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Rachel Bilson: The Juice is Loose

Rachel Bilson: The Juice is Loose

Rachel Bilson spends some quality sister-sister time with cutie Hattie while out and about Los Angeles on Sunday (July 19). The pair picked up refreshments at Jamba Juice and visited a Barnes and Noble bookstore to do a little reading.

In Rachel‘s latest monthly InStyle fashion advice column, she shares three of her favorite trends for the new season: sharp shoulders (à la Erdem and Balmain), sweeping skirts (à la Dries Van Noten and Ports 1961) and tube scarves (à la Helmut Lang and Burberry Prosum).

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Credit: Whittle/DK; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jess

    She looks effortlessly cute! Definitely one of my fashion icons! :)

  • bilho


  • austine

    Her face looks like a roast beef sandwich that was repeatedly beaten with a rubber chicken. I don’t get & never will be all the fuss about her!

  • Kara

    She is always carrying a really large handbag. What on earth does she keep in such a large handbag. Certainly not a brush or makeup, a small animal perhaps?

  • OMG

    yes pathetic

  • dontmakemelaugh

    so sucks

  • ali

    she is so boring why does she even get photographed shes not even famouse

  • liz
  • @#2

    And most esp. she’s mentally-sick too.

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    love her style!!she is cute!

  • Sally

    @jess: I totaly agree. Very well said.

  • jacinth

    Brace yourselves for the NEXT… Lindsay & Ali BLOHan!

  • sarah

    I don’t know why Just Jared care so much with this idiot, in my neighborhood nobody knows who she is.

  • Saudia

    love her!! She looks great. Where are all the celebs getting those shirts from? Miley has one too’s got an interesting texture to it.. I love them! Anyone know?

  • whodie

    This site has a contract with RB’ publicist to post X number of posts of her within a certain period of time and or as much as JJ can. If he doesn’t do it he won’t get paid. He has the same arrangement with other celebrities like Katie Holmes!

  • funkey

    Again trying to press out the see my ring, show the paparazzi, the outfit just looks like she rolled out of bed forgot to grab a brush or actually use it. Then grab the sister, call press to follow them. Only proves she has nothing going for her but to hang with the kid sister only when she wants attention.

  • liz

    Poor Rachel, she does not have a career. She has to pay the paparazzi to take pictures of it to see if any director sees and knows it exists. Rachel, I am sad to say that but none director visits this shit site.

  • omg

    a normal outfit. Wow the first thing I think I have ever seen her in that is not ugly.
    Question . . .what has she done as of late that she gets so much attention? I mean her and Misha Barton, were on the OC and that is like the last thing they have done that got attention.

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMFG!! Again! I expected as much. Next will be her mom Janice or Trashden. Her hair looks better at least this time. Not flat ironed out to death. Natural curls looks better. Otherwise, she is a talentless relentless irrelevant midget that likes to show off. Most are sick to death of her already. One good thing about all the cr&p. She is showing her true colors. Nothing but a little press wh*7e! Shameless disgusting twat!

  • funkey

    Sort of looks like a hooker outfit with the skimpy shorts and see through shirt. Not sure if she has natural curls to me looks like she had it curled, I think her hair is somewhat straight if not it still looks knotted and ratty as if a gerbil ran it’s wheel around in it.

  • Gasol_fan16

    I heard she has natural curly hair. It could be a rumor. Who knows? I have no idea why short people think they can wear the tight short shorts??!! It makes her legs actually look short and thicker! More see through shirts too. Trying to be sexy and looking like a cheap hooker and pimping the ring. Rachel is quite pathetic either way you slice it.

  • tonie

    Why does she always look annoyed when the paps take her picture? She did call them to come and do just that. Maybe they are saying mean things and ruining the experience of being semi-relevent for five minutes. I keep hoping someone will give this woman a makeover because she desperately needs one. Her hair is awful and hasn’t changed much since the OC. Way too much eye makeup and her clothes scream 15 year old Lolita wannabe. No wonder Hayden doesn’t want to be seen with her. He usually looks like a bum but at least he is in his age group.

  • @funkey

    @funkey: I agree, the shorts are way too short and look tarty plus she hasn’t the legs to wear them well. The baggy t shirt is a big no-no and her hair just looks like she couldn’t be a**** to brush it. Her face looks tired and haggard and, for some reason, her lips look way too big, like the lower half of her face is all lip from side to side. This is the ugliest I’ve seen her looking.

  • ?

