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Jon Gosselin is Paparazzi Playful

Jon Gosselin is Paparazzi Playful

Reality TV’s most famous dad Jon Gosselin gets playful with paparazzi around his neighborhood, the Upper West Side of New York City on Monday afternoon (July 20).

The 32-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was seen taking a cigarette break and shaking a fan’s hand outside of P.D. O’Hurley’s Pub & Restaurant.

As reported earlier this month, Jon moved into a two-bedroom apartment in The Alexandria Building. Yesterday, Jon and 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman were spotted taking a romantic stroll together through NY’s Harriman State Park and lunching at Rocco’s Restaurant.

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  • emma

    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and all their kids (sans eldest son Maddox), running some family errands at an office building on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. First, though, the Jolie-Pitts grabbed some coffee downstairs. “They seemed super-happy,” says an onlooker. “Angelina was carrying the twins. Shiloh was adorable and walking along on her own while Brad carried Zahara.”

  • Chili Pepper

    Uh, Emma, are you lost honey?
    Ahem, on topic, Jon is a loser.
    I’m done.

  • Kathleen

    I could see how he could do this to himself given the i.q. which is borderline mental retardation but how could he do this for his own children? He just don’t care about anything or everything except for himself. The selfish bastard will get his due, sooner or later. With both of them with drug and alcohol problems, I could see the future in store for them both. Believe me people, I work in CA with many stars. And they are not stars, believe me. It perfectly fit into a definition of a loser.

  • douche water

    1. fat
    2. sloppy
    3. Old nasty stretched out shirt
    4. same nasty ass out of style beat jeans

  • maribeth

    i used to feel sorry for him. i honestly believed that he wanted a more private life & that he needed to get away from media whore kate to get it. now he’s just like her. these two are so messed up in the head it’s rediculous. the only people i feel bad for anymore is this children. i hope no one watches this show when it comes back & it gets cancelled. those two idiots won’t know what to do with themselves.

  • rachel

    Haven’t seem him smoke in 3 years and now every picture is him smoking

  • Lillianne

    It’ll be interesting to see what he does with himself. He’s at a crossroads.

  • why

    oh I wonder why he would buy a bedroom apartment and a two seat sports car. There is absolutely NO room for 8 children. It only makes it easier for him to ignore than children and spend very little time with them. Jon you are an ass!

  • Virginia

    Can’t help but like Jon the way I delight over seeing a trapped animal run and play in a field when they’ve been released. If we reversed positions and Jon had been the one to slap Kate around, physically and verbally abuse and batter her for 10 years, grinding her down to a hollow shell of a person afraid to go left or right because they know the hammer is about to come down on her, then we’d all be marching on Washington to get her out of the horrible marriage. And I say that as a woman who knows what it is like to be spoken down to and beaten down with words (in my younger years).

    The kids will pay the price for this disasterous marriage and Kate’s idea to have a litter to support her. Who in this universe would WANT to be in her company? She, IMHO, has already beaten down her sons and if you look at their little faces they are mostly blank, withdrawn, rocking back and forth (in video), timid and uncertain. That’s her parenting skill. I simply can not stand the woman.

    At least Jon is good with the kids. He is the one who got them up and dressed, went to work, helped with feeding them, bathed them and put them to bed at night. Their little faces light up when he is around.

  • jake

    Pretty Face and Eyes. Not so hot body and personality.

    But you know what they say about asian guys, they are very very small endowed. Not sure how he can keep any woman happy if you know what I mean.

  • twpumpkin


  • Joley

    A**HOLE!! I think I hate him more now than Kate…Jon, what the heck are you doing???? you’re a father of 8. Grow up!

  • common sense

    Listen to Virginia, she has common sense. If the kids were half grown and turned loose like Jon away from Kate, most likely they would be acting the same one as Jon. Kate is the one that has the narcissistic control over the family, you can see it in every member of the family if you know what you are looking for….I hope Jon gets some counseling, it would be kindest thing he could for his children. Kate would only manipulate a counselor like she has done to people all her life. TLC and Kate are responsible for ruining the lives of the Gosselin children the most.

