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David Beckham Heckled By Fans

David Beckham Heckled By Fans

Los Angeles Galaxy fans hold up signs discouraging David Beckham #23 before the Major League Soccer match against AC Milan atThe Home Depot Center on Sunday (July 19) in Carson, Calif. The 34-year-old soccer stud was booed more than cheered throughout the game. Here are what some of the signs read:

– Go Home Fraud 23
– 23: Repent
– Here Before, Here After, Here Despite 23
– Commitment ≠ Part Time Player!
– Hey 23, Here Before You, Here After You, Here Despite You, Make Us Forgive You

Becks missed the first half of the MLS season while he was on a five-month loan to AC Milan.

20+ pictures inside of David Beckham being heckled by fans…

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Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty, Gabriel Bouys/Mark Ralston/AFP
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  • not nice

    oooo, harsh…

  • bindy

    :( mean

  • smeh

    he’s a pompous ass anyway

  • gilmorie

    Thats becoz DB is so overrated & cocky. I prefer C. Ronaldo & J. Rednapp over this boaster!

  • meh

    Ouch. But he deserves it for abandoning his team for so long.

  • Krist



  • ROSA


  • Mary

    Poor David – seems a bit harsh.

  • Anna

    It’s amazing how fans can turn just like that. I remember in august of 08 when everyone was excited for his arrival and greeted him with open arms.

  • chadwick

    David was also much-hated in his native England thats why he abruptly transfer to Real Madrid then later on in LA Galaxy. I guessed he still cant return to England yet coz he still wasnt able to “redeem” himself from all those game losses.

  • vmars111

    I felt bad for him…

    And then I realized that he makes MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, so none of us (including him) should really care.

  • Sarah

    @gilmorie: Wait a minute so you’re saying Beckham is cocky but Ronaldo isnt? Thats a JOKE

  • Perry

    well deserved.

  • michelle


  • kris

    how rude!

  • Megan Fox

    Beckham is a shitty player anyway…

  • Atlanta2Dallas

    WTF!?? i absolutely love David Beckham! but victoria…….

  • LOS

    LMFAO @ the person saying Ronaldo isn’t cocky.

  • love them

    he deserves everyting he’s geting! Fans know who’s heart is in it and who is not. Good for them, and if he can’t handle it , let him cry in his millions…

  • Tands

    I think he’s sweet and seems to have a good heart. I feel bad for him. I don’t care how much money he makes.

  • rossy40

    I’m sorry. It took me awhile to stop laughing in order to comment. But, I mean, seriously? Heckled for what? Acting on a contract (leaked to the media who made quite a point of the clause that had him “loaned” out to overseas teams) that made him leave Europe to settle in the States. He was lured away from A. C. Milan to join the L. A. Galaxy’s in order to help popularize soccer in North America, right?
    Are these so-called “adults” so brain-dead, they’ve forgotten that fact & strike out like spiteful 5-year old brats who can’t have ice cream, cookies, etc. because it’ll spoil their dinner!
    I mean, really. Grow up! Most people are NOT entranced by soccer UNLESS it’s “European” – Manchester United, Liverpool, A. C. Milan, etc., are REAL teams… Put the Galaxy’s (minus Beckham) against those teams & watch them fall.

  • mitchy

    still one of the best and a classy man

  • Sammy123

    its just football…hes always been switching back and fourthto different teams…thats what all footballers do….i guess the americans just dont understand the dynamics of the players…its normal to switch teams…

  • usa

    Love him
    and his family

    he’s very talented yet humble

  • ISabelle

    Beckham USED to be a good soccer player. In terms of soccer age, he’s old and doesn’t have that “thing” he had. Over in Europe, we look at him with much disdain.

    Now he’s just an advertisement machine. Just a celebrity because he’s seen as handsome and he’s married to that stick.

  • Lin

    When he came off in the 75th minute there were more cheers than boos. And at the end of the day, the match was sold out, that hasn’t happened at all this year when he was in Milan.

  • sharyllee

    Do not care for him at all. booo!!

  • Sarah

    You guys still don’t get it do you, you think they want to boo him ? they don’t but he brought it on himself, LA Galaxy gave him the highest MLS contract to play for them fulltime, he took 1/2 the MLS season off to play in AC Milan while in the U.S. his Galaxy team was playing w/o him. That’s why he’s being called a part time player and a fraud.

  • melissa asherman

    I love David. I met him before; he is such a great guy. And I really think he could care less about what they say. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Aliu

    …. keep on booing or heckling..
    it will just make him stronger.,,,[1 assist in this match]..

