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Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi

Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi

In 1997, Morgan Freeman made an historic offer to the high school in his hometown of Charleston, Mississippi: He would foot the bill for the school’s senior prom—on condition that both black and white students be allowed to attend. Even though the students shared classes and every other aspect of school life, Charleston High had a tradition of holding two proms—one white, one black. Morgan’s offer was ignored.

In 2008, he made it again. This time, the school accepted and history was made, but not without significant opposition. Prom Night in Mississippi tells the highly entertaining and ultimately hopeful story of the fallout from Morgan’s offer, as senior students of Charleston High rally in preparation for the school’s first-ever integrated prom.

Prom Night in Mississippi premieres @ 9PM ET/PT on Monday, July 20th on HBO.

Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi
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62 Responses to “Morgan Freeman: One Night In Mississippi”

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  1. 1
    ace Says:

    You stupid Americans! Get over it! It’s just color I can’t believe you are still making such an issue. Fools.

  2. 2
    josephine Says:

    1997?!? So recently ?!? You’re kidding?!? That’s just downright shameful!

  3. 3
    sheryl Says:

    I live in the American south (Tennessee) and am in disbelief that segregation like this still exists. I’m sorry, if I lived in Charleston, Mississippi, I would be utterly embarrassed of this.
    (and to #1: Just chill, please, this not representative of all Americans…not by a longshot)

  4. 4
    katie Says:


    your the one thats stupid

  5. 5
    patatas fritas (french fries) Says:


    hahaha fail. i am American and i agree that it is completely stupid that we segregated that much, even into the late 90′s. i am guessing you are racist? you are such a great person for that =]

  6. 6
    Isabeli Says:

    I watched this, it is so interesting, but
    I can’t believe that this is still going on anywhere in the world

  7. 7
    marisa Says:

    @ace you’re ridiculous! you think you because segregation exists in one american school you think you can claim us americans as racists. bull. that one school does not rep. america. i cannot believe there is segregation anymore ANYWHERE. how dare you put us non- racists in the same category?

  8. 8
    deraj tsuj Says:

    what about the yellow and brown people? They must be confused why they exist?

  9. 9
    t Says:

    Morgan Freeman? Oh that guy that had sex with his step-granddaughter — and now wants to marry her.

  10. 10
    john Says:

    @deraj tsuj
    I agree! There are always issues with black and white people. What about the Asian people?

  11. 11
    top exercise videos Says:

    Why the hell do they even have separate proms? The education board for the high school has some explaining to do..

  12. 12
    Uptown Says:

    This is your typical Red State. Uneducated and Backwards…

  13. 13
    sheryl Says:

    Uptown, you’re stereotype of all people in a geographic area smacks of something similar to racism, is not fair, and is way off base. This doesn’t help. This was one school in one state. By your logic, we could assume one backward uneducated black person or one backward uneducated white person represents all persons of their race.

  14. 14
    topsy turvy Says:


    That was a report in the National Enquirer that was vehemently denied by Morgan Freeman’s spokespeople.

  15. 15
    lua Says:

    What a dumbass tradition!

  16. 16
    amy Says:

    I don’t live in the US and I’m shocked to see that segregation is still alive and’s shameful

  17. 17
    julie Says:

    Disgusting. Not representative of America, you say, but I’ll still say this. The land of the free? Bull.S.H.I.T.

  18. 18
    loma Says:

    Where do you live exactly? I live in Europe (France then England) and racism sill exist. i think it’s even worse in Europe. At least Americans have the courage to talk about it and not ignore it like the Europeans do (cause you know we live in countries of human rights and everything is perfect, RIIIGHT!)

  19. 19
    Bellainski Says:

    OH MY GAWD!!! At first I wondered how on earth this sort of thing still exists!! Then I remembered it will be the same way as other things such as support for invasions (and slaughter of non whites in their own countries) for their commodities by that same sector of North Americans (45% or so at least, the rest of you would be appalled I’m sure)

  20. 20
    ma74 Says:

    waow.shocking that segregation still exist in some schools.why is this not illegal?

  21. 21
    simone Says:

    This embarrasses me as an American! How in this day and age people are still so race obsessed is beyond me. But good for Morgan Freeman in trying to help these people get beyond their ignorance.

  22. 22
    blah Says:

    The south is racist. It still exists. Only because ppl allow it to resist. YOu have people here who refuse to think any other way and its just sickning.

  23. 23
    Anil Says:

    France can’t speak they treat the Arabs like garbage!

  24. 24
    jenna Says:

    What a shame…..We do have a long way to go on racism in this country.
    I feel it all of the time in NYC and NJ.
    I will watch this movie on Monday.
    I love Morgan Freeman and bravo to him for stepping up for these kids.
    It’s the right thing to do.

  25. 25
    TrueSoul Says:

    I agree they should be embarrassed, And the adults r suppose to be examples smh
    But i get so tired of the, Americans are the only ones racist. Please i’ve lived in Europe and they are just as bad, if not worse.

    We all have our issues, and race/culture/religion is a factor for some people all over the world. So we should all look at ourselves and stop the discriminating. I hope this brought about some change in that town, or maybe others who view it. Maybe they will see how utterly ridiculous it is.

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