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Tom Cruise Cheers On David Beckham

Tom Cruise Cheers On David Beckham

Tom Cruise gets excited while cheering on soccer pal David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy during the Major League Soccer game against AC Milan at The Home Depot Center on Sunday (July 19) in Carson, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor was accompanied in the VIP box by his kids Isabella, 16, and Connor, 14. Also in the stands was Beckham‘s wife Victoria and their three sons — Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4.

During yesterday’s game, Galaxy fans heckled and booed at Beckham, holding up signs like “Go Home Fraud 23.” In the end, the game ended in a tie, 2-2.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise cheering on David Beckham

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  • Did they break up?

    Why are they never together?

  • susie

    hot bood-d in L.A. He sux. Not one Beckham cap or T shirt sold.
    Yrs fromnow, we’ll be thinking..WTF were we thinking? our city is in crisis budget & he aint filling up the arena.

  • Chili Pepper

    A loser cheering for a loser. How nice.

  • *******

    I feel for Beckham’s kids having to hear people booing thier father.

  • http://love45 arlene

    alguien me podria explicar por que los hijos de nicole kidman nunca salen con ella en publico esto es muy estraño. isabelle tiene el cutis muy afectado por el ACNE necesita proactiv solutions .

  • -

    i agree with you #4
    i feel bad for the kids having to witness that scene

    and as for tom, it’s so sad to see he’s looking good while his wife is looking bad lately

  • lanlan8452

    Tom is sooooooooooooo handsome~

  • whortensia

    the crowd is booing because TC said he was straight

  • tom

    Fake tommy , you should’ve find him a dancing part or something in hollwyood like Katie. After all he was more interested in mingling that playing.

  • Raquel

    Did anyone actually watch this?I LOVED how the same people that booed, started to cheer for him when he passed his amazing ball for both goals, haha, such hypocrites, but i love it.

    VB looks cute in the photos.

  • Me!

    Wow, the daughter Bella, has really bad skin. I feel sorry for her!

  • rocky


    I feel badly for her as well. It’s horrid being a teenager with such bad skin issues. Hope it’s being addressed.

  • rocky

    @Did they break up?:

    She’s in Aussie Land making a movie.

  • rocky


    Sorry, but I had better things to do — like going to the bathroom.

  • lala

    How ugly his wife is!

  • Sonja

    Did Beck think everyone was going to welcome him back with cheers? Fans are fickle –they will boo you one minute and cheer you the next. He still got alot of boos from what my friends who went told me. I see his bed partner was there cheering him on — and I’m not talking Posh!

  • Letitbe

    Every time i see tom cruise with his kids or katie, he’s always smiling but the kids/katie look glum or not into it as much…………Therefore, i think, sometimes, he’s always acting and putting on a front and making everything larger than life. Simply put, he’s SOOOOOOOOOO overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and maybe a little FAKE

  • Reed Richards

    Did you have to call her that, #15.

    You’re an idiot, #17.

  • rainbow

    #17, If you click on the 2nd to last pic, you can see that the kids look happy/enthusiastic. But they’re teens; they’re not going to look happy 24/7.

  • dido

    tom ı love you baby, ı can’t wait for wichita

  • booboobird

    ok, something is wrong when victoria beckham looks exactly the same color as tom cruise’s son.
    i feel for isabella too, it must be hard to have parents who each have their own bio child now. bad skin is obivously caused by all the stress and puberty. poor girl.

  • david beckham

    I love David Beckham, he is amazing.

  • dani

    Bella looks thrilled to be there. Haha.
    As usual Tommy girl is over the top with his reactions. Poor girl is 16 and probably just wants to be at home.

  • sue

    They all look so cute together, Victoria Beckham always looks fabulous.

  • whortensia

    @sue: yes they all look so normal…bolted on tatas hanging with the fake hetero

  • AEP

    Nobody in Lollywood actually has friends. How much do you want to bet that Crazy will dis-own Becks as a “friend” because he now not liked? It’s all PR people.

  • AEP

    Sorry, that should be, because he is now not liked. Flug, shmub.

  • Reed Richards

    You don’t know them, #23!

    Don’t count on that, #26.

  • Hahahaha

    Their parenting skills are horrid! (No wonder, since they are NEVER with their children) what parent allows their children ages 10, what 6 & 4 to slosh on Diet Coke? She leaves MUCH to be desired. The Beckhams’ are self-centered, snobbish, completely over-rated who definitely think/feel/behave as if they are above and more entitled than the rest of the free world.. Hate them!

    And he TOTALLY deserved the backlash- his football days are o-v-e-r..
    Since he met the fug SG, he became all “celebrity” and his footie career became second priority.

  • paula marie

    booboobird @ 07/20/2009 at 12:18 pm ok, something is wrong when victoria beckham looks exactly the same color as tom cruise’s son.

    HAHA- you are right…her skin looks horrid!!

  • http://vv acaba

    negro vict

  • meme

    How much tanning does this women do? She looks black!! and people talked about MJ wanting to be white….

  • redundant

    Really Raquel, more like Raphael. Notice the use of the word “amazing”. Scientology’s favorite verbage.

  • Richard Richards is an Idiot

    You don’t know them, #23!


    Neither to you genius so stop acting like you do. People are entitled to their opinion. I’m sick of you calling people “idiots”. You’re the idiot!! STFU and stop acting like you own this place!

  • ellie’

    Wonderful friends, Great families. and beautiful people…

  • dian

    The Criuse’s and Beckham’s are lovely people and very good parents


    Beckham expects everyone to love him. He’s a f*cking joke just like Tom Cruise. What did he expect the fans to do cheer him on after leaving the team in shit? As for Victoria, what a loser. She’s smiling away because she’s with Tom and acting like she’s enjoying herself. Who the F*ck wears a dress like that to a game and also why dress her son in a suit? She’s a first class MEDIA HO.

    The Beckhams need to go back to England, as we don’t fraudsters over here!

  • L.L.


  • Wow

    Loser cheering a loser. How convenient!

  • star5

    victorias hair looking terribly ,too much gel or something!! one thing she did well about her look- pixie cut

  • true

    @AEP: If he knows Becks were to be booed, Tommy wouldn’t put his foot there. You know how the Sci guy is, you only see him only where the cheer is.

  • LMAO

    Let the Reed guy do his job people..LMAO

  • cheers

    Mrs Beckham tries so hard to make a ‘fashion statement’ at every opportunity. The woman grows more hideous by the day. Just look at her extremely bony neckline in pic 2… yuck! So Beckham got a ‘warm’ welcome, it’s only what he deserves. The phoniest couple in the world.

  • Anon

    Damn! it looks like Conor got a nose job to look exactly like his Dad. Way to go Tommy!

  • iranette4

    Que vuelva a jugar en europa. En EU el soccer es una basura

  • Susie q

    I remember when Tom was on Oprah and she asked him how he addresses Connor’s being black and he said “it never comes up.” What??? The kid has to have noticed by now that he is not caucasian.

  • Annie

    Good lord is that man insane!! Nuts, Crazy, you name it. I have lost ALL respect for him and homely. And as far as the Beckahms go? Tupperware has less plastic.

  • olivia

    I love the Beckhams and Cruises

  • nell

    some of you here are disgusting

    karma will eat your a$$$e$

  • pp

    Tom is so hot and the coolest dad around. Its great they are soccer fans along with his kids Connor and Bella.
    The Beckham boys are so big now.