?

  • top exercise videos

    Why the hell do they even have separate proms? The education board for the high school has some explaining to do..

  • Uptown

    This is your typical Red State. Uneducated and Backwards…

  • sheryl

    Uptown, you’re stereotype of all people in a geographic area smacks of something similar to racism, is not fair, and is way off base. This doesn’t help. This was one school in one state. By your logic, we could assume one backward uneducated black person or one backward uneducated white person represents all persons of their race.

  • topsy turvy


    That was a report in the National Enquirer that was vehemently denied by Morgan Freeman’s spokespeople.

  • lua

    What a dumbass tradition!

  • amy

    I don’t live in the US and I’m shocked to see that segregation is still alive and’s shameful

  • julie

    Disgusting. Not representative of America, you say, but I’ll still say this. The land of the free? Bull.S.H.I.T.

  • loma

    Where do you live exactly? I live in Europe (France then England) and racism sill exist. i think it’s even worse in Europe. At least Americans have the courage to talk about it and not ignore it like the Europeans do (cause you know we live in countries of human rights and everything is perfect, RIIIGHT!)

  • Bellainski

    OH MY GAWD!!! At first I wondered how on earth this sort of thing still exists!! Then I remembered it will be the same way as other things such as support for invasions (and slaughter of non whites in their own countries) for their commodities by that same sector of North Americans (45% or so at least, the rest of you would be appalled I’m sure)

  • ma74

    waow.shocking that segregation still exist in some schools.why is this not illegal?

  • simone

    This embarrasses me as an American! How in this day and age people are still so race obsessed is beyond me. But good for Morgan Freeman in trying to help these people get beyond their ignorance.

  • blah

    The south is racist. It still exists. Only because ppl allow it to resist. YOu have people here who refuse to think any other way and its just sickning.

  • Anil

    France can’t speak they treat the Arabs like garbage!

  • jenna

    What a shame…..We do have a long way to go on racism in this country.
    I feel it all of the time in NYC and NJ.
    I will watch this movie on Monday.
    I love Morgan Freeman and bravo to him for stepping up for these kids.
    It’s the right thing to do.

  • TrueSoul

    I agree they should be embarrassed, And the adults r suppose to be examples smh
    But i get so tired of the, Americans are the only ones racist. Please i’ve lived in Europe and they are just as bad, if not worse.

    We all have our issues, and race/culture/religion is a factor for some people all over the world. So we should all look at ourselves and stop the discriminating. I hope this brought about some change in that town, or maybe others who view it. Maybe they will see how utterly ridiculous it is.

  • Irish Girl

    I commend Morgan Freeman for standing up to his community to try and eradicate racism and alerting the world to its existence. Perhaps now that a more “global” spotlight is on this community, they will see how poor their values are and begin changing.
    As a Canadian, I abhor racism, but as an individual I am intolerant of intolerace especially as it pertains to race and gender.
    I’ve traveled extensively in the US, and I have to say that there is a lot of racism. In the south the ‘n’ word was used as casually as any other word in the English vocabulary. I was told several times by people that they loved Canada because there aren’t that many n-ers there. I felt ill by the time I came back home.
    Frankly, any place I went to, be it Illinois, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, etc., etc., there was way more racism and racial intolerance than I have ever been exposed to.
    I can’t 100% generalize. I met some very nice people in the US and I respect them immensely. Things may be getting better, but the US (and the world for that matter)has a long, long way to go.

  • Pattycake

    Love this frank look at the shift in American attitudes based on generations. These young people overwhelmingly embrace change and jump over years of tradition as so much garbage. That can stun adults who have rationalized their inaction with all kinds of bogus rhetoric. And for everyone condemning “America” for these attitudes, we are not unique subsets of the human race. Be a little more honest about yourselves.

  • waterhouse

    oh yeah so good he tries to cover up that he is gonna marry his granddaughter by doing something good so everything is good again… and also this paedophil can pick himself another 16years old girl … so happy :)

  • carrie

    I live in MS, and to be honest I am not that shocked by this story. I am however completely embarrased but I am not shocked. Small towns in MS are still the most racist places you can enter. I know because I grew up in one and still visit that place occasionally. My parents and everyone there (black or white) hate the other race. It’s sad and disgusting that the new generations will continue to be taught this hate over and over for God knows how long. I just remember having a black girl as a good friend growing up and was never allowed to invite her to my birthday parties or sleepovers. I hate it and never understood how the adults there could preach about being good Christians but still judging and treating people differently by the color of their skin. It’s just wrong and I wish it would stop.

  • Raquel

    I am from Europe but live in America, and yes this makes me upset because its so stupid!But not representitive of all America, for me and i am not a citizen of this country, America is the greatest country in the world.No doubt about it, and Americans are the absolute kindest, warmest people i have ever meet.

    Of course its tere are exceptions, but i love this nation!

  • http://justjared Tiana

    Okay i have a question what did we black people ever do to the white people? And why do we have to be categorized as niggers and colored people just why? I want to know because i’m black and i don’t act ghetto, stupid, or ignorant. I’m just a black female that just want to live in this world knowing that i’m gonna be safe and happy that’s all. Us black people is not all the same and i hope Morgan Freeman do some good and helpful things to those kids b/c they deserve and need it….

