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Gerard Butler: Bomb Scare!

Gerard Butler: Bomb Scare!

Gerard Butler is seen with the guests and staff of the Four Seasons Hotel as they were evacuated temporarily because of a bomb threat on Saturday (July 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor and his The Ugly Truth co-star Katherine Heigl stood outside with fans outside the hotel before retreating to the nearby Il Cielo restaurant, People reports.

The hotel was thoroughly searched for unattended packages or luggage after the bomb threat was called in, and when nothing was found, the hotel was reopened two hours later.

The Ugly Truth hits theaters this weekend on July 24.

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  • What?

    I can’t wait to see the movie:)

  • susie

    pompous twia.Can’t stand Butler.
    Hope his movies fail

  • http://justwhack Jared

    Wow…what a story…

  • pudintame

    Hey susie and “Jared”…who p*ssed in your Wheaties this morning?

    Thanks JARED for posting more lovely pics of the lovely Mr. Butler!

  • rapunzel

    someone who wanted to get him out of his room did it!

  • kudos!

    Pity he didn’t explode.

  • nico

    Wow, I would have wanted to be there and make him feel better!!! He’s just gorgeous!!!

  • edinburgh

    I love Gerard Butler he is so hot, can’t wait for the new movie.

  • ri23

    It wasn’t a bomb, just my lady parts. They almost exploded when I saw he was wearing a pair of jeans that fit correctly. Nice upgrade, Butler.

  • Avery09

    He was so hot in P.S. I Love You. He looks like my dad now. What happened to this guy?

  • GerryB

    I hope police catches the person who made the bomb call.
    Good luck to you Gerard. This only adds more excitement to your new movie TUT. Can’t wait to see the upcoming network interviews this week and end the week with the viewing of TUT. WOW.

  • Dude…you missed a button

    Was he in a hurry when he got dressed? I know we’ve all done it, but it’s still funny.

  • ?

    Maybe the button fell off when a fan grabbed him.LOL

  • kc

    did anyone notice that one of his shirt buttons are undone! :D

  • Yes!

    The beads, the tacky ring and the moobies are back!!!

  • bw


  • pooh


  • Geek

    What does anyone see in this guy? He’s so dull and boring and looks like a slob half the time.

  • @19


  • So over him

    He always look unkempt. He’s doing a press junket and he has stupid wooden beads around his neck and missed a button on his shirt. And it looks like he has a toothpick in his mouth?
    WTF? Can’t he wait and pick his teeth in private?
    Perhaps he was more focused on his club hopping that he had to get in later that night before he had to fly out of LA. The guy has become a joke. Nice work, Mr. Butler

  • curious cat

    Wow. It amazes me how much negative reaction this guy gets now. Used to be 90 to 1 in favor. Only occasionally was there a warning comment including words like jerk, jackass and douchebag. Now it’s flipped. Almost makes me a fan again. I feel kinda sorry for him. :) ;)

  • Well…

    I don’t hate him…I just don’t understand what all the hoopla is about him. He’s a mediocre actor, he looks/dresses like a slob most of the time, and his behavior is childish. I mean, really – he goes clubbing all the time like he’s still in his 20′s. He’s almost 40 (although looks 50) and it all just looks silly.

  • So….

    Still he makes more $ with one movie than you make in your working years.

  • meh

    What is your point – that because he makes a lot of money that he is excused from poor behavior, bad grooming habits, mediocre acting and sh/t movies? Money doesn’t buy class, nor is it a measuring stick for the quality of a person.
    You sound like an imbecile.

    BTW, I agree with the criticism of Butler. I don’t hate the guy, but I don’t hold him in high regard. He seems to be kind of a putz.

  • Jules

    I wonder what makes people post if they don’t have anything nice to say. Why take the effort? I think maybe you really do like this guy and just have to be SO COOL that you post crap..For those that don’t like Gerry, guess what..he’s laughing all the way to the bank baby..

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I like the guy. He is rough around the edges and smells of being a bad boy. I don’t mind him looking ruffled and just out of bed, H*ll, I love this look on my hubby. BUT I guess it all depends on what winds your watch…

  • stinkylouise

    Oh dear! Are some of Frigid Freida’s fans peeved because yet another man has p*ssed on the dating rumours.
    It seems he was a busy boy during his short stay in L.A. Out clubbing, flirting with female interviewers. Apparently being quite taken with a red-headed reporter and asking Alan to get her number. Poor, poor Aniston.Another fauxmance down the toilet.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Not surprised Butler wouldn’t hit it with Jen. She is way tooooooo old for his tastes. The man is a randy one and doesn’t want ties. So NO Clingon Jen for him…

  • @24

    My point is this, Gerard obviously is doing something RIGHT given the fact that movie studios are willing to pay big bucks for his movies.
    Instead of criticizing others maybe we all should look at our own lives and see if we can make some improvements.
    I agree money is not the measuring stick for everything, but it is indicative of how successful he/she is in society.
    He is a healthy SINGLE male with a lot of energy and his behavior is not out of bounds IMO.