  • you people are blind

    Jon is a liar – he claimed he didn’t like the attention because he was a cheater! He even lied about the childrens clothing line! Why can’t you people see that he was the “nice” guy on camera and is a cheating jerk off camera???

  • anthony

    I hate this guy now, he has been acting like a total idiot, please god make him go away!

  • We ain’t too blind, hon..

    @you people are blind:

    Actually, he’s pathetically transparent….to all the guys out there, this is what a mid life crisis looks like…douche bag galore!!!!!

  • why

    @common sense: that’s because they’re children. any child/teen would act like jon if set loose with no parental supervision. Jon is supposed to be a grown man so he should behave different. He’s nothing but a phony.

  • he is not famous

    total d-bag.

  • you people are blind

    @We ain’t too blind, hon..:
    LOL he is so pathetic. And I know he isn’t happy which is why he is stuffing his face!

  • Not all Kate’s fault

    @common sense:

    He was a disengaged, uninterested father and spouse. You try running a house of 10 and see if YOU too wouldn’t be a tad controlling. Common sense proves that if one parent “checks out” of the marriage the other has to do double duty and from there the resentment builds…

    No, these two are both to blame. But she’s coming across as a better parent than he as she’s not out there flaunting relationships with other men, smoking, weary douchey clothes, and cavorting with skanky, gross drug addicts…

  • Not all Kate’s fault

    Why can’t we say s k a n k y??? When did that become a bad word?

    The above comment is: cavorting with s k a n k y, gross drug addicts.

  • Kelly

    “According to sources, “Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike.”
    The source says Jon and Hailey, already acquaintances, began their romance only after Kate filed for divorce on June 20.
    According to the source. although the public did not know it, Jon and Kate actually split up late last year: “She said she wanted her life. She said she was done. It came out of the blue.” Soon afterwards, Jon moved out of the couple’s bedroom and slept elsewhere in the house – and started going out to clubs and bars.
    Reporters spotted him out with 23-year-old teacher Deanna Hummel last spring, but there was never an affair between the two, the Jon source insists. As the trouble at home grew unavoidable, Jon moved out of the main house and into the apartment above the Gosselin’s three-car garage”.
    KATE broke her family up you old worthless man hating hags!

  • jaxon

    Virginia? I think it’s just touching how you take up for Jon and how he’s so good with the kids while Kate is just the antichrist. Remember though, he left his kids there with her. To live in a two bedroom apartment driving a two seat car leaving no room in his life for his kids. How is he so wonderful now?

  • GO JON !

    The Byatch ditched her husband and he went out and dated . END OF STORY.

  • M

    Why is he a celbrity??? Don’t get it.

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grasshopper

    It gives me nothing but joy, glee and pleasure to know that he’s doing this and it’s driving Kate crazy! It’s a shame the kids are getting screwed in the deal but they would have gotten screwed anyway with these two for parents.
    As long as Kate pays a bigger price and experiences more pain and heart ache I’m happy because I hate all narcissists and she is a full-on case. I hope the body guard uses her and dumps her again too. I want to watch every wrenching moment of her agony on tv. The more she cries the wider I grin.

  • Not all Kate’s fault


    As if he’s told the truth before??? Hello???? He kept complaining that the media storm ruined his life yet he’s out and about playing it up for the papparazzi! He’s the liar, obviously!!

  • TawnyTucker

    Jon is such a jackass…He said he wanted more privacy…But now, look whose milkin all the publicity now?! This mid-life crisis is about to go south…just watch…

  • getreal


  • We ain’t too blind, hon..

