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Leo DiCaprio Enters Twilight Zone

Leo DiCaprio Enters Twilight Zone

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s production company Appian Way and Warner Bros. are moving forward to create a movie based on the long-running TV series Twilight Zone, which often mixed fantasy, horror and an unexpected twist.

According to Variety, the companies hired Rand Ravich to pen the script, who directed The Astronaut’s Wife and exec produced Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing a big-screen version of Twilight Zone?

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  • L.L.

    YES! I hope they do it justice!
    Leo is a great actor!!
    Cant wait to see how it turs out

  • L.L.

    edit **TURNS OUT** lol

  • ja rule

    A man bimbo

  • Ali

    whatever he is involved with will be first class. i trust his instincts, at this point. he looks quite fabulous in that headshot.

  • me

    You mean like Twilight Zone the movie that came out in 1983? How original.

  • Lady Bug

    YES, I can’t wait…it’s about time they did a remake…..

  • Oh No…….


    arg… sorry about that, but the original series was brilliant and way ahead of its time and I would hate to see it butchered in the name of the almighty $

  • Lady Bug

    well speak for yourself honey… I love Twilight Zone, and i’m sure a lot of fans of the show are happy about this… so why don’t you SHUT IT !!

  • marissa

    they need to stop. this is getting ridicilous.. TWILIGHT ZONE? oh c’mon. have hollywood ran out of ideas? talk about unorignial.

    They need to stop with the remakes. Its becoming dumb now

  • Buzz

    I thought that they had already done this! Is this a remake of a remake again. Still, if it’s got Leo …………

  • Regurgitatedcreativism

    Originality died in Hollywood a long time ago, unfortunately no one bothered to bury the corpse and it’s stinking.

  • Rhonda

    How original! I see that’s been said a few times here, so how about Why?

  • Yes, I can`t wait to see it. I think the movie wasn`t good so I hope this time they will do it some justice.

  • Lady Bug

    Leo is involved in this project which means it will be great… So get over yourselves w/ the originality crap…
    hopefully someone will make Tales from the Darkside and The Hitchhiker series into a movie-that would be cool too… Those were series from the 80′s sort of like the Twilight Zone, but TZ is much much better of course..

  • Lady Bug

    Leo also is a producer in the movie “the Orphan” and already its getting good reviews..

  • yakies

    Anybody who go see that “Orphan” movie is stupid. They could at least gave it a better title but what do you expect from men boys.

  • lauren

    very interested, and leo looks crazy hot!

  • crazy b

    If Leonardo produced a movie about a drunk coc%karoach tap dancing in a shoebox I would go see it because I fuc&king love that bit^ch. The picture above is what the inside of my brain looks like every day.

  • jaye

    Wouldn’t want to see him mess up a classic. Something about the eerie music and Rod Serling’s voice that creeps me out. Very inventive stories.

  • diane

    not interested

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive watched reruns of that show when im really bored and there’s nothing 2 do, they’re so boring, some of them r in black and white….
    sounds like a bad idea imo, not a lot of ppl my age would be that interested
    actually knowing some dumb asses, they would probably think it’s a new twilight movie

  • marissa

    @lakers fan in boston:

    LOL that is true

  • K.G.

    @lakers fan in boston:
    “actually knowing some dumb asses, they would probably think it’s a new twilight movie”
    LMAO so true!

  • Lady Bug

    @16 you have a nerve to call anyone stupid with a name like yakies lol

  • Lady Bug

    @21 that’s cause the target audience is ppl who grew up watching Twilight Zone.. but there’s a lot of horror/scifi fans out there, of every age, so trust me, people will still want to see it, whether they know about TZ or not..

  • rossy40

    It’s been done already… Crashed & burned in 83.
    Tragedy involved in the filming of it when actor Vic Morrow (father of Jennifer Jason Leigh) and 2 child actors were killed on set during the filming of a scene… It led to almost 10 years of legal actions against the filmmakers – “and changed the regulations involving children working on movie sets at night and during special effects-heavy scenes”.
    It really should be left alone… What I would really like to see is the original (1959) episodes back on a channel that’s available to me… Especially my favorites, “Time Enough At Last”; “The Eye of the Beholder” & “To Serve Man”

  • @26

    Just because the `83 attempt failed doesn`t mean that this version cannot be a success. Leo is known for great movies so why cannot you give him some credit?

  • Adri

    He looks yummy in this pic.

  • scary movie fanatic

    this article talks about how Leo was the one who chose the young actress in the Orphan… I have to say, that was perfect casting on his part, cause that little girl really does freak me out …. she reminds me of Damien in the Omen…

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Every episode was a different story, so what’s the difference between that and just doing a smarter horror film?

  • um

    I’ve already seen the “big screen” version.. in the 80′s. Not like this is anything new.

  • hac1973

    Didn’t a bunch of people die on the set of the 83 film, if i were him i would be careful. bad karma there.

  • http://whatare Svetlana

    OMG I love the original serie. 60s 4ever!

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