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Jennifer Aniston Smiles Silly

Jennifer Aniston Smiles Silly

Jennifer Aniston breaks out a huge smile while on the set of her new film, The Bounty, in Queens, New York on Tuesday (July 21).

The 40-year-old former Friends actress filmed a scene inside of a liquor store that had been temporarily converted into a tattoo parlor for the film.

Jen has also reportedly teamed up with Screen Gems to work on the film, Holler. The plot revolves around a biracial high school student who returns with his white mother to her hometown in Mississippi, where he falls for a white girl. At the high school prom, however, he cannot take her because of the segregation and decides to be a catalyst for change.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston smiling silly…

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  • Ilia

    The cutest girl ever.

  • bella

    I find it hard to believe that she does not have a wrinkle or any lines at all. Botox maybe???
    The orange tan and the hairstyle she has not changed since Friends is a little annoying.

  • bella

    wanted to add . . .i like jen, just hate it when celebs go the fake look route.

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    Hmm.. Her one and only talent… that …

  • Pining for Chris

    That film sounds good so far.

    Waiting for the loons to pounce…

  • markus kong

    LIttle squinty, eyed man face

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    hmm… look at that FULL ON BOTTOX all over …. OMG… how cute…

  • Raquel

    So beautiful and natural, she is a CLASS ACT!

  • ladams55

    Sounds like a great movie. Jennifer is always beautiful and happy.

  • morgan

    Isn’t Morgan Freeman doing a movie about that real life story in Tennesse (sp) — He offered to pay for prom if student body would have just one instead of the usual 2 segregated proms.

  • marisa

    love her, so classy<3 and she looks like she’s 25! i loev all of her movies too, just a great actress.

  • ??

    Why do magazines and blog sites have to mention someones age just about every time? She’s 40, we get it.

  • markus kong

    Looking just as ugly as always

  • ladams55

    Jennifer is not orange. If she has a spray that gives her that beautiful complexion maybe she could loan some to Morticia (JP) Adams. She looks twice as washed out in her drab black mourning clothes. And we all know JP only wears the latest hairstyles. Ha

  • nakedoldjennifer

    43yoa rachel filming the same movie over and over, body looks great just lay off the Botox

  • Jen


  • Jolie hot chin not


  • wondertrash

    Jen’s happy again! Perhaps Gerard Butler has something to do with this??

  • emma

    i love her

  • liverwurst

    Looking beautiful and sexy, nice body a always.

  • Americassweetie

    Nice hair unlike the mummy.

  • Jenny Shimizu

    I love her smile…always like a woman who smiles.


    What did she do to her face? It’s so bloated.

  • just passing thru

    I’ve always loved her hair color. I’ve even brought her pic into my hairdresser but not quite the same : [ She looks great!

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    Hmmm.. how many posts?.. the haters have spray their venom already and had to bring the JP’s in to this! lol

  • angie’s old nose

    Looking good! Glad to see she’s having fun!

  • dddjjj333

    Jen is beautiful… very natural looking, doesn’t wear much make up. I don’t think she has done too much botox, her BFF Courtney Cox spoke out about a terrible experience with it, Jen looks like she just takes good care of her skin.

  • angie’s old nose

    @jennipoop anusstain!: Quit your drinking? WTF are you talking about?

  • truthie

    Those jeans look so ugly on her. Look nder her armpits she has old lady arms. She’s such an embarrassment to American women if foreign people see her their gonna think “Man I didn’t know American women could be so ugly”

  • angie’s old nose

    @jennipoop anusstain!: Take a look at Mummy’s huge forehead on the new thread, if you can see it thru the glare off her greasy face and hair.


    Her legs are short when she isn’t wearing high heels. Other actresses and models have much longer and nicer legs (Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen).

  • liverwurst

    @truthie: shut your ugly pie hole, idiot.

