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Megan Fox Reenergizes With Robeks

Megan Fox Reenergizes With Robeks

Megan Fox and on-and-off-boyfriend Brian Austin Green cool off with some smoothies at Robeks Juice on Sunday aftenroon (July 19) in Los Angeles.

Megan tried to avoid paparazzi by wearing an oversized straw hat.

Recently, Ms. Fox told UK’s The Sun that she needed a drink in order to watch herself on the silver screen.

“I forced myself to sit down for Transformers 2,” she said. “I shot an entire glass of champagne so that I could get through it.”

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Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • stepho

    O RLY megan, O RLY?

  • Megan Fox

    Lately she seems to be pretty irritated with the paparazzi… a complete change from her usual style. She twice flipped the bird on them with a look of irritation on her face… I wonder why she’s suddenly annoyed with them?

  • BRooke

    Funny, i usually have to take a whole shot of champagne to get through her acting.
    Insulting your only source of income megan? Not smart.

  • haha

    omg! she’s so fugly on the inset photo!!!
    she probably had another plastic surgery that’s why she’s hiding her face. even she herself can’t take her so called acting skills that never existed and that she needed a champagne!!! lmao.

  • Jill

    Shes wearing that ridiculous hat to avoid the paparazzi! Ok people got it?

  • deraj tsuj


  • Jinny

    @Megan Fox: Since when did she greet them with open arms? Everyone but heidi and specer are irritated by them. Obv shes angry they invade her space and yell disgusting things

  • michelle

    She looks stupid in that farmer/sombrero looking hat, but then again…she’s stupid in everything she says and does!!! Well Jill @ #5, she could’ve worn a different hat that can hide herself from the paps and isn’t that stupid looking!!!

  • mayra

    AVOID??? REALLY???

  • ana

    Pretty girl. Ugly hat. Horrible actress. Will fade quickly.

  • Nahla

    Pshttt HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To AVOID?!!! yeah riiiiight! She’s so……stupid. Who does she think she is? I also need an entire shot of Champagne to get through her acting in this one film Transformers….have you guys seen “confessions of a teenage drama queen”?I would never have thought she would have turned out to be such a b!tch, paparazzi/attention s*cker

  • vmars111

    I know Megan Fox is very opinionated and very vocal, but getting a quote from the UK’s Sun???? That quote (is probably true) is PURE BULL$H!T!!!

  • kate

    Why do you guys hate on her? WTF? If you don’t like her, why waste your time commenting here. And she ALWAYS tried her best to avoid the paps. She said it a million times in interviews. And if she was a pap attention seeker, we would see her out more! And actually posing to the cameras. Get a life stupid haterzz.

  • Verónica


    Leave alone these horrible hats, Megs!

  • me


    nooooooooo you are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    she has perfect face and body but not brain.

  • cari

    I thought the original quote said an entire bottle???

    but why bother with semantics…right?


    HAHAH ARE U KIDDING??? thers no way in hell she has the perfect facee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who’s stupid?

    what’s wrong with all of you , your just jealous ???she’s pretty and definetly not the first actress who got plastic surgery !!!And even if you think she’s an bad actress she gets the attention from you…because you visit the movies and pay for her …hahaha so who is stupid???bad english but fu** you I’ not from US”!

  • lakers fan in boston

    ahhhh, come on megan….can u plz take off those ridiculous hats
    not only r the stupid looking, but they make u look weird
    lately ur body is been pretty tan and u have a really white face, plz….dont be another dita von jizz
    and i also wish u would work with ur style a bit more…but sadly i dont think u care
    she needs 2 go 2 a premiere soon, so looks beautiful there most of the times

  • Deity

    @kate: u had my back! buzz off haters!!!

  • taylor rae

    @who’s stupid?:

    well i’m okay with stars getting maybe a little bit of plastic surgery here and there, as long as it’s subtle and natural looking. But megan got her whole f*cking face redone! if you look at her pictures from when she was younger she looks like a completely different person. she used to be an average, really good looking girl, but now she looks really fake. i still think she’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, but her beauty is from the doctors office which isn’t something i envy. there are plenty of better looking women who don’t need plastic to make them beautiful, like the Victoria’s Secret models.

  • who’s stupid

    @taylor rae …can’t believe that no one of the VS models got no plastic surgery (marissa millers boobs ?)and you forgot that megan was really young i mean 16 ? come on? I’m 20 now and I changed soooo much that even relatives don’t recognize me so she grew up as well and became more curvy etc .You change a lot at that time as a woman.And she’s maybe fake but i think it’s kinda unfair to say that she’s stupid no one knows her and her personality maybe it’s just for the image.Because she don’t “dress up” for the paparazzi that much makes her “down to earth” for me. But it’s just my opinion :-D

  • lexigraph

    So she can’t act to save her life and that habit of curling-but-not-really her upper lip at the camera is pretty annoying. But give the girl a break – she’s young, she’s hot (this coming from a completely straight girl, mind), and truth be told the sh*t that comes out of her mouth is more entertaining than say, the last zillion episodes (or wikipedia summaries) of the Hills.

    And between a couple more movie gigs and a handful of ‘s sexiest woman of the year awards, wouldn’t you choose to go under the knife too?

  • taylor rae

    Marissa’s boobs are actually real. it’s in the Victoria Secret contract that you have to be natural. Plus i’ve seen pictures of her when she was like 16 and her boobs were huge then too. She talks in interviews about how she used to try and cover them up when she was younger because they were so big. So they’re real :)
    & megan has gotten her nose done, you can tell because there is no bump in it anymore, her lips done. they are obviously a lot bigger, and her boobs done for sure. Look how they’re so round & far away from each other. It is unnatural. Even surgeons have agreed that she has gotten work done. Just look at before and after pictures from when she was in transformers 1 to this transformers now. Those movies aren’t very far apart from each other, only been a year or 2. she’s been getting work done on her for quite some time now. i mean if it makes her happy then good for her i guess :) at least she looks good. but i think it gives girls the wrong idea about beauty.
    oh & i never said she was stupid, idk where you got that from. but i do agree that she seems down to earth.

  • who’s stupid

    i never meant that you said she’s stupid or whatever but so many people talk sooo bad of her that kinda makes me sick,not just because i like her…i think it’s just rediciolous to talk about a stranger in that way (even if he/she is a celebrity).And i have seen before & after pics of adriana l. and she definetly got her boobs done , i can’t believe that they have signed a contract to be “natural”…what’s natural about a VS SHOW? they get extensions , heavy make up etc? there’s nothing natural for me …whatever …we could discuss this 100000 years.just wanted to point out that she’s not a bad person just because she had some plastic surgery done !

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