  • Again!

    Yeah, he was playing his usual game of getting someone else to do his dirty work for him. I guess all those stories about needing his handlers to get him girls are true. This is NOT how “a healthy SINGLE male with a lot of energy” acts. This is how an insecure boy acts..,2933,534058,00.html
    “Gerard Butler asking his manager to get the number of a hot redhead reporter in the lunch break of his press day for “The Ugly Truth” at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Friday.”

  • xxx

    Gerry’s movies since “300″ have been disappointing and not very good. To say that he is doing something right isn’t accurate, in my opinion. I hope he has a hit among the several movies that he has coming out this year and next. Otherwise, I’m afraid his luck will run out and he won’t be “making the big bucks” much longer. There are more talented and younger actors out there who will take his place.

  • LYNN

    Geek@6:43pm 07/20/2009

    Its nothing wrong with this guy, he still looks good. I saw him in 300 an thought he to be an outstanding actor. He just need the right kind of role/ parts. I think some of these people thats putting him down and say how terrible he looks and being negative against him now days are angry that he is not dating Jennifer Aniston. You know her fans were saying how handsome he looked and that hes dripping with sex appeal and could make Jennifer forget her X . I wonder why he is being disliked now. I think he is still handsome, but nothing like that hunk of a man called Brad Pitt.

  • EWWw gross

    Hope the redheaded reporter ran for her ever-loving life. This little blurb from Fox certainly echos the stories about herding and procuring by his friends and associates. And once again the phangurls come to his defense with the “he’s just a healthy single male” nonsense. Gack.

  • lilyrose

    The more popular someone gets as a celebrity, the more nuts come out of the woodwork to bash. It goes with the territory. At first, when he was less well known, mainly the fans posted about him and it was all gush. Now the fringe element is at it as well. Look at the crap that gets posted about Jennifer Aniston. She, too, is laughing all the way to the bank. One recent article said GB is making $15 to $20 million a film. I doubt if he cares what the bashers are saying. He could quit now and be rich for the rest of his life. You have to have something that really draws people in to get the reactions he does. But, I think he’s got his eyes on just producing somewhere down the line. I hope not for some years to come though.

  • Swansong

    Most decent people don’t read here because of all the hate and crap people post about him on this site. Very few fans look beyond the photos, because frankly, this is all negative BS, based on lies. People claim to know things about him they couldn’t possibly know, but other posters believe it…. and the BS just escalates.

  • @So…

    “Still he makes more $ with one movie than you make in your working years.”

    Is this all you could come up with? Just because someone has money you think they are automatically better than us “regular” people?

    This is exactly what’s wrong with society – idiots like you that measure success with money.

  • @Jules

    I wonder what makes people post if they don’t have anything nice to say. Why take the effort? I think maybe you really do like this guy and just have to be SO COOL that you post crap..For those that don’t like Gerry, guess what..he’s laughing all the way to the bank baby..

    Why post if you do have something nice to say? Why take the effort for THAT? This isn’t a fan site by the way.

    Nobody thinks they’re being cool for posting “crap”, which is only crap to you because they aren’t opinions you agree with. They simply don’t like him. And yes, he is laughing all the way to the bank, because he can’t believe idiots like YOU are putting money into his pocket by going to watch his crap movies! Now THAT’S funny!!!

  • Good golly, miss molly

    I think a few people on this thread need a hug or many hugs. As #35 said, What brings all the meanies out of the woodwork? I agree, if you can’t stand the guy, what thrill do you get out attacking people for liking him? What’s the point of it all? It isn’t going to change their opinions any more than they will yours.

  • Swansong

    #37: in answer to your question…. saying positive/affirming things about people I admire makes me happy. I enjoy it. Gerard Butler has lots of great qualities. It’s easy to speak kindly of him.


  • pafan

    All I can say is the nay-sayers will never go down on the map, but GB already has a little piece of history on his side in the show biz chronicles. He’ll forever be King Leo and the Phantom.

    And, for many of us, his fans, he has provided hours of entertainment and lots of fun speculating on his life.

    I find it funny that so many nay-sayers must be jeolous of the love that so many peeps all around the world feel for this man.

    Live with it; we are not going away.

    Yes, indeed. The little boy from Scotland did OK.

  • Maria

    I’ve read a lot of stuff on here, and so much of it is crap. (Can I say that?) Gerry Butler is the best actor, the hottest person on the planet Earth, and a really nice person most of all. I’ve never posted before on any of these boards, but some of this stuff has really gotten ridiculous.

    All I want to say, is that Gerard Butler is IT. I’ ve never seen a hotter MAN.