  • Alexandre

    @SHORT STUMPY LEGS: Yeah? But they don’t have her sexy ass, their bony while she’s curved in all the right places.

  • Americassweetie

    @truthie: May we all be so ugly *eye roll*.


    Her upper lip is the best. It’s getting bigger and bigger. How does Jen do it? I want my upper lip to be just like hers. Maybe when I’m 40, in many more years.

  • sadtosay

    She has done something to her face to make it bloated looking. I noticed it first when she was in Marley and me. After that movie her face seemed to settle down somwhat but now it is bloated looking again.

  • lovealwaysjen

    Man, she’s rocking those jeans! Looks good…

  • notimpressedbyAJ

    @@JEN’S UPPER LIP NOT MOVING: Yes, why don’t you come back when you’re all grown up dear…

  • Brad Pitt

    10 X better looking than dirty goth Angelina… and her vajayjay wasn’t used like a slip and slide.

  • Sally

    It’s great to see more news of Jen. Thanks, Jared. I love when she is in her usual looks: jeans and t-shirt. Confortable, simple but also gorgeous. And it’s good to see her smiling like this. She’s specially pretty and charming when she is happy. Beautiful pics!


    About the project of the other new movie, it seems to be a really interesting and different plot. I hope it be true! ;)

  • chin can’t act

    truthie @ 07/21/2009 at 10:39 pm

    i agree. her face and the body doesn’t go together. i’ll be very disappointed if she doesn’t have a nice body. she should have a nice body with all the free time on her hand but the face needs lots of work especially the chin. she has one ugly m@therfcuking looking chin.

  • Marla

    There she is, Miss Botox. Wow, no eyes, chipmunk cheeks, long chin, gigantic nose, weird face, altogether, ugliest face of America. Kathy Griffin twin sister, sorry Kathy , also Miley Cyrus wantabee.. Hey Chinniston you are 40 years old, please don’t make me puke, yuck, showing your ugly old fat stomach. Stop showing your T–ts, legs and now your stupid belly. TMZ was laughing at you yesterday, because you thought that all the screaming from the girls was for you, but they ran to Gerald, how humiliating was that, that even the young men that work at TMZ were laughing at you. If I had some respect left I would just hide for a long time. YOU HAVE BECOME THE LAUGHING PUNCH LINE FOR EVERYBODY IN HOLLYWOOD. YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF, YOU DESPERSTE, WHINY, CLINGY WOMAN. YOU ARE GIVING WOMEN OF AMERICA A BAD NAME. GO AWAY.

  • autumn M

    Why is her face so bloated? Botox gone bad perhaps?

  • chin can’t act

    Brad Pitt @ 07/21/2009 at 10:51 pm

    at least angie’s vajayjay is being used and satisfied all over. unlike maniston no man wants her ugly vajayjay. they used it once and ran. obviously her V is not so great. I am sure she hasn’t gotten any for awhile and must be touching herself at home at night.

  • Missy

    god i’d kill to have her body

  • just for show

    You need to go away “truthie” “short stumpy legs” Marla”chin can’t act” (which is really sick replying to your own comment, but we don’t call you all loons for nothing)

  • just for show

    And “autumn M”

  • sweetness

    ewwww. she’s boring…why must JJ plague this site with her.
    this is all Brad Pitt’s fault …if he hadn’t dumped her we woud forgotten all
    about her like the rest of the friends cast.


    No wonder they call her FILLER FACE.

  • autumn M

    “There she is, Miss Botox. Wow, no eyes, chipmunk cheeks, long chin, gigantic nose, weird face, altogether, ugliest face of America. Kathy Griffin twin sister, sorry Kathy”


    That was spot on! That’s the perfect description of Jen’s ugly face. Bloated face, small beady eyes, paper thin lips, huge nose and chin. She looks just like a mix between Jay Leno and Dustin Hoffman! Thank god she has a hot body ’cause the face aint cutting it lol. Talk about getting hit with the ugly stick.