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Hailey Glassman Takes Hit From Bong

Hailey Glassman Takes Hit From Bong

Check out these video screencaps featuring Hailey Glassman, the 22-year-old girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, smoking from a pipe and taking a few hits from a bong.

The homemade vid shows more of Hailey‘s party-girl past, as she is seen at times frolicking in just her underwear. A preview can be watched at

Jon is reportedly engaged to Hailey, who is the daughter of Kate Gosselin‘s tummy-tuck surgeon.

The Gosselin family’s hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns to the small screen next month.

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  • This girl is a pig

    She is a disgusting pig. What kind of a moron photographs and video tapes themselves doing drugs? Or allows someone else to do so?

    My mom always told me, “Never write down anything you wouldn’t want to be read aloud and never do anything on video or pictures that you wouldn’t want shown to the world.”

    This girl has absolutely no class and is a world class piece of garbage.

  • Summer 08

    Jon and her belong together both are idiots!!! Kate move on with the kids you can do better!!!

  • mslewis

    I’m just wondering why people are so surprised!!! The girl was arrested for possession of marijuana. It stands to reason she actually SMOKED it at some point, doesn’t it? What’s the big deal? She was in college and smoked with her buddies. Now, her name is in the media and her “friends” can get a few dollars for that film. That doesn’t make her any worse than a whole lot of young women/men, does it? Y’all need to get over yourselves. Really!!

  • haqikah

    Jon is having a ball!

  • jon is such a loser

    Jon should be banned from seeing his children altogether. No doubt he’ll be hitting the pipe on a regular basis with Hailey. Jon doesn’t give a hoot as long as he’s having fun because JON thinks only and cares only about JON.

  • Hailey is a Meth Loser

    She did Meth too! And was in trouble for being drunk and disorderly more than once!!!!

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    she’s a nice piece of @ss. can’t wait until they start a family of their own and I promise you that will be very soon. She needs to stay in the spotlight somehow


    Get I hope you have a really good lawyer. Get custody and keep their idiot of a father away.

  • Katie

    wow perfect couple *rolleyes*

  • Josie

    WOW. nice choice there jon.

  • Hailey is FUGLY

    She is disgusting!!! My dog wouldn’t bang her and he’s not picky at all.

  • lol

    i bet she’s enjoying the attention

  • angel

    I never thought I would see the day where I was actually on Kate’s side, but I am now. Happy Early Birthday Kate – take these pictures and use them as evidence as to why you should have full custody. Enjoy your mansion with your kids while Jon is in his NYC apartment sharing a bong with his young ho People defend her by saying she did this in college – excuse me, but that wasn’t years and years ago..

  • **

    the woman needs to go to rehab or jail…

  • Dawn9476

    @mslewis: I don’t get it either. It happens to some kids when they away at college and are on their own for the first time. According to US Weekly, her parents were horrified and almost pulled her out of college at the time.

  • anon

    Her parents must be so proud. If I were Kate (and Im not a fan of her or the show either) I’d be finding a way to not let this young woman within 10 ft of them. It’s bad enough the older twins have probably seen, or will see, the latest pics of thier dad.

  • toni

    Get over yourselves~it was in college. Besides, how many of you making comments smoke?

  • anon

    Keeping the kids from a father they love dearly and need in their life is not the answer…that would only add insult to injury and traumatize them more. They’ve already lost other key people and family members from thier life to add thier dad to the list would do further permanent damage. He just needs to use a bit more commensense and not do things like smoke or bring this girl around them and use way more discretion and consideration for how his actions are and will affect them now and in the future.

  • anon

    NOT a smoker thanks and my concern is for the kids not for her or for Jon. He needs to see how his choices and behavior will effect the 8 innocent kids caught in the middle of all this. They need a STABLE, loving environment as much as possible to help them get through this phas of their family life.

  • This girl is a pig


    Ah, that’s not the point. She is VIDEO TAPED and PHOTOGRAPHED doing drugs. The big deal is that it’s ILLEGAL and she’s obviously out of control if she’s posing for these pictures and not at all concerned about her image or reputation.

    Yes…I smoked TONS of weed in college. 15 years ago. But I sure as hell wasn’t stupid enough to get caught by the cops or photographed by my party friends doing it.

    Somehow, she’s got in her stupid head that it’s cool to show just how hard you party. Which just goes to show her lack of good judgement.

  • You’re missing the point


    SERIOUSLY…it’s not THAT she smoked weed it’s that she’s classless enough to photograph herself and allow others to film her doing it. Get over YOURSELF if you think what she’s doing is acceptable, normal behavior because it just isn’t.

  • lauren

    What a shame. Hope they get their act together.

  • miapocca

    Her parents must be really really horrifed..i think NOT!

    She is dating the her fathers clients husband

    One would wonder if she does this a lot . She was probably helping out at the clinic and sleeping around with the clients and thier husbands

    Kate is an excellent organized mother who had to raise 8 children and an immature husband. She is way better off she deserves full custody.
    In the episodes that I have watched Jon was always impatient with the children when he was alone with them except when kate was around.

  • mayra

    she is the perfect stepmother of 8

  • suze

    wonder what her parents think. They have got to be embarrassed.

  • meme

    I bet her father’s business is slowing down. If I was going get plastic surgery I wouldn’t go to him!

  • julie

    When was this taken. Please, jj, when you use pictures date them….. I also have some pix taken when I was a wild child. Years later the person who took the pix at a bff party tried to black mail me with them. By this time I had finished college, was married, had a beautiful little girl, had a nice home, drove a nice car, and held a respectable job. BFF at 18 could become your worst enemy at 28 if one of you grows up and the other gets stuck with the wild parties and irresponsible behavour. ATTENTION: Always live your life as if one day you will be president of the US.

