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Ciara Sports Sexy Short Hair

Ciara Sports Sexy Short Hair

R&B superstar Ciara shows off her sexy short haircut by hairstylist to the stars Kiyah Wright.

On Saturday, Ciara hosted Social Life Magazine‘s event held at the magazine’s estate in Water Mill, NY. (She’s the mag’s cover girl this month.)

Ciara has also been busy with the Do Something 101 campaign. Each Staples store across the country has teamed with a local organization that helps kids in need. All summer you can donate new school supplies at any Staples store and will get them to the kids who need them most for back to school.

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  • marissa

    i feel like everyone is a rihanna wannabe nowadays. . but ciara is cool, her hairstyle is nothing special but its suitable for her.

  • wexx

    it looks nice…this is the hairstyle rihanna should try.

  • Catchy

    veyr nice haircut!

  • Raquel

    Vb already did this, as did Riri!

  • Pining for Chris

    Rihanna is the wannabe, trying to be edgy….she might have made the bob more “famous” and recognisable but it doesn’t make it “original”.
    For example, look at Kelis then look at Rihanna; she basically does everything Kelis has done before. The pixie type cut, the shave side, adding the blonde highlights….

    Anyway, i’m not sure about this look on Ciara. But at least she can change it whenever she gets bored.

  • Marissa

    She looks hot!
    and rih is not the only one allowed to wear this hairstyle sheesh
    besides short hair is in

  • jo

    Love it…wish I could pull it off

  • ECHO!

    Ciara did this in 07 in the Promise video!!!!

  • marissa

    @Pining for Chris:

    Kelis who? you may have a point but like a old wise man said ” Opinions are like Yesterdays, everybody have one”

  • sooo

    looks good on her

  • Amy

    wow this really shows off her pretty face. cute pixie haircut.


    She’s rockin that do. She looks great.

  • http://none Danii

    Go head CC!!.
    YUP she had this in promise vid….
    Plenty of others have had it
    Fivehead is far from original.

  • Glen

    @Pining for Chris dont forget FeFe Dobson lol.

  • dory

    It’s a wig people. Don’t you know anything about black people’s hair?

  • assyhole

    Keri Hilson x Rihanna! Typical.. lol

  • Soray


    Meaning? *rolls eyes*

  • dundies

    Rihanna is the wannabe,


    LOL thats what i thought

  • lalalove

    Okay, I think this person was surrounded by bigotry as a child.

  • babe_luv_ya
  • Corey

    Ciara is beautiful where is her Covergirl contract at?!

  • Candice

    Ciara looks Amazing!!!

    She pulls it off very well as she does with all her hairstyles!

    On a side note I don’t see what’s up with Keri and Rihanna Caparisons here? When there’s been a countless amount of other Female Celebs who’ve worn short cut long before Keri and Rihanna….I’m just tired of people labeling Ciara and comparing her she’s just Ciara. If Beyonce did this it would be a different story honestly and sadly….

  • marissa


    get used to it. in that world and limelight, people would always compare.

  • -

    wig or real, she is rocking that hairstyle.

  • Ciara is a man

    why do people like this trashy tranny anyways???? where’s your dong ciara.. you can’t hide it forever ;-)

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive never liked her
    even since goodies, she’s cute but she’s really never done it for me
    short hair just makes it worse
    she looks like a tranny in pics 2 and 3

  • jess

    I think it’s a wig but she looks great.

  • Jazzy

    Looks goo on her, yes. But ugh. Ive seen this already! Rihanna? Keri Hilson? Who’s next?

  • toiletry222


    Rihanna didn’t INVENT short hair. Monica, Kelis, and even my mom had short hair before her so how is Ciara copying anyone? get out of that juvenile mentality of “oh she wants to be so and so because she has the same hairdo or clothes or watever like so and so”. GROW UP!

    Btw, ciara >>10000000000000000x prettier than rihanna. and i’m not a fan of EITHER one.

