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Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Prince of Persia' Movie Poster!

Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Prince of Persia' Movie Poster!

Check out the two new movie posters for Pince of Persia: The Sands of Time featuring the buffed-up Jake Gyllenhaal and the beautiful Gemma Arterton.

Jake, 28, as a plays rogue Prince Dastan and Gemma, 23, as plays mysterious Princess Tamina.

Prince of Persia opens in theaters everywhere on May 28, 2010 and also stars Sir Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina. EW‘s first look pic below!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Prince of Persia — YAY or NAY?

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  • Jennifer

    nay. I WAS, but not anymore once I found out about the cast. why can’t they cast the right (or at least SIMILAR looking) ethnicities? Hollywood disgusts me sometimes.

  • male

    he looks soo gay with long hair lol

  • +++

    Curious how this’ll turn out….




  • Saudia

    I’m not that excited about this movie . . Jake just doesn’t fit the role .. love him but ugh .. couldn’t they find someone unknown?

  • IvyMades

    @Jennifer: I totally agree! The Modern day location of Persia is Iran! Jake does not look the slightest bit middle eastern. The character is brown skinned. The actor, NO!

    Plus Jake looks ridiculous in this poster. There’s no way I’m going to see this piece of crap. “Avatar: The Last Air Bender” — I’m not seeing that s*** either.

    Stop whitewashing movies Hollywood! How many times do they replace white lead characters with people of color? Yea, hardly NEVER. And with women of color? ABSOLUTELY NEVER.

    It makes me sick.

  • http://no Marie

    I cannot wait any longer. I have to see this movie.
    Besides Jake is really cute here.

  • Jenna

    What a joke!

  • IvyMades

    Wow, looking at those pictures again… he looks ugly with long hair. Yuck.


    Nay…………no interest. He is just wrong.

  • jaye

    lol@ this movie.

  • shary

    Should have been a newbie or at least Henry Cavill or Ben Barnes.
    Prince of Persia the video games is not buff.

  • Mattie

    I really like Jake, but, not so much with his hair like this. It takes away from his cuteness. Probably catch this on cable in about 4 months.

  • donna

    i love Disney and Bruckheimer but not Gyllenhaal

  • could be worse

    Please wash Jake’s hair. Thanks.

  • ukku

    Neither Jake or Gemma look the slightest bit middle eastern. :S

  • whortensia

    @could be worse: Agreed. One poster says he looks “cute” que e absurdo porque nao deve ser “cute” neste papel. Outro diz that he is NOT cute, but why would she be so dumb as to expect him to be cute? E muito importante, portanto, that he have a beard here que e Gemma alguem porque without a beard his long hair will make people think he is fanchono. And Jake cannot, for his own sake, seem to be a fanchono. LOL Signed, the REAL whorie

  • whortensia

    @Marie: Estupida filha de puta: is everything “cute” to you? Are your dead ancestors “cute”? Was Jackson “cute”? Was Marlon Brando “cute”? Was Nixon “cute”? Os seus miolos estao cheios de “cute” e nada mais? Provavelmente.

  • whortensia

    If you look at the posters you will see Gemma identified as the Prince of Persia, which figures since she is the male lead. Jakeypoo is the Princess, but you will find that out only at the end of the movie when everybody disrobes. LOL.

  • whortensia

    Posso dizer what Jakeypoo would be GOOD at playing: Jesus Christ. He’s got the hair, the body and the sex to play Jesu Cristo (and Mary Magdalene could be his beard, or maybe the Virgin Mary, the best beard of all). They need to make a new biblical epic soon and cast Jakeypoop in a role that suits him.

  • black

    My oh my—-he really does look just like the gamecharacter–amazing. Too much of an american vibe though.

    Orlando would have been the better choice.

    Still, I don´t have anything against Jake.

  • philipa

    Jake is so miscast on this…

    But I’ ve seen worst pictures making huge Box office and even winning Oscars!!! So, I still have hopes for this.

    on the other hand: that face and hair…. ugh. :(

  • pat

    He looks hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prefer to see Jake than an Iranian, JAKES IS SEXXXXXXXY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well

    At least his body looks good, really good. You never know it might work out at the end. I have no complaints with his acting, he could pull it off.

  • Tessa

    Jake Gyllenhaal is so boring.

  • no no no



    Nop, sorry but he is not the gladiator tipe

  • whortensia

    @Well: But he does need a beard, don’t you think? I mean Jakeypoop always needs a beard since well, he just does, and Reese is his reallife beard, but he needs a movie beard too, right?, and where are the “Jakey is gay” crowd to point out that since he is gay he can’t be a very good Prince of Persia and will have to be a Princess of Persia and let Gemma be the real Prince, right?