    Perhaps new title, the moose is loose :P

  • funkey

    Where is stacy and clinton

  • funkey

    Where is stacy and clinton

  • sharon

    Well I guess she will be leaving back to Canda soon ….because memory serves me she always spends time with her sister before she goes back into hiding (getting that last photo opp)

  • Lalique

    This woman is neither pretty nor accomplished. Why is every other post about her?

  • Nantia

    I love her!!SO stylish and cute..Jared keep posting about her!

  • screwed

    No matter what she does… she can’t wipe the “I Am A Massive Fool” expression off her face!

  • R

    She looks beautiful as always!

  • elsa

    Rachel rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S

    Slowly but surely, i think, jj must have a secret love affair with Rachel everytime she is in town, LOL. Anyway, thanks for the pics, jj.

  • gilmorie

    @#27 – Well I guess she will be leaving back to Canda soon…

    Good news yet no problem at all as irrelevant & useless people should stay hidden indefinitely or that that even if she’ll be gone in 2 years, she’ll always remain to be “vacuum” – trust on that!

  • ann gurung

    she is the most beautiful, adorable n stylish actreses …all of these ppl who r commenting bad abt her r just jealous of her!!!!! if u don’t like her than y do u go thru her pics…there r plenty of other celebrities’s pages to comment on…get a life loosers!!!!

  • anonymous

    @gilmorie: so she should stay hidden just because she’s useless? she can’t live her life, she HAS to hide herself just because you don’t want Jared to post pictures on her! come on, it’s not her fault if paparazzi follow her everywhere. It’s not like she asked Jared or the paparazzi to post or take their pictures. THEY DID IT BECAUSE THEY WANTED. SHE’S A CELEBRITY. SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO HIRE PEOPLE TO TAKE PICTURES OF HER LIKE YOU. DON’T YOU GET IT? some haters here are so damn pathetic.

  • antwacky

    This “Daily Sell Out” needs to pick up her brain, it’s scattered all over the streets in LA. So any chance that she could go on vacation in “North Korea or anywhere in those extremist Middle East”?!

  • anonymous2

    La Bilson se debe de callar su puta boca ignorante.
    A quien le importa lo que esta prostituta tenga que decir!
    Estupida e idiota!!!

  • @ann gurung

    What style?. I am not seeing any style here. Nothing stylish in what she’s wearing. Her shorts show too much thigh to be stylish, and her thighs are not good looking. The top is shapeless and grey, boring. This is not style. This is teenage slu.tty. Go take a peek at Miranda Kerr when she is out and about. That is style.



    It will be most aptly for RB to say is that…

  • liz

    You think some paparazzi would travel to Uxbridge, small town in Canada, as happened some months ago, just to take pictures of rachel? it is obvious that she hires them.

  • Where’s Thurmen?

    Haven’t seen her cute mutt for ages? Did she eat him?

  • http://justjared ?

    Where is Hayden? We need new pictures lolololololol miss him .

  • Where’s Hayden

    Maybe she ate him, too?

  • S

    What a big apetite for a petite woman, LOL!

  • S

    Of course, appetite.

  • stacy

    Annoying as she is, at least she’s in better shape than Mischa Barton. So maybe she can feel good about that.

  • pap tipper

    Of course she calls the papparazzis for a photo op whenever she can. She only drags her sister out for photo ops otherwise she never pays any attention to the girl. You can tell by the way the little sister looks annoyed and/or bored to death whenever they’re photographed together. She might not like photographers shouting at her and taking her picture but Rachel sure does. That’s what she lives for because she calls them so often. Nobody except Katie Holmes is on JJ so much and we all know why she’s on. But at least Katie Holmes when she’s getting papped is usually papped trying to get training to do better work or actually working. Sure she shops and she does stuff with her daughter and with Tom but she also works a damn sight more than Bilson does. Bilson never works. That’s because Hayden isn’t rich enough to buy her into the productions that hire talented actresses like Natalie Portman or Keira Knightly. Good thing she loves being papped doing nothing because that’s what she’s going to be doing the rest of her life– isolated on a farm in Canada with a husband who ignores her.

  • Sheppie

    She is such a phoney with her fake Hollywood life, her fake Hollywood career and her fake Hollywood fiance. It’s just so hard to care about her.

  • @pap tipper

    I’ve never seen her being papped working. It’s kinda hard to picture in my head lol, what she would look like working. Katy always looks as though she’s putting her heart into her performance but I can’t image Rachel doing that coz she hasn’t got Katy’s skill at acting. She’s too shallow and I don’t think she has a work ethic coz if she had, she’d be working already. She’s very good at being shallow, she’s def making a career of that.