  • Pipi

    I watched the match and most of the boos turned into cheers by the second half.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Beckham and Ronaldo are both coky…Thierry Henri on the otherhand…

  • *******

    SUCH HARSH WORDS… BUT CAN’T BLAME THEM FOR FEELING THAT WAY. David started it all first stating he wanted to go back to playing for his old team. So he abandoned his team and the fans are sticking up for them.

  • raj

    oh puhlease who are the la galaxy again nobody even knew about them before david went there, i mean if it were british fans who were pissed i could be a lil more understanding but really american fans who dont even appreciate FOOTBALL!!!!! get over yourselves

  • Nia

    Christ alive! He didn’t abandon his team!! If you knew shit about football…im, you’d know that players are loaned all the time. It’s a team decision. He didn’t just up and leave LA galaxy.
    You haters are pathetic.

  • raj

    ronaldo the big cry baby isnt cocky ritte he practically stomps his feet when he doesnt get the ball

  • mertz

    it’s about time. heard this on the radio this morning. not surprising. i hope everyone reads that rag book that just came out this year about him. i mean seriously. i love beckham but we’ve been hating on him since before he left the national team…and now he’s back on national team. i hope he isn’t playing on the team as a regular next year or any year after. he should play as a sub or something…but i know england needs it’s players. pishaw. i cannot stand him.

  • Nia


    Bloody hell! It’s a contract! It’s how the game works. Players are loaned all the time. He didn’t make the decision on his own.
    So i suggest before you make the played out loyalty argument, you should learn a thing or two about ‘soccer’.

  • rocky


    100% agree!!! I’ll never understand why the US wnated him in the first place. He’s busy selling his face and body for photo ops and then abandons the team he was sooooooo excited to be on. JERK!

  • rocky


    I totally disagree! HE SAID ‘YES’!!! He could have stayed right where he was and helped his team win, but HE decided to play for Milan. Let’s be real here — HE DID IT FOR THE MONEY!! Oh, and I know about Soccer!

  • rocky

    @Not impressed by JA: @rossy40:

    Put the Galaxy’s (minus Beckham) against those teams & watch them fall.???

    They did damn good if you ask me. They beat Spain, Itay and almost had Brazil. We’re not a ‘soccer’ playing country, but our guys did real well and I’m very proud of them — even if I can’t stand the sport. I come from a huge soccer loving family and I HATE it. What Beck did was wrong, sorry.

  • debra77

    I have to be honest and say I know NOTHING about soccer. I just think it was a bit nuts to think that this one man could make soccer the big deal here in the states that it is in Europe.. Tiger Woods made golf fun for people who never watched it. So i guess it could be done. I just think the whole Posh/Becks thing did not go too well. America loves its athletics but I don’t think they get the same attention as Movie Stars. I just think he.. well.. he and she wanted to be like Movie stars. I think it would have been best if he had just played the game. Not hung around with Tom/Katie and Will/Jada..

    I don’t know but fans boo when they are pissed.. they get mad and for how much money athletics are being paid and how much fans have to pay to see a game. I think he should be able to hanle a bit of booing.

  • rocky

    @Not impressed by JA:

    Thierry Henri??? Now HE’S a player!! Amazing! Beck’s isn’t in the same category as Henri!

  • rocky


    OMG! You said it All! He should have concentrated on ‘playing’ and not hanging out with Hollywood crowd. I know I boo everytime ARod comes to the plate and I’m a die hard Yankee fan. Can’t stand ARod!

  • Pining for Chris

    Good. This man does my head in; he claims to be a “footballer” but doesn’t do shitt. He might aswell quit now, he’s a stupid brand now; him and his dumb wife.

    Btw the person who wrote they prefer C.Ronaldo – I agree. He’s a better footballer and I think some of you JEALOUS lot are mistaking his confidence for cockiness.
    If you watch his interviews, almost every time mentions his team and how they worked together during matches. Don’t be bitter because he’s not on your team…

  • Dassie

    Americans are lame when it comes to soccer..and being soccer fans. Just sayin’.

  • huh?

    LA Galaxy fans should be glad he likes to follow his wallet, otherwise he wouldn’t be on your team in the first place.

  • olivia

    David was also much-hated in his native England thats why he abruptly transfer to Real Madrid then later on in LA Galaxy. I guessed he still cant return to England yet coz he still wasnt able to “redeem” himself from all those game losses

    This is not true. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

    He left Man U to go to Real Madrid because he fell out with the manager Alex Ferguson.

    The England fans hated him after he got sent off during an England v Argentina 1998 World Cup game, but they forgave him after his goal against Greece sent England to the 2002 World Cup.

  • Discusted

    @Anna: And then heturned his back on the team with his desperate behaviour to jump to another. Do you remember this?

  • sillyputty

    pompous ass just like his pompous conceited shallow wife-Victoria Stickham