  • dj

    halle monica kellis kelly rowland and countless other black women were wearing short cuts before rihanna took her boat to come to america and jack people’s swag

  • dj

    and wtf is keri hilson some noname ellen degeneros untalented hussy like rihanna.

  • http://http kayjelly

    @ ciara is a mann sweetie quess what u r the man obviously u know so much if she was y yur daddy bang her so much instead yur mama? insecure much? btw yur daddy say ciara is yur new step mama bcuz her pussy was better than yur mama… oops sorry 2 spill the beans but yur daddy is still eatin it muahahahahahahahahahah

  • fusion

    It’s a pixie cut and it’s similar but not exactly like the one Rihanna’s sported. Agree, this would like nice on RiRi and looks 10x better on Ciara because she’s not going bald like Rihanna.

  • http://ULTIMATE-CIARA.COM james

    DESPITE THE HATERS………….. ciara’s new doo fits her well and she can work ANY LOOK.

  • Nicole

    Ciara looks Flawless!!! Lovin the new look!

    And @ Ciara is a Man…..Get a life and stop the Jealous hatred because it will get you nowhere!!!!

  • Shar

    I don’t think the wig looks as good on her as her natural hair cut short would have.

  • ruth

    I use to like her, but as soon as she became a rihanna wannabe-puleeeaze

  • Jen

    i would say she looks exactly like Keri Hilson than Rihanna

  • Rihanna is a man

    CIARA>>> everyone else with short hair.

    Rihanna is a man looking alien B!tch.

  • http://khristi07/20/2009@6:23pm Khristi

    @Nicole: I’m right there with you. No need to hate on someone, besides I like the haircut. I had my hair cut short once and I’ll never do it again. I can’t rock it, but much respect to those that can.

  • amanda

    The pixie cut did not start with Victoria, Rhianna or Kelis. Mia Farrow had it in Rosemarry’s Baby. The short haircut has been around for a while. Just because someone has a short haircut does not mean they wanna be like Rhianna or anybody else. They like their hair short. But I don’t like this cut on Ciara. Everything has to start somewhere. So what Rhianna is edgy… What’s wrong with that? That’s who she is. Black, white, mexican whatever who cares.

  • http://http itsme

    @ ruth u were not a fan of ciara so bish please u need 2 sit down u sound like a clown i wonder when rihanna start the haircut trend when she was jacking kelis’s hairstyle from left 2 right ciara 2 be aware of the fake fans like u bitch u r insecure that is yur problem u ignorant fool its a photoshoot how do u know she is rocking this look on a daily basis? bye girl booooooooo bitch at least she is doing something constructive go f yurself over im ashamed if u a blackwoman bcuz just yur statement realize we blackwomen r haters and ignorant

  • becca

    Yup, pixie has been around forever. Loved it on Mia Farrow and no, Rihanna is not edgy at all for it. Her hair never looks this good but to be fair, Ciara has more hair, or a better wig, than Rihanna.
    Ciara looks good but I think this style makes her look older.

  • cosi

    HOLY HOLY she’s zmokin’ here!

  • matt

    Sorry, but…

    Short hair on girls = Not sexy

    Long hair always looks better on girls.

  • jaye

    lol@ Don’t you know anything about Black people’s hair. Almost fell off my chair laughing at that one.

  • mertz

    love her. love the hair style. good on kiyah-shine. original short hairs=jada, winona ryder, rache leigh cook…atleast from what i can remember but so was audrey hepburn and some others. i like short hair. i love getting to see people’s whole faces…instead all the extra hair. i think the person who did her eyebrows either used a shaper or tried to free form it because they don’t look the same. the arch points are in different places and different shapes.

  • me

    She is one of those girls who are fortunate enough to look good no matter what hairstyle.

  • saddyblue


  • my comment

    I am surprised that you all never commented that FeFe has sounded just like Avril Lavigne on some of her older tracks. Both are from Canada. Read that FeFe was actually trying to take over Avril’s lane at first, but it didn’t work. She’s evolved a little bit now, but seems like everybody copies everybody at some point.