  • bluezy

    This is not representative of all Americans but it’s a sad representation of how bad racism can still be in certain pockets of the United States.
    I’m not American either and I don’t see this as an exclusively American problem. I live in Canada and I still racism often, and like other Europeans have mentioned, they still see racism in their regions too. So don’t say stupid Americans without saying stupid Europeans, and stupid Canadians that still hold the exact same beliefs but choose not to be bold about it.
    Love people not hate them that’s all I can say.

  • Cooler

    When I heard this I was disgusted. I would never attend a racially segregated prom.

  • S*

    Some americans are really ignorant! Its 2009…and u have Obama as President.
    In Europe, the shool would have had legal problems if it had 2 proms for ” whites” and ” blacks”.
    I would be ashame if I were u.
    Stupid cow boys…killed the indians,still wanna do the same thing with people who don’t look like them.

    S./ from Sweden

  • Frida

    Are you kidding me?! It’s 2009 and things like this still exists in America?! That’s disgusting!

  • Question mark

    Race is a world wide socially constructed phenomenon. My logic is, as long as you have stupid close-minded fools, you’ll have racism. Racism exist in EVERY country in the world. Look at Japan, China, Spain, US, Germany, Brazil, South Africa. All have issues between “minorities” and the “majorities”. In some cases, you barely can even tell the difference between the two (Japan, China). So …. unless the world changes…this little “surprises” don’t really surprise me.

  • reba

    As beautiful as it is, this is why I will NEVER live in the South.

  • Amy

    You can’t say red states are racists. Fact of the matter is, Boston had a far worse history during the Civil Rights movement, and MA is about as Blue as it gets. I’ve spent the better part of the last 5 years living in Georgia and visiting Alabama and there’s a lot more racial integration there than where I now live in MA. We still have DEMOCRATS up here making racist comments (though they try to veil them as otherwise) and people still stick ‘to their own’ when socializing.

    This is likely a town that held onto this tradition and so the racists flocked there like a segregation Mecca.


    S./ from Sweden
    First of all f u for calling all of us cow boys!! You just committed as much of a crime as most racist pigs. Just by your generalization and ignorance if nothing else. Chances are this is not even a true story as another post claimed that Morgan Freeman denied the article. I truly hope it is not true as I’m sure most Americans would hope it wasn’t true either. Not a single country out there doesn’t have some parts or people that are racist. I get sick and tired of these idiots from other countries dogging on Americans just because a portion of some cultures are idiots. The more people you have in an area the more opinions and prejudices you will have – most of our states are bigger than most other countries for christ sake. There are racists in every culture and race. Yes, there are tons of black people that hate “Whitey” and make everything that goes wrong in their lives about “Whitey” keeping them down. You have it with the hispanics, the asian and so on towards whites and each other respectively. It’s a matter of ignorance and it exists everywhere. So before you start your own little racist rant against Americans think about what crap you’re putting out there yourself. Oh and, by the way, I’m American Indian and don’t think for one minute I believe you give a damn about my people. Your too busy promoting yourself and your own misguided hate for you to really care about anyone but yourself. It is obvious by your tone and dialogue that you have a problem with Americans. Racism exists everywhere and you just proved Sweden has at least one racist pig!


    oops, I guess he couldn’t deny an article if he was on tape. Sorry, got confused with another poster talking about his step grandaughter. Just get a little crazy with the Anti-American bs. But I meant every word otherwise. Uggghhh!

  • jackie

    they look great

  • jaxon

    I cannot believe that clip. These people using the N word? Schools have been integrated since the 70′s. These kids have been going to school together for nearly 40 years. In all that time no black and white kids have made friendships where they would object to not being able to attend prom together? I find that amazing. And sad.

  • jaxon

    I’ll say one thing about the N word. I blame the black people as much as whites that the word doesn’t die. I would have washed my little girl’s mouth out with soap quicker over the N word than I would have the F word. She was not raised to use that word under any circumstances. But as a teenager she watched MTV constantly and what word did she hear the blacks say repeatedly? Oh yes, the N word comes out of their mouths all the time. So now she thinks she can say it too.

    I don’t understand why black people would want that word in use or why they perpetuate it’s life cycle. But they are the ones that won’t let it die. Any white person I know would be embarrassed to use it. The blacks should stop using it too. Yes, I’ve heard the excuses why they are allowed to use it. None of them are good enough. It’s an ugly word and needs to disappear.

  • meh

    that is disgusting that there is still such segregation today. It’s just skin colour, we are all people.

  • rhonda

    from a guy who’s marrying his granddaughter. The black woody allen. freeman is a sorry excuse for a human being regardless of color.

  • Rhonda

    We had a black and white prom, of course most of the white kids couldn’t go cause it wasn’t safe. don’t shoot me, just stating a fact!

  • Rhonda

    for the record, I don’t live in the South, I live in a BLUE state!

  • kn

    Jaxon…. Many Black people do not use the N word. I think it is a urban culture thing. I am a black female who grew up in racially diverse suburbs , no one would ever utter that word , and kids of all backgraounds were close friends. But if you look at the urban areas of this country where their is a lack of diversity and education (not all urban areas) the N word is commonly said. I truly beleive it is because a good percentage people in the urban areas are not highly educated. Why… the educational systems in urban (citys) areas are deplorable.

  • bluezy

    Nope its not just because of the lack of an education that people still use the N word, its because of a lack of good role models, or a hella of a lot of misguided ones like Russell Lee Simmons and Ludicrous saying its OK to use that word because you’re black.

  • Roberto

    so sad….i really didn’t know this still existed in America