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Robert Pattinson: Bloody Hell!

Robert Pattinson: Bloody Hell!

British actor Robert Pattinson looks bloodier and more bruised than ever on the set of his new film, Remember Me, in New York City on Monday morning (July 20).

Remember Me is a drama centered on two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they try to cope with their respective family tragedies. Rounding out the cast is Emilie de Ravin, former Alias actress Lena Olin and former Bond star Pierce Brosnan.

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  • bobbi

    Hotness :)

  • Jamie Lynn Spears

    90% of pictures from Remember Me have RPattz bloodied and bruised. It looks like most of his screen time will have him beat up.

  • Serena

    poor rob, all bloody and messed up.
    he doesn’t look very hot here.
    looks divine as a vampire though :P

  • Joley

    Love him!!!!!!!!! he would look hot even with a paper bag over his head. I just wish he would stop smoking….that’s the only knock against him. Can’t wait for New Moon.

  • hannah

    He’s even hotter when he’s all bashed up. The guy’s perfect

  • erin

    I agree its a shame he smokes because I want him to live a long and happy life. Maybe one day he’ll realise how silly he;s being.

  • http://justjared twihard69

    always getting into to fights in this movie it seems wonder when he will leave sometime this week for comic con see what he has to say about him and kristen and new moon

  • jane

    His hair is a perfect length in those photos.

  • aliza

    i know its all make-up… still wanna hug him *so cute*

  • http://justjared twihard69

    must be wierd for him to be coverd in blood

  • rebecca

    I think he looks even hotter as Tyler. Its great to see him look human and without the white Twilight makeup.

  • hol

    I hope they dont make a two parter Breaking Dawn. I want Rob to go on and do more interesting work like Bel Ami and Unbound captives. I have an awful feeling the big news being reported at Comic Con is the green light to the two parter

  • fan

    Cant wait for the snazzy suits in Bel Ami

  • Hannah

    he looks amazing! I love Rob!

  • NoPlEaSe

    He can do no wrong, he looks good no matter what. I’m scared about Breaking Dawn being split as well. The book is very intense and I don’t think the movie will do the book justice if it’s split. I would also really like to see him outside of the Twilight Saga. I hope he’s a versatile actor so that we can see much more of him.

  • alison

    I love the tosled hair. Yummy.

  • D.t

    Too cute for words! I love him!

  • ali

    He’s a star and simply delicious.

  • Avery09

    It feels like they have been filming this movie for ages. And what’s with all the “bloody rob” scenes?

  • t


  • NO

    i am so over all these pictures, i am so over him and i really really hope he does not show up at comiccon, those stupid girlfans wont allow anyone else on the panel get their much deserved attention, r patz is not one of my favs, i am only going for taylor, now he can act and is not a player

  • Emma

    Rob looks great!!

    And haters, please just go away! If you don’t like him, don’t waste your time talking about him!! He’s not going to fade away any time soon because he is actually talented and a really good person. Sorry!

  • sassy

    All haters can GTFO! He is gorgeous!

  • Heather

    I wonder what it is about this movie that poor Rob is always having to look beat up ? I agree, I like it better than the “Twilight” make-up though. Haters, please just leave him alone.

  • nadine

    He’s an actor with substance not just looks! Young girls and older ladies are gaga over him because he’s a unique type of a celebrity. He’s a gentleman, respects women, the paps, fans and naturally talented and humble. People that hate him are jealous of his popularity and are amazed at the intensity of the obssesiveness around him. Why don’t you guys give him a break and watch his interviews and some of his movies. Go to You Tube and just click his appearances and the way he answers the weird and repititive questions that are thrown at him. He’s very articulate, honest and has a self-deprecating sense of humor. I’m a 47 year old , married, working mom with a son and I just cannot get enough of him. And I have not even even watch Twilight at that time. But I did watch it with my nieces. He was impressive at Jay Leno and The Today Show. I wish he makes an appearance in SNL and that will really make his fans happy as he has that funny side of him as well. The clips that fans make about him on differeent sites are amazing because he is just an amazing talent. So, Rob-haters get off some place else, you do not know what you are talking about.

  • dd

    terrible actor

  • Gabs

    I agreed w/ Nadine #26. As for the constant talk of “Robsten”….does anyone know if there’s any TRUTH to this? There are so many reports of Kristen still dating Michael, her long-time boyfriend; but at the same time, there are numerous images / reports of Rob’s and Kristen’s undeniable chemistry on and off screen. What to believe? I’d personally like to see these two together off screen as well, but only they can decide that for themselves.

  • Amy

    I don’t get it! He is so not hot. If he were to walk down the street pre-Twilight, NO ONE would turn to look. He is skinny, smokes and looks like he is on drugs 100% of the time.

    NOT HOT!