  • Maria

    Why are some post names in black and some in blue? Can anyone ‘explain?

  • Swansong

    Maria, the names in blue are generally linked to a website. My name is linked to my personal website, and others are linked to various sites. Names in black are not clickable links.

  • maryane

    Gerry is Gerry and I love the way he is!! He doesn’t have to change a bit to be loved by women all over the world. He’s nice, handsome, cheerful, lovely, charming and delicious!!!
    And he makes me happy…

  • Nay-Sayers

    The problem with the nay-sayers is that they want to change the man. They are frustrated because Gerard doesn’t conform to what they believe to be the right behavior in his public and private lives. I can safely say they must be control freaks towards others as well in their personal lives.

  • incorrect figure

    The quote about making $15-20 million per movie is of course incorrect. That is A-List type salaries, which few people in Hollywood make, and are exclusive to those who can truly open a movie and are “bankable”. Katherine Heigl only made $6 million for The Ugly Truth. I would be surprised if Gerry made over $3 million.

    Still, not bad for a few months work. As for those who post positive or negative comments — all are welcome on a public board. Just because someone doesn’t hold the same opinion as you doesn’t mean that they are bad, stupid, etc. People used to be able to have opposing opinions and state/discuss them. Now, it appears that it people instead throw a tantrum and call others names or question their right to voice their own opinion.
    Kind of reminds me of politics nowadays…..if you hold a different political view than you aren’t compassionate, educated, or informed.

  • curious cat

    #46 Incorrect Figure

    Thank you for your post. I appreciate this kind of information rather than love, hate, gay, manwh% stuff. I never have believed too many people make $20 mil per movie. Word was Julia Roberts did at one time. Jen Aniston is said to be worth $20 mil, which is different.
    I do think, contrary to what some people post, that we have the right to expect these high earning celebrities to be respectful to the majority of us hardworking plebes who don’t make anything like their salaries but pay to see their movies.

  • Scruffy puffy


  • http://Jared maureen McWilliams

    Dear # 46, For some weird reason I have been infatuated with Mr. Butler for several years. I have read many items, including what are supposed to be direct interviews, and what I can say is that he never says the same thing twice concerning his background and an absence of info for about a 2 yr period. However, I don’t care. I have been highly successful in my career (in my opinion) and I get to help others. I just went to a convention of women in Las Vegas, all of whom seem to be totally mesmerized by this guy. Since it also involved some charitable work it was OK, but I won’t attend this type of thing again. Mainly, I like people who don’t give up. So what if he doesn’t look as young as he did (neither do I). I felt a connection with him during the POTO movie when he looked up in devastation, because it is a look I grew up with. My people came from Scotland primarily, in 1621. They were pioneers in the West long before it was the US. I grew up on land given to my ancestors by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. The area has remained pretty much as it was, and most of the families are descendants of Revolutionary War fighters and Mayflower or Fortune sailors. The main thing has always been honor. We are now split into Indian (American) groups as well. I guess what I,m saying is that I had to fight my way to the top of my profession, being the first woman partner in my firm, the 2st to do many things. And I know you have to have guts. Maybe Mr. Butler has screwed up big time–but despite some very unpleasant things unfairly published about him that consisted of innuendo concerning his possible homosexuality (who cares), he has kept going. I admire that more than anything. I hope for the sake of those fans of his in Las Vegas that he is the real deal–frankly, he has contradicted himself so much that it does raise questions about integrity. But until I would learn definitively that he is a jerk, I give him the benefit of a doubt, I hope he’s real and I hope he achieves whatever it is he needs.

  • #49

    @Maureen Mcwilliams
    May I say your comments are a breath of fresh air among the posts here which sometimes get really petit and crazy. Your comments are frank talks about Gerry from a Gerry’s fan, which are very rare.
    His name first became known to me in December 2008 when POTO was shown on TV. I looked up his name on Google and the rest is history. I became more interested in Gerry as an actor and as a person after much viewing of his interviews and fan videos on YouTube (who doesn’t). Since then I have saw most of his movies and to be honest I enjoyed watching his acting more than the movies themselves. I have been followed his career for the last 7 months and frequently visited internet boards about him. I don’t really care about his past and background so haven’t noticed any inconsistencies and/or had any doubts about the truthfullness of his stated past. I just care about him as an actor and not so much as a private person. Maybe that’s why. I think there is a difference between outright lying about one’s background and skipping parts that are not meant for the public. I think Gerry did more the skipping than being not truthful IMO.
    I admire his drive, tenacity and focus the most. Like you, until he is proven a jerk, I’ll continue being his regular fan (not like the fervent ones). Gerry has a quality that is hard to explain which some call magnetism. Is that a leadership quality? I am not sure.
    Anyway, he is a unique person who is like nobody I haven known about before. He certainly has captured many hearts and imaginations around the world. He is an enigma to say the least.