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Gerard Butler Does The Wave

Gerard Butler Does The Wave

Gerard Butler waves, yells, and bows in appreciation of his fans on the set of his new film The Bounty in New York on Monday (July 20).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud and co-star Jennifer Aniston still made headlines alleging rumored romances, but none of it is true. “About a year ago, we had dinner and Andrew [Tennant], the director of [upcoming film The Bounty], and of course the next day it was just that Jennifer and I were having a cozy dinner together,” he told Access Hollywood.

“We were just saying it was funny, but that’s our lives and people just make up this s***,” Gerard said.

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  • christiane c


  • Sally

    He is really “happy as a pig” as he told People by shooting “The Bounty” in NY with Jen, isn’t he? We can see in his face. It’s great to him! Nothing like have a project that gives you so much pleasure.


    I really like Gerald as actor. I don’t know him well as a person, but he seems to be a spontaneous and honest men, with sense of humor and so charming…


    And what he said about the tabs, it’s so true… we are so tired of the “true” that they invented and published like it was a real news. They are so desperate to create rumors and fool people who still believe in them (I don’t know how, but there still are ones that do). And all this to sell mags, no matter what.


    I mean, there’s nothing wrong with want to make money, but wish I they do it in a honest way. Sadly, they don’t really mind with this.

  • ellie’

    Gerard looking great.. I don’t think Jen can ever have a relationship, no one will leave her alone. Alot of people don’t want all that attention , but I do realize it comes with her job.. Just hope everything in life comes Jens way….I mean a meaningful relationship..You have everything already that anyone can ask for, and your such a wonderful person.

  • Lawrence

    Gerard’s such a hunk!, I have dreams of having his massive body against mine*lol*.

  • yvette

    This stud has a beautiful smile. Seems like a nice guy.

  • PAT

    Lawrence…….me too!!!!! LOL

  • debi m

    Stud?! The more accurate phrase would be queen. BTW, he’s starting to round out in the hips and thighs just like a woman.

  • he looks more like a fat cow

    well, both of you are famwh0r3s, what do you expect???

  • Kristi

    I love him more and more. His smile just radiates and did you see the size of those arms? He’s hot, sexy AND witty and funny. He’s everything. {I’m swooning over a celeb, LOL, seriously!}

  • Jules

    #9, I wondered how long it would take for someone to post the good ole “queen/gay” rumor…You all are so predictable. Unless you have first hand knowledge, give it a f***ing break…

  • Waves

    He sure keeps a busy schedule. Took a four hour flight from LA to NY and got right back to work. Love those twinkling eyes. I wonder if Gerard would make a good politician one day like the governor of California Arnold S. when he is tired of making movies. He’s got some qualities for being a politician. He is personable, friendly and is a people person. Past history of drug use and womanizing do not seem to be as big a problem any more these days as they were before. Governor Gerard Butler, hmmm….

  • tigerlily

    he looks fat, i think because of what he wore.

  • @13

    Oh please – a whole four hours! In first class. That horrible!!
    A politician?? Are you on crack?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Let’s not make this a Jenhen thread. This is supposed to be a thread about the Great Scot!

  • iris

    he very hotTTT

  • e.lis


  • HM

    I heard he has herpes. Maybe he should get together with Paris Hilton.

  • nyob

    Once this movie is done filming he needs to never again wear plaid. Not a good look on him. He looks very thick through the middle, but it seems to be the shirt as other pictures of him look quite slim.

  • Toto

    @HM: He is gay. Any gossip about his boyfreind?

  • UGH

    Hey didn’t Bobby Brady wear that shirt? Gerard looks like a dork as always. What is with the romantic comedies? Again, Gerard gets over looked for the good roles like the Time Traveler’s Wife…

    He really does not get offers for good roles…just cheesy stuff.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @UGH: I agree with you. I am disappointed that he has chosen to do this particular project. The Ugly Truth at least has an appealing premise in peeling away the layers to the not-so-nice core of how men and women think without pulling any punches. This is just a tired formula comedy. How many times have we seen Xs thrown into a situation where they hate each other and by the end are totally together? This is so boring. Maybe if Gerry shot Jen at the end of the movie, that would be a new twist, but come to think of it, not that new.
    I don’t think this will be one of his shining moments.