  • Lori

    Can’t act and not hot in the slightest! He will be finished once the Twilight movies are completed.

  • Lori

    What is the appeal here? I feel like I am missing something!
    BTW, saw The Ugly Truth over the weekend. Give me a real man like Gerard Butler…… we’re talking. Now he is yummy!

  • Tammy

    He smokes???? GROSS!

  • Tammy

    He smokes???? GROSS!

  • Saudia

    mm yum I loveeeeeee battered and bruised Pattinson!! Really looking forward to this movie <3

  • daria

    He is such a good actor! He’s got talent! Shut up haters!

  • julie

    I think he is the SEXIEST man alive and a really talented actor

    and i love smoking Rob….so sexy!!

    Rob…Italy loves you!!

  • Victoria

    How can Rob Pattinson look pretty even when he’s supposed to look bad?
    boo hoo hoo. he makes me cry. my heart hurts.

  • sweetness

    I’m beginning to think this movie is going to be one huge bomb..wh are pics leaked everyday about this film…I haven’t read the book it’s based on but can’t see the entire plot unfold as each day a new batch of pics are released…Even that new Twilight director has curbed every freaking scene being revealed for all to see….

  • zup

    @Lori: Gerard is ugly to me, so different strokes for diferentes folks. GOT IT???!

  • sam

    blood seeexy ever!!

  • lucas


    typical. a guy that thinks a male celeb is hot is just so certain he is gay and any females are just a cover. the best part is that you will get on your computer to tell all the girls how wrong they are and how they need to just get over it, but you won’t take your own advice. not all hot guys that haven’t come out to say they are gay are just closeted and ashamed. many of them are in fact straight.

  • http://khristi07/20/2009@7:01pm Khristi

    I love Robert Pattinson and I liked him even before Twilight came out; I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I want him to do good roles because I personally think that that Twilight movie sucks.

  • zac

    “Twilight” was the worst movie.
    This film was ……..stupid. ……. terrible acting of actors

  • Sue


    No Pictures = No Proof. Pretty nasty comments for someone who obviously reads and believes rag mags or rag websites. He is definately NOT gay..nor is he promiscuous..oops..maybe that word was too big for you..let’s try..sleep around all the time. I’d love to know how he would find the time between filming back to back movies and writing music for other projects. He is a one woman man and he is very much in love with Kristen. This will all come out eventually. How convenient that you picked up on an Ashley rumor and did not mention the other rumour out there that is was actually Kristen with him Friday night. They both have short black hair now! Both Nicki and Michael are out of their lives after the shite they caused in Vancouver during the filming of New Moon. Try and get your facts straight before you make uneducated slanderous comments.

  • ali

    this look kinda turns me on lol

  • elaine

    Rob is hot and gorgeous. Period. He is the next big thing – just watch haters! Why is every young actor in HW copying his hair and rugged style – it’s bc they want the attention that RPattz is getting? They have never seen such hotness and talent in one humble Brit with a cute accent and a sense of humor that would not quit. He’s head and shoulders above them talent-wise, drop-dead looks, charisma and class!

  • what

    WRONG WRONG WRONG, I live in New York, and YES he was with ashley greene this weekend and they looked very flirty. i was the first person to report on this siting on perez hiltons board. This rumor is very true and yes they looked very cozy, AND NO, I AM NOT BLIND, IT WAS NOT KRISTEN! I hope ashley didn’t go back to his hotel room, because they did get into a cab together ALONE and they were both very drunk, especially rob, he could barely stand! GROSS, THIS GUY WONT STOP UNTIL HE SLEEPS WITH ALL THE GIRLS IN THIS CAST, AND EVERY CAST. HE IS NOT THAT GOOD LOOKING EITHER, TRUST ME, HE IS NOT ONE OF THOSE GUYS THAT STANDS OUT IN NY.

  • anonymous

    he’s ugly, useless and can’t act. He’s the kind of celebrity that loves attention but just don’t want to confess it. He didn’t create anything or any style, he just copied a lot of random people, so not original. And don’t come up with the “go away haters” thing because everybody has the right to leave comments writing whatever they want as it’s a free section.

  • Sarah

    God, he’s sexy.

  • El

    I saw him on the Ellen show, and he seemed very humble and sweet, also, on Jay, very sweet and funny. I don’t know what to believe about his relationships with these co-stars, but if that Ashley Greene rumor is true, I think she and Camille Belle, are the only two worthy enough for him, that is, if he is the sweet, gentlemanly guy he seems to be. they are both nice people, so far as we know. I’ve read stuff about Kristen has not always been very nice to him, and that info. about he saw her in “Into the Wild” and that’s why he wanted to audition for Twilight… who knows, but he should be with whoever he is most happy with.. he deserves it. Maybe whoever she is could make him stop smoking. The long term effects are far from sexy.