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Miranda Kerr is a Denim Darling

Miranda Kerr is a Denim Darling

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr looks sexy in a short denim skirt and loose white top as she leaves a gas station with a gal pal on Sunday (July 19) in Brentwood, Calif.

No Orlando Bloom spotted nearby!

You can catch the 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret model on the re-run of the ESPY Awards in Hi-Def @ 6:30 PM ET/PT on ESPN 2. Watch out for Miranda in her white floor-grazing Ralph Lauren gown!

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  • Kenza

    I persoanlly think she’s gotten too thin. She looked a lot healthier and sexier back in ’06 and ’07.

  • cotyou!!

    Hey Miranda, you’re just embarrassing yourself. KATE BOSWORTH WORE THAT EXACT SAME OUTFIT THIS YEAR!!! Get yer own effing life, girl. How lame are u exactly????

  • upside down

    Wonder if the friend with her is the same one that picked her up at the airport Saturday night?

  • upside down

    The two of them look like twins almost. Never heard of her having a sister though.

  • lola

    It would be a novelty if she wore something that she wasnt about to fall out of. The dress at the ESPYS. the maxi dress she had on the other day now this…get a bra!

  • http://justjared @2

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW The Delphi loons are always the first to show up at Miranda’s threads the girl own your ass .

  • reba

    For someone who is paid ‘bank’ to seel bras, she sure doesn’t believe in dya-to-day use of one:)

    I like her hair better darker. It doesn’t look right this light.


    OMG She is so stunning….Stunningly Stupid that is.

  • kate the so-so

    I agree, I think she stand to gain a few pounds. I love her though and think she is stunningly beautiful. Not to mention she’s dating Orlando Bloom… SUCH a lucky girl!

  • LOL!

    It’s Summer, for cryin’ out loud!
    EVERYONE is wearing skimpy tops. It’s just that she looks 1000 times better in them that most women.
    Why wear an uncomfortable bra when you don’t need one? I hate always worring about the straps showing. I don’t wear one any more often than I have to.
    She looks great! Fresh and young. All of you prudes need to get a life.

  • ewww

    Hey her hag bags are hanging out!!!!

  • Cute gal

    She may be a little bit on the thin side but she’s sure got nice legs! I think she’s a very pretty girl, sort of delicate and doll-like. (Guess I’d be envious of her too if I were a ‘fattie’ with chunky thighs!) And yes, she’s dressed for the summertime. She’s small enough up top that she can get away with this look without seeming over-exposed. On a more buxom woman it would look too risque. IMO Miranda looks great.

  • Lindsay

    She looks beautiful as always!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty cute
    altho i do agree with the jealous women posting that she needs a bra, no guy likes droopy boobs, look at britney spears, they’re way south
    A+ on those legs, their beyond sexy

  • @14

    But she’s not “droopy” in the least.
    She is ‘perky’ personified.

  • http://justjared hot

    Her body is perfect who cares if she isn’t wearing a bra ?

  • green eyed monsters….

    Only jealous women would make comments about her
    lack of bra because their so envious knowing they could never look half as good wearing a white top and denim skirt….lol……. the rest of us understand that she’s young, beautiful and dressed perfectly for a summers day.

  • She…

    She is beautiful and good for her that she does not need a bra. I am so sick of seeing all these women with those big fake tits. I hope Miranda never gets a boob job. I do find she is getting a little too thin, but I only wish I had such a problem.:-)

  • :)

    it is funny seeing all the jealous haters, they are that sad that to make themselves feel good they have to write bad things about other people. Jealous people, just acknowledge that this girl is stunning, and get a life. And hating her will not make her and Orlando break up.

  • :)

    it is funny seeing all the jealous haters, they are that sad that to make themselves feel good they have to write bad things about other people. Jealous people, just acknowledge that this girl is stunning, and get a life. And hating her will not make her and Orlando break up.

  • @ 19

    “And hating her will not make her and Orlando break up.”

    Funny you should say that.

    Because calling everyone else who does not think the way you do about her jealous haters, will not keep them together either.

    What’s good for the goose…..

  • mia

    Bra model with the naked boobs – always . Maybe VS bras are not comfortable enough? Who is going to believe that VS bras are comfortable, nice and beautiful when one of their main models is always going around with no bra at all. Mirandas well known desperation for attention. Girl behind her is very good looking one.

  • @22

    You are insulting her, as always, but slip up and actually ADMIT that she is one of VS’s “MAIN MODELS”.
    You might get banned from that site of yours.

  • mia

    @@22:You are so stupid. Yes, she is one of their main models, nobody deny it. She is on all VS shows and in their publications. But , it doesn’t mean that she is their most beautiful, or most popular or the richest model. Because she is not and everybody knows that except you, of course. Check the Forbes list. You and other blind shippers can not accept that tastes are different and there is no universal definition for beauty. You can think that Mirandas head is perfect, other people can think that it is ok, or ugly . Meaning of beauty in this kind of business is very relative. Some of the most famous and popular actors were ugly, but still “main” ( Dustin Hoffman for instance). Your problem is that you can not accept reality. You can not accept the truth- in this case that Miranda is showing her tits every chance she has. This is the fact and how can I insult her with the facts. I have no problem with her naked tits. Do you?

  • @24

    Where did I say that she was the most beautiful, etc? I was just pointing out that you shot yourself in the foot. You haters are always going on and on about how VS doesn’t use her, then you say that she is one of their main girls. Which is it? It can’t be both.
    But I guess that this is just another example of the hater double standard.

  • OMG JUSt saw this

    Again with no bra. She’s disgusting and she had the audacity to write a book about self-esteem for young girls? Yeah kids! All young girls should walk out of the house with their tits hanging out! That’ll raise your self-esteem and make people respect you! Well people who are superficial will think she’s just the best style queen since Audrey Hepburn but this bitch has no class at all. Love how she looks put out half the time now with the paparazzi and gets on a high horse about it when before she’d be waving and smiling at them and talking non stop about Orlando Bloom because she was so happy to brag on her boytoy. STOP LOOKING LIKE YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS. She should be the one getting in the car accidents, not her boyfriend. Do the modeling world and all young girls everywhere a favor.

  • OMG JUSt saw this

    Ohyeah PS. The thought of her actually writing a book makes as much sense as a fish riding a bicycle. Stick to getting naked and getting paid for it, I guess, it’s what hoes do best!

  • mia

    Again, because you do not understand. Tits. Naked. Out. This was what we were talking about.You can not accept the truth- in this case that Miranda is showing her tits every chance she has. Just for showing. I am not hater. I am just not blind. But you strange shippers are.

  • Suppress your appetite

    damn! she is gorgeous!