  • lully

    good for john that’ s what he deserve, you can say whatever you want about kate but as a mother that i’m, i’ve always been on her side she is too much of a woman for jon.

  • Halli

    Kate will be smart to get full custody and take half of Jon’s money in the process.

    If this bum wants to live his own life. Fine do that. Just know that you give up rights to your kids in the process and it would be in Kate’s right mind to change their last names to her own maiden name too. Maybe its too early to judge, but its clear that his kids are only around for CA$H.

  • 100mph

    who gives a tummy-tuck? this is Really news worthy..Sheeeeeetzz!

  • Raquel

    I have smoked in college as well, yes pot, whatever its not a big deal, get over your righteous self!!!

    However i agree that i would never ever allow anyone to tape me doing it, but then i never had a sex tape either so…………..

  • Dawn9476


    I think it is from 2005. It look like Radar online also has a video and they say theirs is from 2005. I am going assume that so is this one.

  • sasha

    Maybe this is what Kate meant when she said Jon’s actions were jepordizing the family. The only reason I could believe she would even want to be around when he is there is because she doesn’t trust him around the kids or because of the show. She needs to open up about his activities and tell her side. Keeping quiet now is just making her look bad too.

  • grasshopper

    I bet anything that Kate doesn’t want full custody of the show-props. She wants her spa time and some quality moments with the bodyguards.
    She’ll whine, bitch and moan in People Mag about it but you watch she’ll let Jon take those kids anywhere away from her no matter who he dates because those kids where never more than uterus spawned meal tickets to her.

  • sasha

    It doesn’t matter when this footage was taken it still looks bad. If she is clean then she needs to issue a statement to the press and clear the air. I don’t care who’s daughter you are or what your lifestyle was this is not the right thing to do. If this is the choice Jon has made for himself and the girl is still using I wouldn’t want him around the kids. This is not a mid-life crisis for Jon. He never grew up…

  • Jon is the Pillsbury Dough Boy

    @grasshopper: Oh, please like Jon is actually interested in the children. He got back from France and spent an hour with the kids. The whole time he there he was on the phone in the yard and then left again on his new Hog. If he was interested in what was happening with his kids he wouldn’t have moved to another state!!! He has shown NO interest in what is happening with his kids.

  • Brittny

    HAAAAAAAAA! JON IS GARBAGE! Said it once! Will say it again!!! [follow me ;)]

  • Tazina

    Who cares? Lot of self-righteous types on here. It’s college stuff. Guess what – YOUR kids are going to smoke weed in college…oh yes they are. Really – they’ll survive and probably go on to get good jobs after graduation. Relax.

  • green..

    Honestly, smoking weed is such a trend nowadays that these pictures don’t even phase me.

  • Leddy

    I can not wait until Jon moves on to a new PYT (pretty young thing) and Hailey sells their sordid love story to the tabloids.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    I don’t know why Jon even likes this stupid twit. What an example she sets. She’s disgusting!

  • Meg

    To everyone who says “who didnt do this when they were young?” I think you should keep in mind this isn’t some 32 year old woman who has a PAST. She is only 22. These are her actions RECENTLY. She hasn’t had 10 years to mature and become a good role model for his kids.

    Honestly she reminds me of the type of person who would crush up sleeping pills and put them in the kids drinks so they would go to bed earlier so she can go out and party with Jon. Scary.

  • WTF?

    what is it with American and their abnormal love of drugs? Can’t you all grow a pair, freaking say no and keep it moving?

    There’s nnot a judge in the world that will give him partial custody of his children if he married this loser. If I were her father I would change my will and cut her off. She’s on her own now.

  • Sorry


    Sorry but I raise the kids to have a healthy fear of drugs especially mood altering drugs. They have a healthy fear of so called “medications” as well. Doctors are the biggest drug pushers. F them.

    As far as smoking in college, the colleges and universities I know and that I went to would expell you for smoking. Also what kind of program are you enrolled in that you can actually have the time to smoke that crap? Whan I attended university in the 80′s there was one thing students did, study, study, study. What did you do in your free time? Sleep!

  • grasshopper

    @Jon is the Pillsbury Dough Boy:

    Oh Please yourself, I don’t think Jon gives a rats a$$ for the kids either. Never said he did. That’s the crux of the whole Gosselin debacle. 8 kids that no one cares about.

    They’ve been used as bait to get a show and props to keep the show going, and of course they make really adorable matched shields to hold onto when navigating through oceans of paps, but once the cameras turn off no one gives a frigg about them.

  • sdf

    after being a loyal fan to jon&kate plus 8, it’s really disappointing to see jon so QUICKLY date someone, let alone someone like hailey. i understand that kate was difficult to live with from time to time, but that’s no reason to go sleep around with another woman when you have eight kids at home.

  • Virginia

    This young woman smoked weed in college? I am shocked beyond belief. The only thing different about this from many other college girls (myself included back in the day) is that someone took the pictures and posted them. I’m concerned about the lesbian rumors, but other than that, BFD. Most of us were not shining little superstar sweeties in our college days.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, looks like some1 nos how 2 have some fun
    altho this is bad news for time if he’s ever gonna win in the custodial department….
    and also, she looks like a crazy ass bitczh
    the type that would stab u if they caught u looking at another girl 0.0

  • sasha

    Legalize it, tax it and you can all keep smoking it and defending the use of it. It is a proven fact it kills brain cells. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors when you need to use your brains!

  • Rose

    I think he should be ashamed what is he going to tell his children when they see himm drinking and smoking. that girl i wouldn’t call her a woman should not be allowed anywhere near the children. I think the twins act more mature then her or their father.