    @you people are blind:

    That’s what I thought too!! If he’s so happy, why does he look like crap? And the girlfriend is totally nasty!! Nice pictures of her on where she’s smoking a pot pipe. Super classy (eye roll)! He’s milking this thing and behaving with such disregard for his family…the more he acts out like a child, the better Kate looks. And seriously, who would be driven crazy by that nasty girlfriend, grasshopper? She’s so gross and Kate has to be laughing at how ridiculous he looks…I doubt she’s cryin’ over his stupid a*s*s!!!

  • ri23

    Is this cheezy b a s t a r d paying you ? Since when can’t I write he’s a gross fat f u c k?

  • Sara

    Good for Jon. Life has got be good without that nasty mullet woman. I want to see who Kate ends up with…..poor guy/girl.

  • diane

    sloppy, fat douche

  • hmmm

    how could any woman be on jon’s side? He acted like Kate’s ninth child so she treated him like one. That had to be stressful for kate. Kate is way better off without him because at least now she only has 8 kids to look out for.

  • scam artist Kate

    Kate ends her own marriage (by several sources, before Jon was pictured with any woman) and she still wears her wedding ring to scam the simpletons.

  • Halli

    This guy is worthless because he uses his children to fund his new lifestyle. Disgusting.

  • pat

    Jon’s revenge is complete. He’s in the news, he’s making deals that will bring his own money in, the ball and chain is stuck with the not-a-nannies, 2 dogs and he children, and Jon is free to date young women and live without verbal abuse. Looks like Jon won BIG time.

  • lol
  • tboyle

    Slow news day or couldn’t you locate joe the plumber?

  • jon sighting

    ….when Jon is out people actually go up to him and congratulate him for being free of his wife, ask him how he is, …..and THEN they ask about the children….it’s pretty amusing to see

  • lakers fan in boston

    these posts of him r getting boring
    it’s obvious he’s not gonna stop his douche ways
    i hope they cancel the show tho, so jon has 2 get an actual job

  • Virginia

    I have five children. Not eight, I’ll grant you that, but five and they are a handful. When the show started I saw a lot of what Jon & kate were going through in my own very frantic life. While I also put my career on hold for a few years to take care of my kids, my husband also continued to work long hours. I didn’t talk to him the way Kate talked to Jon, boss him around, leave him notes, tell the kids he was useless, shout at him…let me say he is still here and seems happy and I know he would not have stuck it out as long as Jon did under the circumstances. But we both have the benefit of having law degrees. We have the benefit of not really needing (although we loved it when anyone passed anything down to us, believe me) companies or individuals to give us money or products in exchange for a peak, as Kate put in, inside our curtains.

    So I’m not pro-Jon. I’m anti-Kate. I think the kids need someone and I wish Jon would be granted sole custody (fat chance), live in the house with them and that Kate would disappear into the mist. No, he’s not the greatest, but he is a far better parent than she is IMHO.

  • sasha

    Its seems like there would be some kind of law against making that many babies then using them for monetary gain then leaving them and moving to NY and making a complete fool of yourself!

  • JOjo

    Looks like Jon just wanted a DIVORCE from being a FATHER!!!!

  • JOjo


    and from being an ADULT!!! Loser!

  • sasha

    The only hope for these prescious children is that Kate will meet someone that will stand up to her. All it will take is a REAL man( no I hate to disappoint but Jon is not it) to tell Kate to shut up a few times and she would get the message and back off. The main problem with her relationship with Jon was he never really stood up to her and she had no respect for him. And I really do not believe deep down Jon ever wanted all those children, his actions now prove otherwise, he just went along because it was what Kate wanted. Now he needs to step up and be a real dad, not just a big brother who stops in every other week. I guess time will tell if he is capable of being a REAL man and father to his kids.

  • Carly

    His ugly tattoo shirts must all be dirty. The shrit he has on looks like he pulled it out of the dirty laundry basket also.

  • Evangeline

    Jon good for you! Good riddance to that nasty woman Kate. You will be better off and so will your kids.

  • sammy

    He needs to quit smoking. It’s disgusting