  • whortensia

    Come on, folks, where are all the “showmance” people and the “beard” people, etc., etc. Don’t tell me that they don’t think Jakey needs a beard anymore. Where have they all gone? Into hiding somewhere? I mean, people, let’s let it all out: Jakey and Reese are gay and his beard, right? Now say it after me: Jakey and Reese are a gay and his beard. Over and over and over again and again and again.

  • whortensia

    Gemma and Jakey are making a showmance movie. She is his beard and he needs one. Jakey and Gemma=a gay and his beard in a showmance movie. There, let’s all agree on this salient point. OK?

  • eddie

    showmance movie no doubt about it

  • carla

    Eddie you are 100% right. This is a phoneyspoon movie, except Jakey has a new beard.

  • reggie

    gay gay gay gay gay
    Gemma beard beard beard beard beard

  • Reesie

    I am his only beard, and you better believe it. If he gets a new beard he’ll pay, I swear. When I beard someone it’s for keeps. I am the best beard in the world and Jakey is my gay guy. gay gay gay gay gay, get it?

  • Reesie

    Now repeat after me: Jakeypoop gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
    Gemma beard beard beard beard beard beard beard beard.
    You see how “in” I am about Hollywood. I know everything there is to know. I am so connected, connected, connected. In the know know know know. See…..

  • Reesie

    Jakey is cute cute cute cute cute ctue cute cute cute ctue cute cute and Gemma is fuigly fugly fugly fugly fugly fugly fugly and so on and so forth. (I have a BIG vocabulary, see…..)

  • Christine p

    Yes i agree in this day and age it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s 2009 people !!!give a chance to someone who is middle eastern. Don’t tell me they could not find anyone who was talented and of the right ethncity.

  • whortensia

    Hey where have all the fake whories gone to? Don’t tell me I have faked them out. I mean no more mockery of me? Ohhhh I’m soooooo hurt by the lack of attention. More mockery please. Come back little fake whories. Don’t be scared.

  • whortensia

    @Christine p: ethnicity not ethncity, please. And why do they need a Persian to play the role? Wasn’t Al Jolson great in blackface? LOL

  • whortensia

    Fake Prince, fake actor. It all fits.

  • evae

    This looks incredibly silly even for a Disney type of movie. The video game is a lot of fun but I don’t see why they must make a movie out of it. And if they must, why can’t the prince be someone who can actually look the part instead of Jake Gyllenhaal? he’s not a bad actor but he looks stupid and staged with that outfit.

  • cin

    Jake can’t pull off the badass look no matter how hard he tries. He looks like a goofy kid with a ‘roided body. Ridiculous.

  • paddiesarethebest

    I don’t like his movies too much but this one may change my mind. He looks well-suited to this role and wow is he lucky to take place in such a saga!

  • Lee

    Looks like Disney wants people to see the movie because of Jake’s steroid pumped body?? How silly…

  • whortensia

    All the fake whories have run away and gone into hiding. I have to say I am pleased. Their silly little game didn’t workypoo, did it? So now the real Whortensia reigns supreme.

  • loyal

    It would be so nice if some of you ignorant posters actually knew what you were talking about. Jake’s character in the movie was a street urchin taken in as family by the king due to the child’s valor. Jake looks just like the video game character. In ancient times, it was common to find black, white, blue eyes, etc, in the general population, not just middle eastern “characteristics”. There was commerce back then, folks. And other things, including brothels. Remember the Crusades? Jake is a fabulous pick and he beefed up perfectly for the role, just like the video character. Jake is a wonderful actor and am sure he does justice to this role.


    Saw him in “Bubble Boy” on Encore TV last night………………………………..

  • omg

    sorry cannot see him in this type of role.
    the posters look like bad romance novel covers . . .they are all bad, but you know what I mean . . .LOL

  • Allison

    NAY! The only thing he looks to be Prince of is Gold’s Gym. They should have toned down the steriods. And is greasy hair supposed to make him look tougher? It’s not working. Jake said he wanted people to stop taking him so seriously, well after seeing these posters, I’m betting that after the movie opens, no one will be taking him seriously anymore. And hey Loyal @ #46, gotta tell your bosses at CAA to not lay on the adoring fan so heavily, it’s makes their employee posts look to obvious.

  • mertz

    i have been waiting years for this film and jake totally miscast gyllenhal better not ruin this. i think he’s a good actor capable of doing this role justice, despite his looks, but i just think if anyone is going to take the fall for this if it is a failure, is the director…i already love the ideas behind the set and how to navigate the camera to shoot the film. THIS BETTER NOT BE A BUST OR ELSE THERE WILL BE LOTS OF ANGRY PEOPLE…and i don’t even play the video game.