  • Julie

    On the contrary, Gerry looks fabulous in the shirt he is wearing on the set of Bounty Hunter. Do you have a better suggestion for the costume department of Bounty Hunter ? because I’m sure they want/need your advice.

  • anon

    He does have an hourglass figure. Why does he encourage fans to gather on shoots when his co-workers have said in the past that they are a hindrance?

    The Caeser haircut has to go. It’s like he’s trapped in the sixties and all he needs is the love beads.

  • Eve

    @debi m:


  • Greensleeves

    @anon: Caesar haircut! Now that you mention it. Even for the very role of Julius Caesar, this style would be exaggerated. What did the hairdresser have for breakfast??

  • bad hairdresser

    Big thumb down for the hair, color or the style. The style reminds me of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. (Or is it Jeff Daniels’ role)

  • closet case

    When is this guy going to come out of the closet? You hardly ever see him with a girl more than once or twice. Womanizer my a**! Even “womanizers” have certain women they see over and over.

    BTW, why does he always look so pudgy and doughy? He looks TERRIBLE for 39.

  • @24

    Yes, he should be wearing one of his leather jackets, with a t shirt underneath. I don’t understand wearing the stupid plaid shirt either. He could have dressed like he did in Dear Frankie. More believable as a bounty hunter.

  • Maria

    I doubt he has much say in what he going to wear in a movie. I’m pretty sure the costume department handles all those decisions.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @closet case: where’s your proof? Come back with more than speculation and then you might get someone’s attention.

  • curious cat

    @ # 13
    Please don’t promote this man for office!

  • Blubba

    LOL@#20. He’s a Scotsman–it’s part of the culture for him to wear plaid, at least on a few occasions. Weddings mostly, usually ’round the waist.

  • Good golly, miss molly

    Blah blah blah blah, never ending speculation. I hope you sweet minded people all have a better day than you seem to be having now. Give it a rest for crying out loud!

  • ADDY

    Stud? He is handsome but recently has very puffy and blotchy face. Alcohol or drug induced, perhaps?

  • debk

    First I am sick of that shirt! When he gets tired of all the running around he is doing(promoting movie and filming) he can come to our house for down time. We take care of him,bring the dog etc. He can have some peace and quiet!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    At least he looks like he is having fun. Could it be because he is filming on his own today?

  • Sally

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Oh, this was cruel, girl. Bad day?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Sally: Nope. It just can be easier working on project if you are only concentrating on one thing.

  • Boring

    Oh look. Butler is walking and waved to fans/press.
    Seriously, all these Butler posts are the same.
    Quality over quantity, Jared. Try it – if you can get your nose out of Butler’s backside.

    And Butler needs to pick better projects. He is becoming a cliche. I would love to see him do something challenging again.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Boring: With you on getting more challenging projects.
    Not with you on less pics. Sorry….

  • Sally

    Guys, still about the set of “The Bounty”, here another picture of Jen in the backstages (last week):



  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Sally: Sally, this thread is for the Great Scot. Go back to Jen’s thread please for Jen posts. Thanks!

  • curious cat

    # 29 I have a beef with the word “womanizer.” Is a woman ever called a “manizer?” No. There is no such polite and euphemistic term for a woman who dallies with a lot of men (to put it politely.) How do you “ize? a woman? Word makes no sense. I realize you didn’t invent the word, #29. You just used it and brought it to mind.

  • Swansong
  • To Swansong

    That was a very good interview. Thanks for posting.

  • ManLESSton, I likely
  • Sally

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Hey, you’re rude with me today. What’s happening? This thread is not just about Gerald, but also about the set of their new movie and the rumors that they’re having a romance just because they are shooting together and are friendly with each other… you can see in Jared’s post how he mention Jen. So I think that post a pic of her in the set of the same movie is into the subject, don’t you? And after all, we have some freedom here on the threads, don’t we? It’s not a os several thing like this. And I usually like to talk with you (even when we disagree), but your last comment… I didn’t understand.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Sally: Didn’t mean to be rude with you. I just was hoping that this thread wouldn’t turn into the battleground that happens sometimes with the Jen threads. Please don’t take offense.
    I’m a fan of this guy and was just hoping to have the thread be about him.
    Sorry for being thoughtless. Now that there is a new Jen thread it probably won’t happen. Been on the Angie thread today and the haters have been thick. Shouldn’t have brought that baggage here.